There is 45 minutes remaining to close down the USA. The Senate passed the democratic vote number to block the temporary funding measure. The leadership of the party walked off the floor but it appeared as midnight approach with only procedural options remaining – unless those leaders walking off the floor have a process miracle – the USA is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS and NANCY PELOSI WON. They will call this the Schumler SHUT DOWN. It is not it is the PELOSI DOESY DO – and Nancy King Trump HATER – is having a tango dance tonight while American is in so much pain – over a criminal failure of the US Congress to DO ITS duty – due to high crimes and misdemeanors – failing to pass a US BUDGET as required by law.

The entire Congress is criminal.

Lets indict THEM all and their 9% approval rating – TRUMP looks like Mount Everest in Ratings next to the CRIMINALS in our CONGRESS.

They have broken your laws America.

Write – and let them know that.