Many of the December experts are now confirming my blog:

  1. The market will spiral up through year end
  2. Tax reform and year end record results will further influence up
  3. Asset classes are over priced today
  4. A geopolitical event is the most likely reason for a correction
  5. Unexpected other economics can also correct and there are many

We have told you as has leading economists – on the theory of buy low and SELL OUT HIGH -to sell out of all stocks and bonds today. Who listens when you FEEL safe and you FEAR missing the last run up – which is small to the % which is record setting already UP. SELL HIGH and wait for new lows.

Where is your money best working:

  1. Diversified insurance investing for nest core asset base
  2. Diversified venture investing for wild growth


Those who stay in the casino are going to lose enormous wealth.

I have told you for two years the SPRING of 2018 is my red line for when. I continue to hold that from now to SPRING 2018 a potential for a GLOBAL SUPER CRASH that makes 2008 look like a cake walk is real and current.

You can’t act too late.

Investing is a “timing” IS everything.

As hedge funds – sovereign nation funds – private equity funds -lawmakers and world leaders at the top of power  read this blog regularly as do financial press world wide – and to many investors to count given our daily click from over 100 nations world wide  – as a resource – given our track history is 100% precise and accurate over decades as one of the oldest financial reporting blogs in the bio sphere  – rare in the world today – and we are consistent. We never vary.

Economics never vary.

Today the kids who have zero depth of economic foundations report the news from pundits and spin doctors where billions are spent on financial PR to effect stock prices.

Today the casino is value based on:

  1. Outrageous price to earnings ratio’s worse than any bubble in history across all asset classes.
  2. The bubble is due to leverage and impossible debt bubbles that with free money now effect bubbles in ALL asset classes bar none.
  3. As all asset class prices are manipulated by digital speculation which used to be a crime – the criminals are now controlling global price.
  4. The participation index of base of investment % to the market is the lowest participation lower than 1929. This is not sustainable.
  5. The yield curve never lies – and the bond yield curve has been SCREAMING as the top professionals all report – that – a serious correction and recession MUST follow the system abuse.

Because the central banks created more leverage and debt than the world has ever known the price of assets has gone insane. The reason is digital trading. This is true for BIT COIN ( as a fake store of value )  pure suckers rally – distorting markets further making the crash to come worse – far worse – without any regulatory effect. Unregulated electronic trading is now the dominant market form, of price manipulation over all asset classes engaging fantastic leverage using free money never before possible.

The result is a casino capitalism far more abusive and out of value pairing with regulated market spaces of the past – a new event in global economic history and not a positive one. The lack of cooperation of the G 100 to secure a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK outlined for years in this BLOG and my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( the solution ) has created an economic system abuse that must re-balance.

The re-balancing will fall outside any system model to moderate or correct the SUPER CRASH. Liquidity as a core element of economics will cease globally. What is also new is speed. Digital liquidity will cease in minutes not hours days weeks or months. MINUTES and liquidity in the system is gone.

NO ONE SEE’S THE LIQUIDITY BOMB is the destruction of the economic rules of the World War II system. The Super CRASH that IS coming is not a correction. When the SUPER CRASH hits global markets the old economic model is dead. Bang shot in the head. Liquidity killed the system model due to regulatory failures.

Installing regulatory re-framing for the digital global markets that remove speculative price influence and unwanted imbalances before a SUPER CRASH is ideal as a shock absorber. Waiting until the system dies a liquidity death in minutes – is a catastrophic event. Untold numbers will due. Others will suffer by the billions. The system will not re-set for decades. A world War will be required to reset demographics and national collaborations. The rebalance will occur in the winners of the war IF there are ANY WINNERS in the developing insanity.

Sanity versus insanity?

Greed versus wisdom?

Profit addictions versus economics.

Economics has been thrown out the windows globally as technology stepped outside all regulatory rules. Today the insane leverage and trading is digital and falls outside any blue sky local laws to nations. Trades that run the economics of the world for the first time are in the cloud – exist digitally – and represent a global economic structure of leverage super debt and asset buying to manipulate price in what has become CASINO CAPITALISM.

The law makers fail to appreciate the instant rice of the time change for the system to lose all controls and fundamentals. They believe they are dealing with an old system with some new influences.

This is the problem.

They are dealing with a new system with no old system influences – the world has moved out of any sanity and control for economics.

We are engaged today in savage trade wars – every nation is engaged in distrust and negotiation – and every nation is in it for themselves period. This model will and always must fail. Economically. It is fatally unstable.

Add in failed central bank policy of debt and free money at levels and time frames never experienced in global economics and you have a system abuse that MUST EVENTUALLY RE-balance.

As the PRESS and the economics discuss the core issue – set forth in these blogs – you have the one clear GPS on what is real. What has happened – what is going on today and what must happen soon.

So enjoy the party – drink up – dance – wear masks – costumes – your all dancing 8 billion of you off an economic cliff the world has never known before. In today’s inter-dependancy – the switch is system core liquidity.

Core liquidity is the RISK.

The liquidity stops in minutes and does not return. When will core liquidity return. Answer NEVER not in this old World War II System. The G 100 with or without war ( and war following the coming SUPER CRASH is % likely ) – has to invent a new box top rule set for digital economics. First time in human history.

Watching experts and leaders try to sort this out when they lack understanding of the spiraling problem is not fun.

The problems today are new.

The problems of system abuse are rapidly scaling.

Economic abuse must rebalance.

The level of debt – against the level of over priced assets that are phony values – against the limited base of market participation globally – like an upside down pyramid made possible by free money and borrowing – is a game when the music stops we have implosion.

Cascase is coming and IMPLOSION FOLLOWS.

I’ve said the SPRING.

For two years.

We’ll see if the system momentum can carry us past the Spring. I caution my readers – GET OUT of the markets.

If you fail to act – remember we told you. Don’t cry it is your greedy selfish responsibility. You gambled and you lost in the casino.

And we told you so.

Over and over.

But as my guy said – do not caste your pearl before swine – those who can not read economic literature.

Folks – SUPER CRASH IS COMING and it is coming SOON and it is all new when it hits – no one has experience to prepare and no one has a solution to resolve it – SUPER CRASH is systemically fatal today.

Berny Dohrmann – Summarizing two years of blog information

PS: I’m at the TONY ROBBINS Party with the founder of Air B n B and other billionaires – watching their ideas of contribution and navigation to this mess we all inherited. It is not OUR FAULT keep that in mind.