Once an insider conclave of economist investment bankers and super money pools to influence more sane economic outcomes globally. Today the Davos event is hi jacked and pure political theater to manipulate status quo by the deep state to improvements and changes we need to re-regulate the global economic SYSTEM at core – which has become software AI based without safe guards for his mushroom – the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is economic AI software.

Davos today is nation after nation – speaking in their leading trade wars – with government unfair trade protectionist practices to rebuild nations after World War II’s devastation – largely on the backs of the USA and Russia – diving the economic worlds – into political camps.

Today Germany the # 1 success in economic unsustainable imbalances – selling far more than it buys – and accumulated capital imbalances the de-stablize the entire world over time, followed by China and Russia and Japan as the leading SURPLUS SELLING NATIONS with isolation and protection policies that make it costly and not equal access to fully open markets – seek to keep the SYSTEM AS IT IS – in their favor.

The USA – abused in twenty years of global trade wars – has drawn a line in the sand the two way open access is the way forward. Nation want preferred access versus equal access protecting their industry as they fail to fully diversify global trade REALLY.

This debate is now a blame game. As the USA the largest economy ( by far – so far from # 2 and # 3 ) and the LARGEST ECONOMY is booming so the DISTANCE Is growing – is the largest buyer for the nations of TRADE WAR.

These nations want NO CHANGE as they are twenty years protected by old antique trade laws.

The issues are complex so I will not unpack them here for readers who are lay persons to the economics.

Davos leaders all point their fire power at the USA to label the USA isolationist. To label the USA as obstructing trade.

The USA in fact is trying to RESET WORLD TRADE to be open fully and FAIR.

The day of USA SUBSIDY ( rape of the USA ) following World War II Victory is over. Nations will adapt or the world will move into a real rising spiral of trade war – which is JUST WHAT IS TAKING PLACE the last ten years.

Nations are not looking into HOW DO WE MAKE IT ALL WORK BETTER.

Nations are seeking to protect the immediate pain and gain by assuring US imbalanced purchases continue.

Trump is line by line putting in tariff and duties to unfair trade price – dumping – state subsidies from AIRBUS in EU to goods from Asia state supported. That is not fair trade.

So the WORLD WAR II protocol of subsidy and tolerated abuse of fair trade has come to an end – finally a century later – decades too late.

Globalization has hurt America and helped her enemies.

That is a fact of economic history.

The theory Global Trade has made America is false. America has always done well in world trade. From the colonies to today.

Today the trade in the world is:

  • Fully digital
  • Fully real time
  • Transparent increasingly
  • Apples CAN for the first time be compared to real Apples

The new scheme for world fair trade we suggested over the past five years is best resolve within a 3 year non political G 100 economic CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS – where global Economists develop for the political outcomes – a G 100 new World Game Plan of Earth Federation Fair Trade – and investment regulatory frame works – and tax planning – that includes all nations and leaves no nation behind.

Economics run politics.

Our mess and our risk today is that politics run economics.

As DAVOS unfolds as POLITICAL THEATER one can see it is every nation for itself- each using a bully pulpit to stimulate agenda’s that PROTECT their national interest without compromise or regard to the impact such a stand will have on its own partners.

Said another way – the USA at one point of wealth and time – had surplus and abundance to underwrite the after war prosperity of so many nations. Today the USA can not buy more from all nations requiring that buying power for their own national wealth and prosperity and fail to fairly allow American to balance its own books – to not be 25 more years in the RED IN TRADE FOR 25 MORE YEARS IN THE RED AND THE ENTIRE WORLD IS DEAD – we move into world war from SUPER CRASH.

All avoidable.

Today we are in this fantastic boom.

Investments from the new tax plan are already passing over one trillion dollars – like a first wave of many more capital waves to hit the USA shore. Even with this new American Wealth and Prosperity – the TRUMP TRAIN – forward economically – the world requires a new fair trade scheme to replace the WORLD WAR II dependency model.

Davos has lost its potency for such policy which is why so many of its early economic platform – expert and authorities – such as say “me” no longer attend. The POLITICAL THEATER is time we in presenting real core change to systemic improvements and modeling wish to NOT SO MUCH invest our time into.

We watch DAVOS largely as a political entertainment – as high drama and political theater – in which nothing gets done really – outside the agreements in relationship between world leaders that DAVOS now stages for – and to which media will never hear any real meat those leaders exchanged in their lion pens.

The world is at high risk while it is at high gain…

The leaders want stability and extension to these good times of growth globally. The outcome of those desires must flow from a new age of collaboration – cooperation and a reduction of competitive insanity – all of which requires one glue – INTEGRITY between leaders.


Not so much.

Berny Dohrmann – on WHAT is REALLY going on OUT there –


PS: We suspect the Russian investigation is coming to a winding up phase and it is also NOT SO MUCH.