So I have said what will make the economic recover dead, is not the market place, it is the policy and leadership errors from central banks and nations. My BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – order on amazon world wide to upgrade your brain –  presents the data on why competition, between nations must stop or we repeat 10,000 years of human history which never varies and always looks like this from Rome to today:

  1. 1% own more wealth in economically destructive consolidation spirals than 99% own – which is unstable economically as to circulation dynamics.
  2. This condition first begins to rebalance economic imbalance in a global wide financial melt down. 2008 was the most recent expression of this economic reality.
  3. This leads from trust and cooperation to distrust and negotiation or world wide TRADE WARS. A spiral that grows toward real wars which are always economic versus political and begin as a model to rebalance unfair and unsustainable core system economics.
  4. Trade war leads to a TRIGGER EVENT that creates liquidity evaporation or SUPER CRASH globally and the economic system dies.
  5. The system restarts with world war as the way humans incorrectly chose to rebalance economic accounts between nations.

This economic cycling model is a form of human insanity.

The insanity is highly contagious and has not been virus inoculated since the virus of competition – the core single virus on human thought itself – was first discovered. Cooperation is the one and only virus removal tool but must be syringe inserted with INTEGRITY as the carrier solution.

Given this NEW KNOWLEDGE known as THE TRUTH in economics are core – my readers can read news with new glasses to see with new vision the tea leaf lay out they are having FAKE news into their lives. The news deals with Symptom. This BLOG is so powerful for reader intelligence and on line IQ – the new IQ is on line IQ – because it deals with cause versus symptom.

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General Mattis today was FRONT PAGE NEWS WORLD WIDE stating that the FOCUS of US DEFENSE was no longer TERROR but was the competition between GREAT WORLD POWERS. The Real spiral up in the new Cold War is here and pressures toward a real world war are escalating in the digital age beyond any of the public or markets imagining. It is like everyone is drunk and seeing with glasses filled and caked with mud.


There there – read Kevin FREEMAN’s GAME PLAN and he tells you WHAT to do in the current death spiral between nations. Digital World War III started in 2008 – read Game Plan for the data and proof’s – and the seeds of the real shooting World War III go to ground in 2018. Who reads this DOD contractors work?

The NSA.

The CIA.

The FBI ( quoted in the work )

The White House

The Congress

Congressional Committee’s

And now you ?

CLEAN YOUR GLASSES while our criminal congress avoids the one sacred truth to their duty – to FULLY FUND AMERICA’S SURVIVAL.


After WORLD WAR II almost every economy of over 200 nations where on their proverbial ass. The USA was spending 27% of its GNP on military not the tiny fraction we spend today.

The US went into debt to rebuilt under Marshal Plans the EU, Japan and to contribute in trade to RUSSIA rebuilding.

Fast forward after World War II 1950s to 2018.

The post WORLD WAR II SYSTEM now has dependency economics.

This means:

  1. Germany is  the # 1 unfair trade nation – accumulates 250 billion each year from sales of “stuff” over the buying in nation of “stuff” to create FAIR and SOUND economic balances to national accounts.
  2. Japan is the 2018 # 1 unfair trade nation – accumulating the same 250,000 billion a year in surplus trade accounts, over what they buy in their nation. NO nation can be so imbalanced without unfairly effecting other nations.
  3. China is the 2018 # 3 unfair trade nation – accumulating with protective in nation policies all three – $ 135 billion in selling more than they buy – year after year – down from $ 250 billion as China trade is sinking with a reported her RUN on CHINA which Germany and Japan are profiting wildly from in the trade war.
  4. The EU is overall selling into deficit more than it is buying from trading partners in ASIA and Gulf Primarily. The GULF manipulating oil prices for crises in their economic plans also are in top ten of unfair trade nations – again nothing political just economic here.
  5. The USA is the worst trade nation spending over 200 billion more than it earns or makes from trade – and being in the red ink since 1950 is not sustainable for the USA. For example the USA now in economic reform can no longer afford FOREIGN AIDE. This AIDE DEFICIT REBALANCING must shift now from the USA to the surplus top ten nations – which the USA is not longer one of.

Today the USA under PRESIDENT TRUMP who knows how to read financial data, is reforming trade policies. Moving UNFAIR AND NON SUSTAINABLE trade imbalance into fair and sustainable trade balances. As nations faced with internal stresses from a failed communist economic model – have no wiggle room – to avoid civil unrest and revolution perhaps – they dump they subsidize prices like with AIRBUS to unfair trade war combination to the primary the USA the bread basket of the planet economically.

The USA must protect itself in the trade war now and will defend against the trade war incoming salvo’s. A giant world blame game will result tipping public opinion with FAKE NEWS which is a Hallloween spooky suit in information – to what is REALLY GOING ON out there.

So China has calculated in real trade war terms the USA is vulnerable more than China is vulnerable. Those making such economic advice to President XI are in error. In fact the economics work such that if the USA has a cold in economic trade war – China catches terminal pneumonia economically.

President Trump has his more correct accurate economics.

China has FAKE internal news from communist planners who lack competence to understand the moves on the economic chess board.

Making choice based on wrong fact is fatal in this trade war next steps.

So the WORLD is about to repeat pattern and spiral into trade wars. As the move from UNFAIR AND UNSUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS takes place there are only the following options:

  1. Cooperation – agree 1% owning more wealth than 99% is unwanted unsustainable and unfair socially. Redistribute wealth with a G 100 fair and sustainable revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM over 25 years of TIME where time itself assists in the rebalancing.
  2. Competition – spiral up to world war – and before that – nations rise and fall financially as trade war changes all the economics we know today in world trade – always leads to real wars.

This is what is going on out there today.

China is calling TRUMP’s bluff. Only Trump has the higher economic artillery and is ( outside a Government shut down and armed with a real budget and military appropriate investment – the USA can always afford survival and this is war time now ) – American can’t win.

China is making a gigantic mistake.


There is only one economic reality:

IN trade war America catches a cold and China collapses into fatal Pneumonia economically.

As the rest of the trade war unfairness will reside on who wins first battles and TRUMP knows this the economic ABUSE OF AMERICA is not sustainable can no longer be tolerated, and nations who have profited so gynormously from the USA – must cooperate in economic new realities or enter into a period of insane economic warfares that end with a real world war – and in that end – America wins past all the billions who die and economic accounts rebalanced.

Sanity – cooperate

Insanity – compete

If you are swimming inside your own delusion of a self created competitive olympic size swimming pool – trying to be the top shark in your own pools feeding frenzy – your in a vicious loop of self destruction.

If you can approach the problems – from dry land – seeing the fools and insanity swimming in 10,000 year human circles – and you can CHANGE the box top rules for a BETTER WAY we avoid Rome and World War II all over again.

In the end we have to change our mind.


  1. The lack of a budget that insures AMERICAN SURVIVAL will end your honey pot this Spring.
  2. The 2018 trade war spiral up will end your honey pot this spring.

Lets see if I’m right – with consistency from 2015 to now for Spring of 2018.

We’ll all just see…we our data and predictions are right for 99th time since 1980’s.

We’ll just see.

( And Oil is going down – trust me ).



Note: In this spiral in economic war fare – state hacking – digital warfare on markets – the US NERO ( CONGRESS ) FIDDLES while THE USA ( ROME ) BURNS TO THE GROUND…..FUND AMERICA AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE AMERICA …WAKE UP