The cost of political theater has been deemed TO HIGH a cost to continue. Both sides including the PELOSI DOESY DO are in agreement to RE-OPEN THE USA ( given the outrage of 100% of all voters over this Political Theater ) event.

Short selling by speculators is pushing GE stock down to $ 11.00 range from the low of 16 dollars we feel is a buy from here on forward all the way down and back up for dollar cost averaging. We’ll see.

Apple we feel will wise on year end sales – then fall on global actual disappointment in IPHONE sales math drivers and the software hardware SCANDAL ( reported here first as always scroll or search for blogs on APPLE IN SCANDAL ). We have said we are tracking a 200 dollar sell price on our end – and you do as your advisers tell you always as they are the licensed professionals and I”m a retired investment banking putting out my own opinion and what I’m doing in real time factually.

You decide on Apple or GE.

Meanwhile the USA goes back on line and the markets go up and up and away until the Spring – we have a caution alert for the Spring correction as our readers know.

As always you hear all this first – here.

Berny Dohrmann – What IS going on OUT There is right here now


Note: THE US SENATE “IS” VOTING RIGHT NOW- We WILL SEE !The Senate passed the OPEN THE USA BILL but the HOUSE Must Still final pass on That and then the President has to Sign or veto it – so we see as we see…one step at a time.