The ever tolerant Apple fan consumer base – is at the breaking point of experience failing to meet expectation. The crises grid is exploding over:

  1. UnAmerican job and quality manufacturing removing any made in America from its ever now premium diversity to secure profits and demonstrate predatory practices once not part of the proud Apple leadership culture.
  2. Changes in systemic quality control so that the most GOD AWFUL buggy – five upgrades in 90 days – have not fixed the issues – and for example I still can’t buy from the App Store due to bugs in clicks to do so – that prevent iPhone X on some Verizon servers from access – buggy – and the first version was a REBOOT nightmare of a software – all on TIM and all on his profit over quality modeling. Apple can not get its software version to work without so many flaws user complaints are now at an all time record high in Apple history of complaint records. Thats a crises growing at Apple folks.
  3. Today Apple is CLASS ACTION SUED for secrecy Jobs culture never fostered where users had their phones slowed down SECRETLY without telling them – without options for them – all hidden in an update as older phone batteries were shutting phones down due drains on power from cpu’s – and old old batteries in iPhone 6 and earlier models. They SNUCK IT IN over an update failing to tell the truth ( again ) and only admitted THE TRUTH over the Holidays when the news was more or less buried –  when the suit was being developed and filed last week –  to hold Apple accounting for FRAUD LIES and deceit to its customer base as if the user has no discerning consumer rights. The courts will sort all that out. The suit is BIG and is buy class action of Millions and millions of Apple CUSTOMERS who are FURIOUS.
  4. Hardware has been so dicey phones have bent in half and cases broken as batteries swelled. Apple lack of transparency or apology is a culture change – no longer to do they honor their customers as Jobs culture once did – now they hide and spin and under the carpet in the TIM failed model for Apple. I have a new MAC BOOK. Almost ten grand. I’m on my third screen. Glue leaks through the screen and ruins it. They have no fix. They now tell us anything but water will cause it and not to use apple screen cleaner we were told to us but now know triggers the clue release from the manufacturer DEFECT – TIM – Jobs whom I mentored would never not ever allow this and you did Tim and you fucked us. I’m not amused Tim and there are so many bugs in software and hardware now your brand is being SLAUGHTERED and the PRESS IS ABOUT TO LAND ON YOUR HOME DOOR MAT sonny. You got to know when to fold them as the song goes…..The Apple quality control model following Jobs death has been sacrificed for profits first not quality first which is a huge change since Jobs and that is all on reforming systems for profits undertaken by the competency limitation – Tim Cook.
  5. Tim has failed to work to get hundreds of billions – more than most nations have in cash reserves for their sovereign nations -as off shore pay not taxes reserves from decades of profit making –  globally – back into the USA with investments in the nation that built Apple to the world. Nothing but token pennies on dollars – no real investment commitment to AMERICA. American jobs. American innovation. The new innovation capitol for Apple is CHINA. No new plants. No strategy to repatriate 100’s of billions of tax free money – to AMERICA to create futures that benefit AMERICA FIRST. Under TIM  A growing customer base is not amused at the UnAmerican tax avoidance and the effort to earn, and spurn the home country. Tim speaks like a politician. The problem is Tim acts like one as well. Politics run Apple today and economics are focused on greed and profit versus obsession to make sure the customers never experience what they have experienced from brand slaughtering TIM in 2017. Worst I’ve seen post Scully and to Apple employee and team leaders – we LOVE YOU and know YOU CAN FIX IT with an upgrade in leadership to drive home the those solutions from the present management crises at APPLE. I can sum up the crises in three words. Tim. Tim Tim. Send this to a board member or two. Hope they checked in on customer complaints to see the Mount Everest of Pain taking place in the neighborhood of APPLE BRAND SLAUGHTER.

Denial isn’t cutting it Tim boy.

Oh Tim is great with words. But really – what Tim does is the issue. What he has DONE is create a crises at Apple. One man. Doing his best when his best is lacking completely what is NEEDED.

If Tim comes out with his big new ISCROLL in future periods – as the first big innovation since Jobs graduated – make a  note that IP  came from me ….not from Apple. It was a gift to the Ivy team from a Jobs mentor who loves the people culture and products of Apple. We’ll see how that plays out – as the gratitude and inclusion of IP innovation ( worth untold billions ) was protected and acknowledged under Jobs. See WOZ for a reference. Under Tim ….ah ….not so much. As its all about TIM.

But as an investment banker economist I judge a book by its cover. Tim is the cover. Its a bad cover for a great Apple future story.

Tim – you are over your head with all  your  best intentions. In my opinion son. Your legacy is simple Tim boy. You fucked Apple and its brand quality while producing we suspect record all time earnings – you know while children work in  forced over time in your factories in Asia,  at age 11 to 13. Yeah your the bomb alright Timmy – one secret discovered after another as to HOW YOU deliver those earnings. It is slaughter for culture and brand. As you exploit babies to deliver your output for the high margins you demand for bonus revenue as your shares blossom with earnings from that exploitation. Your spin and PR fail to tell us the whole truth and the whole truth is not pretty TIM. The Truth does COME OUT and it is coming out now Tim. Your once sexual allocation from your own crises. Another area your button down the hatches in the Apple work space. Fear never was in Apple Work Space after Scully. It is now. Though. Isn’t it Tim?

Bezos and Amazon do the earnings dance within a culture prance that works. They set THE EXAMPLE of what MAKES AMERICA GREAT ALL OVER AGAIN – as Apple once did but that leadership crown is now set on a hall way table under you CASEAR Tim. You Fiddle while Rome Burns.

Tim your legacy unlike John Scully and his economic lack of core competence to source the future of a firm like Apple – is simple. Your Legacy is to select the competent replacement for Steve not YOU who CAN and who WILL SOURCE APPLE into the future.

That IS your LEGACY Tim.

Your last card.

Fired or retired.

Scandals or Legacy?

Either way your day in the sun is done Tim and you of all people know that. The issue is scandal or legacy moving into your own graceful release. The time has come. The time is now. Ask now in a tale of twin Apples for whom the bell tolls Tim as in 2018 the board and shareholders well know this bell TOLLS FOR THEE Tim – the bell tolls for thee.  How can you least negatively effect Apple shareholders – and I say this being ONE OF THEM….as you replace Jobs with a competency that truly re-sources Apple to be full of the SOURCE. That is your final card Tim out the door. How you will be remembered if you are competent enough do do THAT. if not…we’ll memories die hard Tim.

So Tim, it is as Al Gore sung from stages everywhere…. is in 2018….time for you to gooooo……

AND OF COURSE – everyone slaving away at Apple knows THAT TIM. They all know THAT. Your team saves you but the jig is up. Your core competency – is too low at the  water line to source  to run Apple. You have done your best Tim. And your best…. fell way the FUCK SHORT in 2017 and leading up to 2017 TIM, and the firm is in legal and other crises that will supersede your time at the helm. Tim do the right thing.

Legacy. Find a JOBS.

As that may well be totally  beyond your core  competency – or you would have done it already – get a team and define the leader of tomorrow. When asked who replaces you this quarter your saying they are “legion” requires an exorcist not a board resolution.  Apple can pull its rails from under the sea that the JOBS replacement  listing is now creating a dark hole at APPLE created by YOU TIM  – with shareholder drag certain  to follow after the 2018 first half earnings – not to be duplicated in 2019 as the death spiral begins to share price  – so Steve NOW “IS” THE TIME….to end the unfolding Apple in Crises – and the crises is going to focus soon in the press Tim. Brand Slaughter takes forever to recover from.

The growing crises belongs to whose chair Tim?

ON YOU TIM…the CEO …its all upon….YOU. Only you.

Brand slaughter is the sin the Board can not continue to just watch. 2018 is a NEW YEAR and for Apple….it had better be one without Tim as CEO. Or…predictions made on this blog will shake economics in technology around the world….you can trust me on that as you protect your own positions.

If you buy low and sell high? I’d get those year end earnings and stock bumps on Apple and SELL OUT COMPLETELY. Why? Because Tim as your leader has his head pulled out of his butt and stuck in the hole between his feet economically is why. Strategically Apple is one China change in world tension with say the USA away from total implosion of its model. Tim failed to diversify supply line chains to overcome utter dependance on one nation. Not the USA. China. If one suspects China is about to SUPER CRASH as I suspect – Tim is in for a whale amount of pain his successor will be forced to resolve over enormous time and loss lines for apple long term.

Why? Failed weak plans, wrong teams, and resources misallocations or no allocations.Tim has taken the easy fast way up. The long way down takes 72 minutes.

Berny Dohrmann – The Truth About Apple in spin and crises in 2018


PS: Media bought and paid for? Where is the front page story sequels CRISES AT APPLE? Where is the 60 MINUTE SPECIAL – APPLE ROT – you can count on one thing…..its all coming. Trust me on that one.