A high % of oil -some experts calculate 50% of all barrels sold, are refined into 1100 products of which we have no replacements. Say plastique from bags to containers to your syringe for insulin. Manufacturing parts, automotive, technology and more. Modern life stops without the oil basis for it all.

The other % we burn up to move ourselves or goods around. The Stanley steamer’s setting speed records at the turn of the century, defined we can move ourselves and goods around without oil, without pollution, and cheap. But we elected to abandon that technology save at the last stop the Stanley Brothers made in Colorado where the Stanley Hotel ( our team saved and preserved for all time with Frank Normali ) and Stanley Steamers still transport guests all round in 2018. No oil.

In 2018 the issue is price, as Gulf Producers require 60 dollar plus price, without volatility to finance their forward budgets. They have been in the RED INK borrowing like drunken sailors which is not sustainable.

China the largest user of oil next to the USA, is borrowing like a drunken sailor as oil prices rise and not so much with oil prices lower. China is moving away from OIL in electricity production and transporting shifting to all electric sources made from natural gas – cleaner burning coal – atomic power, wind, tidal and related solar that they lead in, as oil demand is about to globally plunge off a cliff.

Oil Fake News is put out by the GULF spin doctors spending billions to incidence price. They can’t control price any longer as supply is swung by the USA.

The OPEC policy sought to manipulate prices as they did since the 1950’s due to their dominance in supply, even though their dominance is now lost forever. OPEC is actually unwinding and falling apart. Why? Saudi failed economics. Seriously fatal economic policy. Saudi’s plan has paid untold billions of cash from cash starved members like Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Iraq, and others, who are not aligned with Saudi’s agenda in the world. They lost and are loosing so many 100’s of billions you can’ count it today, to transfer their wealth and their market share to their non OPEC market producers.


Because OPEC customers to not wish to pay PREMIUM for a cheap abundant and naturally replenishing supply of a resource the earth remakes. The EARTH is shitting and farting oil and gas. The Fake News the supply is rare and not renewable is a LIE. Is a FRAUD. 200 year old wells are all full again. The Earth is restocking. There is ZERO SHORTAGE.

Gasoline should be 25 cents and everyone would still make money at the pump. The difference is a tax upon the peoples of the earth and the core reason 7 billion are impoverished with a billion starving to death in 2018 which is not sane, it is insane. Politics running economics.

The Truth is always what is missing.

So in 2014 OPEC sought to DESTROY utterly once and for all American technology to produce cheap endless oil supplies from its shale. America has more reserves than all of OPEC including Russia combined. It is not opening these reserves to market.

The FAILED OPEC policy has said to the customers locked into OPEC for half a century:

  1. Pay us premium prices a tax on you all – to get oil from us.
  2. Our oil is dirtier oil and requires more money to process.
  3. Don’t buy cheaper oil from non OPEC.
  4. Don’t buy lower cost oil from non OPEC.
  5. Stay with us and we’ll what – invest some of your dumb and dumber money – your money – back into your nation. Spend a dollar with us and we’ll invest ten cents back.

So this plan – given China and others are educated at HARVARD has not worked.

The Buyers have chosen to buy cheaper oil, lower cost process oil, while they cut back on over all demand.

The OPEC numbers on demand and demand growth have proven to be fake news. Oil demand is falling off a cliff. At a speed the OPEC also educated at CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD are scrambling to revise – and spin, and advocate the true lower demand numbers are FAKE NEWS when in fact the FAKE NEWS is from OPEC on demand.

It is complicated. IT is the biggest economic war of our age and time. Technology theft is the second. Which is effecting oil as cost to refine produce and distribute plunges.

Oil is cheap.

Oil is not rising in price it is dropping.

The only reason oil prices have risen is SPECULATOR MANIPULATIONS to a market without laws and regulation as it once knew.

So 1000’s of millions are invested in OIL velocity in various markets side betting on FUTURE PRICES which effect today’s real prices. Ultimately the over supply which is rising and the falling demand which is modeling growth to markets, will impact OPEC to destruction. OPEC is a dead cartel walking.

The market share wars are lost.

America will pass Saudi OPEC and Russia as the largest producer of oil and remain the largest Producer of the COST OF EVERYTHING forever. The old oil model is shattered. The new oil market is forging alliances. Customers and suppliers.

The wealth of the market is shifting.


Make the wrong bets and you cause a world depression. Oil is the cost under everything.

Make the right bets and you can prosper forever.

The bets are seeking to preserve the old SAUDI economic model. That model as dead as the Saudi Monarchy which has a limited shelf life as new box top rules for Gulf Law are also emerging. 40% youth unemployment in Saudi can not be over come by debt and family pay outs which are too small too late and co dependance is not a real economic model. For a nation.

Failed economics versus politics is the real enemy.

Competition versus cooperation is always sanity versus insanity.

Economics versus speculator price influence.

In 2018 the supply of oil will be greater than the demand. We predict that in the first quarter of the New Year the following will occur:

  1. The UK pipeline will fully restore supply from the North Sea to markets.
  2. The over supply and rising reserves will soar and ships will store oil at seas and harbors miles out of the ports like San Francisco is today and as New Orleans is today.
  3. The over priced stock market will rebalance and correct after a period of peaking to new highs from the new signed TAX REFORM LAWS in the USA.
  4. The cost of oil will remain volatile and beyond OPEC to control and Russia will be the first to say one thing and do another – buy back its own market share and abandon Saudi failed economics which have been harming the RUSSIAN PEOPLES.
  5. Others will follow and OPEC will shatter in forward years.

There is no future for PRICE MANIPULATION CARTELS in free markets.

Price manipulation is legal theft of all 7 billion of us. Price manipulation is fraud and should put criminals who foster such price manipulations into long jail sentences as they do more harm than any thief does robbing a bank branch.

Too big to JAIL?

That is part of justice reform if ever justice reform takes hold.

Rule of LAW or criminals just pay fines to make crimes go away why those who lack those resources populate the prisons. of the world with no victims no violence for 80% of the crime and simply harsh terrible sentences to lock up more % of populations – in say America per 100,000 than China Russia or North Korea. AMERICA has the faster growing city on earth PRISON Populated largely by folks who should not be in those prisons at all. If you have never been you have no clue and what you think is justice is a FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM TO INNOVATE AND KEEP UP WITH SUPER CHANGE in society.

Justice reform is one answer. The first folks who need to go to jail are price fixers and manipulators and cartels seeking market control.


Laws and regulations moderate greed.

Or laws and regulations support greed and legal theft as they do now.

If the crooks control law making – society is in decline.

If society wakes up and integrity controls law making – society is in ascendency.

Where do YOU think the world’s societies are today?

If societies compete they are insane and in decline.

If societies cooperate they are in ascendency and sane.

Where do you. think Global societies are this Christmas?

Ascending or declining?

DO you think there is a crises in leadership?

Or a crises in INTEGRITY?

Do you think political secrets running economics creates decline?

Do you think economics inside integrity with zero secrets is in ascendency?

Which system do you think is sane or insane?

Do you think the poor are getting more impoverished?

Do you think the 1% who own more wealth world wide than 99% are getting even richer?

Do you think the box top ( political ) rules that keep such elite’s safe is sane or insane?

If you seek to remove human suffering globally ask yourself while you sit on side lines and fail to become active politically and work to change the system at core….to those who suffer the most….how long will YOU make THEM ….wait……?

Sanity or insanity?

At Christmas time.

I just watched the Christmas story of NICHOLAS the real Santa Clause. Who devoured his life giving to others such that no one knew who he was.

Sane or insane is the spirit of Christmas?

Or my guy who gave his life for your sins so you could answer the question …I don’t have to wait.

Do we owe the unborn our best?




What will you DO then?

Oil is the cost of everything. Almost everything you know about oil is a lie. You should never pay 1.00 for a gallon of Gasoline let alone 3.00 dollars. The legal theft goes to fund terror world wide. Did you know that.

90% of terror funding is from excess oil cost to criminal price manipulators.

The world allows it all to continue.

The truth can set the world free.

Should their be oil company price gauging congressional hearings? This is far more important than Russia on Face Book as all nations do that – and the worst is the USA. How hypocritical to make such issues consume billions in resources no matter who is in power. Fake news.

The real crime is hidden by the fake news.

What no one want out in the open.

OPEC are criminal price gauging cartels. Oil companies all support the cartel pricing because their profits and shareholders benefit from the crimes against humanity. More suffering and death is created by the elevated price of energy, than all other wars and cost to humanity combined together. The impoverishment of billions to starvation and death lay at the doorstep of OPEC.

Supplying energy at the lowest cost to the world is the mission.

Cartel and manipulation of the cost of everything for elite greed and wealth and power is a crime against the peoples of the world.

As you approach New year get ready for a wild ride as my guy born at Christmas – suggested in his own words – all that is whispered in a closet will be shouted from the roof tops and be fully known globally.

The crimes of the oil cartels are rising to open universal understanding and the fake news and spin is no longer working. We all see OPEC news as lies and the internet provides the truth. If I were in the oil industry I would think in terms of:

  1. Super Crash.
  2. Historic sea changes.
  3. Massive unemployment.
  4. Robotic replacement of humans.
  5. Low cost suppliers replacing forever premium cartel suppliers.

Folks AI will set you free in energy.


Berny Dohrmann – The cost of everything in the New year is game on.