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CEO SPACE Bob Proctor film

CEO SPACE Les Brown film

CEO SPACE Jack Canfield film

CEO SPACE Sharon Lechter film

CEO SPACE Lisa Nichols film

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Ceo Space is the worlds largest club for the owner of a business. The CEO SPACE community consists of business OWNERS and Professionals in practice from 140 nations over 30 years of service.

CEO SPACE is a leading advocacy voice for small business legislation in Washington DC.


September Dohrmann via a family trust. Founding Platinum Members were gifted shares at no par value. September controls the corporation as a family founded owned and operated global institution.


CEO SPACE offers lifetime membership assets for a tax re-purpose into the # 1 ranked by third party press – business accelerator in the world today. CEO SPACE helps to  put your venture into hyper growth and to keep it in hyper growth.   CEO SPACE grows business acceleration via ferocious networking in each of our five compression events to grow profits – as well as our networks outside the program in process which is enormous world wide. We hook owners up with the right solutions to accelerate …and those owners do NOT have to WAIT.

CEO SPACE hosts 5 acceleration conferences to network CEO’s to CEO’s to forger customer base, markets, alliances and affiliations. CEO SPACE mentors provide up to $ 200,000 of solution mentorship to CEO’s every individual event. One on one. Every quarter you have superior solution mentors who are free to you – and you have markets from each of the five hosted annually – CEO SPACE is the core driver for countless brands you buy and have in your home today.

The majority of TIME spent at CEO SPACE  five annual business conferences – is one on one networking with new  customers – or solution networking private one on one with mentors you chose for their expertise. Everything is included in the lifetime membership price of $ 7500.00 – set in 1988 and never raised since that time. Off shore CEO’s are subsidized with a $ 2000 off the price to cover currency issues and travel from outside the USA.

Dec 12th – wheels up Tuesday – guests will fly in world wide to the last program of 2017 – the best of the year to accelerate and not delay. Forward visioned CEO’s are attending to upgrade plans, teams, their own skills into 2018, and their precious connections to new customer base.

CEO SPACE is 70% networking between CEO’s and 30% training in elective work shops. CEO SPACE is like a new model for a business to business trade show. Booths are replaced with DEAL MEALS facilitated by an expert Fortune Mentor. Deal Meals create relationships that make appointments for 9 10 and 11 in the PM. The PM is reserved to make closing presentations we call SEAL THE DEALS.

Deal Meals create relationships in a great ladies and gentlemen’s club. If you wish to scale your business the best resources are inside CEO SPACE Dec 12th.

The last opportunity to re-purpose taxes into an asset – why leave that money on the IRS counter?

The FIRST opportunity to scale into the boom rising following US TAX REFORM – its real and its on going the longest highest wealth boom in your adult life time – many feel the very last one – do NOT MISS the OPTIONS.

CEO SPACE Dec draws on Fortune Mentors at the tippy top of the management space. The Mentors meet you privately and one on one. Your challenge list is resolved and the only items remaining on your challenge list is what you forgot to write down in preparation.

CEO SPACE’s best event of any year is the Christmas Forum at world famous Innsbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor Florida near Tampa Bay. Weather is 75 all day.

The Holiday Forum is larger – richer – and offers more. Our rankings with major branded press takes place from this one Forum as those doing the ranking are attending. We present our 2018 upgrades in December to knock our CEO” members socks off.

DEC 12th is our member CEO’s favorite program of the year as families attend together. Parents bring their children as they receive more from CEO SPACE then School. 7 Year old’s on site are engaged in their fourth business venture. Teens are enrolled in our world famous teen program.

DEC 12th is crazy profitable and insane fun for CEO’s enriching their futures and their Holidays. CEO’s register on line and reserve hotel space on line – as you call us 256 850 4700 ext 0 we will serve you in powerful ways and address your question areas. It takes five minutes with our Club President account executives to enroll, reserve hotel, and begin prep for the superior growth your about to enjoy.

You benefit by:

  1. New customers
  2. Investor access
  3. Alliances
  4. Affiliates
  5. CEO Skill Upgrading in a Super Change Market Space

CEO’s ask… can I hang around with more successful CEO’s who are ahead of where I am today?

That IS the inside of CEO SPACE – mentors up the ladder helping those climbing. CEO’s helping CEO’s at a pace level no one matches in the world. Third party press rank CEO SPACE # 1 and the ONE MEETING that YOU can not afford to MISS if you own your own venture or practice.

We are a business owner ladies and gentlemen club.

We are the worlds largest super store for business owners to get anything done in less time for lower cost with highest quality.

We are the most mature support system, offering new resources ever sixty days for the lifetime of our membership CEO’s.

CEO SPACE is fun. Lots of fun. Success if fun.

We accelerate.

You don’t have to wait.

You turn. garden variety vanilla ordinary week with limited so limited a result – into an extraordinary week of priceless networking and new resources into your venture. Your new. Your upgraded and bought current in the AGE of SUPER CHANGE. You did not have to wait.

Your set.



You get higher income faster.

Out customers tell us over three decades globally – it never costs anything to become a lifetime ceospace member with their money back guarantee but it will cost a fortune in lost options to the owner if they lose CEO SPACE…..CEO SPACE acceleration events are process.

As you review a video or two – as seeing is believing  and we deliver PROOF POSITIVE so you can know – in your silo and industry – before you go – THIS MAKES A PROFIT.

If you are going to invest a tax dollar at year end for a lifetime individual corporate or platinum membership – and you will earn a multiple back on the investment with a money back guarantee if you don’t accelerate – why would you not snap up the swap of a tax dollar at year end to a far higher value in your growth curve?

Explore business acceleration. For those who are HERO’s of their own life we welcome you into our membership Dec 12th to the Weekend – your growth and prosperity will be richer as will your Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays
Berny Dohrmann – off to Tony Robbins next


PS: Why leave thousands on the tax table? Why not improve your plan teams and results? Why not accelerate and trade up a normal week of time for an outstanding week of opportunity – better options accelerate and mission better options does not accelerate. Money back warranty takes all your risk away – see a film or two and share this item on walls and boards for me.