Ignorance keeps the voters unaware of fatal economic structures they permitted 100 years back. At the beginning of the industrial revolution nations sold their ‘right” to print currency to central banks. Central banks are act of nation contractors – private stock firms owned in total secret by the banks and investment banks the central banks hold the illusion of regulating. In fact the central banks legally rob treasuries – charge outrageous fee’s to print and control money supply as a private corporate contractor – use fancy names like FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD to disguise they are far from a government agency – and appear before congress with an illusion there is oversight when appearance is just courtesy as congress has no powers to do anything to the Fed. While the President appoints Fed directors they are nominated by inside the FED votes the President has limited capacity to influence and they are all told – don’t mess with your central bank.

The largest legal theft on earth is the central bank laws – in the USA case a 1907 horrifically bad law – 80 pages only – which needs to be revoked and the FED merged back into US TREASURY such that any process we want to keep we can but now with real accountability and oversight.

Today the Fed has never been audited and can not be audited under law. The Fed profits and pay outs to its secret share holders have never been reported and will never be reported unless we merge them back into US Treasury – and do so in all nations. The Central Bank Policy is a criminal legal theft of national wealth and is insane.


The Wealthy Elites controlling all power while democracy is a sham.

As all leaders know this and all leaders are afraid Super Money will kill them if they do not comply – there is a truce that goes on within the ON GOING theft of national wealth to the elite power money. Central banks is the HOW it is done.

Voter ignorance is how the fraud is maintained.

Eventually the Central Banks are merged into Treasury or the people after a world war the Central Bankers caused and created – will actually be in revolution and we the people will kill the central bankers. End of their story.

Today the voters can not read and the central bankers are invisible in the ignorance of the financial alphabet as their GREED runs the world. Because the voters can not READ the central bankers have no limitation to their GREED.

So the Central Bankers desire one world currency they control because then they control the entire world and can steal the wealth of the entire world. That is their game plan. All fluffed up with theories on how this is good for 7 billion which is the theory of the insane in economics. The FEW totally against the circulation of wealth to re-balance for the many of the world – all the rest of us.

I’ve laid it all out for you here. If you google FED FRAUD you will have so much third party proof of what I”m educating you into – so you my readers have ECONOMIC LITERACY and you alone KNOW what is REALLY going on out there.

So today in 2018 what is the landscape. It works like this:

  1. The Fed created the SUPER CRASH in 2008 by permitting economic warfare and world digital war III to begin.
  2. The Fed than make trillions for itself and its own inside members with a decade of FREE MONEY creating the largest asset class and debt class super bubble in economic history of 10,000 years.
  3. The Super Bubble crashes as the Fed introducing tighter money policy and collapses circulation and liquidity.
  4. This leads to correction and SUPER CRASH in world markets.
  5. To rebalance the imbalances and keep the central bank wealth rising the next wealth consolidation step is WORLD WAR. The end of that it is hoped is one world money system to prevent future wars all with the FED and Central banks privately and invisibly to voters ( tens of millions slaughtered by Fed economic wealth policies and wars ) = in charge of the entire world in absolute terms. That is the FED game plan.

The wild card is education. As the Central Bankers are known to voters to be the root cause of failed economic prosperity and economics – and the cause of all wars – all wars – the voters will create a revolution in economics and terminate the FED “rights” granted to central banks when radio’s were not in every home – no phones existed – and a telegraph and pony expressed delivered the news.

In todays digital real time world of data – having a third party private stock firm entitled to control public money supply is insane policy. You have hired to wolves to guard your chicken pen.

The chickens get slaughtered as does the value of your currency.

The GREED of private shareholders who own and control central banks and are at the head of the global money river supply – I know as I was head of a world wide public investment banking firm with huge numbers of licensed stock brokers world wide. I know because I was in those TWIN TOWER MEETINGS and I was inside Fed discussions for decades. I know because I was educated as an economist by the best Fed Chairman and leadership of economics – and I know because it was what I studied – and my mentors were superior and I know because I have remained current in those smokey rooms – and I know because I am an expert in economic theory and policy – which should be way obvious to all of you. Being educated.

If you think your central bank is a public agency of your nation you are wrong.

If you fail to know that your central bank is a private – independent – non government stock firm – owned by the folks they are supposed to regulate – and taking ungodly profits from your nation – having caused all boom bust cycles in your nation and all wars – you need to GOOGLE and educate yourself. It is all on line today. They can’t keep you ignorant unless you have other priorities than the destruction of your nation.

The fix is MERGE CENTRAL BANKS BACK TO TREASURY be electing candidates who are economically educated and agree to this # 1 policy of awake nations and voters. There is still time to avoid the Central Bank plan to profit massively from world war.

To avoid that profit driver we need to emergency merge the central bank of your nation by an act of national legislature or ruler back into your national treasury.

To Summarize:

  1. The Fed is going to make huge unintended consequences in monetary policy by restricting liquidity and raising borrowing cost to nations that will default.
  2. Defaults by nations and corporations will create a first economic cascade – where global system circulation and liquidity ceases in a single power hour – an event never experienced before in human economic history.
  3. The Fed has no bullets to fix this nor do central governments. The CASCADE will create massive deflation.
  4. The de-leveraging of all time record borrowing and debt running nations – will implode – into the most serious recession of modern times creating massive unemployment overnight world wide and starvation the like of which the world has yet to experience.
  5. Facing this consequence of NOT MERGING CENTRAL BANKS INTO NATIONAL TREASURY as their 100 years of failed policy peaks – the world will be forced under the Central Bank master game plan into world war – rebalancing economics and creating untold new wealth for the central bank shareholders who never pay the price of war at all.

Is this 1 to 5 insane or what?

All made possible by voter ignorance.

What is your PART in spreading the education on twitter – walls – boards and your social storms? Are you sharing this BLOG URL? Are you copying and pasting this blog with my permission to your own blogs and postings? Are you creating VOTER ACTION COMMUNITIES to MACBIT – Merge ALL Central Banks Into TREASURY – MACBIT nation committee’s on line?

Do you just scan all this verifiable data – given how over time accurate to bone marrow core this BLOG is against the news.

Take today. ABC lead investigative reporter reported FAKE NEWS that Trump asked General Flynn has senior Staff leader to contact the Russian’s. They reported the FAKE NEWS as if the candidate ordered this step to influence the election against Hillary. In fact the FAKE NEWS was wrong – as we reported here – and in truth the election was won and Trump won by a landslide – and only as President Elect did he ask for Russia ( and many other nations ) be set up for calls and meetings as incoming President. Normal and traditional for the winning new President setting up his administration.

ABC printed biased news – wrong news – and influenced tens of millions who will never get the memo how criminally negligent news has become today also reported here. ABC did fire the journalist as if it was the journalist fault. It was the OWNERSHIP AND SENIOR EDITORS FAULT now fire walled from prosecution and being forced out of ownership and management as criminals – because the blame game always confuses an ignorant voter community.

Advertisers should RUN out of ABC in 2017 and punish a criminal bias media outlet.

Consumers should:

  1. Run out of Wells Fargo criminal bank and punish the criminals our paid and bought law makers will never jail. RUN on that bank we just pulled out.
  2. Run out of VW a criminal brand Germany will never jail.
  3. Run out of ABC stop buying any ad on that criminal channel.

VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET as you join your local MACBITS.

Can we the voters merge the central banks back into TREASURY before a world war occurs?

Will they kill me to stop a movement to MACBIT sites on line YOU not “I” create by the 1000’s?

How powerful is one old man? In blog space?


Force can never triumph over POWER as Hitler and ISIS discovered.

You win with education as voters.



The Fed is going to tip the boom into a correction that is going to not be what the Fed theory models believe is outcome. The OUTCOME is Super Crash and World war. The Fed is ready to print all the money the war requires profiting from that step. Which is removed completely if YOU the voters merge your central bank back into treasury.

NO act no policy no idea of any candidate is more urgent of more important for the prosperity and peace of the world.

Will you google to see it yourself?

I post and repost the film below to educate you and your circles without delay – do you click and take time over a wine or beverage break to GET EDUCATED REALLY:

The biggest ROBBERY in HUMAN HISTORY – your Federal Reserve Board – and everything I’ve printed is confirmed by data from this one film.


  1. Take action
  2. DO anything
  3. Become active
  4. Create social community who become educated voters
  5. Lead – merge the central banks back into your own treasury

Do you get this blog information to your circle walls tweets and boards or do you just not take time to do it? Do you circulate the FILM on your social. WHY NOT?

Do you mail to your law makers – your leader of nation and your treasury secretary – this blog and its information?


Elect candidates who have this information and who promise FIRST POLICY is merge the central banks back into your state treasury. You then restore prosperity to your unborn generation.

We now believe:

  1. Tax reform will create a wild spike up to 30,000 DOW coming up or close to it or past it for the first time in 2018.
  2. The Fed raising of borrowing cost and tightening liquidity at the worst possible time given the new history we are in the worst economic crises due to the Failed FED borrowing that created the super crash of 2008 the world never recovered from.
  3. The Fed secret opaque policy will now conflicted with their profit making for their secret shareholders – without any audit etc – our film educates you how INSANE the FED itself has become in digital open markets in 2018. CENTRAL BANKS ARE INSANE ECONOMIC Policy with outcomes we can well predict today.
  4. If not merged back into US Treasury the weapon of mass economic destruction is FED POLICY tipping the world into the worst SUPER CRASH and GLOBAL ECONOMIC full depression in recorded human history. The new Black Death PLAGUE will become historically central bank policy. Insanity made manifest.
  5. Voter ignorance is a race – if you circulate this information – if you create a SOCIAL STORM the like of which the world has never seen before – we can MERGE THE FED’s of the world back into Treasury. It takes any national leadership 72 hours to complete.

72 Hours for Sanity and on going prosperity?

Or 2018 Super Crash and CASCADE Into world war?

Now you are educated.

You have our forecast – thumbs up or thumbs down. For the world.

Your world in fact.

The future is hostage to:

  1. You know now and you do nothing – your apathetic wrongly considering nothing YOU do will matter I fact. Central banks are counting on that. If you waiver they use fear to bring voters back to their agenda. SEE THE FILM.
  2. You know and you think others will fix it. Worse than apathy.
  3. You know and you take action and grow community circles. You create social storms. You take action as an informed voter.

Collectively we the voters and people have ALL THE POWERS. The Central banks are most afraid of you:

  • Becoming informed
  • Acting

Time is running out to act.

The largest debt mountain in recorded history is before us with 100’s of trillions of bad debt never to be repaid having to work into the system from the central bankers protecting their bad debt membership.

The banks are all bankrupt.

Nations are all bankrupt.

There is a way forward – using SUPER BOND theory to reset debt but we need two things:

  1. Cooperative capitalism reforms to execute the theory
  2. Time

Unless YOU the voters act you will lose your entire economic security and be impoverished and you my readers will KNOW WHY.

Acting is of course up to each of you.

Berny Dohrmann – Like angel GABRIEL blowing the horn of the end times – either way the FED is DEAD in 2018