SUPER MONEY “is” reading my blog.

Super Money is running out of China. This means:

  1. Capital is fleeing failed communist China economics before their SUPER CRASH.
  2. Business – ripped off and unprotected by rule of law – are fleeing China in record numbers as their neighbors especially India profit.
  3. Trillions are hemorrhaging out of China economics and the lie sheets look like things are fine – they are not fine – they are lies.
  4. Increased ( always fails ) government controls on flight of capital and uncontrolled fraud lending continues but is not working at all.
  5. Bad loans to never be repaid exist at now over 100 trillion dollars ( Frauds ) and the institutions in China including the government hold these assets as reporting 100% of their value as good assets. As the 100 TRILLION DOLLARS of bad non performing debt works its way into balance sheets – bankruptcies will begin like dominoes world wide. Then the EU 100 Trillion will no longer have remaining time. The game is up.

So today – China headlines are – that fraud in real estate is the norm. Far worse than our SUB PRIME that almost brought the entire world system to a crash.

China has folks, creating property appraisal for tax and the government and a separate fraud appraisal and much higher value for bank loans. These banks loans are not going to be repaid as the borrower assumed the economy would continue to boom – versus contract. The buyer assumed the real estate would rise in value and never go down. Real Estate in China is going to go down by more than 50%. As the HARD LANDING occurs due to the excessive personal, mortgage, corporate, institutional, civic and communist national debts – far greater than their reserves can handle or manage – the resilient China SUPER CRASH will create what we call CASCADE world wide in 72 minutes. Digitally there will be no warning or delay when the China SUPER CRASH driven by opaque versus transparent policies and driven by fraud versus integrity in a debt super bubble that must rebalance eventually.

We have published the one and the only fix we know of – in our publications on SUPER BOND THEORY on this blog site. Time is running out to execute SUPER BONDS to fix the China problem however. We have encouraged Chairman XI to chat with his own dear friend Roel Campos at Hughes and Hubbard in Washington DC on Super Bond Theory to innovate a SUPER CRASH AVOIDANCE plan. Time is not on the leaderships side in China due to decades of economic abuse and debt abuse.

China is not alone.

Today the headlines about the CHINA FRAUD LOANS are world wide. This is yet another identification that communist economics always fail and always self destruct.

The sun rose on China during a rare economic period globally.
The sun also SETS.
The SUN is setting on CHINA today….and in 2018 it is economic TWILIGHT for China.

For this reason of abusive  debt bombs in China ( not just us but the IMF has issued multiple warnings on this debt bomb this year alone ) – we advised our CEO SPACE business owner leaders to avoid investing in ASIA at all. As you invest in the 9th inning of the worlds longest highest boom spiral – risk is back on at the final inning. We have suggested take your profits and move nest egg resources into diversified insurance investing to earn the highest guaranteed returns while the system rebalances. You never risk loss.

If you have more than $ 200,000 in any FDIC USA Bank they have one penny to repaid one dollar. That will not work. So FDIC is not safe when you need your money and the bank is closed and ATM’s no longer work at all. Think about that.

Insurance leaders paid when the banks were closed in the 1920’s. THEY PAID. Their clients had cash and options bank clients did not have.

The Insurance guarantee we feel is better than FDIC for investors world wide.

The time to buy low and SELL HIGH is right now.

Remember at the end of 2017 I suggested you explore this option with licensed investment professionals with a top ten USA based insurance money manager. I want you to think of insurance investment as banking where life insurance is an option ( free ) for opening your insurance bank account. I want you to learn the following:

  1. Move out of HIGH and buy the best return assets with guarantees on principle available.
  2. You pay for money management without risk and receive the highest return permitted by law with guaranteed principle.
  3. You get a tax write off to build your own company savings account and that tax benefit is WOW when you understand it.
  4. You have income investing in annuities – market investing in index products and bank liquidity asset in permanent insurance whole life as you can get money anytime you desire bam.
  5. You earn the highest safe return permitted by law and your nest egg is guaranteed against any and all loss potentials.

Plus you have FREE LIFE INSURANCE on any God Forbid day.

Tax deductions.

Building a legal savings account with high returns.

No risk.

Out of the CASINO.

Out of Global risk where in Super Crash you can’t get out at all.

Liquidity in the next global Super Crash evaporates as something new due to digital trading with zero regulatory oversight.

If the banks go down your fine with this plan.

If the markets adjusts and goes back up you have cash to buy low and sell high – again while everyone else is winning your winning.

You can stay till the summit of the markets rising from base camp on on Mount Everest – to the summit where avalanche follows. If you are caught in Avalanche I can’t help you.

The discipline is SHED THE FEAR OF MISSING OUT ON FINAL PROFIT IN THE FINAL GLOBAL FENZY – and move into safe harbor with super higher returns and no risk.


Now. Before year end.


CHINA is coming and the Debt bomb will be worse than anything North Korea has to offer……markets are unforgiving of mistakes. While the communists talk of friendship they attempt to undermine the dollar as WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY with their phony money. That the IMF took that currency into their recognized mix is a negligence that is serious.

The IMF and their members  will pay dearly for that wrong decision.

None of this is political.

All of this is economic.

Make your decision and prosper…….


Remember you heard it all here.

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