Today lacking a Global Trading Regulatory RE- THINK by the G 100 Nations – suggested for five years on this blog – the world has spun out of monetary controls. Every asset class is controlled by super money pools, software, and regulations are all LOCAL and the real trades by the TRILLIONS of dollars are fully manipulating prices in the CLOUD for greed as the need.

Oil is over supplied. Non Opec Producers have off set all supply cut backs by OPEC. The demand is rising less slowly than anyone projected. The numbers from the GULF nations are all lies and spin news – fake news on oil.

Oil is the cost of EVERYTHING – energy.

Oil is the cost of food.

Oil OPEC needs at over 60 dollars to pay their massive debt loads and building costs in their core budgets. Plus they pay their populations monthly checks that if they stopped they would have riots in Saudi.

60 Dollars is the GREED NEED for OPEC budget planners. If supply and demand brings the world HIDDEN TAX of manipulating oil prices – the cost of development and peace and prosperity for billions of people in nations everywhere down to lower levels – the loss to OPEC producers is politically destabilizing to their nations.

The FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Versus the many for the many – sanity versus insanity. Economics is so unforgiving. If you follow the MONEY. Which our team lives to do. Just for YOU in 2018.

So Iran is experiencing civil unrest, New Year Riots and in a police NAZI in Sheets state – uncharacteristic shouts to OUT THE DICTATOR who is the absolute religious boss the richest man in IRAN. By far.

So massive unemployment in Oil Rich Iran is not being economically directed and invested in the structure that would improve lives. Enormous numbers marched and are still marching. 400 where arrested in the Capital city alone on New Years. Many were shot to death.

The Leader of the second largest lake of oil on earth suggests today:

  1. He will talk to the nation when its time.
  2. The judiciary should come down hard on those who protest.
  3. The protest are created by FOREIGN ENEMIES of IRAN using money weapons and tools – no evidence or anything but the HITLER frame of HATE the outside to unify the inside old propaganda.
  4. He did not use ALLAH this time as Allah seemed to be with the people of Iran – mommies – daddies and children wishing jobs and opportunities to pay bills and eat three meals a day.
  5. One high school student said – “we want what you all have world wide – a RULE OF LAW – where they can’t take us at 3 AM from where we sleep with no charge no crime and no rule of law – just we disappear and they kill us and no one even keep count.

While this is going on – massive returns of UK oil and OIL across supply spectrums are picking up and Oil from Iran is rising not falling.  Also massive oil flowing to North Korea is not blockaded and available for other markets. Oil is not in any rebalancing as GULF LEADER FAKE NEWS SUGGESTS – Oil is set for a SPRING blood bath. Just as I predicted last year. We’ll see.

Finally – Stocks are going to wind up through all this growing third party unrest – and the Congress has a budget to pass – and we submit the final numbers of the Holiday will drive volatility with overall stock growth from TAX REFORM through the chilly winter. The first quarter results will decline due to fall off from the all time peaks – a winter that is blistering cold setting all time records for human beings in the big chill – and creating call off in economic activity – that will come to final rest this SPRING.

Can the longest boom in history reach that record this August? We submit if Tax Reform pushes new records in stock price manipulation by transfer of the corporate and super money pool tax savings into STOCK BUY BACKS or stock pure price manipulation against the markets – we will see a software wars increase volatility this Spring or at worst the correct we all know must come to the longest highest boom ever.

We warn and caution GEO POLITICAL EVENTS such as a debt default avalanche from a nation like Venezuela who just raised minimum wage by 400% to over come inflation rising at over 1000% a year – a loaf of bread at a dollar last year will cost 1000 dollars by year end – the minimum wage rise is only going to make what we have labeled in digital markets CASCADE which is worse than old IMF Contagion fears for many fundamental reasons. The RIPPLE of CASCADE is instant across global markets.

We have warned that a CHINA DEBT CASCADE DEFAULT in 2018 is a trigger event – or Italy or Spain – as Catalonia once the engine of Spain in 2017 is not a negative loss of 2 billion in GNP and a drag on SPAIN due to political separatism.

Trump has finally drawn red lines on the legal theft of PAKISTAN taking an ungodly billions from America over 15 years while holding two – two’s when the G 8 has a FULL HOUSE. Trump says Pakistan almost as large as the USA in land mass with 300 million citizens as large as the USA – not some small nation – fully armed with nukes – has played American leaders as fools. Trump has put down his full house ( ALL THE MONEY ) stopped 500,00 million of forward payments in two tranches cold – and unless things change on the ground – Pakistan is moving into instability. The USA is no longer fooling around. Pakistan’s military riddled with radical muslims, must purge and destroy radical Islam killing in Afghanistan but living in Pakistan safety as Pakistan is a SANCTUARY NATION FOR ENEMIES OF AMERICA while smiling to take our money which Trump suggests treats us as pure FOOLS.

Finally some one is stopping the lies deceit and legal theft of American resources. What did Bin Laden say while living for ten years safe and secure in his mansion fully protected by Pakistan ?

….” we see you idea of being a Super Power as POOF ( as his hands make a motion like smoke in the air ) …..we see many vulnerabilities as we weaken you financially on many fronts for it is our task to BANKRUPT THE WEST…..until the west utterly fails and falls……

Pakistan is part of the Bin Laden Plan.

Trump wants money out for DEALS that work and AMERICA gets value we can measure assess and count upon for money OUT. The endless mindless one way theft of our tax payer wealth and resources for NOTHING in RETURN but PAIN AND DEATH – where we pay for our own young men and women to die – is ending. For the first time in decades.

The instability of nations is reshaping oil and its price points.

North Korea has changed behavior substantially as it sets itself into play for talks versus the rocks.

That is so positive it is without comment in 2018.

The Gulf and Africa remain wild cards. India and Pakistan remain wild cards as national enemies with Nukes pointed at one another like North Korea and America – only worse. Now with enormous core capital pulling back and out of what appears to be unstable Iran and Pakistan geo politics is shifting core markets.

Investment in Iran will be delayed. Tourism will stop to Iran. Capital will dry up further in IRAN. The leadership is no longer fully in control. Factors are dividing within the nation. The police state will crack down as 10,000’s go to camps and torture. The heads of state now in siege will respond as they lose the WILL OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE – to protect themselves – the few against the many – versus say reforms to the constitution and nation giving the people more authority to hold leadership accountable – which is what protestors want. They want a RULE OF LAW.

As 2018 begins the core cost of everything – the MOST CRIMINALLY MANIPULATED PRICE FOR ANY ASSET – OIL – THE COST OF EVERYTHING – the one tax on all of us that only enriches the few against the entire billions of the many – is rising on Fake News when reserves are rising and demand is falling.

We forecast a crash in oil demand over ten years like the world has never known.

We also predict a massive supply improvement for oil from planet wide discoveries on land and under the 3/4’s of the seas now economic to develop where 95% of all our oil is today and is being replenished by an earth that farts oil and gas. Cheap plentiful renewable energy.


Everything else is FAKE NEWS folks.

G 100 Regulatory Legal Frame Works could criminalize speculation and return the market to sanity. IT requires cooperation versus competition.

The human 2018 madness is competitive thought impulses ( pure evil a form of human insanity ) or cooperation ( pure goodness and an expression of human sanity in thinking ).

Cooperation vs. Competition.

In the end the problem with everything is Cooperation versus competition.


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