Has the FBI become a political institution?

Are you kidding me?

From Nixon to Clinton to Obama’s enemy list including IRS and FBI prosecutions for political reasons – we are so late in justice reform it is crazy.

The agencies and media remove all presumption of innocence and without box top rule reform for justice – there is none. Today innocent folks are gong to prison left and right.

We all know that.

Respect justice in America?

Hell no.

We FEAR justice in America like Russians fear the KGB renamed.

I ask my readers reading fake spun news to consider….one truth:

…are you more or are you LESS afraid of your own government today in 2018 than you were in say 1978……..

Answer that about your own JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Today there are a minority of well meaning public servants in Justice.

Today there are a majority or nazis in suits drunk on powers and totally manipulated and used without their consent at all.

Today the FBI is a political foot ball creating legacy leaks manipulations and nothing new.

This blog reported that as when NIXON fired a special prosecutor the FBI went forward with all its powers to destroy the President and did. DEEP THROAT was an FBI leak.

When Trump fired COMEY director of the most powerful agency of nation – the entire FBI went on world war power alert to destroy the PRESIDENT like they did Nixon to all new Presidents would GET THE MESSAGE.

That work in progress is not justice it is pure politics.

When Donald Trump writes the FBI in in shatters – its reputation is demolished from the 1950’s – to today – even the KENNEDY Papers define how low the FBI can go – and how urgent justice reform both Trump and Hillery promised us. WE NEED JUSTICE REFORM in all our nations.

America requires a revolution to reset itself into a constitutional path. This will occur with or without world war. We’ll see.

Meanwhile predictably the FBI is wrong minded in demonstrating its powers to dethrone a sitting PRESIDENT – committing crimes to frame the PRESIDENT.

it is their pathology.

Power without checks and balances corrupts.

The nation today is:

  1. Corrupt in bought and paid for law making without election finance reforms.
  2. Corrupt in agency powers without checks and balances.
  3. Corrupt in Justice powers of the few against the many
  4. Corrupt in agency powers executions without rights protections
  5. Corrupt in total as failure to operate under constitutional law

….are you MORE afraid or LESS Afraid of your own government today?

My readers are all WAY MORE AFRAID. Because they know.

Folks President Donald Trump is fighting an FBI out of all sanity and control seeking revenge for the Comey firing attempting to set a NIXON example for 50 years of incoming Presidents – do not MESS with the FBI we are above the laws ourselves.

Folks in the FBI need to be put in prison. Today.

Without JUSTICE REFORM the real criminals have all the powers they ever required or desire.

And you – the soaring citizen have given away your protection safe guards and RIGHTS.

If we the people do not hold our agencies of nation accountable the become beyond accountable.

Which is where the FBI liars are today. My bow to the good men and women in the FBI but stand up and fight the insane among you.

In my own history the FBI came to CEO SPACE in the early 1990’s and yanked CEOs and guests our of my programs and told members – I was the worst con man in American history and I was going to prison for a very long time. My attorney’s brought this to the US Courts as a violation of civil rights and law. There was NO AUTHORITY no authorized investigation for CEO SPACE and my work. The prosecutor stated on the record – hey it was just some over zealous FBI agents . This is one real example – current to modern times – of NAZIS IN SUITS taking all constitutional protections out the door by committing crimes no one holds them responsible for. The court ordered a 90 day study of my work at CEO SPACE after which the prosecutor either charged me with a crime or stood down from HARRASSING ME ( Court records ). The most powerful nation on earth with no checks and balances just NAZIS in SUITS its own citizens for no cause investigation or authority? Hey that was 30 years back its way way worse NOW.

Then the prosecutor under judge orders present evidence to the court that my work is legal and I am not breaking any laws. The Judge orders the justice department to STOP HARRASING CEO SPACE and you know what – they did.

I present this to magnify times 100 the Hydrogen Bombs the FBI is blowing up in media and fake news every single week – keeping the White House on punishment for firing Comey and holding the FBI accountable. The FBI hates being held accountable and punishes any President who does so. When you make 800 million a year you don’t have as much down side so you hang tough for the unborn Americans’. Folks the war going on is the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT and REFORM. You may hate or love Trump or be anywhere else. Be educated. Trump and oceans of SUPER MONEY are into SYSTEM REFORM. The establishment and opposing oceans of SUPER MONEY seek to DESTROY TRUMP.

Pick and side on that information alone. Stay on the side you wish – establishment and corruption as usual or REFORM. The opportunity is once in 100 years and this is the unfolding history.

Trump is accurate. The FBI is in tatters and shambles and America no longer trusts or believes the agencies of nation are constrained by constitutional balance and safe guards – or exist outside being fully and totally corrupt. Law enforcement without justice reform from Black Lives Matter to the White House – represents NEW NAZIS IN SUITS.

America educate yourself.


PS: The very day injustice happens to you from the NAZIS in Suits  in local state and national enforcement powers – is the day you are through and you GET JUSTICE REFORM – but you know what – then it is too late for 300 million of us becoming wage slaves.