The # 1 Ranked Business Conference in the WORLD is CEO SPACE. A business owner or head of practice joins exchanging a tax liability for a lifetime asset. The owner to owner most exclusive prestigious club on earth serves 140 nations now in our fourth decade of unconditional support to your growth.

CEO SPACE is a new form of OWNER to OWNER relationship MIXER at the top, or upgraded 2099 Trade show model in todays digital era – that fosters massive accelerations in customer base markets and affiliations. The program is designed for a continued use by LIFETIME MEMBER CEO’s who wish to help ONE ANOTHER in a cooperation community versus a competitive global community. CEO SPACE accelerates bottom line income and the owner does not have to WAIT to ACCELERATE. If we fail to accelerate the owners business during a first week experience March 19th at Innsbrook Palm Harbor Florida – we refund the lifetime membership before the owner leaves the host hotel and we insist on that exchange as integrity to our brand promise.

CEO SPACE unlike 1100 great programs that give you at least or more than your money’s “worth” is designed to get our owner members their money “BACK”. Huge difference and in that MONEY BACK engineering model we stand alone as # 1 in the world. The most prestigious business publications suggest IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS YOU CAN “NOT” AFFORD TO MISS OUR NUMBER ONE RANKED LEADER WORLD WIDE. Their words not our words.

We remind our business owner readers and readers who network with business owners they share with – that – as a resource site for the OWNER of a business or a practice – can explore CEO SPACE on line. If you email or call us we will provide FREE COACHING and MENTORING as part of your exploration process. At some point we hope to offer so much value you will wish to exchange a tax dollar for a business asset to accelerate where you do not have to WAIT to ACCELERATE with a money back warranty on THAT trust between us.

We just completed our largest richest FREE ENTERPRISE FORUM or FORUM in years. Miracles took place and we got to witness them. The shares from our eight year olds on their 6th business inspired mom’s and daddy’s as did our Teen Entrepreneur shares. CEO SPACE is the only ramp up model that encourages the entire family to attend together to assure you have home space support as well as work space support for the owner sacrifice to grow any scale of business. All business level of CEO’s attend – from billionaires to millionaires to a single mom starting up a new venture and everywhere in between.

CEO SPACE is the most CUSTOMIZED program for owners in the world. You go through with your tribe and mentors at your stage and phase level. We always advance your income to what comes next the next level up. Guaranteed.

We are told (just last week) that CEOSPACE is the most profitable and the most FUN process to grow CEO skills and contacts. You save time and you save costs to ramp up. You grow skills impossible outside the week of master minding with our Fortune level faculty of higher level mentors in your industry space and sector – as well as the CEO cross mentoring you and everyone attending brings to our FEAST of brains and experience.

You create a ten year new powerful network in a. week of time. The result is sales, customers, markets, affiliates alliances and more. We help elevate brand IMPACTS so that lower frequency of impressions and time lines create accelerated YES decisions from your customers to buy. We elevate your brand into a SUPER BRAND over a week of time. It always cost money to miss CEO SPACE and CEO SPACE always makes a profit for the investment to attend.

March 19th begins an every sixty day resource for your lifetime membership as winter thaws and business NEW YEAR in SALES begins. Truly ramps into 2018. Perfectly timed in the SPRING in Tampa Bay Florida.


We invite business owners and professionals to lock down a lower price ( call us for year end Holiday price packages ) and reduce taxes as you ramp up income. Why NOW? Why YOU? Why not delay a higher pay?


Today as we roll into Christmas Congress is passion the TAX REFORM ACT.

This is the first massive change in tax code in 70 years.

These changes make dollars free up for jobs, growth, and vitality to the economy. As the FED reduces stimulation the USA is increasing stimulation assuring three to five boom years forward without a geo political surprise.

Business confidence has soared to a record high TODAY. As a result.

The Stock Market soared 200 points TODAY as a result.

Donald Trump’s sagging poll ratings reversed and went up SHARPLY.

Donald Trumps core base reported highest approval ratings since he was sworn into office staggering numbers over 80%.

The President’s base is coming together strongly. I would not read too much into Alabama as a fluke where Christian conservative values just voted by NOT VOTING as they were in DOUBT on Moore. When in doubt DO NOTHING and they did nothing. Democrats won as a result in a republican state and remember how very close it was as a race no landslide to brag about.

Ignore the FAKE NEWS and spin’s on private agenda’s.

In 2025 the business owners will ask you:

  1. Did you invest to accelerate in 2018 and 2019 during the peak of the boom times – or did you wait to accelerate?
  2. How did waiting work out for YOU.
  3. Did you go for it…really risk winning during the largest longest boom and economic good times and expansion of this generations lifetime?
  4. As this is possibly the last boom of this magnitude for our generation did you pull out all the breaks and risk WINNING ?
  5. Did you put yourself in the right growth community with the best mentors and GO FOR GROWTH or did you push the noodle up the mountain?

When 2025 looks back ask not when the goods times are – because folks YOU ARE IN THE GOOD TIMES …these are the best of times. What are you DOING WITH THE BEST OF TIMES?

To be sure my blog is full of hard data, charts, economics that can not be set on the sideline. A correction for the largest super bubble in debt and all ( 100% ) of all asset classes ever seen or reported in history – will occur. It will be petal to the metal before that correction. It’ll be hell when you hear the bells but that is a ways off yet.

If you risk WINNING and you do whatever you possible can to:

  • Improve your plan quarter to quarter
  • Improve your teams to execute goal attainment on time
  • Improve resources you lack for full goal realization

You create fantastic momentum that will carry you forward into the correction as if it was warm butter.

If you don’t … simply WON’T.

That risk is the one risk too great to take – failure to build momentum in the boom.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 ranked bottom line business accelerator ranked by third party press.

CEO SPACE is recruiting full time Club Presidents to open and run cities world wide – we are adding 1000 Club Presidents in less than sixty months. WHO DO YOU KNOW who is a natural networker and is making too little for the help they provide? Let us provide those contacts with the most precious Asset on earth – a VOCAR – a calling – a CAREER that is PROSPERITY ELEVATOR.

Share this information while there is time for business owners and professionals to re–purpose taxes into a CEO SPACE lifetime membership business asset that makes profits for life. We just had last week members from the 1990’s sitting them down from 1999, 1996, 1994, and back to 1991 – still coming in their lifetime membership and in tears of gratitude for the value itself. We witness miracles five times a year owner to owner.

When you repost this item on walls this holiday and twitters you viral a blessing at the Holidays to the business owners who get it. Many are called and few are chosen.

CEO SPACE is a movement to change at core how business is done. We create leaders who are culture experts to evolve COOPERATION in the home space and work space versus competition in any form. The result is heaven on earth with each installation. Systemic Cooperation is defined in my best selling book on Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION great Holiday gift for anyone you love.

You profit and join a movement that is bigger than any life as collectively we change the world together by our examples.

If any of this appeals to you – the happiest community on the planet is not ITS A SMALL WORLD AT DISNEY WORLD it is rather business owners and professionals engaged in hyper growth using cooperation to propel a social movement together. Cooperation advances profits faster and with far more pleasure and fun than competition ever can or could.

The planet shifters who wish to make maximum differences with their lives join CEO SPACE. The Kind the generous the spiritually awake. The selfish and the user takers never get into our community at all. The environment is as close to heaven on earth as you can get in business we are told by our global membership of leading brands across the planet.

Merry Christmas as the wealth index soars, the tax driver for world prosperity is passed and a re-tooling of MAKING AMERICA and frankly making the WORLD ( as Macon in France calls for ) GREAT AGAIN is happening – and we appreciate the Congress creating this victory for the unborn generations.

The economics of the world just RESET …..for the best Holidays EVER.

For all of us – world wide as a consequence …enjoy the GOOD TIMES.

Berny Dohrmann – ON What it Going on OUT THERE Holiday WEEK