I predicted the PONZI fraud and total super bubble of BIT COIN – leading all other asset class bubbles today – in a casino global capitalism the world has never before known – made possible by leverage and digital trading of assets – is a fairy tale.

No one believes in happy endings and many fairy tales do not have happy endings.

The Brothers Grimm where TULIP BULB the first SUPER BUBBLE wealth wipe out – in the 1600’s took place – before digital anything – is one example of fairy tales without happy endings.

I predicted months ago BIT COIN would rise to $ 1,000,000.

I predicted more wealth would be wiped out by this SUPER BUBBLE than all other prior single super bubbles.

I also predicted all wealth would be substantially deleverage and deflated as the CASINO CAPITALISM destroys world war II box top rules for global order and economics. A NEW GLOBAL REGULATORY FRAME WORK MUST BE WORKED OUT and if nations failed to cooperate and compete the results is financial super crash and world war. This outcome is avoided if NATIONS COOPERATE with TRUST versus compete with DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION fostering ever greater system distortions from casino manipulations by un regulated super money pools in a ten year digital world market that the world never had to regulate before. Laws are local trades are in the cloud.



As all laws are local and all trades are outside regulatory frame works of 70 years ago – the casino is unregulated globally. Mindless greed and unsocial unconscious profit and greed drivers propel the casino to economic distortions no prior collapse or depression ever knew. This distortion of global economics is the root cause of all world wars.

One would think great minds would understand these causes and cooperate versus compete to prevent a global world war.

Nobel Nominee Mikal Gorbachev wrote all G 100 world leaders begging them to stop their mindless MARCH INTO WORLD WAR and believe me he knows. Did they listen. No way.

We have been defining competition is the cause of world wars.

Competition as a thought form is an expression of pure human insanity as an impulse thought. Evil is competition. In every form in home space and work space and political space.

Cooperation is the virus free brain working on higher levels of thinking.

Competition free thinking.

Cooperation leads to a new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with its upgraded global box top rules.

Competition leads to utter economic collapse and world war.

Why would we proceed into insanity?

Well forgive them for they know NOT what it IS that they DO.

If you wish to join a virus free global community of thinkers get this Holiday for your circle the present of my global leader book – REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Buy one for your head of state and gift wrap it and send it to him from you.

You then become a leader of the COOPERATION MOVEMENT we at CEO SPACE foster in 140 nations.

So do your thing with BIT COIN but in the end don’t get caught in the musical chairs as 1,000,000 bit coins crash to 50 cents.

Many are called but you are chosen to read these words.



PS: Our age is divided. Remain with the insanity and competition communities or drop out and drop into SANITY and the cooperation communities …the choice is always your own.