Scott Smith the award wining journalist – look him up – and a long many decade friend of mine and great friend of CEO SPACE over so many long years, sent me this New York times link you really would enjoy reading:

I click the New York times every day as a research data collection along with 100 others.

I want to HAT OFF TO THE New York TIMES.

WE reside in a negative news cycle that seeks to sell us mindless crap by sensational reporting one tweet to the next.

Perspective. Why is 2017 the Best Year in Human History?

Lets take a look at the New York TIMES report on WHY.

It will lift you up as they report 2018 will be EVEN BETTER which is hey what we are telling you and why.

We report systemic economic risks versus political risk to investing for our small business ownership in 140 nations. And all our loyal readers. Some 30,000 subscribing and 100,000’s of thousands reading.

We appreciate you and thanks for sharing my blog with your tribe.

Berny Dohrmann – A grateful fan of the New York TIMES today