Happy New Year. CEO SPACE was ranked for the fifth year by third party press as the # 1 Business Conference any business owner or CEO “can not afford to miss in 2018” – # 1 ranked business conference in the WORLD … the link to see….just in 2018 for you…..fresh….

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September Dohrmann has created free blogs outside our web site for you…from world famous faculty on tips and tools for business you can share free – with your world – in the age of the entrepreneur. The leading Entrepreneur skills program serving 140 nations now entering its fourth decade of leadership in the rapid development of successful job creating entrepreneurs in any culture or nation is .

Our next live program for individual, corporate or Platinum memberships is March 19th at world famous Innsbrook in sunny warm Palm Harbor Florida – the first of FIVE TO THRIVE business accelerators offered this year. You should come.

I want my readers to share this link and blog on walls and posting for us so our ranking is clicked all over the world by entrepreneurs and dreamers we can help. From billionaires to millionaires to the Iran Couple I coach on starting up their new Camel Business. These free PODCASTS have priceless information from the # 1 ranked Business Conference in the WORLD in 2018 – the one third party press suggests you can not afford to miss.

Some Factoids for you:

  1. Five to Thrive conferences every sixty days at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor Florida starting on Business New Years March 19th as the Spring returns and we globally all massively go back to our dream works.
  2. CEO’s network with CEO’s – 70% deal making – 30% intensive off the chart training including CEO grade lessons current to 2018 on raising capital at any level of play – billions raised at CEO SPACE click ceospace SHOW ME THE MONEY on google. See that film.
  3. $ 7500 individual 1988 priced lifetime memberships for CEO and $ 10,000 corporate memberships ( rotate teams in to all five ) or $ 40,000 Platinum Memberships with perks and money making return packages ask us.
  4. Stay Current in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – CEO’s face impossible challenges to stay and remain current in leadership technology – in technology itself – in on line – off line marketing – in brand strategic modeling and so much more all achieved at CEO SPACE that Wharton Stanford Harvard and MIT Grads tell us from Oxford to Beijing – is simply superior value hands down.
  5. Ranked # 1 by third party press over a span of time world wide that breaks all prior records on quality and results for CEO’s at the top.

If your a development firm starting up – a charity – or a major biotech or technology play – if your in revenues as mature mid sized or a Fortune Institution CEO SPACE is a comfortable safe space for your CEO’s and senior management teams. Team packages reduce prices on lifetime memberships.

Family packages do the same and our world famous Teen Program is legacy for CEO Families. On site you will see the one and the only. business accelerator that includes the entire family where seven year olds report on their successful FOURTH BUSINESS at CEO SPACE all laughed within CEO SPACE. Dad and Mom are so proud world wide.

CEO SPACE is the only WORLD FORUM serving cultures in all communities with the highest respect world wide. Our faculty represent and mentor Fortune senior management for huge fee’s and are famous in their space. Collectively their tithing back to CEO’s five times a year brings in senior skills from firms like A&Young Accounting – McKinesey – Accenture – Booze Alan and others at the tippy top. Team mentorship for CEO’s at the leading bleeding edge provides options not possible via one on one team mentorship to the CHALLENGE LIST you bring in – each quarter. CEO’s at the top suggested ” you made us billions and saved us millions”.

For everyone else we saved you TIME and COST to reach your own growth goals – which is why CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 in the world.

September Dohrmann and her all lady team run the institution in 140 nations. They stand for full partnership for woman and they have taken my work of decades forward into a fourth decade where legacy is quality that is on going after the founder turns it over as I did in 2013. The result is rising quality from ladies at the top of our leadership teams, faculty and boards. As half our community are LADY LEADERS as CEO’s and senior managers they applaud our example.

The gentlemen CEO’s gain value from the male and feminine options not possible outside TEAM MENTORSHIP across silo disciplines simply not offered any where else – one on one – CEO to CEO individually over a week of business building.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar.

CEO SPACE is not a workshop.

CEO SPACE IS a business building machine.

CEO SPACE is the one and the only business building ENGINE.

Ranked # 1 in 2018 world wide as the ONE BUSINESS CONFERENCE a CEO can simply NOT AFFORD TO MISS by prestigious third party press.

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We lead in content – we lead in quality – we lead in results.

To our Members special thank you to the 100′,000’s of CEO’s owning life time memberships in more than 140 nations today proud to be CEO SPACE community for and with each other CEO to CEO and professional communities world wide sharing and caring.

CEO SPACE is the HAPPY SPACE and we invite you March 19th to explore acceleration for profits with tools and tactics available no where else on earth.

Our work is just beginning.

Being # 1 ranked in the world was hard work folks and took a decade of improving our core product.

September and her Lady Leaders will tell you and confirm to you the harder work the much harder work is STAYING # 1 for half a decade within a world field.

Not one firm on the 2017 top list is back in 2018 as quality continues to rise UP ward. Always upward.

September has improved CEO SPACE so dramatically in 2017 that the leadership in 2018 was secure for sure.

That effort that enormous vision and effort is on going and is her work for 2018 to make 2019 and 2020 even better for our members.

Her culture is obsession.

She is OBSESSED with giving CEO’s more of what they desire require and wish for. She polls and listens’ really listens to our successful CEO clientele.

Our platinum community presented in 2017 92 suggestions to improve the Platinum program.. At Year End 2018 September’s team had implemented and executed 88 of them as suggested.

Quality rising within total obsession on CUSTOMER BENEFITS is what makes Amazon —- AMAZON and # 1 in the world….and it is what makes CEO SPACE —–CEO SPACE —– and # 1 in the world.

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Berny Dohrmann – HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2018