The markets are faced with uncertainty today. What will the huge Changes be like from the Full Senate House Conference Committee -when lobbyist like CEO SPACE and thousand more stay up all night for weeks – and over 40 law makers and 100’s of staff hash out the final form of the largest financial economic social change in the Untied States of America in 100 years. How uncertain is all THAT? HUGE.

Next we have Saudi in Civil war with no way to know the outcome. The 300 Billion Dollar ( and in truth NO SURE THING in the market ) Armaco IPO is hostage to internal events and with Saudi Credit nose diving by credit agency rankings the future looks BLEAK not SLEEK in the gulf.

North Korea told Russia taking Nukes from US is not an option as they work on launching hydrogen bombs from their fleet of stealth subs testing now. That is uncertainty.

The UE has more nations threatening to leave as Germany the bulk head can not even form a government so divided and shattered is the old policy model in the leading EU nation. That is uncertainty.

The US has a yield curve that says – Super Crash and Recession is coming. Fed leaders are now saying this weekend – hey – duh  – perhaps we should regard the yeild curve and slow down raising interest rates? Uh ya think? Or in Fed Speak – perhaps we should not push the world borrowers into SUPER CRASH and tank the entire global economics. Ya think?

Bunch of smarty pants over there for sure.

If oil spikes up on Saudi failed policy – America and non OPEC producers – the majority of world oil now – will offer cheaper easier to process oil as they have been since 2010 – taking a billion barrels a year away from OPEC members in a market share war, that OPEC started, Saudi planned to win, and which over the years has proven to be a DIS-ASTOR for Saudi first and Opec Members with Russia second loosing so much market share and paying fortunes to send their best customers away forever. Sound economics? No. Politics leading economics always the failed way to proceed.

So we suspect the new OPEC agreement is a phony baloney agreement. OPEC leading members like Russia and Iran are not about to lose any more market share to Saudi failed policy. The vision of the policy is economic crap. It is not rebalancing supply. The policy is rebalancing customers away from OPEC who wish to raise their energy cost now and over time. Who wants to deal with suppliers who wish to gauge you when lower cost better quality is all over the market.

OPEC is dying. The more desperate OPEC becomes the more war in the GULF spirals up. OPEC does not have enough money. OPEC is going bankrupt. That is what you can’t see. Why? They spend more than they make. That is always the reason. That is all the reasons. Spending more than you make over time bankrupts invidious companies and nations. You have to have leadership discipline NOT TO SPEND more than you make.

In the past Opec sold more than it bought. Today OPEC buys and is depending on that buying more than it sells. OPEC is bankrupt now but oil revenue’s disguise the bankruptcy. How could the wealthiest nations have massive lack of education and a higher than 40% youth unemployment by policy? The Elite have destroyed the generations for selfish wealth – and the lack of circulation is economic policy that is failed and now destructive to the future of the nations.

Saudi policy unless – reset and re-invented – is the most failed economic policy next to communism and China in the world today. Economically nothing is more tragic for the Peo;le of the world than Saudi and China lies about their economy and their failed economic theory and model.

That is market uncertainty.

So against this the FEAR OF BEING LEFT OUT is having oceans of later money – enter into the Trump FOOLS RALLY. Based on nothing but hope and promise. The Fools Rally is on going. Literal Oceans of money are moving in from Mount Everest Base Camp which took from 2010 to 2017 to reach – now trekking up on what goes up keeps going up and up forever – to the final SUMMIT of this last part of the rally. Once the Summit is reached the other side is called AVALANCH.

The smarty pants reporting to you all discuss the boom and your being left out.

So get in.

Buy into BITCOIN at 500,000 dollars.

Now with future contracts and super pools manipulating the price a $ 1,000,000 DOW a $ 1,000,000 BIT COIN and any number you wish for anything – is not solid investing based on value. It is speculation based on price manipulation.

As an older I’ve seen it all before – investment banker economist – nothing looks new to me. Only labels change. I”m a NEWTON guy in a Quantum World. What goes UP must and will come DOWN. Economic rebalancing is the law of gravity. Debts will be recognized as bad debt versus good assets. Eventually. This is known as rebalancing.

When 100’s of TRILLIONS of US dollars of bad debt not performing and never to be repaid are held on corporate institutional bank investment bank and nation balance sheets as good performing assets – you have a fraud economic.

Eventually the laws allowing reporting of pure crap as solid good assets must be rebalanced. When the crap is taken off balance sheets much of the world you know is in fact bankrupt. This is what creates GREAT DEPRESSIONS – economic rebalancing and this is what creates ALL the WORLD WARS – economic abuse over decades of time.

The smarty pants creating all this have no clue how to fix all this.


Impeachment of our President requires evidence beyond any reasonable doubt and the President is presumed innocent in an impeachment trial. To impeach a sitting and immune US PRESIDENT a full  2/3rds of Congress must vote for impeachment trial. A republican controlled congress who just passed the TAX REFORM ACT in the House and Senate over democratic voting against it – is NOT LIKELY to by the math ever indict a sitting US PRESIDENT. If the control of the HOUSE and SENATE shifted in the mid year election – a long long way off yet – those dice could come up differently. If Republicans old or improve position in those elections the impeachment notion without a full on smoking gun – is dead dead dead and a waste of time distraction and money to economic outcome and prosperity for America.

America influences elections iN Iran and all over the World.

We spend untold dollars to influence election outcomes all over the world.

To wake up like a SKUBBY DOO cartoon and say – duh hey Russia is influencing our elections. Of course they are influencing our elections – a fact they have been doing and we watch since EISENHOWER was President in the 1950’s. How hypocritical and political to have the the “issue” be something so normal and never ending. The notion a US President and a Russia leader conspired to fix the election is like a fiction vampire movie – the characters are not real and the names have been all changed in the movie and it is not real. It is like a video game where you believe Modern Warfare 16 is REAL versus FICTION and a non reality.

The 100 million creating uncertainty in the political legal shaaaaa- raid – going – no where in the end – nothing is going to change. The USA IS going to influence elections everywhere in the world and so is Russia. Nothing new and nothing criminal.

Super Powers seek results in national elections that favor their agenda versus work against it. Russia wants anti Russian leaders out and more friendly Russia leaders in. Ditto for the USA. Voters GROW UP and read bias news as using politics to delay Trump – to label Trump – to influence the mid year elections using this phony issue and fake news – which I wish to point out is nothing new. The Republicans were so nasty and personal like never before in history to President Obama, that of course fair nasty return play in politics has become the new NORM.

World wide we need to move – sex – personal – and tabloid fake news out of public service and focus on voting records policy and results. We also need to stop using straw enemies – we need Putin and Russia to help with North Korea and Saudi and oil policy. We need to cooperate and work together to fix the environment and to one and for all preclude WAR. We need to work WITH CHINA JAPAN AND RUSSIA AND THE EU to produce the UNITED PLANETARY FEDERATION Protecting diversity and sovereignty – as legacy to humanity itself – celebrate diverse views and politics versus punish them – and secure a planet that protects itself from incoming strikes from space and stops all thoughts of a war against mommies and children in a future free of the insanity potential of humanities earlier brains.


So the risk is the leadership is doing pay back and proceeding as they always have. In Germany – in Spain in the GULF in ASIA and in America. The crises is not leadership capacity. The CRISES IS LEADERSHIP “INTEGRITY”. With INTEGRITY between leaders we have trust and cooperation. Without integrity – not so much ( thank you Glen Beck ).

We need to globally CELEBRATE human diversity in race religion and politics as the tapestry that we need to guard and preserve about ourselves and stop punishing diversity. Punishing diversity is a form of human insanity.

Billions of us are dropping OUT OF INSANE POLITICS AND FAKE NEWS and we are working together to learn from one another – do business with one another – and treasure each others diversity as we have so much to LEARN from each other and from the tapestry of holy diversity. Never change diversity its what makes the art of humanity a master piece. Stop killing a Sunni a Shite a Whabbi and celebrate the wonder of their grand sacred paths. CELEBRATE not PUNISH – sanity versus insanity.

Competitive thought form is the ONE and the ONLY core virus a form of human insanity residing on the wetware of the quantum computer mounted upon your own neck. The virus removal tool is my own CEO SPACE and cooperation upgrading to your whole brain software. When you can’t attend a whole brain software upgrade program ( CEO SPACE DEC 11 serving 140 nations world wide in Tampa Bay ) buy REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ON AMAZON and give that book as a gift to the circle you will spend your lifetime beside.

Guard your cooperative virus free circle.

Then guard the guards.

Your life becomes magic and home space and in work space when you elevate your brain software. Mine is.

So watching the insanity we are keeping you informed on what IS going on out there in IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT Pay back – as a political circus – where nothing is what it seems and all of it is political fake news. The business of the most powerful nation in the world should be:

  1. Pass Tax reform
  2. Pass a real budget.
  3. Rebuild infrastructure
  4. Pass real health care reform
  5. Re-regulate with the G 100 digital global markets for the unborn

Meanwhile we will report on business as usual and all the insanity as it unfolds.

BERNY DOHRMANN – Getting ready for Tony Robbins next week with my September