CEO SPACE has begun its event. If you join the CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Face book GROUP or Berny Dohrman Face Book you can see the postings of the event all week.

I’m hosting after a week with world famous Tony Robbins my hero.

So – the following:

  1. We told you prices in all asset classes are controlled by less than 10,000 Super Money pools in massive manipulation of prices today in what we call CASINO CAPITALISM operating outside all regulations and laws in digital space for the first time. Where this journey takes us all is global, new to economics, and no crystal ball can predict the outcome. Our best guess is not a happy ending.
  2. The UK pipeline taking 400,000 barrels of daily oil off line is off set by USA producing gains. However the market speculators used the geo geopolitical event to raise oil prices ( temporarily ) to their highest level in years – to 67 dollars a barrel up from 37.00 dollars a barrel earlier this year at the low.
  3. The Bombing in New York albeit a failed exercise was still close enough to rattle market value adjustments where the speculation pools took profits and reset values for their portfolio’s at year end.
  4. The issues with Iran and North Korea remain along with the South China Sea geopolitical events that can rock the world. We’ll see.
  5. North Korea we suspect will become a WAL MART for NUKES. The danger is WHO WILL THEY SELL THEM TO as the Nuke danger just skyrockets.

As you think of lone wolf attacks think of ONE WOLF NUKES.

How is anyone going to stop that.

And there is no appropriate response.

Is the genie out of the bottle?


Is there any way to get the genie back into the bottle?

No one knows nor can anyone predict. We all have to follow geo political events and see as the guilty slaughter the innocent. In communities everywhere and in economic terms.

We’ll keep you well posted on the FOCUS AND MEANING of the events you are reviewing so you know what is true and what is the back story to the story in today’s news

Now back to hosting CEO SPACE serving business owners world wide this week in Tampa Bay.