The AI wars include:

  1. THE USA
  2. China
  3. Russia
  4. The EU
  5. Japan

The nation that creates – self aware – self building – self learning – real intelligence – real AI – creates a new species of life itself. Many feel that is being developed today with new graphine based mother boards in quantum computers which presently China leads the field within. But it is a close race.


Putin is obsessed with AI and his scientists are brilliant.

Both China and Russia rip off with hacking tools using the latest evolving AI – in AI Wars that are just like a WORLD WAR III.

The Government SHUTTING DOWN is a possible game changer as time is in nano seconds in this developing Super Change field.

Everything we knew is obsolete already.

Yesterday is already too late – for new innovation.

At quantum level the world  all new completely in a new physics we still do not understand well – as what we knew is rendered as basic as the earth is flat we once enforced by state mandate and laws as true.

The AI race is like a hidden world war.

The resources includes:

  • IP that is kept secret ( or not if we are loosing these wars )
  • New ideas for technology so different than computers we have today it is like having all the computers in one chip in your hand.
  • IT is like having more than your brain in your hand.
  • It is like so NEW it is freaky scary with no laws or regulations
  • Trillions not billions are being poured into this space
  • The break through’s are an AI REVOLUTION that makes the industrial technology revolution to 2018 look like horse travel to warp drive
  • The break throughs are coming through which nations BRAIN MASTER MIND in this new information AI space have the next revolution of information itself.
  • Increasingly and perhaps the secret of victory is the nation that is using AI to develop AI in the quantum space.

As everything we know and considered real becomes very doughy and fluid – the possibility of intelligence that makes human beings like ants on an ant farm to AI GOD’s is unfolding. I new capacity for knowledge itself for understanding for information for KNOWING.

AI free of emotional human intelligence may have no tolerance for human breach of integrity. Manipulating false information. AI will understand what? Will AI understand in gathering all human intelligence and all information of what is skewed – what is layered as we ourselves filter it and question it – or will AI take it in as fact and act on it without those filters to adjust what is really – real – and what is influenced by political theater over the ages.

Will AI see human’s as the only animal on the planet that:

  • Kills other humans for fun
  • That goes to war for information is deems inappropriate
  • Who commit say nacrophilia – a New York City Rat may be full of filth but they don’t screw other dead rats only WE DO
  • Rape
  • Bondage
  • Grey this or that
  • Wiping out animals so we can get a hard on
  • Wiping out animals that are intelligent for sport
  • So many more

HOW real AI see as self aware beings – US. Will they forgive us and treasure us as wet ware that created it – or will it see us as a virus to the planet earth in real AI intelligence.

The very notion creating this new species can be controlled by software is to fail to appreciate what a new species is – it is self aware self learning and does not require our input to learn or take action.

Could real Quantum AI hack all computers and servers on earth – why not if our dump AI ( Humans ) can already do just that?

Could AI wipe us out like in the movies ? Why Not?

Why would they need us after they get into manufacturing and autonomous human robotic – say you could not tell the AI from non AI if you tried. How does AI need wet ware then?


Or does AI win and AI controls the world and human’s exit in the future to serve higher intelligent AI which becomes a cultural new normal?

Does AI run world government and humans serve the AI leadership?


We are running an uncontrolled experiment on life itself without the cooperation between nations to model the frame work for outcomes.

Said another way – if CHINA Wins the AI WARS or RUSSIA DOES – then perhaps we all lose.

Would it be wise to have a G 100 AI set of rules to share all development and cooperate versus compete in this area of PLANETARY HUMAN SECURITY?

Is one idea more sane?

Cooperation versus competition on such a global unfolding new age and reality.

The FUTURE “IS” Coming if you are ready or not.

The competition is on and appears to be unstoppable.

Perhaps this is far more important as CHINA is winning and stepping ahead of every nation today – while what.

While the USA in shame and humiliation is SHUT DOWN as a consequence of the insanity and inefficiency of competitive cultures versus cooperative box top rules – the higher order of thinking.

Sanity is cooperation.

Competition is INSANITY.

You can see it unfold in Washington DC which is temporarily gone madd and requires institutional therapy to resolve its mental illness.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it all in perspective just for you