So keep these numbers in your mind:

  1. 100 million dollars  rising to 1 billion dollars  is being spent on a political fake news effort to create fake news evidence to impeach the President of the United States. Is this pay back for what Republicans did in wasting time and impossible cash in impeaching Bill Clinton. You bet it is.
  2. Billions  of dollars in costs to shutting down the USA and restarting the USA. Why? Because politics are running economics versus the job of congress to have first priority economics always safe guards our nation and our security within annually passed budgets.

Today another 100 billion dollars  or so ( all of which could fix our highways bridges damns roads and rail systems ) is being just squandered on advertising ( paid ) and Public Relations ( paid ) by parties – candidates and Super Packs. Is this waste known to America when over 30 million are on FOOD STAMPS?

Of course now. American’s are so under educated today ( by game plan ) that – they are no longer able to understand the economic alphabet. They can’t make  economic words or sentences in economics. They have their brains downloaded with political viruses in real media mind control that is a SET UP from the billions being spent to do that work. MIND POLLUTION is the first pollution folks.


MONEY AND POWER in that order.

This blog begins to educate readers ( who care ) all over the world as to how to understand economics at the core that drives it all, to regain the high ground of the TRUTH from all the lies and FAKE NEWS and to be what frightens the few ( the elite super money pools in control of all power – consider them the REAL OWNERS of each nation in a private club you and I are not members of )  – that YOU would become actually knowledge and informed – that fear is what they work to reduce by assuring you are hypnotized and alarmed and in fear yourself – over their fake news. Learn the economic alphabet and learn to make words and sentences in economics – as the OWNERS of your nation wish to keep you enslaved by your ignorance pouring endless fake news software into your brain until reality is no longer your reality it is the OWNERS reality by mind control.

The reality is under all that you think you KNOW.

Reality is one sentence in 2018….follow THE MONEY.

Thats IT and thats ALL. But you must elevate education to follow the money to the truth. Than the invisible becomes visible. Scroll ten blogs and your old software shatters as you understand the truth …and you delete old OWNER installed awful and buggy virus software while we clean your whole brain software ….to working fast flawless brain software.

So billions spent on fake news in the next month to manipulate voters into the mid year – for MONEY & POWER – is the game of criminals.


The FEW against the many.

The 1% that own more wealth and power than the 99% – true in Russia true in China true in EU and true in all failed countries because the SYSTEMS of ECONOMICS – Communism – Competitive Capitalism are vile disgusting and totally flawed box top rules for humanity.

COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in the best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION so popular globally at Amazon it is almost always on back order – ( I”m just saying ) you should buy five and give four to your core circle.

Join the REVOLUTION to become informed and to reframe economics for your country – yes we can do it – yes this generation can make it all reset so we have a system that is in INTEGRITY and SELF CORRECTING in box top rules the MANY FOR THE MAXIMUM versus the 10,000 year box top rules of THE ELITES ( THE FEW ) AGAINST THE MANY by system modeling.

Your brain is a computer.

You have virus’s and fake news downloading your file structure.

What you believe and think is real is not real.

Your understanding begins when you adopt one core rule – never believe anything your nation tells you. Your nation is owned by the REAL OWNERS and those owners do not include YOU.

You are a consumer to the REAL OWNERS. Your job is to live life as an obedient show up on time wage slave ( even if you own a wage slave job – a job you own versus a real business your unshackled from ) and to spend all your earnings on consumption to enrich the FEW. That is your life purpose to the OWNERS of your NATION.

Believe what you RESEARCH and know is true.

Learn the economic alphabet.

So the reason the nation – the most powerful country in the world is shut down for business – is SHAME.

SHAME on them.

Shame on them all.

They are criminals. They violate the US Constitution by not passing annual budgets pure and simple. That is the true software for your brain. Constitutional law has no emergency resolutions for annual budgets. Read your own constitution.

500 – the FEW – totally against the MANY ( 300 million of sovereign citizens relying on the criminals to not commit high crimes in office ). 500 in Congress bought and paid for by the REAL OWNERS of the USA less than 10,000 same in Russia China and EU.

Believe them? POLEASE ! Never not ever believe THEM folks. THINK. Use your own virus free brain.

The shut down the nation – to invest billions in waste – to shift MONEY and POWER in the mid year election. The effort to blame this on Trump is enormous. The effort to blame this on the democrats who still control things in Congress – up or down – is enormous. The mission is to shift money and power in the mid year election.

The USA and what it deserves needs and is entitled to are thrown into the sewage. WHO CARES ABOUT THE USA?

Not the OWNERS.

The 10,000 Super Money Pools see the USA as their personal play ground they bought and they paid for.

Increasingly all this is being controlled by the OWNERS AI Software. The AI Software calculates what?s Well the OWNERS SOFTWARE is beyond anything you have seen in movies and works like this to report to them:

  1. Their money outcome risks in all possible given’s.
  2. The cost and profit ratio to take risk.
  3. The fake news cost and benefit.
  4. The unknowns with attempts to predict them.
  5. The investment to reach desired money and power outcomes.

Now given the OWNERS can not spend their wealth in any lifetime what do they wish for. They are OWNERS of NATIONS. What do they wish for?

First they wish for MORE MONEY AND POWER. Mindless endless – they simply want MORE. They want to competitive improve their own ranking in the OWNER decision inside elite systems. The OWNER rule books.


Because they are mentally ill.

They are addicted. Money and power addicts. The few against the many is itself insane box top rules for human beings folks.

They are blind. To truth and reality. They create their own fake news to create their own reality. Said another way to define mental illness they believe their own lies completely. As their reality.



They want as fantastically powerful and wealthy to have more wealth and power. In an endless spiral till death do us part ( often in revolution at the end of the fully not sustainable economic model because it is at core insane ).

They play a life game that is crazy brains.

They compete with one another – ONE ANOTHER – to elevate their stature of money and power endlessly in a cruel savage hostile insane competition that never ends using brains ( OWNER BRAINS ) that simply have buggy god awful software loaded on to them. As the hardest thing for any brain is to OBSERVE and BECOME AWARE ( waking up ) that indeed they have VIRUS SOFTWARE on their own brain. Think:

  • Hostile take over
  • Forced bankruptcy than who profits from the bankruptcy
  • Think consolidations that spiral up OWNER position and ranking

The FEW AGAINST THE MANY is buggy virus software that OWNER brains operate within –  where the many have more virus free software ( cooperative and collaborative ) and the OWNERS – so fantastically wealthy are in fact insane brains. Competitive thinkers are insane. Competitive thought is the single virus on human consciousness everything else is symptom. READ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AS your own brains virus removal tool for family space for work space for every space in your own life. If sanity is even important to you.

Thought leader Bob Proctor has stated that REDEMPTION may be the most important work in human potential in 500 years.

All insane thought forms in any expression are a form of human insanity.

Cooperation and collaborative thinking is virus free software on brains.

You shall know THEM by their WORKS – at least that has never changed as truth.


Now read the news with new glasses.

See the money spinning fake news – from the OWNERS leading out front while remaining fully invisible. OWNER invisibility is important to keep OWNERS SAFE ( from all of us the victim’s of the owners ).

Can we change the system?

Sure. At the MID YEAR. If only voters where free of mind control – turned out in record numbers making history and voted to weight congress for a short time republican not for politics but for governance against the OWNERS into a core reset – option not to return for generations as an option.

Politics aside the issue is to give a clear majority to the republicans and the President for a short term of years to JUST REFORM THE CORE OF THE SYSTEM. Why?

Trump hate him or not – is an brain playing against the OWNERS and he knows them all. The owners can do terrible things in this battle of ten generations. But one thing they can’t do is buy Trump. A man that makes over 800 million each year in annual income and is worth over 4 thousand million dollars is beyond the reach of OWNERS.

Their software is now at work against the TRUMP super money reform pools and their software. Everything you know or think about Trump is truly FAKE NEWS and is not true at all. No sum total to load brains on software to defang the TRUMP OWNER REFORM POTENTIAL has ever been spent – the owners are spending ONE TRILLION DOLLARS not in American growth and economics but to load phony software on your brain to hate Trump. To assure the OWNERS WIN in the Mid year election.

Vote Democratic and I love the Democrats but this year you vote for the OWNERS.

Vote Republican and you vote AGAINST THE OWNERS.

Look at the number of Republican Super Money Pools voting democrats. Why? OWNERSHIP. Of American.



That is the one and the only issue.

The rest is insane distraction from the sane truth. The OWNERS ARE SCARED OF TRUMP – and I fear if frightened enough would stop at nothing – nothing – to assure the owners win.

There has not been an option to roll back core at the OWNER LEVEL in ten generations.

This is not about politics.

This is not about anything but MONEY and REAL POWER.

Trump is fighting the owners.

The owners are fighting Trump reforms.

Now lets take the Dreamers. An item having nothing whatsoever to do with the BUDGET of the United States. The Dreamer issue is an OWNER ISSUE for free cheap labor to replace higher priced American jobs with illegal cheap labor . Its money and power. It is budget neutral and a non event. Why is POLITICAL ITEMS stopping the legal passage of the 2017-2018 budget September to September as required by law period. Why does the criminal congress hold the nation hostage to non budget political items and fail to pass the budget? WHY?


THEIR AI SOFTWARE projects advantage to the mid year election to trash Trump if they can blame the shut down on Trump as a SET UP to the other work to impeach him and mine field the mid year so Trump is grid locked by the congress they bought and paid for as OWNERS. If ownership slips they might for the first time have REAL CHANGE IN AMERICA like the tax law improvement.

America has enormous cost from invasion across our borders. The 9/11 event was Saudi’s ( the real terror export nation in the world ) who came in from Canada and Mexico. Not Iran. Saudi. Saudi OWNERS bought and paid to tank America. Thank you America for making it so easy to just invade you.

The tens of millions of totally illegal immigrants who did not file the paper work and do the legal required work to enter the nation as so many have, now want special immunity for what? The cost to our state and federal unemployment, medicare, education, crime, sex slavery, organized crime, drugs, and lost taxes for those consuming our wealth and not replenishing into it? Lets welcome 30 million criminals and have no new policy or wall to stop the FLOODING of 100 million more right behind this group and what – do it over and over again making our criminals know – hey in America crime pays. Look at Congress …..

Trump in compassion says on his side OK we will give them immunity and welcome them in – but we have to stop the NIGRA FALLS of new nations invading us by the millions on our borders – with new policy and the wall is just one aspect of all that – with the biggest rivers needing to run dry –  or we will go bankrupt as a country. We will cease being America itself. We must control our borders. Or terror will be a daily event folks like in Iraq and the Gulf daily – which we do to ourselves from BAD BRAIN SOFTWARE loaded by the OWNERS.

FOR MONEY AND POWER ….their software hides from YOUR BRAINS.

They hide what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE .

If we say with compassion you illegal’s have a mercy we have to stop the ILLEGAL INVASION as a National Security item and or as a first priority to avoid future bankruptcy.

The democrats say – first we want 30 million immune and continuing to drain us blind – and second we want another 100 million to still come in – no change.


The OWNERS need cheap labor.

The OWNERS are not invested in the Ford principle – if I fail to pay my workers enough to buy a Ford Car then how does the economics work for our nation over time and for FORD?

Principles cost money folks.

It is all about MONEY AND POWER not PEOPLE when 1% own 99% of the wealth. They will dumb down American education – they will dumb down American worker pay – they will move jobs to lower cost nations – they will rob strip and bleed America to death economically because they OWN all nations – 10,000 super money pools.

Is that a crime?

Well it was a Crime – but the OWNERS changed laws so what was criminal economically is now legal – we call it legal theft of nations.

Learning this is mind blowing and it is not taught in public schools but it should be. The phony shit about George Washington never telling a lie and chopping down the cherry tree and skipping coins across the Potomac is the truth. George was an OWNER.

George today would resign in scandal over his many affairs with the ladies, including his own black slaves with black children – all well documented – in real history versus fake news – and he rocked the nights away in Mount Vernon on his deck smoking POT he grew because that WAS LEGAL. George would turn over twice in his grave if he saw HIS AMERICA as it is now.

Hey George you can be put in prison for smoking a dubie and or betting in illegal gambling on a pony race you guys bet on all the time.

However a 40 year old pervert can put up donkey’s doing 14 year old versions protected by your constitutions and free speech free to children everywhere in what is known as the internet . Also protected is ISIS and Terror recruiting and spreading insane software to brains world wide because you never saw standards versus censorship in your box top rules in the 1700’s for the money and power of the OWNERS in MEDIA.

Today George FREE PRESS is controlled by less than 50 OWNERS world wide, and OWNERS who advertise to pay the bills. OWNERS control thought and thinking.

Only rare awake brains with filters who WORK to guard their mental software – to guard those guards – and to constantly protect the software of their mind for the TRUTH.

So pot smoking womanizer Father of our Nation is a good human doing the best he knew how but he was an OWNER. They had slaves and money and power. Woman could not vote and were not equal – and slaves pouring into the nation to elevate OWNER WEALTH had no rights at all.

Can we do better now that we know the truth?

Can you be free of SOFTWARE controlled downloads to layer your brain with OWNER PROGRAMS?

What is your filter?

Your McAffery of the MIND your BRAINS NORTON.

Your virus removal software?

Do you event want a virus free brain?

If you ask what is my best highest rated brain cleaner?

The answer:


Berny Dohrmann – Serving Subscribers who SHARE & CARE world wide – I hope that includes your circle – every reader be responsible to get ten in your circle upgrading their brain with the truth as they subscribe as well – ten in ten days and we have a record growing Blog – of truth seeking awake THE MANY FOR THE MANY as the FEW surrender to real power – WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE POWER if we are INFORMED but only then.


NOTE: Steve Bannon beat the owners. Showing up looking like HE was RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT – he Trumped them at Congress and justice and left the OWNER SET up to indict STEVE sucking pure wind. I would say if you read it all carefully – Steve Bannon with better brain software made the CRAZY BRAINS who believe their own lies – appear as Total and utter fools last week – The OWNERS KEPT THAT NEWS LOW PROFILE because – they have not lost that badly in memory. They are confused and asking like sooby dooh – WHATS UP ……get ready for BANNON NEWS with 100 million readers next on line……