Citing a lack of wisdom that divides and punishes diversity in the Gulf versus celebrating diversity is the insane mind set that is perpetuating what conference leaders suggested appears BLEAK.

Saudi and Iran spat at each other from the Podium. Saudi said Iran is getting away with Gulf murder and it must stop. Iran stated Saudi has failed in Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, and Syria and that Saudi is the TERROR FACTORY and Iran is the counter weight to terror.

President Trump is going to recognize Jerusalem as th Capitol of Israel which of course it has been for decades. This unleashes Gulf tensions as Saudi is cozy now to Israel as an alliance against IRAN. Iran wants Palestine to have defined borders – peace and prosperity – and religious freedom from Saudi Sunni terror and persecution of Whabbi Saudi radical Muslim’s like those SAUDI’s who had Saudi funding and crashed into the TWIN TOWERS.

It was not Iran radicals ever – it was always world wide SAUDI. Bin Laden is Saudi. His family is now under arrest in Saudi. As it all is heating up.

Which is WHY the Gulf Conference ended saying it is not as bleak and dark as it seems…..it is in fact much darker and more bleak than THAT. What does that mean?

Saudi now in civil war is consolidating money and power. They are acquiring 100 billion in new weapons systems. They are spiraling into a WAR with IRAN and they want to suck the USA and NATO into that war. That game plan is not what the USA and NATO desire. No one wants anything but peace with Iran and Gulf nations.

WAR is not something those outside the Gulf wish for or desire.

Yet the money is marching to set up war.

So politics are leading economics and peace. Will the leaders of the world be sucked in to Gulf agenda’s from either SAUDI or IRAN or will they straddle and be friends with both – which is ideal?

No one knows.

No one can predict.

This becomes the equation of our generation. In the heart of the oil energy patch of the entire world.

Berny Dohrmann – The Rome Summit Just ended BLEAK