As the oldest first born male of nine children ( I do have older sisters of course ) I was born into a consecrative, affluent, German ( I”m a Baron actually ) family in San Francisco. My family founded the world famous DOHRMANN HOTEL SUPPLY resource firm to the resort business presently owned by Holiday Inn. Also the department store chain in the Western States before Macy arrived who now owns the DOHRMANN BUILDING on Union Square – the EMPOREUM STORES. Also the largest Newspaper in San Francisco which the smaller firm the Hearst Family bought to become the largest – their Chronicle – after Mark Twain Died, as agreed by Grandfather that he WOULD NOT SELL the papers to Hearts while Mark Twain wrote for grandfather. Together they lobbied with John Muir the Naturalist and created the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE which my name sake grandfather served on the board of and placed Yosemite into the National Park Service and built the Yawani Hotel Resort in the park where his mural still hangs in the lobby bar from 1937. They also rebuilt the Saint Francis Hotel in Union Square after the earth quake and placed the famous CLOCK ( I’ll meet you AT the Clock is renown in San Francisco thank you Grandpa ) – and more than all that.

As the first born son, three months premature to a grateful family God had saved the boys life – I was to be given to the PREIST HOOD. This worked pretty well as I studied in private parochial schools may entire young life the Regions of the world against advanced apologetics and church history not everyone is aware of. Linda Best ( now Sascha in Oregon ) dissuaded me from a vocation because I thought they all lied to me and heaven was the companionship of a great lady.

I continued my studies of all faiths for five decades to this very day. Some of the great leadership Bishops and cardinals instructed me, as did rabbi’s and mullah’s, and leaders in the Hindu Buddhist and Bahai and TAO faith – the mother of all faith to which Christ Studied.

So my guy ( yep I am Christian ) tries to set up a world of everyone having a personal relationship with the creator the ABBAH the Father – and to cease worship of anything man created or suggested. To simply love the source with your whole heart and to see every soul as a breathing orb of light, a sliver of the great source light, and to forgive all illuminations who are too ignorant of their own nature to return your own unconditional love. If the selfish and virus infected of the intelligent insanity ( you call souls infected by competition the FIRST COMPETITION or free will choice of intelligent insanity ) Satan or Demons who also make that choice – evil. Christ said forgive evil and love the children of God who are in the insane asylum. They know NOW what it is THAT THEY DO.

Christ said give Caesar what is Caesars.

Christ said if intelligent insanity ( evil ) strikes you upon the face then turn the other cheek.

Christ said if you gave intelligent ( selfish insane evil ) everything you possessed and it wanted the shirt you had on your back – take off your shirt and gladly with gratitude and love give the shirt up to them.

Christ sought not to be worshiped as the son of God. But to worship his message to have your own personal relationship with God the father. Christ did not seek to build a religion or a system of buildings to symbolize the father breathing orb of illumination.

Christ taught to gather. To have meals. To celebrate the good news and talk about how you felt having your personal relationship with the father.

Christ taught he had no powers. He had no authority. Save from the father. He taught he was a pure channel for the father to flow through and into others.

Christ taught YOU could do all that he did to heal, to miracle, to multiple, to inspire and to remove the virus of competition, if you only believed and acted on what he was informing you of.

Christ taught that competition was the intelligent insanity.

Christ taught that the HOLY OF ALL SPIRITS was pure cooperation and the absence of all the insanity of free will choosing insanity – pure love pure joy pure bliss and it was your TRUE NATURE as a breathing orb of light.

If Christianity was TRIED and we DID CHRISTIANITY we would all love one another. Unconditionally. Christ taught the good news and sent his chosen to preach the good news – to every possible faith and agnostic in the world. Many where called and few where chosen to WAKE UP.

Over meals, morning noon and night, the gospel or Good News ( long before there was a bible ) was preached for years across the world. Your ignorances ( sin ) are forgiven unto you. No blame. No judgement. No labels. No human base lines. Your eyes were opened and you saw a breathing orb of light not only in babies but in all ages as the presence. The presence which when removed creates fourth dimension bodily death.

You honored the presence.

Today intelligent insanity infects religion itself. The competition the one virus the pure evil infecting all humanity – a virus on human consciousness Christ came here to defeat – is in dominion. As per THE WORD. Eyes are blinded everywhere in selfishness fear blame judgement distrust between immortals and petty emotions that trap the soul from master manifestation and its pure nature – joy.

If the idea of hell is the nashing of teeth – dog eat dog – brutal tribal incredibly mean personally cruel eternal competition between competitive virus infected souls, for all eternity who chose it all, why would WE the open source spirits chose now chose here to duplicate HELL upon the earth?

If the second coming is not a person but is the pentecost – the HOLY OF ALL SPIRITS raining spiritual truth and energy upon us all, to know God truly and know your own child nature as a favored royalty of the Kingdom of God, a state of being in all versus of the multi versus – why then would we not embrace the second coming. The Holy Spirit. The Truth. It is just a choice. All forms of competitive thought are evil and insane. The source of all human distance from God.

So a baby comes to a stable.

The world fights over the baby from the start.

The insane kill the first born of every family to assure the baby is unable to reach its work for source to which is divine offspring. Perfect. Born with pure memory of its state and Godhead.

The Baby teaches you ARE all GOD’s. Humble offspring of the breathing orb of self love and creating we know as JUAWAY. Jahova. God. We just forgot.

Intelligent fog – insanity – seeks to influence free will choice to self focus on appetites that remove the communion and union with father.

The baby was born and protected by the Holy of All Spirits and the Father’s legions. Virus free souls. Ark ageless to earthly faithful like father Joseph and mother Mary – never to be worshiped as only the Father source was to be the sole focus of all worship.

Christianity – say endless wealth and powers – real estate and influence, final word on who is a witch and who will be burned at the stake – or crusades or wars – from Christ to ISIS the intelligent insanity distorts the simple message – know your divine illumination – praise and give gratitude to the source that created you – share the good news – never gossip judge or blame.

At Christmas time we now focus not on the GOOD NEWS.


WE focus on oceans of mindless stuff. Oh millions of us may once a year visit a building and spend an hour focusing on source and asking for forgiveness which misses the entirety of the GOOD NEWS of Christian Fellowship. As your sins ARE FORGIVEN rise and sin no more. As your sins have been forgiven move to be grateful and live entirely in joy bliss and effortless joy and abundance.

We pray in that building once a year wondering what we miss on line, looking at our text windows and focusing the soul not in unity of the father. The Father source has unlimited bandwidth with your soul. The source never loses a text message. The Source knows all your porn clicks. All that is holy and unholy and forgives YOUR SOUL for not remembering its true nature and your earth body for it knows NOT what it does in its own spiritual Alzheimers.

FAITH is what created the Miracles not Christ.

My guy said…I felt VIRTURE FLOW FROM ME.

The Virtue was always the fathers the great ABBAH’s – if it be thy will father and please you…….never was it Christ’s powers – it was Christ’s example.

So all the great truth from all the great truth speakers – seeks to have us CELEBRATE what is the SAME in the one great truth and to ignore any of the differences in how we execute that truth internally – and to never punish diversity of faith or religious thought to celebrate it all. Christ did not teach kill the Romans or kill the Greeks. Christ brought them the GOOD NEWS.

The gospel.


A stable.

A family.

A winter census.

A time a long long ago.

CHRISTIANITY is just the great great GREATEST idea.

Love your God with your whole heart and soul as two awake breathing orbs of illumination that can co create and move mountains at will if you remember.

Love your neighbor – all humans including ISIS as your own self.

Which does not mean you have to be a victim of those so ignorant that they would do you harm as Mohammed taught in the Koran. Honor the Jews and Christians for they ARE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. Leave the infidels’ give Caesar what is Caesars – but rise up as one if the infidel would do you harm. Isis is infected with the competitive virus, they are not Muslim in any sense of grace, and they are so insane you can’t teach them so you delete them.

The Muslim faith. GREAT IDEA – never been tried.

All faithers are cooperative non are competitive. There is NO MASTER FAITH.

Celebrating diversity of faith to source is virus free spiritual love. Cooperation without the great source of all ignorance – intelligent insanity Christ saw and caste out – competition spawned by free will closing insanity – FIRST COMPETITION its name – insanely choosing as first state of birth in free will ( as we all must chose by the nature of free will – sanity or insanity ) – I am equal to you Source ( inane ) I am able to create followers like you Source ( insane ) I am as GREAT AS YOU SOURCE ( insane ) I wish equal billing on worship ( insane ) to which your FREQUENCY state banishes you to the insane asylum. Consequence for choice of insanity is separation from source and sane. Then you make second free will choice – you assume zero responsibility for your first or any subsequent choice. You blame GOD for the separation ( insane ) and you seek to have God’s free will creations follow you into insanity and many do and will.

COOPERATION ( source state ) or competition ( insane state ).

For immortals.

Christianity – truly a GREAT IDEA – but truly today with all our church’s fighting so that the leader can’t visit the hospital over which elders will mow the lawn or change the flowers – NEVER BEEN TRIED.

I write this to throw pearls before the awakes and not the swine.

I write this to return CHRISTMAS to the spirit and souls of the immortal awakes and waking up.

CHRISTMAS is not about CHRIST.

Christmas is about gratitude for the CHRIST TRUTH. The Christ Message.

I call upon the leadership of faith to CELEBRATE VERSUS PUNISH all diversity of worship of GOD.

I call upon CHRISTIANS to bend a knee and go within – talk past your head and past your heart – into your breathing orb of light and celebrate the SOURCE OF YOUR CREATION in JOY as nothing more of YOU is required at all – to sing happy birthday to Christ and the message. DO THIS AND CHRIST WILL COME INTO YOU as he promised. CHRIST will always be with YOU in truth and perfect union as a hand holder to take you to HIS FATHER the source.

The SOURCE is crazy nuts about you his favorite of all child. If only you could receive such love and transmit it perfectly to all other immortals. Christianity would have been TRIED.

Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR






I predicted the PONZI fraud and total super bubble of BIT COIN – leading all other asset class bubbles today – in a casino global capitalism the world has never before known – made possible by leverage and digital trading of assets – is a fairy tale.

No one believes in happy endings and many fairy tales do not have happy endings.

The Brothers Grimm where TULIP BULB the first SUPER BUBBLE wealth wipe out – in the 1600’s took place – before digital anything – is one example of fairy tales without happy endings.

I predicted months ago BIT COIN would rise to $ 1,000,000.

I predicted more wealth would be wiped out by this SUPER BUBBLE than all other prior single super bubbles.

I also predicted all wealth would be substantially deleverage and deflated as the CASINO CAPITALISM destroys world war II box top rules for global order and economics. A NEW GLOBAL REGULATORY FRAME WORK MUST BE WORKED OUT and if nations failed to cooperate and compete the results is financial super crash and world war. This outcome is avoided if NATIONS COOPERATE with TRUST versus compete with DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION fostering ever greater system distortions from casino manipulations by un regulated super money pools in a ten year digital world market that the world never had to regulate before. Laws are local trades are in the cloud.



As all laws are local and all trades are outside regulatory frame works of 70 years ago – the casino is unregulated globally. Mindless greed and unsocial unconscious profit and greed drivers propel the casino to economic distortions no prior collapse or depression ever knew. This distortion of global economics is the root cause of all world wars.

One would think great minds would understand these causes and cooperate versus compete to prevent a global world war.

Nobel Nominee Mikal Gorbachev wrote all G 100 world leaders begging them to stop their mindless MARCH INTO WORLD WAR and believe me he knows. Did they listen. No way.

We have been defining competition is the cause of world wars.

Competition as a thought form is an expression of pure human insanity as an impulse thought. Evil is competition. In every form in home space and work space and political space.

Cooperation is the virus free brain working on higher levels of thinking.

Competition free thinking.

Cooperation leads to a new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with its upgraded global box top rules.

Competition leads to utter economic collapse and world war.

Why would we proceed into insanity?

Well forgive them for they know NOT what it IS that they DO.

If you wish to join a virus free global community of thinkers get this Holiday for your circle the present of my global leader book – REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Buy one for your head of state and gift wrap it and send it to him from you.

You then become a leader of the COOPERATION MOVEMENT we at CEO SPACE foster in 140 nations.

So do your thing with BIT COIN but in the end don’t get caught in the musical chairs as 1,000,000 bit coins crash to 50 cents.

Many are called but you are chosen to read these words.



PS: Our age is divided. Remain with the insanity and competition communities or drop out and drop into SANITY and the cooperation communities …the choice is always your own.





I read a lot of newsletters across many spectrums of economic research. As my readers have heard me write about these details for several years – in a repetition to press – hedge funds – private equity – global banks – and resource experts who use WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – as a PRIME resource for their own publication policy and nations increasingly are reading this blog at financial minister levels – I wanted to reframe a policy parting of the Red Sea Bob is writing to you about today. As the tax reform act passed.

Keep in mind BOB is not all right. Donald Trump has personal deep relationships with the new KING. He is not a dictator as Bob says. IS KING and absolute power a 70 year traditional monarchy government no change there. We have reported what is new is a de-stablizing possibility in SAUDI CIVIL WAR between factions of ROYALS being divided and challenged as never before by the incoming KING and his father. This is NEW.

The Dollar Exchange Rate we feel is a false straw that Saudi has used to develop moderation to USA ENERGY SHALE POLICY as the swing in ENERGY SUPPLY. Make no mistake under Donald Trump you WILL SEE that AMERICA a hair from its throne will in 2018 and 2019 become:


  1. The Number 1 oil producer in the world by FAR
  2. Saudi will slip a lot
  3. Russia and Iran will rival Saudi
  4. Alliances will shit
  5. The dollar will remain the world reserve currency secure by the tax plan passing today

Now this: from a third party supporting much but not all of blog reporting you always received first – Bob is so right on so much but a. little late to the party – you simply have it all first – always reading here as your favorite checking a few times a week: and now this:


With events like the British vote to leave the EU, the peak of the mass Muslim immigration into Europe, the “surprise” (for some people) upset win of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election and the subsequent leftist riots, it may be difficult to top the absolute geopolitical and social mayhem of 2016. However, when examining recent history and ongoing trends, it’s important to understand that these shifts are often cumulative; they tend to build upon each other like sheets of ice on a mountainside, storing up energy for a great avalanche.

We witnessed what I would consider a moderate build up and “avalanche” in the economic world in 2008, and of course, this merely set the stage for an evolving form of fiscal collapse for the ten years that followed. This time around though, that ongoing collapse will most likely surface in the form of currency crisis and treasury bond crisis, as well as all the international tensions and conflicts that come with these financial atom bombs. If I was to define the year of 2017 and its place in the grand scheme, I would say it represents the moment that the path became rather obvious for the next decade, at least for those that have been paying attention.

There have been some incredible revelations this year, things that will change the face of global economics and international relations, but most them have gone unnoticed in the mainstream overall. Here are just a few of the earth-shattering events that will lead to unprecedented instability in 2018, probably through to the year 2030.

Coup in Saudi Arabia

I outlined the implications of this powder keg in the Middle East in considerable detail in my articles ‘Lies and distractions surrounding the diminishing petrodollar‘ and ‘Saudi coup signals war and global economic reset‘. But, I don’t think that the gravity of the situation is being taken seriously by very many people yet.

The rise of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to the status of dictator in the Saudi government is disturbing enough. That said, let’s not forget some of the most important details. For example, Salman’s “Vision For 2030,” which includes the decoupling of the Saudi currency system from the U.S. dollar (perhaps sooner than many predict), thereby killing the petrodollar relationship that has sustained the U.S. economy for decades. And, the fact that Salman has the extensive backing of globalist corporations like The Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs, and Blackrock through his Public Investment Fund (PIF). This indicates a blatant support by international financiers for the eventual death of the dollar’s world reserve status, yet very few people have dared to mention it.

Along with Prince Mohammed’s banker-boosted rise to power, turmoil in the region is inevitable. It is clear that a new large-scale war in the Middle East is intended. War rhetoric is heating up by the Saudis against Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran. War propaganda out of the oil kingdom is becoming laughably overconfident, to say the least. Just take a look at this video widely spread by the Saudi media.

Crisis in Saudi Arabia, just as with crisis in Syria, will change the face of the region forever, and it will have far reaching consequences around the globe as the U.S. dollar’s petro-status is placed on the chopping block.

Russia pulling troops out of Syria, leaving Assad vulnerable

I have been warning for years about the false East/West paradigm and I think the reality of it is finally starting to set in with many liberty activists as behavior on the part of Eastern “saviors” falls right in line with what the globalist banking syndicate desires.

For example, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank which so many people claimed was going to “bring down” the establishment power structure is now working directly with the establishment power structure through World Bank and the IMF. China is now the flagship nation for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket system and has openly called for a global currency controlled by none other than the IMF.

In 2017, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan became the top investment banks in Russia. Rothschild and Co. firms continue to operate in Russia as they have for at least a decade uninterrupted, despite all the nonsense we hear in the activist sphere that Putin “booted out all the bankers.”

This along with a veritable mountain of evidence led me to suggest recently that an invasion of Syria by either Saudi Arabia or their recently revealed ally Israel could be used to draw Iran into conflict. I also suggested that Russia would step aside if the globalists deemed it advantageous. And suddenly, we have Russia announcing that the war on ISIS is over and a “significant portion” of troops will be pulled out over the coming months. This leaves their ally Assad rather vulnerable and makes little sense unless you understand that this is not about Russia, Assad or East versus West. This is about geopolitical theater, and the show must go on. Act three appears to be expanded widespread war in the cradle of civilization, and the Russians are opening the door for this to happen.

North Korean ICBM launch

Tensions with North Korea are going to continue if not explode going into 2018, and the primary reason is the recent ICBM test launch by Pyongyang. One of the mainstream arguments against war in North Korea was that their missile technology was not sufficient enough to pose a threat to the U.S. mainland and that a U.S. military response would be extreme as well as disastrous for everyone involved given the minimal threat North Korea poses. This rationale has now been erased, perhaps conveniently for the neo-con warhawks advising the Trump administration.

North Korea’s missile and nuclear tech has made an astonishing quantum leap in 2017 (It’s almost as if they’ve been getting help…) and their latest ICBM has the capability to strike the Eastern U.S., or almost anywhere else in the world for that matter. So, for American citizens, in particular, the threat suddenly becomes more personal. Any major U.S. city could see a quarter of its population vaporized in a flash and another quarter killed by radiation exposure in due course. With images of mushroom clouds dancing in their heads, Americans, who are predominantly tired of war after nearly two decades in the sandbox farce, now have a reason to cheer for yet another one rather than argue against it.

All that is left is a little “push” to motivate the U.S. populace to take that first terrible step into the abyss of an Asian mountain conflict.

China leaves the door open to regime change in North Korea

It’s amazing how a few carefully placed words in a major geopolitical statement can leave the door open to considerable calamity. The state-owned Global Times is quoted as saying China will not allow regime change in North Korea by the U.S., but, if North Korea attacks first, then China will remain neutral. This to me is perhaps the most astounding statement made by the Chinese government since they called for a world currency controlled by the IMF.

The message is clear — North Korea is on the table, it is not going away and a false flag or provocation is likely. When this occurs, China has already established that it will not intervene, which means there is no political deterrent. Yes, another example of how the East/West paradigm between governments is as fraudulent and the Left/Right paradigm is between political parties, but also an extremely disturbing development. This would indicate that a conflict in the region is near at hand, and for those that understand the strategic obstacles in North Korea, at least a decade-long quagmire would follow along will millions of civilian deaths.

Federal Reserve reducing its balance sheet

The final stage of the Fed’s program to pull the rug out from under stock markets has arrived. Interest rates continue to be increased, and I hope liberty activists will finally be able to accept the fact that these hikes will continue and that the Fed does not care about the continued bull market in equities or the continued support of U.S. bonds. The results of Fed tightening are slow, to be sure, but effects have also been obscured for months now by yet another distraction — namely the Trump tax reform bill.

Trump’s bill has been acting as a placebo for markets going into the end of 2017, mostly because the assumption among investors is that corporations will use the profits from tax cuts for continued stock buybacks. For those unaware, it has been stock buybacks fueled by no interest Fed loans that have allowed for the seemingly endless stock market bull rally the past few years. This is essentially open manipulation of equities by corporations coordinating with the central bank. However, with interest rates rising even marginally, the billions (if not trillions) of dollars required to sustain such a rally are no longer affordable. They must be free in order to be exploited.

The Fed’s balance sheet rise corresponds almost exactly with the explosion in the Dow Jones. If the correlation continues, then it only follows that the Dow will fall as the balance sheet is reduced. Faith in Trump’s bill to prop up stocks is misplaced, and the rally is purely driven by blind assumption. It would take at least a couple of years of tax cycles before tax cuts could be utilized effectively to fund buybacks, and the effect would be nowhere near comparable to that produced by zero cost fed capital.

When historians look back on 2017, they will say that this year was the beginning of the end of the greatest economic bubble of all time.

To be sure, there have been many more events this past year with wide ranging implications for the future, but I felt that those listed above would have the largest impact over the longer period of time. 2017 has been a foundation year. 2018 will likely be a year of actions and consequences.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith 


IF BOB Strikes a never for you – do what I do – and check his publication often its a terrific third party resource for you all. I so endorse his work.




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Today as we roll into Christmas Congress is passion the TAX REFORM ACT.

This is the first massive change in tax code in 70 years.

These changes make dollars free up for jobs, growth, and vitality to the economy. As the FED reduces stimulation the USA is increasing stimulation assuring three to five boom years forward without a geo political surprise.

Business confidence has soared to a record high TODAY. As a result.

The Stock Market soared 200 points TODAY as a result.

Donald Trump’s sagging poll ratings reversed and went up SHARPLY.

Donald Trumps core base reported highest approval ratings since he was sworn into office staggering numbers over 80%.

The President’s base is coming together strongly. I would not read too much into Alabama as a fluke where Christian conservative values just voted by NOT VOTING as they were in DOUBT on Moore. When in doubt DO NOTHING and they did nothing. Democrats won as a result in a republican state and remember how very close it was as a race no landslide to brag about.

Ignore the FAKE NEWS and spin’s on private agenda’s.

In 2025 the business owners will ask you:

  1. Did you invest to accelerate in 2018 and 2019 during the peak of the boom times – or did you wait to accelerate?
  2. How did waiting work out for YOU.
  3. Did you go for it…really risk winning during the largest longest boom and economic good times and expansion of this generations lifetime?
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When 2025 looks back ask not when the goods times are – because folks YOU ARE IN THE GOOD TIMES …these are the best of times. What are you DOING WITH THE BEST OF TIMES?

To be sure my blog is full of hard data, charts, economics that can not be set on the sideline. A correction for the largest super bubble in debt and all ( 100% ) of all asset classes ever seen or reported in history – will occur. It will be petal to the metal before that correction. It’ll be hell when you hear the bells but that is a ways off yet.

If you risk WINNING and you do whatever you possible can to:

  • Improve your plan quarter to quarter
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Merry Christmas as the wealth index soars, the tax driver for world prosperity is passed and a re-tooling of MAKING AMERICA and frankly making the WORLD ( as Macon in France calls for ) GREAT AGAIN is happening – and we appreciate the Congress creating this victory for the unborn generations.

The economics of the world just RESET …..for the best Holidays EVER.

For all of us – world wide as a consequence …enjoy the GOOD TIMES.

Berny Dohrmann – ON What it Going on OUT THERE Holiday WEEK




The Democratic Party is in MOMENTUM. Their work took a RED STATE for decades and turned that state Blue. All the kings horses – Trump and Bannon – could not put Moore ( Humpty Dumpty ) back together again. Done deal. 51 Republicans to 49 shrinking on Trumps watch first year. Not good.

As the mid year elections can return Congress to the Democratic Party and if it is by a landslide upsetting more RED STATES this year – the Presidential Election to follow in a couple years will be at risk for a ONE TERM Donald Trump President. His legacy will be entertainment and a minor footnote in history.

The Republican Party is not asleep to all this and the battle is going to be titanic coming up. For votes and the WAY OF AMERICA. The future of the United States. Perhaps no more important voter election in modern times for the entire world.

The slam dunk tax reform could still derail entirely. If it does the market in our opinion will punish the outcome. If the tax reform passes the market will reward the outcome. There is no greater agenda for the prosperity of the entire world in the balance. You are all reading the details so I will not repost them here. The battle is occurring through The Weekend s the HOUSE OF CONGRESS and the United States SENATE in joint conference committee hammer out a final resolution which if they pass THAT it moves next week to the President of the United States.

As politics is driving economics versus economics driving politics no one – no expert – no authority – can predict outcome. We will have to wait and see as so much can and will happen between now and then. This coming week is two years in political time. Long days and nights.

The future of the economic recovery lay in the balance as the Fed moves to raise interest rates – again – without knowing this all important outcome on the economics. The Fed said today that they did not THINK in THIER OPINION the tax reform would pay its own costs. This is OF COURSE. As the largest US Gov cost is payment of interest to the national debts and the FED who collects the interest is raising the interest cost – they KNOW the cost of this larger item will soar. They create the pain. All of the pain. In all ways an always. Its economics.




Digital currency is NOT MONEY. This digital first generation product IS A Ponzi scheme. Why? Well there are 23 million bit coins by declaration at launch. Could the launch authority issue more coins. You bet. Will they? No one knows.

Meanwhile floods of naive ‘investors” are speculating in the digital betting. The value of ever rising demand against a fixed supply creates price rises that are based on no value. Of any kind. Bitcoin could go to 1,000,000 and higher as we reported here.

Buy low and sell high. In anything.

Liquidity is the issue in this digital casino. When the manipulation super pools of money cash out – the little guys won’t be able to get out. You and me. The BIT COIN will crash every day for months and no one will buy your coin as it sinks and sinks and sinks. That merchants except the coin at outrageous values means merchants can and will go bankrupt when he liquid of this game of MUSICAL CHAIRS stops the ay you take your chevy to the levy and the MUSIC DIES.

When their are 100 million sellers and no buyers the BITCON PONZY dies. IT may be some time before the world is fully engaged and in so the the loss is trillions and the entire world economically can be effected by this SUPER BUBBLE of wealth transfer into digital no value.

If I made money win bit coin – I would take my profits and laugh and laugh to the bank returning to real money and currency. If you believe the first generation of digital currency is the bomb you’ll be blown up.

Now the second generation of BIT COINS is coming of age next year and will be based on value that is missing in BIT COIN. The first generation is a board game. The second generation of digital currency is much better constructed and forged on economics that bit coin as a Ponzi model lacks. One day you’ll say we told you so.

All the economic masters I know agree with me. The non economic idiots do not. I vote for me.




The war between Iran and Saudi is spiraling up and no abatement appears thus far. Saudi’s civil war has the nation in flux. Uncertainty is rampant and no one knows how the merge go round will stop. We are all watching.

OPEC members are cheating and pumping more oil. Oil is in surplus over demand this winter as we said and you’ll prices fall and tumble in the new year as the true surplus is known. The 400,000 barrels of the two week or so UK leaky pipeline fix is nothing and over in a snap. America alone has offset this supply drop with new supplies. Opec cheating is picking up the dip. The SURPLUS over demand is real.

Demand is not rising as everyone fake news reports. Demand is falling at a pace the supply group never anticipated. So oil as a commodity is over priced – way over priced – as are all asset and commodities due to lack of global regulation on speculator Super Money pools manipulating price.

The tax reform if passed won’t immediately trickle down to anyone we suspect. We see massive record all time STOCK BUY BACKS. Institutions will transfer tax money that was paid to the United States to buy back their own stock manipulating share prices to the market. This will create a further false value in  the value SUPER BUBBLE spiraling up to never before seen levers.  Levels ever touched in 1929.

Keep in mind at almost zero interest stock can be acquired with economics of low cost to massive repurchasing in the billions to manipulate share price to the market space. Eventually this economic imbalance must be restored in a global rebalancing. This does not end well.

Digital casino price manipulations rely on new generation software never before tested over time in any market place. The elasticity of the software is moderated by unknowns the software code considerations can never fully anticipate. This creates a LIQUIDITY SUPER RISK.

As the Super Price and SUPER DEBT bubbles collapse the illiquidity of the system may collapse finally the global system at core ( banking as banks are then bankrupt ). This likely outcome is not even considered as a core consideration and remaining tools exist to protect the system from this risk.

Say Russia cuts the under sea fiber cables? Internet and global financial transactions stop. Takes say one hour globally. Who could say it is Russia – North Korea – Iran or any “ran”?  It can’t be repaired in any simple time frame.

So risks exist that:

  1. Low technology cable cutting ends the system as we know it today.
  2. High technology software attacks on our markets end the system as we know it today.
  3. Geopolitical upsets create market CASCADE in which liquidity stops in a panic like the world has never known and the system we know dies.

There are many more risks that keep me up late into the night. Which is why we advocated MARS – MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION but no one is listening to -common damn sense – today.

The Rand Report published this week that in a war it is now likely – after ten years of the USA cutting military spending – and our enemies rising military spending that our enemies are passing us in war weapons and Rand Report states the scales have tipped the USA may lose a war with Russia and or China unless we catch up. They indicated  that North Korea may win if we fought them. Or Iran.

Outcome is now no longer certain.

Can we catch up?

Will Congress pass a real budget something they have not done in years? Will they increase military investment as Defense Secretary Mathis argues – the United States can always afford SURVIVAL.

No one knows.

Which is why we reported Congress ( ROME ) Fiddles while the United States Burns. Starting with the California Fires the experts say they can’t rule out terror. ISIS soldiers only need a match .

So against the issues we face today the risks are higher than the market price across the board warrants. We suspect the market will remain a PEACOCK. Lots of frothing feathers and no real meat.

That is what is REALLY GOING ON…this weekend – OUT THERE.




PS: The Prince announced the wedding for May so following that in the UK is the fun part of the weekend news. Congratulations to the Royal Family. Sanity reigns there at least. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN !