IS 30,000 DOW NEXT UP?


We told you the FIX is IN. The 10,000 SUPER MONEY ELITES who control these markets in the digital casino global market are manipulating prices upward for their own year end profit account. Now being driven ( as we accurately told you ) by TAX REFORM LEGISLATION in the US Congress. A huge WIN for TRUMP’s team.

The earnings at record retail – will lift UP from the TAX REFORM. A virtual ocean of dollars will flow into markets globally as bets on upward mobility are released from cash going to work.

Investment in ventures and start ups.

Investment in growth and up ramping.

Investments in debt and borrowing profits to the lenders.

An uncorking of circulation is about to explode all over the world.

The risk and unknowns are reported to you in my prior blogs and you all get those.

Within that the ramp into the SPRING appears to be solid for a spiral up in values. Also the TAX REFORM ( lacking a Cascade trigger event from unpredictable third party catastrophes ) would create a three to give year further growth in what is now sure to become the largest financial boom and the longest in human recorded history.

The TRUMP BUMP no one can take away from the Trump team. Further the TRUMP BUMP provides the critical TIME to work out of risk, debts and other issues the markets have to ultimately address to rebalance global economics.

We predicted the tax reform act is not an absolute. It could still not pass. We predicted it would pass by year end and if it did the result would be amazing for the entire world. A holiday we can all enjoy and plan 2018 secure profits from world wide.

The Tax Reform Act makes our DEC 11th Tampa Bay Business Conference for CEO SPACE – # 1` ranked in the world – more appealing to any professional or business owner – seeking to tune up their plan skill and resources to MAXIMUM acceleration into an on going boom. This critical resource upgrade for the owner is a tax paid for asset that if you own a business you should consider Dec 11th a week in CEO SPACE check it out on line.

Plus you meet me and I become your mentor. Not bad.

We are monitoring the Justice Department moves to secure evidence and testimony to impeach Trump and his family. Make no mistake about how nasty this is. Also be assured Trump can’t be impeached by a Republican Congress. Until mid term elections define where Trump stands with voters really – no potential for impeachment is possible. Efforts to undertake such mean spirited political agendas will fail and create delays is all for Trump and a nascence.

The Trump Legal teams are not about to fail in providing Trump has no evidence sufficient to impeach. Which is we believe true. The recent plea deal to get this all behind one of Trumps former team mates – one he fired for lying -is no surprise. Trump’s legal team advised the plea does not implicate ANYONE ELSE despite the fake news.

The Fake news is roaring. Every celebrity is fearful of a 30 year old event when they were young and drunk where a sexual encounter will now be harassment or rape. The Rape charge against Weinstein after all the fake fake news – was verified New York District Attorney is not proceeding with the case. Why? Not enough real evidence.

Reputations are being destroyed without due process – without trial evidence – without PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE. America looks a like like the nations and countries we once most feared.

Media is out of discipline and integrity editorially publishing fake news and creating fake news to sell ever more mindless crap in the endless rating wars. The spiral downward of those of us globally tuning out of news watching and turning to on line to get news is making ad dollars for media shrink to a fraction of what it was only ten years ago.

The public like Donald Trump is saying those famous words to all channels and news – YOUR FIRED.

That trend of audience collapse for media as media moves to a click world not a network world has shattered news ability to BE NEWS. Now news is rated every 10 minutes on PACKET STRENGTH for the rating pick up in each PACKET SEGMENT. We the PUBLIC seeing the NEWS become entertainment have new filters to NOT BELIEVE what we read or even see given the editing done even to what we are seeing. Impartial news without bias – you find that yesterday not tomorrow.

Tomorrow you find fake news to sell mindless crap.

Readers who are aware act with information they define pro actively on line and in context of real data as what is being presented is bias. Unlike real news of yesterday. Cronkite or goodnight CHET. Ah for those who remember those unbiased news golden age of media.

So 30,000 level DOW?

6400 DOW? Super Crash? When?

With Tax Reform some ways off from now without third party catastrophe like a contagion melt down CASCADE of deflation and debt defaulting in China.

We worry about the continued unabashed borrowing from Chain to fuel a phony baloney communist sham economy driven by a mount Everest of unpaid debt. Over ten years 3000 % more debt than GNP can pay the debt down or off.

The DEBT overhang is the most extreme ever developed by modern nations.

The assured correction will come for CHINA and the global markets will fail as it all unfolds as it must.

However the TAX REFORM gives us all TIME for a work around. Perhaps we could use SUPER BOND THEORY to fix China. I think we might.

Despite my facts and data on economics I am an optimist.

My fear remains distorted speculation and leverage creating a casino capitalism outside any national control or regulatory frame work for a first time every digital global casino capitalism. Casino Capitalism uses complex unregulated financial modeling and created instruments to wildly leverage assets into manipulation of all asset price classes to make insane profits at the expense of core economics. The result is always a distortion that ends in SUPER CRASH.

When no one can predict. We are still spiraling up manipulated leveraged values. Leverage will be larger now as cash seeks to leverage profit before borrowing costs rise to the next level from such low interest costs.

Meanwhile at year end a Congo dance of nations and companies downgrading their credit rating is unfolding. This means in 2018 and 2019 borrowing costs for over stretched nations like Venezuela and Italy will skyrocket when there is no cash to pay higher borrowing refinancing costs. At each downgrade in rating and elevation in credit costing – nations move closer to default contagion and bankruptcy.

City and States have the same issues like California Illinois and Chicago as borrowing refinancing costs soar now against shrinking options to pay such costs and keep the systems afloat. The sling shut will break at some point and the economy will drop to the ground.

When is what Tax Reform just gave us more time to wiggle around all this.

If you think THEY are fixing this problem think again.

There is a break down of global regulations for the first time since world war II. The World is now a digital casino capitalism. The regulations are all local to the blue sky of a nation. The Trades and circulation of 500 trillion dollars is all digital and in the CLOUD and outside any nation’s regulatory frame work.

The most urgent requirement to RE-THINK a GLOBAL regulatory frame work is required and desired.

Our blog has advocated for a G 100 Three year Constitutional economic summit – to develop a new box top rule set for world trade – removal of leveraged speculation and speculators from the system – and fair integrity invented process in digital landscape to assure full partnership for all nations …transparent in integrity – accountable, audible – no secrets. A revised updated global regulator frame work all of us can trust.

We get that before or without a WORLD WAR but one way or the other we get to it.

In digital space a G 100 box top reframe work for markets and trade is required to preclude abuse and system destruction.

Can we the human race do better?

Is it ok to have competitive capitalism and competitive Communism deliver 1% own more wealth than 99%? How does that consolidation of circulation do anything but impoverish billions in a system model of the few AGAINST the many?

Can we do better?

Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon world wide presents a solution. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as the fix. WE can ALL make that FIX happen. This Holiday read the book and make a Holiday low cost gift to others who are like minded and care about outcome security and futures for our unborn.

Can we do better?

Ask now can they do better. Ask only can YOU do better.

Berny Dohrmann – Father of Cooperative Capitalism Theory Modeling