Why would millions who own a home of close to 1,000,000 or more in the highest:

  1. Income tax states
  2. Highest business tax states
  3. Highest inventory tax states
  4. Highest gasoline tax states
  5. And with Tax Reform by FAR the highest property tax states

STAY and PAY those lifetime of higher taxes? For the DOUGHT and water rationing ? For the wild fires destroying property where you can’t even get insurance? For the traffic and ever declining life style? For the THIRD WORLD invasion taking place in these states?

The ROSS PERROT SINKING SUCKING SINK HOLE is here now from NAFTA and other “America killer trade deals” that have sunk their teeth into state revenues. The impossibility of managing civic debt against ever shrinking income can not be taxed into wellness.

The GREAT mentors of mine WINSTON CHURCHILL stated –


….solving a state or nations fiscal mismanagement by taxing the general public is like a sumo weight lifter from Japan standing in an oversized metal bucket and trying to lift himself over his own head….never going to happen.

Yet states and nations continue down the wrong economic pathway. Until it is too late to make a U turn economically. Then only war re-balances economics.

So the NEW TAX LAW slashes deductions that tax payers took for interest on mortgages and for mortgage loan costs. The deduction loss will be offset by income tax gains – for some but not all American’s. Those living in the HIGH TAX STATES will find the pain so great – that the smart leading affluent in the state of Say California will improve their net result but RELOCATING. Move to Nevada. Move to Florida New Yorkers ( zero income tax corporately and zero inventory tax and lower tax on housing gas everything which is WHY CEO SPACE is home officed in leading Governor Scotts State – FLORIDA ).

California move to UTAH ranked # 1 business community in the nation – or Arizona – or Colorado where 70,000 a year are relocating for all the smart economic/lifestyle reasons. You can KEEP MORE LIFETIME RESOURCES if you reside in the SMART STATES.

What does that DO to the remaining DUMB STATES?

Well the lower income will pay more tax and keep less of their lifetime wealth. For every declining quality of life – lead in water – and more with never ending crises from drought to terror sponsored wild fires – which is what is taking place in wild fires these days. Which we all know. They don’t wish to panic us as THEY have no SUPER POWERS to protect billions of property and innocent life – from crazy young insane brains with a match or lighter in their hand.

They don’t.

SO they wish to avoid our panic – by not telling us how power less THEY really are in this new asymmetrical war fare. Rather than gear up to manage the real problems we are trying to create a fake news obstruction of justice impeachment counter weight to any and all US government – so that the system stalls to the bricks at the most critical hydrogen bomb moment in world history – 220 Hostile Democrats pay republicans back for their “no mercy” to Obama for eight years – as CONGRESS FIDDLES while the hope and promise of America burn like Rome. Why do the folks not lead 300 million of us into what is best for our future? Because Politics leads economics versus economics leading politics. Insanity is leading sanity.

What I told Winston Churchill the last time I saw him with Clare Booth Luce founder of Time Magazine – and John Galbridth – my hero economics advising four Presidents on economic policy – at the RITZ in Paris – ( I was so young then ) – Mr. Churchill it seems to me as a young leader coming up- that EMOTIONS truly have no value or place in political undertaking?

Winston replied….ah my boy the truth is like a rainbow after a meteor strike upon the earth which is like political strikes where it rains pure mud for sixty days after the impact and no one remembers the truth at all for the sum total of the political  mud that has fallen upon the earth….FROM MEAN PERSONALLY VICIOUS AND INDIVIDUALLY CRUEL….Impact events upon the government landscapes in all political

It may not seem like much but I always remembered his clarifying words on Politics – to a young man rising – and in lobby work for four decades I have only seen the impact craters and the after math of the mud rains – where the digital impact events seem to be closer together and of ever greater mass to the distraction of the future and truth 300 million of us wish for – long for – and deserve.

Also in Winston’s day no Supreme Court rule existed that Super Money could contribute UNLIMITED CASH to the 530 law makers who would rain down the mud. Until ELECTION FINANCING REFORM restores integrity to the political process – the process has become bought paid for and fully corrupt. More corruption in more nations is rising due to BAD LAWS passed by SUPER MONEY to influence and control legal theft from public money flows. Until we mend our core systems and restore the HOPE AND PROMISE of the world to the future, we risk Super Crash economics and a WORLD WAR as the 100% of historic outcome to where we all are at this moment. Worse we all know it and the smarty pants making policy do not know it or believe it as they are blinded by the mud rains.

The Leader of the UAE another hero fo mine – stated recently to one of his mentors ( formerly with the NSA ) and on faculty with CEO SPACE – THAT:


Democracy in a digital real time world does not work with any efficiency or effectiveness as a system to run nations in modern times. I as the final decision maker have all my highly educated staff to advise on all outcome possibilities and then I make a decision – for my people and my nation – like a CEO of a global institution – and we move forward where in each such decision in democracy it takes years to reach the decision point and the opportunity is lost or so diluted the decision is not what it promised due to time delays to executive. The inefficiency of Democracy is its downfall. An elected ten year King who can be re-elected – is the ideal situation where the team that is winning stays and the team that does not belong – is GONE.

You know the head of the UAE is leading his nation forward into an economic structural future that is the rare EXAMPLE to all the rest of the world. His form of government is efficient works and has no terror wars violence or unwanted consequences other nations are walking through their own quick sand within.

So tax reform is a double edge sword.

We need tax reform.

Any law will put forth unintended consequences.

Super Money moves to work to create LOOP HOLES where the real cost is not PAID BY THEM. The law does not will not apply to them. Loop Hole laws are corrupt as well. Flaws in systemic box top rules of the core system. Failed systems.

Competitie capitalism is a failed system that leads to consolidation of wealth and destruction of economics into world war.

Competitive socialism and communistic is a failed system that leads to consolidation of wealth and destruction of economics into world war.

These two box top rules and rule of law systems can not be fixed or reformed. Both must be REVOLUTIONIZED.

The final human revolution from feudal days ( the father of competitive capitalism ) leads to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the final answer. This revolutionized system is:

  • Fully digitally transparent in real time
  • Fully reporting in real time
  • Fully accountable
  • Fully audit-able
  • Has no secrets

Do we not all wish for a system revolutionized to include all nations to be IN INGTEGRITY to be FAIR and to apply a rule of law without loop holes for elites? Do you not wish. system in which 1% do not own more wealth than 99% which is the case in both present systems of competitive capitalism and competitive communism – where 90% of the 1% own less wealth than the 10%. Today less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS control the nations of the world via wealth consolidation which is insane and outside any common good for 7 billion spirits alive on this planet.

Now think of floating cities of five million each using GEODESIC domes which is what my Uncle Bucky designed them for. Consider 100 billion live in environmentally secure self replenishing communities in the seas – with no weather events or fires – or catastrophes – with self sustaining fish and proteins farms – featuring longevity and tara forming planets as we pollinate our earth to the stars.

The thinking that limits us today is a preservation of profit monopolies of the FEW against the MANY which leads to breaches of circulation and Super Crash and world wars.

Why would we perpetuate insanity upon the earth with solutions so obvious?


The population is kept in ignorance such that they are distracted as with the Roman Coliseum with endless side shows of the gladiators in media today – keeping the masses away from the real issues and reforms that would re-distribute wealth without a world war.

Within todays bought and paid for systems globally can we revolutionize the world without a World War?

The answer is I do not know.

The truth is I’m spending into my fourth decade working with world leadership and voters to try.

I will spend my life trying.

Devoted to the unborn generation to bring you the truth and nothing but the truth.

This Sunday on your weekend – studying up on tax reform.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman/Founder CEO SPACE the worlds largest entrepreneur CEO institution and lobby to nations for millions and millions of small business and their futures…..