President Obama being fully PRESIDENTIAL last week got lost in tweets and sound bites – like the Wallstreet Journal and subsequent fake news about President Trumps sound bites.

President Trump implying if he talked to ROCKET BOY in North Korea his record words…I’d have a a good relationship with him….nothing like he had been talking to him as the press fake news reported.

President Obama’s sound bite story to the United Nations defined his opinion on the THREAT to world democracy. The opinion was perhaps THE TOP PRIORITY for all of us – the WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD who read my blog. To get the TRUTH when the TRUTH is now a rare commodity.

President Obama implied nostalgia for a prior age when news reporting was not 24 hours. A time when firewalls from monetary policy – advertising revenue – and ownership of channels – allowed news and editors to report facts without any spin or opinion.

Today news is a media to sensationalize anything and everything to promote and sell mindless crap to consumers from advertisers world wide. This new 24 hour march to profit, has made news something different than the world ever new before win the real time instant digital age. As every phone is a broadcast video device and every phone owner is a cub reporter the flood of incoming is endless today.

President Obama defined being FULLY PRESIDENTIAL that –

  1. Democracy will flourish only inside a fully participating citizen voter population that remains truly educated on the complex issues.
  2. Today President Obama opined information is skewed to reinforce the prejudice and opinion of the viewer listener. Fox in the USA for conservative and CNN for more left views and everywhere else in between.
  3. President Obama suggested that a voter listening to FOX or to CNN was on a different planet of reality based assumptions givens and information from say listening to public broadcasting and PBS remaining more old news without spin modeling.
  4. President Obama suggested the death of real democracy occurs when news is propaganda to influence voter reality.
  5. Implied was how do free societies collectively exercise democratic principles when public education no longer teachers civics ( as when I grew up in both private and public education ) and voters are manipulated by press far worse than nations who use social ( including the USA ) to manipulate and influence voter reality to their agenda versus facts and real information or news?

I believe President Obama was inviting a multi year debate on this issue of checks and balances the founder fathers who never considered a radio, a tv, a cell phone, a monopolized media FOURTH  estate of governance Рto define a forward body of STANDARDS VERSUS CENSORSHIP to reset Рbalance fairness and voter awareness to facts versus agenda.

How is democracy fully manipulated by money SUPER POOLS?

The Supreme Court had a first firewall opportunity to preclude SUPER PACK unlimited super money consolidation to influence elections, but they fell to vote to open flood gates to SUPER MONEY to influence versus election financial reforms by law and by constitution.

Would the FOUNDING FATHER intention be to skew super money pools to influence election outcome in media? Would they check and balance the notion of a FREE PRESS to the HIGHEST STANDARDS With check and balances in the revised constitution if they had considered the FOURTH ESTATE as the world see’s that estate influence in 2018.

Do you my readers believe that super money pools and sovereign nations not just Russia influence elections all over the world, more than any other factor or outside force? Is such influence desired? If not how would we firewall such influence as we are all awake enough to come to grips with these elements.

I thought no higher call to the forward March of truth, priority and protection of DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE form of national governance can arise, from leadership, forward of President Obama’s immediately marginalized GREAT CALL TO ACTION AND DEBATE.

Personally I wish to thank President Obama for defining a cornerstone issue for future governance.

The story and full article presented to the BBC last week links:

I strongly suggest this TRUTH and RIGHT PRIORITY is important for all of us who are awake, who care, and who want truth not spin from our media. President Obama discussed social media cocoons that isolate voters to reinforce their own views without taking into account the opposing views.

I know in my own decades of experience working on Capital Hill for small business favoring legislation – that my most aggressive opposition has VALID and truly WORTHY POINTS that are important to consider when framing public policy. Public policy is complicated. It is never easy. Anything new always has unintended consequences and needs moderations as they are known. IT is all a PROCESS never an event.

Tireless staff work 100 hour weeks without overtime or even a thank you and then are bashed by media at ever turn.

The FOURTH ESTATE needs to exercise FREE SPEECH with standards and preclude manipulations from those standards they themselves adhere to and appreciate as they elevate as consequence to their own final hour. Social and Media all need to collective figure a second generation method to PROTECT DEMOCRATIC information to avoid unwanted manipulation or influence that voters can rely on with FRESH honor and patriotic pride where systems replace trust and elevate and protect trust.

Today the SYSTEM is broken due to the advance of AI and digital tools to manipulate voters as never before.

President Obama suggested the TIME to open the DEBATE for SYSTEM REFORM is upon all nations. Who will now lead. President Obama chose the BBC for its higher standard and yet imperfect as we all know we all CAN DO and MUST DO …better.

Thank you Mr. President for truly BEING PRESIDENTIAL at this moment in history.

Berny Dohrmann – This is WHAT “IS” going on OUT THERE really