PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GENERAL KELLY and a full White House Staff worked until midnight to take a train derailed by TRUMP HATER Nancy Pelosi – to tear the USA to shreds in world opinion – and to make Democracy a PELOSI ( NOT ) – and to SHUT TWO 2,000,000 American Jobs on Monday and a rippled that will become the PELOSI DOESY DOE dance….return to sanity. But the TRUMP team failed and PELOSI’s DOESY DOE dance claimed the day as criminals.

She loves this hidden in the weeds she grew herself inside ruining Democracy. She now diminished in authority has more of the authority and is leading out front remaining invisible while Schulmer takes all the heat.

As the WICKED WITCH ( Pelosi ) said in the Wizard of OZ – what a world what a world – while she herself was melting. Perhaps Media will get WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

So what IS going on out there?

  1. First it is ILLEGAL for the CONGRESS to fail to pass a US BUDGET under their mandate under the US Constitution. It is unconstitutional – it is their first and single PRIORITY – not emergency resolutions – a timely annual budget – first duty of congress.
  2. The CRIMINAL CONGRESS of today is guilty as sin of HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS which immunity fails to shield them from. Any TORT LAWYER worth their salt could have just plain fun with THE MOTHER OF ALL TORTS suggested in this blog on that point – just scroll. Again a great media story even with ?
  3. So the CRIMINAL CONGRESS since last September when annual fiscal USA Budgets MUST by LAW be passed – created high crimes and misdemeanors against 300 Americans in abbreviation of their legal responsibility to the nation. 500 became criminals.
  4. One emergency resolution to keep the government going for weeks turns the budget RESPONSIBILITY UNDER US LAW into a political foot ball where the budget is used to negotiate all sorts of matters that do not apply to the FISCAL BUDGET – politics versus economics – rather than Constitutional Authorization for economics to never be led by politics – budget first all else second.
  5. National Security requires in a TRADE WAR globally – a flash event taking place monthly – globally – a DIGITAL WORLD WAR III under way since 2008 – hacking everything and planting trojans in our water and power grids – attacking our financial markets ( now would be a great time to do it again ) – and real war with super powers and rogue nations like North Korea ( do you see a Missile launch or hydrogen bomb soon – we are shut down ) –  REQUIRES A BUDGET TO KEEP AMERICA SAFE. Criminal Congress has done more to smash USA Prestige – credit ratings and untold damage to our nation than all the Presidents combine together.

Why this is worse?

See above.

Now then The DREAMER issue is not a budget issue.

Next – last night they worked to get a three to four week budget extension. Why?

It takes that FREAKIN LONG ( and CEO SPACE is up on the hill ) let me tell you – to craft in emergency mode a BILL you can vote on – legislation is not 72 hours –

They worked all into the night Nancy wanted a ONE WEEK BILL and Trump and Kelly wanted the HOUSE FOUR WEEK BILL but would compromise for three weeks – 72 hour bill five day bill the NANCY DOSEY DOE – no way.

So they took the vote – the PELOSI DOESY DO took Schulmer down at 11.00 with one hour left reaching votes sufficient to SHUT DOWN THE United States OF AMERICA into Nancy’s hateful spiteful inside group.

This circle of shrinking democrats hold’s to the NANCY PELOSI DOSEY DOE – dance –

…block everything Trump….deal on zero….and we win the mid year and the next President election …obstruct obstruct obstruct……

More and more great American’s are leaving her camp but not enough – as of yet.

Also she is politically a coward and she is wrong.

She alone is going to force an avalanche of VOTERS to bring in a REPUBLICAN clear majority – ten more seats – and the nation in full under water at the rail – will right its sails – and soar into the wind as we govern all over again.  For the first time in years.

The Nancy Pelosi DOESY DOE reports – Trump has the lowest Presidential rating in history at this point in office 48% – all of which is fake news and a lie.

Nancy Pelosi’s Congress – led by her obstruction block anything Trump say yes to including compromises with the rest of her party – has poll ratings of 9% the lowest ever. 82% of all Americans hate Nancy’s Dosey DOE and HER personally.

The loud mouths will scream on both sides how great this all is because their leader stood their ground? To do what? Injure and harm the USA. Lower our security and lower our capacity world wide? Breach your lawful first duty pass a BUDET IN SEPTEMBER.

Why is the news not reporting about the CRIMINAL US CONGRESS?

My media journalists may begin to DO JUST THAT as all of them really have to think…Al Gore…words….ITS TIME FOR “YOU” TO GO…and Nancy starting with you and your DOSEY DOE.

Nancy went out to a celebration meal and a happy dance.

Can you belief that prance?

The Happy Dance while Rome Burns.

If I where an enemy of the United States I would act now – as the nation is beyond distracted and incapacitated while Nancy does the happy dance.

Criminals – one and all.

You and I would go to prison for much less and they pursue their high crimes in public office and do the happy dance for in Congress Crime Pays?

No really Crime pays.

You see while 2,000,000 great American Federal public servants and workers are NOT GOING TO BE PAID NOW and laid off from work – on our behalf – the entire CONGRESS “IS” BEING PAID fully staffed as normal?

Crime pays folks.

In America?

Is this the system you wish to follow?

Is this our constitution – and when the very constitution has Nancy giving the finger to that document while being paid to happy dance and do that – is it time for a real revolution?

You should be so pissed off right now if you are an American as the US Budget is a DUTY – A Constitutional RESPONSIBILITY – A LEGALLY REQUIRED MANDATE  – NOT AN OPTION – NOT TO BE HIJACKED – AND IF A CRIMINAL CONGRESS FAILS US ALL AND GETS PAID TO DO IT – you should not be a democrat – you should not be a republican or an independent – we should al be AMERICANS and demand your law maker pass a BY LAW BUDGET where yesterday is already to late.

You can do it on line by email – look them up and stop sitting – 100 million of US should let 500 of them know – we think you are breaking the law.


Berny Dohrmann – That is WHAT “IS” THE DOESY DOE TODAY