It took Tim Cook years of time, but under his cost cutting management, he has altered the duplications, the quality control, the “never bring a buggy product to market culture” that Steve Jobs built Apple “trust and market confidence on”. This has resulted in a crises.



  • 90% of apple repair genius orders today are to replace bad batteries in iPhone 6 and to turn off slow commanding software Tim allowed loaded down in SECRET to his billion customers.
  • Tim calls for endless software glitches. For example something as quality control basis as a command to download from App Store – in iPhone X says – double click to download – only there is no way to do that on the flashing icon. If it said DOUBLE CLICK SIDE BAR – just that on quality – millions like me and I’m a programer – would not have made five calls to Apple to get elevated as no customer service technician at level 1 level 2 until finally level three tech supervisor – bam – knew it cold and stated how frustrated they all where they could not get Apple to fix just this one of 100’s of software glitches resulting in over five downloads in 90 days on a new OS that is flawed to the bone.
  • The hardware flaws are legend. My high end MAC BOOK has a screen that glue leaks out into the screen. I’m on my THIRD screen. If I clean it with anything but water – the glue leaks out in chemical reactive DESIGN FLAW so says the Apple GENIUS in Screen Number three warranty repair not their top line unit – a DESIGN FLAW released to all of us.
  • The IPHONE x’s have been destroyed by batteries heating and swelling to such a level they destroy the case itself. Another DESIGN FLAW from the real problem a TIM broken SYSTEM MODEL under TIM management. Which results in what.

Oh a million in our CEO leadership group world wide moving to alternatives primarily the new China H phone everyone says is better than Apple X – cheaper – better storage battery life software and camera – look ma no bugs. Millions upon millions are leaving Apple forever. It will take years upon years to see the TIM SIN in the market space. In number reports always lagging behind reality – although year end Apple iPhone X reports will be far under the original forest from Apple another FIRST on the TIM BUBBLE BURST. Add it up and TIM is the SIN and needs to simply GO – Apples Board needs to pay market mea culpa for the TIM SINS they permitted as a BOARD – half the Board should be sacked as well for allowing this degradation on their watch at least.

Apple iPhone X orders will come in LIGHT. They will tell us that as late as possible on last quarter results with all the spin how good it really is.

Apple earnings will rise to record high – already are and I own stock – I think I’ll sell at 200.00.


Well it will keep going up. Why?

Because Tim is setting up bowing out before all the real scandals hit the media in fact.

Because Tim is in multi year final bonus and stock option la la land for himself not for you and for me.

Because the TIM SIN is he has over 200 billion from off shore, coming back to the US with the worlds largest cash pile to BUY BACK HIS OWN STOCK to manipulate the price in unregulated casino capitalism where such buy backs should be a felony.

The market should dictate stock prices not manipulators. Speculation should not set price in asset classes.

The Media so well paid to billions by APPLE is not quick to TRASH their own pay checks. THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE or my news would be FRONT PAGE NEWS – APPLE IN CRISES – TIME FOR TIME TO GO ?

Those in the KNOW….know.

What a shame for America. This mismanagement. Shame on the BOARD really.

So I suspect the plan includes:

  1. 2018 Stock manipulations via more than one buy back.
  2. Introduction of new technology ISCROLL wait for it – that frankly I gave that IP with zero strings as the real investor –  to Tim in 2015 and 2016. But no thank you or cigar. My honor to Steve – or not – if he mismanaged even that innovation technology for apple shareholders…we’ll see. I have witnesses that is my IP from silicon engineers before Steve Died – I was going to give it to my buddy but hey.
  3. Earnings up tick as age to user base phones forces the upgrade as they finally get hardware and software reliability to JOBS GRADE in 2018 – recently the worst period for APPLE COMPLAINTS in Apple HISTORY took place – all in the TIM BIN.

So the user base talks about all this and knows all this. We all love Apple folks and teams. We think the management needs a shake up.

Apple is in serious crises control using fake news and untold dollars to spin all this – new campus – dollars coming back – one event after another to take media off APPLE IN CRISES – TIME FOR TIM TO GO headlines.

On any other leading Fortune firm the media would have been all over it – say Face Book – but with Apple the dollars spent on core media surpass all media ads from Google and Face Book combined together.

So Apple gets a FREE MEDIA PASS like no other as the press protect their own pay checks.

However the TRUTH will get out and about – and Apple as we reported on this blog scroll for it – is in serious crises – which we keep current in our on going series why?

Because in the end this stock will peak and then crash not decline moderately.

Apple Shareholders are advised to follow me. Buy low ( I did ) . Sell High ( I will ).

I’ll tell YOU when if you want to copy cat me – noting trust your licensed adviser not me – gosh I”m retired.

I just mentor heads of state these days – and what do “I” know?



Note: Will the Top Senate Democrat make a TRUMP DEAL AT THE White House ( talks going on now against a mid night deadline – Trump canceled 1 Year anniversary VIP Party at Monte Largo Florida – seeing USA SHUT DOWN as 50/50 coin toss ) and if not – if NOT – only to Feb 16th as emergency on going spending – are you kidding me. If we shut down the USA – watch the markets and the credit rating for our borrowing cost facing fantastic debt in the markets during a trade war with China and others…..America can always afford survival ….are YOU kidding ME !