So we wrote this year about a hard landing in China due to the Super Debt bubble the failed communist FAILED economic plan, now being covered up, presents to over 1 billion unaware Chinese. As the people only have state information to review they lack perspective on what is economic reality. Keep in mind we want only good for the Chinese people. But we see only mismanagement and cover up. We wrote that China was not going to stop buying US BONDS and how such a threat was firing a pop gun at a cruise missile giant. It is wrong for “children” economically to mess with Mother Nature ( the USA running global economics – not China ). So they hacked me in fury to bring me down.

That worked for six hours.

ISIS hacked me last year and the FBI dropped by to restore my system without their sovereign nation hack.

Your data was never breached – as we have that double blocked out and even more so now. They can only deny us service but then we firewall round that and six hours later – another yet another failed communist sovereign nation hack leading to no where.

FREE SPEECH is an oxymoron in CHINA and in the end that is going to become their own very great spiral downward. In a digital world we the people are in charge and national prohibitions on anything – drugs – bitcoins – pots – information – anything – are digitally over ridden by WE THE PEOPLE who demand FREEDOM you may no longer deny us.

As you deny freedom you lose potentially your lives.

People Power – that is the rule.

So six hours and its over folks. Sorry if you clicked in then.

When you read a web site so pure and accurate sovereigns like ISIS and CHINA and North Korea two years back – create annual HACKS to bring the TRUTH DOWN you might:

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The TRUTH is magic on keeping you aware of what IS going on out there.

I said in my China offending hack the news on their slowing bond purchases was FAKE NEWS and why. They have since while I was down reported that the rumors where FAKE NEWS and WHY. Confirming our report precisely.

As always you heard it first here.

I’m so proud of my hack history – who on line can say that ?

This blog is growing so fast it is read by state leadership from North Korea to China and of course by the most important readers in the world….


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