The congressional leaders where in and out of the White House.

It boils down in the end to two issues:


  1. Time. The house appropriately passed a yet another emergency measure giving four weeks – which is required – to hammer out a final Budget Bill. Senate democrats want the emergency measure to expire on Feb 8th -which outside folks – all parties – deem as CRAZY BRAINS – its like POLITICAL black mail. The Trump team has little options as Senate Republicans will not bow to unrealistic time frames to just create more POLITICAL THEATER. Hence the impasse is TIME.
  2. Non Budget issues – such as Dreamers and other non revenue items that are POLITICAL THEATER. The Political Theater obstructionist have put the USA on SHUT DOWN based on AI software they conclude will help them shift power in the mid year election. Again the Republicans are united in funding our SECURITY AND MILITARY and a required by law budget and refuse to be EXTORTED to POLITICAL THEATER that is now the way the stage is unfolding -NON BUDGET ISSUES controlling the REAL BUDGET AUTHORITY – which is all POLITICAL THEATER and America knows it and a 9% approval rating for Congress means 89% of all of US in all parties give Congress a grade of F – they failed to pass US.

Frustrated as a people?

Embarrassed as a nation?

Humbled by the flaws in our own system?



We would be better off with the Queen of England than this plus we trust her more than Congress – God Save the Queen.

Berny Dohrmann –

That is as you are watching Political Theater – what IS going on out there – it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL – as a criminal congress on all sides breaks the law – pure and simple – they are committing high crimes and misdemeanors in high public office – scroll and read my blog on THE MOTHER OF ALL TORTS – its entertaining at least in your intermission from POLITICAL THEATER episode never ending …..