The US dollar as defined by World War II protocols to those who won that war, is the WORLD RESERVE CURRNCY. This means:

  • Transactions between nations settle in US dollars for trade.
  • This provides an advantage to the country who IS the world reserve currency as we alone do not have to convert our cash reserves into dollars to settle food – oil – commodity and all trade payments world wide.

China would like a new model. Why? They could dominate the world by reducing the USA wealth influence and powers. The USA if it lost world reserve currency status ( global trust ) would become unable to afford luxuries – such as the leading Military on the earth.

China is a Communist central controlled nation. Its currency is phony money. Forged on non economic horrors of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES and SUPER BUBBLES IN ASSET CLASSES to assure their economic miracles, which it is not, does not crash and burn, where a revolution kills all the communist.

Saudi a friend of the USA, now wants distance from the USA. Saudi is the home of all terror and the ground zero for ground zero for 9/11. Saudi recently locked up its wealthiest citizens and royalty – hundreds still locked up – no trials – no due process – and stole their money by a trillion dollars – why? Because the Kingdom is in the red, short on cash, and to secure stability in the nation did what Kings do – stole the money from the baron’s without any rule of law. The world just buys into this is a real crack down on corruption. Oh really? REALLY ? And the media gives the Saudi Terror Machine a free walk and a get of press jail free card why? Well the money. All that money. And oil.

Russia is quietly attempting to get back into the USA money streams, while cementing relationships against the USA all over the world. From North Korea and Iran fighting proxy wars to bankrupt the USA to real support for American men and women in harms way in Africa, The Gulf, and this week in Syria. Putin keeps his hands off it all while he works with China to make their two currencies replace the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY so that their nations would profit the most and the USA would be forever diminished.

Davos as political theater I reported on yesterday now has its SUPER STAR in the center spot light – President Donald Trump. Behind the scenes deals are being set up – trips planned, and the future created. Look ma no press on any of that. The press will follow the bouncing ball Trump puts before them and tweets out to them like fodder.

Trump publicly is drawing attention ( again ) to the policies and barriers to conduct business. If you want to do business in the USA – you hire a firm like LAUGHLIN USA – you incorporate – get a tax ID number – and you begin to open a bank account and do business. This all costs under $ 1000 or a bit more in larger states like California and New York and takes less than ONE DAY without an attorney.

ONE DAY.  Under $ 1000 US dollars.

Say in the EU I want to set up business. Well I will need to invest:

  • A year at least really
  • Use multiple attorney’s
  • Invest $ 250,000 maybe less but with all costs offices and staffing some big bucks to be set up to conduct real business.

Say I want to set up in Asia. Its worse and much higher cost in time and money.

Say I want to set up in Russia – even worse and more time and money.

Say I want to then move forward.

Oh those cost just begin.

You have more hassle at every step – you have everyone wanting EU or Asia goods first and your goods last. You have every cultural divide making fair and easy movement, storage, to market goods on line off line or any line – more costly by far than say EASY PEASY AMERICA.

These trade walls – these layers built up after World War II – have been – fantastic for other nations. They can rape the USA. How?

  1. Make things real cheap in your nation.
  2. Get the country to subsidize your goods with tax breaks and direct investment from the government say like AIRBUS.
  3. Than dump your subsidized products into the market so that Boeing can’t compete with your subsidized result.
  4. Dump your minerals and raw product into the USA at state supported prices – and keep America from supporting its industry like say Boeing once was with tax credits and benefits.
  5. Assure the most unfair trade environment so you can prosper and rip America off in totally unfair trade – forcing America to go into debt – when America was the nation that lent you all enough to recover after World War II.

Sink America. Economically first. Than softened – in every possible way last. WORLD WAR III is a war plan folks.

So the most fantastic wealth occurs by selling into America unfairly. This creates the largest trade imbalances. America must borrow to buy its goods – because we spend more buying the goods than we make. Why? Well the trade laws make it fantastically profitable for the biggest unfair trade nations:

  1. Germany # 1 in 2017 – to sell us their stuff but fail to buy our stuff and make sure they make it hard to sell our stuff in their EU.
  2. China – # 2 in 2017 Making it harder to sell our stuff and they rip off our stuff and sell knock off’s like in 90 days – on everything – and they flood our market with state supported everything – when we catch them they route it through South Korea or Vietnam giving them a spiff to make it appear not Chinese.
  3. Japan # 3 tied with China in 2017 for state supported everything flooding America making it impossible to balance trade where America does not go into Debt while buying oceans of their goods in decades of planned and executed unfair trade cultures.
  4. South America – Africa – The Gulf – Australia – Allies – enemies – no one is using a policy to help the USA.
  5. No one is grateful to the USA for winning World War II – stopping North Korea – rolling Iraq back from taking over Kuwait – or Iran taking over Iraq for that matter – holding the line on Putin or any other high value work the USA undertakes for global stability and the humanitarian wealth the USA conveys to people annually.. No thank you. No gratitude. Nothing but USA BASHING world wide.


Folks – follow the MONEY.


When you read press you have to consider it is all – all of it – bought and paid for. Who:

  • Set up the story
  • Who profits
  • Who loses

Now you begin to READ and you have gained a first leg up on real financial literacy. My blog is your SPEED READING CLASS.

So Trump is stating – the World War II Subsidy order defaulted into a layer of unfair trade laws is economically NOT SUSTAINABLE. For years we have been a full out trade war – every nation for themselves. The USA has been the “all for one and one for all” nation.

Today the US Treasury and Fed pursue the BUSH POLICY. The Bush Policy had the Gulf over to a big old Texas barbecue. Bush informed the Gulf folks – you know China and Asia and the others won’t play fair with us. We told em. We begged him. We warned them. What I’m proposing to do folks, is I”m going to do the unheard of. I’m going to allow the dollar to fall in value. This new policy will ram it up China’s ass as we say in the south.

  • USA goods will be lower priced against other currencies world wide.
  • Until they open markets we will keep the old dollar low.
  • Best news we’ll let you raise your oil prices so you are protected an you get the same bucks you got before – but don’t go trading in other currencies for this policy can whip saw on you and you’ll lose trillions if you bet against the house on the table.

Variations of the new BUSH ECONOMIC MODEL are resetting the world of trade. USA trade has soared but so has state supported trade.

Trump is compressing the BUSH ECONOMIC into a TRUMP ECONOMIC. This TRUMP ECONOMIC as trade has not rebalanced and the USA is still reporting record TRADE IMBALANCES – spending more than it makes due to state market blocks and barriers to US made services and goods: including:

  • Dollar is going lower folks – you want to dance – lets TANGO
  • US is going to do WHAT YOU ALL DO – we will Tango well.
  • We will tax your state subsidized goods to sell in the USA.
  • We will match your nation with trade barriers until we look like economic twins.
  • We will open our wealth and markets to nations who open their wealth and markets and trade FAIR WITH US lets Boogie down
  • That is the way you have always done it is OVER FOLKS

Now then you have an AXIS OF EVIL. These are central state communist controlled or religiously controlled nations – with the records of rule of law and human rights that are the WORST today as Super Powers.

Their policy is to destroy the economic frame work of the West and by doing so elevate themselves.

As we have reported – the nation that controls AI will control the world and there is no rule that says that nation will be AMERICA.

We have reported here our thought that the world is now engaged in World War III. The World War began when a hardened DIGITAL WEAPON ( well documented by DOD contractor Kevin Freeman in his great work THE SECRET WEAPON you can order on Amazon ). This weapon fired by the AXIS Of evil made them a trillion dollars of profit in a ten day period – and almost sank the WESTERN FINANCIAL SYSTEM in 2007/2008.

We reported the crash was not a market item but was a digital attack and we reported it first – here on line.

We were hacked by sovereign nations for that report.

The truth wins out for those who care to read the truth.

The DIGITAL WORLD WAR III has been on going. Every agency of every western nation has been hacked and their data stolen – and or trojans installed and not detected for later awakening including:

  • White House
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • FBI
  • National Data bases
  • SS#
  • Credit Agencies
  • All Areo Space weapon and defense contractors
  • All top secret IP
  • War plans for North Korea from South Korean Military
  • Same in EU
  • All IT – Google, Microsoft, Facebook Apple – all – back door they have source code and are IN folks its digital warfare at levels we are still in digital Pearl Harbor within.

This is known as asymmetrical warfare.

It by passes older modeling of blunt force war fare. Line up your assets and fire at the other guys lines of assets ( front lines ). Today the war is economic.

Soften the enemy’s under belly.

Use social to divide their people and views keep them divided and internally a mess.

Influence elections in enemy zones.

Elevate trade wars wherever you can to weaken their economy accelerating their bankruptcy as they spend more year to year in non sustainable economics to buy your goods and strengthen you.

Open proxy wars with nations you fund and support to drain on multiple fronts all over the world resources from your enemy. Kill as many of them as you can in the proxy wars.

Create market instability and market attacks when the enemy least see’s it coming ( at all time confidence and market highs ) and then Super Crash world markets and the economic trade regime. Crush it this time.

Develop a united AXIS OF EVIL moment to – say – in systematical warfare:

  • Take all all ports in thirty minutes with super stealth nuclear Torpedeo’s no one can say he or she did it even.
  • Same moment place three space nukes – no one hears or see’s but all electronics at all levels and all data storage is fried in 30 minutes and no one moves – no technology is coming back – and the nation is now a Stone Age. Inwardly focused to even survive.
  • Then move to destabilize the world in your “oh so sorry ” about the USA an we’ll all work to see who even did this – with fake news without USA influence to counter it anywhere on earth.

30 Minutes folks.

We have presented here the concept of MARS. MUTUALLY ASSURE RECONSRUCTION as a core construction to new NATO  defense policy. Scroll and look for MARS on this blog.

You think – others know all this and are all over.

You are right.

And you are wrong.

Others know about all this.

No one has a plan to DO ANYTHING about all this. None.

In Kevin Freeman – who consults to the leading agency silo’s in the nation of the USA – in his work GAME PLAN he defines why there is NO AMERICAN GAME PLAN and that you had better create your own GAME PLAN as a response. Your nation has none and he reports why.

Sinking USA military spending for ten years is why. Sequestering the USA Military during a WORLD WAR III asymmetrical warfare decade – so we sink in quick sand. Much of the voice to under fund the USA MILITARY is planned by asymmetrical warfare planners working to win the war and defeat the USA.

The top think tanks reported in Jan 2018 – following a decade of sinking Military spending and investment it is NOW in 2018 a question if the USA could WIN a major war – the think tank suggests NOT.

Time is tipping into our enemies.

TRADE is part of asymmetrical warfare against the USA.

FAIR TRADE is a matter of US interest an a heart of survival issue. Economically.

This issue is not political.

This issue is core economics.

The USA is IN DANGER today.

The American people are in the digital wars of a generations lifetime.

The ISIS world have equal playing fields using asymmetrical warfare and weapons of Rome ( stolen from America ) and digital power tools they so excel at and we are failing to COUNTER REPEL while there is still time.


We who invented AI and digital landscape are not now winning that arms race.

The arms race is DIGITAL and AI.

Trump’s team has the ball.

Trump is setting the stage that this blog information today is the real purpose of DAVOS.

To secure a bully platform for why AMERICA FAIR TRADE is unwavering as public media consumption. Behind the scenes to define that the WORLD WAR III AI Arms race – is going to be won by the USA and we will use DOLLAR valuation to win trade wars and unfair trade barriers, will put up our own TWIN REGULATIONS to any nation with massive trade deficits cheating America ( follow the money ) – we will reward real partners and we will crush those who would engage asymmetrical warfare tactics on the USA and her people.

Trump is assuring leaders the war is fully engaged and they are either to quote George Bush who quoted Jesus Christ – you are either with us or you are against us…..

Follow the money.

Read with financial literacy.

Avoid buy in to bought and paid for content.

There there children – there are some very smart brains all over this policy and strategy and even bought and paid for brains are waking up. In the end our enemies always – and in ALL WAYS – underestimate the tapestry of America itself at core bed rock.

If you come at us and we know you are poking a stick into our economic eye – if you threaten us – there is no republican in this nation nor is their a democrate nor is their an independent or a non voter. Their labels for us and their observations that we are weak fall in a heart beat.

For AMERICA rises up in union – as one – no color no race no religion we rise up as ONE – as ONE NATION – it always startles the hell out of all of them to see it – and when it occurs – there is no power upon the landscape of thought – itself – that can defeat the United States OF America when we so become ONE in the world ….

That day is coming and I caution the AXIS of Evil – to consider – the advantage of making a GREAT BARGAIN versus marching off a cliff with your asymmetrical war planning.

You will wake up the GREAT BEAR and we will leave our long hibernation and will not stop, we will not rest, until we protect our cubs and destroy your lion dens until you and your thinking become extinct.

Failing to see this is the largest miscalculation since the AMERICAN revolution itself.

One Nation.

Under God.


For freedom and for justice for ALL !


in 2018.

Berny Dohrmann – with a footnote on Davos and a backstory