In August 2018 the financial global expansion would become the longest financial up bubble in recorded history of humanity. A new economic milestone. The Tax Reform may just secure that.

The Basel Arrangements by all Global Bankers ushers in a new regulatory model of first foundation agreements for world banking safe harbor in any future market. A first and another milestone this week. While all the news was reporting on Israel – related to a fact of life – Jerusalem where I’ve had offices for decades – IS – the capitol of Israel. East Jerusalem may still become the capitol of Palestine which only takes some cooperation versus the competition rally’s that are taking place today. Insanity versus sanity. Good on Trump for getting that red line drawn out as it is fact anyway and the world can’t erase reality – the Parliament for Israel is in Jerusalem. The capitol. Can’t unwind before Christ to today.

The facts on the financial wealth boom and markets are:

  1. Record all time equity wealth estate for all of us
  2. Record all time bond wealth for all of us
  3. Record all time real estate wealth for all of us without inflation
  4. Record all time asset class wealth world wide
  5. Record low interest and borrowing cost and inflation economics

The spiral of GOOD NEWS in the economic sector, its profits, its roar its continued advance, in jobs employment and opportunity world wide is a time effecting more billions than any period in human history. Despite the regional violence the overall war effect is lower in fact and the violence in fact is lower than any recent period and declining. Going down.

Even terror which seems to be so permanent and in our daily news is by statistics not rising and is also going down in number of incidents though some may be more dramatic like driving on side walks.

The peace is becoming the normal everywhere and no one wishes to advance new wars – as they don’t work for anyone including the people with ideals to have better lives. They do not work. People have worse lives than they had in prior periods after a war say in Iraq.

The entrepreneur starts up succeeding, the jobs, the growth, the advance of new dreamers starting up all over the world is stunning. I just had the most wonderful email exchange with a family in Iran. They wish to start a camel business to fill the shortage gap of camel milk meats and producer for their nation. Every day families seeking dreams to make a better life everywhere in the world.

CEO SPACE gives us a window on dreamer velocity in the age of the Entrepreneur.

CEO SPACE Increasingly is working with nations to more rapidly grow entrepreneur class in nation fostering stable rising internal consumption and revenue’s. Watching this unfold is another boom of thinking of mind sets of leadership all over the world.

The world is dividing in divisions of issues but cooperation as a culture. The Culture of Cooperation versus Competition is a human rise in consciousness from sanity out of insanity – from peace out of forever wars – and the world is in the largest boom of your adult life time.

We have encouraged our entrepreneurs to RISK WINNING in this environment. TO RISK investing in their own business growth not the market at an all time high already. Take profits and invest in your growth at year year. Why?

  1. Investing in growth like CEO SPACE Dec 12th at our largest BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE in Tampa is a tax write off that makes returns on investment massive by accelerating your core business. The one and only business conference CEO’s bring their entire family to for so many value based consequences.
  2. Invest in capital goods – an SUV – COPY MACHINE – GROWTH in advertising and PR contracting – decisions that will grow your enterprise – upgrades in IT and all by year end to WRITE IT OFF THIS YEAR carry that loss into next years profits – making money work so much harder.
  3. Invest in growth – expansion – systems – human capital and build your momentum while the boom continues.
  4. Place resources into momentum building as when the future correction comes – and it may be soon or years away – the insulator for YOU is your level of momentum.
  5. Accelerate and don’t wait.


That is the place to focus.

That is for entrepreneurs the mind set.

Celebrate this Holiday. People in 2025 will ask you – how was it in 2017 – what was it like in those good times – those explosive times – those times we have not seen since – did you celebrate? Did you go for it? What did you DO? What was it like back then?

The Good Times?

Folks you are IN THEM.

You are in the best of times.

If you don’t celebrate the BEST OF TIMES this Holiday you miss your own reason for joy.

This is the Holiday to thank those you love and who have meaning for you – make this Holiday a SPIRIT of Love and JOY.


May your celebration begin right now…..we’ll keep a light on for you.