CHINA: China hacked our web site. China cracked down on social networks ( again ) to destroy privacy on line in China. The communist police state is a NAZI in suits compliance state at all levels. Their currency controls and economic blocks to move money out of China is not stopping a RUN ON CHINA. The Run is out of the Chinese phony money – now hopelessly bankrupt – as the China SUPER BUBBLE will end predictably badly – in a China SUPER CRASH we predict will effect the entire world. The moves the nation is taking are non economic will not work and confidence at the super money pool level is shattered by those who truly know what is really going on out there. A trillion ran out of China last year and another Trillion is about to run out this year. The sun is starting to set on China. Manufacturers are running out not in to China. Investment is running out not in to China. Wealthy Chinese are taking their money out not investing back in to China. That is what is going on out there as China tries to use police state controls to stop the death spiral which in economics simply does not work. We want them to win but they are going about it all wrong and the heat is rising to China’s melt down. You’ll see it your life time. Trust me.


THE FED IS SO DEAD: Nothing is more obsolete than the Fed which as private stock firm needs to by emergency act of Congress. be simply merged into the US Treasury for appropriate oversight – to which now and today – there is zero. So anything that looks like oversight is fraud on the American People. The newbies coming in know the current policy is wrong. The Fed has missed their targets for the past ten years. Spending more trillions than any nation in world history pre Rome the Fed failed to restart inflation. Now the entire world drunk with FREE MONEY is from those loans, seeing never ending rate rises. The Fed in raising rates, will tip marginal borrowers by the 100’s of billions over into debt default cascade and SUPER CRASH. The FED IS THE CAUSE OF ALL FINANCIAL RUIN so if you believe it is something else you just do not appreciate the economic source. The FED is the death of us all. Today they debate changing policy. If they don’t slow down rate rises this Spring will become a blood path. Take that prediction to the bank ( made in 2016 and repeated eight times here since ). 9 times now. All nine lives of the economic kitty are gone now.


SHOPPING CENTERS: Commercial property defaults and sub prime car defaults are rising to over 100 billion. The rate of the CASCADE is becoming an avalanche. As the FED raises interest rates the malls and 500 marginal shopping centers will be in the red if they refinance at higher rates and another 100 billion will fail to qualify for the loan. As banks take properties worth far less than their outstanding mortgage back they will have the keys to the malls and no way out this time. The bad auto loans and commercial property default cascade is rising to a trillion dollars in the USA in 2018 and 2019. At some point this alone pushes the financial sector into panic and SUPER CRASH.


OIL: Oil is insane. The supply is rising. As oil crude went down just a tiny bit prices soared. But gas and natural gas reserves rose and rose. Why would pump gas rise. The period coming up will see demand even lower. Speculators have total control of the oil market and are placing insane prices on oil which will only CRASH versus go back down. At 70.00 a barrel the American producers will FLOOD THE MARKET with high quality shale crude far less costly to refine – both exporting the surplus we don’t need and moving to 20 billion barrels daily more than Russia and Saudi put out combined. This shale glut is profit making at 35 dollars a barrel today. The SHALE HAIL will storm down on Russia market share first and Saudi and Gulf market share next. OPEC must break up or they will FOREVER lose their customer base. They won’t be able to sell oil at 25.00 a barrel or 10.00. a barrel. They will be bankrupt. The coming crash in OIL is going to reset economics across the world. Finally free of a cartel tax upon all peoples – as the lie oil is a premium product – will create FULL PARTNERSHIP for 7 billion humans as the cost of everything is energy. The humanity price for oil is coming. Today’s oil price is speculator controlled with every producer in OPEC and from Shell to EXXON profiting from this wild unregulated oil speculation – investing billions to jack up prices to earn 100’s of billions – that folks is a CRIME. Criminals from Putin to super pool money CEO’s are criminals against humanity worse than any bomb or torture of the few. They torture us all. Pure crimes hidden behind lies frauds and pr you pay for at the pump to be cheated. THAT is what IS going on OUT THERE in markets. The OIL CRASH is coming this Spring watch for it and remember you read all this first here – when everyone else is saying the opposite. It is economics folks not politics.

STOCKS are soaring on the following terms. First casino capitalism as we said is speculator controlled by 10,000 super pools of money, via AI software wars and AI software races globally. The American tax deduction is creating record investing in stocks and in bonds. Wal Mart raises pay for 1,000,000 workers ( not to Targets 15.00 an hour but only to 11.00 dollars an hour ) at 400,000,000 cost annually to WAL MART. They get that back by laying off 30,000 workers and indirect workers at SAMS CLUBS by Shutting almost 100 stores to get the $ 400,000,000 BACK. This is not good business. This is not strategic. This is the FEW AGAINST THE MANY and the wrong way to use tax savings to make final profits look great at WAL MART. I encourage Shoppers to move over to TARGET Publics Safeway Whole Foods or more human based companies – as Sam is rolling over in his grave and I knew him. So stocks will soar all winter via the new tax manipulations and stock buy backs you’ll be reading about. I caution a SPRING CORRECTION may be quite dramatic. Wait for it……….


Meanwhile lets all party sing and dance on our way to fall over the financial cliff we are all rapidly moving toward without any rope or chain barriers  or warnings ……well save for mine since 2019 – BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH my children….APRIL IS THE CRUELEST MONTH – just beware ….the other shoe is falling you just can not hear it as the party is so loud.


Trump calling some shit hole countries shit hole countries are you kidding me. Pakistan as taken tens of billions from the USA providing a two way relationship that just sucks. In Africa ISIS kills our special forces trying to protect the innocent. Corruption is out of control in SHIT HOLE nations and our support should stop – America needs to make FOREIGN AIDE move first to FLINT MICHIGAN and Chicago. We need to help our people and cease taking on the role of being the piggy bank everyone can steal from. SHIT HOLE is not racist. Its economic and President Trump didn’t go far enough….by a long way. I think a SHIT HOLE DIRECTORY IS IN ORDER why not create one for us and the world. Trump started a TRUTH MOVEMENT lets define corruption greed criminal states and SHIT HOLE NATIONS that lack integrity at a fundamental level. Time for a digital divide. The cooperative nations with integrity aligning to solve problems and the competitive nations not aligning who are all SHIT HOLE NATIONS with the few exploiting the many at levels that are crimes against humanity.

The Big crimes creating the greatest agony and misery are POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CRIMES not war.


Berny Dohrmann at your service – ( beyond the China hack to this blog this weekend – their warfare hacking  teams took us down a total of six hours …we saw you criminals coming ….SHIT HOLERS ) .