Since 2016 when ISIS – upset I called them a gang of insane brains – consistently – hacked and brought my blog down – we have rebuilt from scratch. We don’t advertise. We don’t promote this Blog. Since the 1980’s this Blog on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT there – has been globally well read. Press, investment banking firms and banks, Private Equity and Hedge Funds, and cabinet level leadership and law makers read this blog. CEO’s of Enterprise firms world wide served by my own CEO SPACE in 140 nations read this blog. The most important reader is YOU and personally I am grateful YOU read this blog.

The FBI dropped by after the sovereign nation hacks and helped to preclude access and hacks into the future. So far so much better following Apple and FBI protocols. Rebuilding from zero readers in 2017 we are about pass 30,000 world wide, SUBSCRIBERS with 100,000’s of readers who are not subscribers but who make a favorite and check back often. So again thank YOU to that readership. We appreciate those who subscribe ( data bases have never been breached and we absolutely protect confidentiality due to the nature of WHO at the TOP reads this blog – 30 years and counting of privacy with zero breach ). We also appreciate our subscribers who click and comment. Your comments may disagree with what we post as many of you disagree and use the content as background. Over 97 predictions have been made here since 1988. We will be wrong for sure. But our track record is prophetic for those executing plans moving forward that are strategic and financial. Our goal is to RESEARCH like no other site on earth and present you with our best conclusions based on charts data and trends.

As a retied investment banker economist having run a public global investment banking firm and as Chairman Founder of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the worlds largest Entrepreneur Institution serving 140 nations – our expertise team is unique and hopefully precious to our readers.

My last post of the year on MARS for America – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION STRATEGY I ask all my readers to READ – to share – to repost and to DO THE 5 to do items suggested. It is our prediction we have a sixty month window count down to secure every American world defense and court of final resort dollar invested by American citizens with a DIME INVESTED for insurance to the entire defense game plans. MARS speaks for itself and we ask you to savor the economy of words for an enormous improvement in USA defensive superiority for 100’s of years within a single IP we are advocating to the planners and decision makers who are the DIFFERENCE MAKERS. Thank you for American readers for helping out. Your help DOES matter.


READ MARS our last post of the New Year save for our first post of the NEW YEAR – you are reading today.




If stability to world events in distribution of goods and services could preclude unforeseen volatility we would look to 2018 to be the best economic expansion year of all time. We moderate this HOPE and this PROMISE from market fundamentals, to advance specific cautions. These cautions include:

  • ETF digital training may be distorting global markets into a speculative casino capitalism outside national regulatory frame works of the past. Unknown new manipulations to asset price classes provide Super Bubbles in asset price classing and debt world wide that may burst. When is unknown but the risk is rising for the burst of the global SUPER BUBBLE.
  • The Super Bubble in all asset classes and global Debt is spiraling out of any historic pattern. The expansion this August if it unfolds without declining would be the longest global economic expansion in all markets in RECORDED HISTORY. As a correction is typically linked in time and severity to the length of the precessing boom and the height of that boom period, one can from past history expect a substantial eventual correction across market spectrums.
  • De-linkage a historic first time ever DE-LINKAGE of bonds, stocks and asset class influence on traditional groups and asset classes is now broken. We suspect the DE-LINKAGE breakage is due in part to the innovative never experienced before FED SUPER DEBT POLICY and its experiment to remove that accommodation to economics from the system. No one knows how the system will globally reply or what final outcome will be. All prior charts now DE-LINKED for the first time EVER – provide no clear GPS path to predict the future markets. Experts are flying blind truly for the first time in digital casino capitalism history.
  • Fed Policy – As the Fed is operating an uncontrolled experiment ( along with all global central banks ) to preclude a world depression and system collapse ( 2008 -2010 ) – to stimulate growth ( 2011 -2018 ) and to remove stimulations from the market ( 2017 – 2018 ) while in theory the market growth is now self sustaining. But no one knows unintended consequence. WE PREDICT “IF” the Fed raises interest rates to aggressively in 2018 and 2019 they may trigger a SUPER CRASH in world markets due to independence now on economic core fabrics. The DEBT LADEN World accommodating with FREE MONEY and borrowing has across a % of that debt and it remains a very HIGH % – inability to sustain debt at rapidly rising interest refinancing costs. A contagion or CASCADE ( new in economics ) is now possible at speeds we have never witnessed before. WE PREDICT the FED has under valued this risk aspect of their new policy moving forward. We feel TIME is the critical asset and MORE TIME to accommodation is required to destabilize NEW DIGITAL market spaces in all nations.
  • Energy – Energy is the core cost of everything – to make it – package it and transport it and recycle it. ENERGY markets are in a shift where 100 Year Gulf output dominance is being supplanted rapidly by USA output dominance as it was in the 1800’s that drove the industrial revolution. Further rapid demand fall off for oil as supplies soar, from thermal heat energy, American patented cheap hydrogen from water energy – SEE HYOX SUPER WATER  – Tesla – Solar – Wind – Tidal and more in natural energy – unlimited environmentally pure NATURAL GAS all USA leading – may drive a price volatility in markets – driven entirely by terrible speculation structures once illegal – such that wild cycling on energy valuations may work to -de-stablize all market investing moving forward. From pipe lines – on and off again to new supplies and distribution trunks the market is changing at a velocity energy has not experienced as a new AI and robotic ENERGY REVOLUTION is unfolding. The merry go round on energy innovation is picking up velocity and where this merry go round of new stable cheap inexhaustible supplies of energy stops no one can predict today. The market is in utter transformation as AI rises and no one can predict the outcome other than to suggest OPEC is fully obsolete and a total fraud today and the demise of OPEC is also picking up speed. As that implosion vacuum fills with new supply leaderships, we suspect new volatility in markets in 2018 and 2019 with great losers and winners. The old norm is dying and the new normal is not grounded fully YET. Rip tide in energy in 2018.
  • Terror and Political Unforseens – you an’t seen nothing yet. The notion ISIS and radical Islam ( which is not a religion or political belief system – but rather a form of human insanity – an expression of competitive thought extremes – a human insane impulse where any diversity is punished versus celebrated – is strong alive and spreading. Insanity – rage hatred and vengeance spreads much faster than the flu and far more rapidly than sanity which is cooperative – joy – love – and bliss. Competition is force and always requires justification and reaction. Cooperation is POWER and never requires any response whatsoever. Competition effects a few of us. COOPERATION ( Power ) effects all of us all of the time as sanity versus insanity. Terror the ultimate INSANITY ( being IN HUMAN – a lack of humanity ) will in its insane state – gather strength and momentum to attack the sane. All living things die hard. Ideas die hard. Insane ideas die hardest. Now circled by the growing sanity of cooperation insanity is dying. As it nears termination it will predictable act out in catastrophic ways. These 2018 and 2019 instabilities can effect markets at a time of maximum exposure to risk.
  • Mark Risk – Charts and graphs tell us that the historic 400 years of price earnings ratio’s in sane markets – are now insane. Worse in multiples and not supported by sane economics – across all asset classes. For the first time markets are fully price manipulated outside the old regulatory frame works. My book Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION presents a 2018 bible of economics on this topic. How to G 100 re-tool the regulatory frame of the first fully digital market space in human history. Today digital trading is manipulating prices to levels thought of as insane by economics of 2007 and 1927. The Depression speculation bubble did not include the scope of all asset classes into the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE EVER. These manipulations are software against software in an absolute AI Cold War across nations, hackers, and criminal agencies and markets. All never known or experienced before. In less than 10 years a NEW CASINO CAPITALISM underwritten by evolving ever improving software platforms at WAR FOR PROFITS with other software platforms within ever advancing real AI. Who wins the AI wars will rule the world as Putin suggested in 2017. We agree. As the new never seen before CASINO CAPITALISM software world economic markets outside nation or central bank influence or controls – is advancing into new lions and tigers and bears we note as the software moves ever forward toward OZ along the yellow Brick road of risk-less risk ( an oxymoron in markets ) the risk for my readers – the risk for you and for “I” – remains SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. As nations and institutions in soaring interest rates rising from a decade of ZERO FREE MONEY – adjust – many are too leveraged to accommodate the higher interest rate costing. They will fail. The failure can be catastrophic in SUPER DEBT BUBBLE MARKETS. The CASCADE OF SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT DEFAULTING and unforeseen in New Year 2018 institutional DEBT DEFAULTING within the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE – commencing with CHINA – is a CONTAGION RISK to the entire system from we believe SPRING 2018 forward. Will the USA TAX STIMULUS be an offset to central bank tightening economic liquidity within the system to re-balance the system in growth over time? This is the single unknown that is the RISK barometer we would micro managing watchfulness upon in the NEW YEAR.

With these unknowns, now KNOWN, my readers have the dichotomy of choice. On the near term the Tax Stimulus in the USA – the largest in 100 years – should propel first massive stock buy backs and ramp ups within the Lower money cost of the moment further casino manipulating stock prices to engineering price trading levels. Unknown is the speed and velocity acceleration and momentum or VAM that the benefactors of tax reduction will invest in economic plant, equipment, repatriation of capital and up bubble to USA core economics long term.

IF VAM is retarded by other unforeseen outcomes to tax policy the risk to the economy grows larger. The USA DEBT will become a counter weight to growth. IF VAM is patriotically self realized as a response to the trust of CONGRESS to the private sector – the outcomes may reduce USA debt burden and secure a prosperity that may unfold for three to five more years creating the longest boom cycle in recorded history.

There are risks to this model and we have informed you of those risks. The outcome in 2018 is predictable – NO ONE CAN PREDICT. Within these new variables as we now go down the yellow brick road along new economic modeling the world has no prior history to predict from within. Keep that sentence in your primary thinking as fact.

Finally we suggest having first reported in October globally that APPLE is in pure crises – that:

  1. Apple may influence the entire market into a route.
  2. Almost a dozen class action suits are approved by courts against Apple for untold billions in damage due to the Stealth upgrade Apple produced ( basically a lie to its customers ) that slowed old phones down.
  3. Apply quality has been slaughtered by Tim Cook whose personal income went up 46% by massive millions in 2017 – while Apple released the worst hardware and software in memory.
  4. Enormous BRAND TRASHING has moved millions to buy other brands as Apple is losing MARKET SHARE due to quality saving to boast Tim’s personal income – and failed policies by Tim Cook, that is the destruction of Apple core trust with its enamors customer base. It will take a decade to repair the damage Tim Cook has created inside the 2018 CRISES IN APPLE MANAGEMENT only repaired when the Board appoints a replacement to Tim, at a Steve Jobs level of culture and innovation genius.
  5. Until then we fear unfolding APPLE ROT will influence the entire Technology field with a thank God for Besos and Amazon leadership. The crises is one of INTEGRITY Tim. The courts will decide very likely Tim Cook’s integrity SUCKS. An Apple first since Job’s – BRAND SLAUGHTER by Tim Cook.

As an Apple Shareholder – I type on a new current maximized MAC BOOK PRO with three fixes so far and they tell me they can’t really fix it because the flaws is a permanent manufacturing quality flaw from China. My new IPHONEX is so buggy I can’t purchase from the App Store – it locks up as Apple never did and fails – constantly to execute – and wrong screens etc – in the 5th upgrade to fix all this within our massive user complaints on record ( including my own multiples ) suggesting an APPLE IN 2018 CRISES.

First the released god awful buggy hardware and software.

Then they failed to inform us with integrity and explain any fix.

Then they lied.

Now we – all of us – no longer trust them as we once did. All those wonderful cause related devoted employee’s destroyed by the CEO Tim Cook and a Board who allows it to continue . The market is wising up. The Press is wising up. While year end sales exploded for Amazon and Tim Cooks income exploded say 46% in 2017 alone – Apple stock for shareholders like “me” fell 5% at year end while everyone else set records. We predict with Apple you an’t seen nothing yet as these scandals overwhelm Tim Cook. What has been secret is becoming public. Tim it is time for YOU TO GO.

Everyone we predict will see that unfold in 2018.

That is what is going on out there in record freeing weather in the USA Today – 17 below zero with wind chill factors – some of Canada is today colder on New Years than the North Pole and colder than MARS. Think about that.

So as the big ball in the Big Apple home to my investment banking years and a second home New York CITY for this 5th generation San Franciscan – we retire a record all time boom year 2017 into a rising up ramping up tax reform benefited 2018 year – and all of its hope and promise. We have North Korea coming to the table – Iran imploding from within – Russia wishing to cooperate with the USA – and a reason to enjoy a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in every nation of the world – with surprising less violence in the world and less murders in New York City than anytime in 50 years. Think about THAT trend for sanity. Despite what you read day to day – violence reported in real time – is by data tracking going DOWN.

Peace is going UP.

The world is cooperating as never before and that trend toward sanity ( the leaders are reading my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – the stuff of Nobel Prizes ). Competition is retarding as a mind thought form. Insanity is in decline.

2018 does not look like another good year.

2018 looks like – despite the risks on board – a truly GREAT YEAR for 7 billion of the citizens of the world village.

I wish you effortless abundance, every possible dream, contentment, and the celebration of YOUR OWN NEW YEAR.

Berny Dohrmann – Final Report on WHAT IS GOING ON in 2017…..


                               HAPPY New Years & Thank YOU !~ 


Post a New Year Comment to me….I just can’t wait. to read them




Rome fell when the barbarians – a label and fake news 2000 years back when – for those who would not cooperate and join Rome. Those who competed. As the barbarians the competitors against the cooperation and aligned nations of the entire world at the time – obtained the weapons of Rome, Rome fell after ions of ruling – in less than sixty months.

America is Rome.

The United States is vulnerable to sixty hours of wipe out. The issue is asymmetrical war fare. You can read up on this statistically with DOD consultant and adviser to the CIA – NSA – And Congress Kevin Freeman with his master works on this data – THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN. Available on Amazon. For those seeking to protect the world as it is and the home land that maintains the world as it is some effort to become informed and active to MARS is relevant.

The risks to America include:

  • Stealth missiles and satellites in orbit that explode nuclear weapons in space. Say three over the USA. We can’t really tell who did it. In 90 seconds the EMP pulse wipes out what? Say all transportation – planes trains trucks cars all – all home wiring – all electric grids – all means of production as all chips fry – no records exist – no credit records – land records – nothing. No food moves. No toilet paper can be made. America is in 90 seconds a rural farm community needing horses. 300 million weapons then come into play and anarchy exists in 72 hours. No communication. No air-conditioning in Arizona. No cable. No Internet. No anything. You are not going to be saved America. You are going to need to have a GAME PLAN and save yourself. IT is 90 seconds and any rogue nation can do it let alone a super power.
  • Digital Warfare – attacking our markets as in World War III in 2008 as THAT was the world’s first digital attack. Read Game Plan or remember our blog reporting that stated it all FIRST as always. Now consider every power grid and financial firm has been already hacked. Lets pretend warfare level trojans were planted. Then bam – the digital trigger and all records are wiped. – all power is off – all water – all communications and it is not coming back on. 90 seconds.
  • Russia Subs have developed capacity to in 90 seconds cut the half a million miles of 230 different cable intercontinental connections upon which modern internet and life revolve. Cut those and all communication is down and not to be restored. Takes 200 Subs with low tech 90 seconds. We are watching them rehearse this.
  • Strategic – Nukes – Say Seattle is gone – thats Boeing Microsoft Amazon and Starbucks to name a few – all records gone and it is not coming back. Say LA – all entertainment and East West EU trade perhaps now more important than New York but add in New York. That is three only in 90 seconds. Bam.

The problem is mutually assured destruction does not work when a) you don’t know who to strike and b) your down from first strike. And this only considers a few of the easy low cost options to the competitors of the world order – those who refuse to cooperate. Sanity versus insanity.

The crises is without MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION which is relatively low cost DEFENSE AND SURVIVAL General Mathis – as you said The USA CAN ALWAYS AFFORD SURVIVAL – MARS makes MADD work again. Without MARS not so much. America is sixty months more vulnerable than anytime in our history.




We propose The President of the United States by Presidential Directive and Order – establish the MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY led by Kevin Freeman.  Phylis Newhouse CEO of XTREME SOLUTIONS the # 1 anti hacking entity in the world today – Phylis who was part of installing the DOD CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER be second in command to Kevin Freeman.  Congress would fund the agency permanently as a DOD resource for survival in todays vulnerable pre AI age. The plan unfolds like this:

  1. Yuka Mountain in Nevada Hardened with billions invested for storing nuclear waste than abandoned – is upgraded to survive direct nuclear hits and EMP pulse after Pulse.
  2. The city inside the mountain houses the most advance super computers and storage on earth – with self sustained power from hydrogen electricity that can’t be taken off line –  via water inside the mountain -with technologies in place today.
  3. Real time back up by new laws, of all critical information – credit card records – government record back ups – from Social Security to Military critical – real estate records – banking – investment banking – Amazon to Google. In real time being backup up current to the minute. Protected unhackable and stored off line in protected AIA for the age of digital warfare.
  4. Manufacturing capacity for chips and restoring in 90 days all communication and outages including electrical production capacity – for grids – with massive storage of generators and capacity.
  5. A million lines of Fiber ready to restore services – military space launch vehicles to restore vital communications nation wide over a short time window.

As Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION – MARS is created – just creating it changes modern warfare outcomes and makes AMERICA UNDEFEATABLE. Without MARS the US is 90 seconds from total collapse as the barbarians have acquired the weapons of Rome.

Russia is creating stealth cruise torpedo’s that travel at 3000 miles an hour – thats really fast in water – and strike harbors without any defense we have on any basis – so that all major ports are taken out nation wide in 90 seconds. How do we win that war without MARS?




Prior age concepts of war are obsolete today. Rapidly unfolding is new capacity and threats that leave America fragile and vulnerable like Rome. Denial did not serve Rome well. Rome had the decisive military power in the world. However Rome was sacked so fast and all the payments to all those military resources stopped – and Rome was gone. They failed to see that warfare itself had shifted into something new – asymmetrical warfare versus lining up troops to battle other lines of troops.

Over the coming sixty month time frame – without MARS the USA is vulnerable as NEVER BEFORE to AI – digital warfare – and asyemetrical warfare. World War III began with the digital warfare attack on our markets in 2008 and the West almost went down completely with utter bank and financial system ruin. It was close. Thanks to Bernake, Gietner and Paulson and players like Roel Campos the unseen army behind them the digital attack was truncated. It was close. We are losing the battles…..but we can still win the war.

Victory requires MARS. Now you KNOW.

NEW Thinking war planners need to embrace the low cost solution of MARS as a new Federal DOD Agency. Roel Campos in Washington DC with the venerable firm of Hughes and Hubbard a leading top tier financial back bone law firm – and former SEC COMMISSIONER  and who assisted to save the financial system of the entire world in 2008 – is my attorney for MARS due diligence for agencies and I suggest with his 16 years in White House Service – the White House.

MARS is the solution.

Without MARS the fall of Rome is a matter of time. We have sixty months as a window our enemies know is our most vulnerable moment. Think about THAT time window without MARS protecting our infrastructure. MARS IS THE MISSING IP FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA AND USA SECURITY.

How would the unborn generations see us if we failed to protect THEM ALL from harms way….knowing full well and our leaders know full well the issues that are rising and facing us right this minute. MARS defeats all asymmetrical warfare incoming. Without MARS we as a super power remain open to total destruction in 90 minutes or 90 seconds.


America is vulnerable to implosion without MARS. The threat is real immediate and growing – and urgency is the next item where nothing is truly more important for the nation than MARS. The missing mechanism for our security for generations into the future.

Without MARS the USA is on a thin line of ice and is vulnerable to asymmetrical  warfare which is all data point laid out as to our enemies planning – in THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman the most knowledgable player for the new SECRETARY CABINET DIRECTOR OF THE MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY. We have a window of less than 60 months to act and I suggest 2018 is the WHEN we simply MUST act.

The reason for this blog is to call YOU to act.

What can YOU DO?

Plenty. You can copy this blog to your law maker and ask them to support MARS strategy. The Mid Year election is the most critical election in 100 years for America. I don’t care who wins. I care if candidates you vote for are platform prioritizing MARS if elected.

You can forward a copy to your military contacts and to General Mathis. Circulate this to the branches of the DOD and your service leadership. Its important if you have contacts work them up and everyone can copy this with your letter to General Mathis at DOD. You CAN ACT is what is required now of all of us.

WE HAVE ALL THE POWER….if we act together. Collectively. No politics. Just survival.

You can forward copies to the President and the Cabinet.  Please take this urgent and important step – YOU not some other reader. YOU. Each of us. We all take the action and DO IT NOW.


Or you can DO NOTHING which is the only MASSIVE problem with America. At core it is thinking what we do has no consequence. That is wrong. What you DO is in fact ALL. Everything. What you don’t do is equally powerful.


Kevin and I are working on MARS for FIVE YEARS NOW. We need a little help from our friends. Movements effect the few – revolutions effect everyone of us. It is time to step up.

Yesterday I wrote Apple was in crises and to sell out of Apple. Today Apple stock is crashing first day after the holiday. Being right and being accurate and being FIRST is legendary to this blog – from fighting ISIS to protecting your nest egg from market tea leaf’s we help you read at the bottom of your cup each and every day. If you read and sold Apple at the high you won – if you read and did nothing – your stock in Apple went down. Why? Tim missed his 50 million iPhone X by 20 million in sales coming in at 30 million rather than his assurance it would come in at 50 million largest miss in Apple History  – Tim has lied misrepresented and slaughtered the Apple Brand in 2018 and buy blog reports what media is only beginning to pick up THE CRISES AT APPLE and its huge for all markets and the why. .The Apple Board needs a JOBS level visionary and leader  to run Apple and Tim has got  to GO. We predicted it all  and BAM world markets react to this blog. Those who read often watch blogs reported here FIRST always become news in 24 to 72 hours world wide. The PRESS ARE READING THIS BLOG .

My blog effects those who act and they thank me. As they remain in safe harbor with financial storms sliding across their protected sea wall. Information is reality in 2018. Accurate information is not virtual reality but is bible to those making choices. It is increasingly hard to locate ..accurate information without spin. What is really going on is always economic folks and political actions are moved by the money. You all know this. But seeing ahead of the billions to spin your mind requires some effort to stay current.

THIS BLOG keeps you CURRENT on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT there which is WHY we ask you to NEW YEAR SHARE THIS BLOG with your tribe – make a favorite – come back often or subscribe . STAY AHEAD OF INFORMATION. It is your winner’s edge. Now back to MARS.

Today my blog effects every unborn American and the future of the FREE WORLD as we know it today. MARS is their safe harbor. Their sea wall. Without MARS America as we knew it will cease to exist. The asymmetrical war plans are well developed and now timed to our most vulnerable moment. President Trump stands in their way and they do fear his lack of prediction and absolute devotion to Making America GREAT AGAIN. A man that earns over 800 million annually in personal income, does not require influence at any level to make a decision and world leaders who earn 250,000 dollars a year understand the difference in economic literacy and perspective. Still Trump can not win without MARS and with MARS he can’ t lose. In our opinion. Also love Trump or hate Trump he score card is solid economics, honoring his promises, and he is the President who can’t be bought or influenced. Perhaps the first in a long long while. Incoming money spins this President has roll off him like water off a duck’s feathers. He marches to his own agenda and the super money pools are at war as he seeks to reform the core system which is so bought and paid for.

However without MARS we call go down. So all sides come together on MARS. Because we MUST. Its AMERICAN. Binding. THE BOND. All of us as ONE.

President Putin stated – the nation that wins the AI wars – real self aware intelligent AI and  THAT new specifies IS  coming – self learning self maintaining a new specifies of higher life than we actually are as we co create the future of earth itself . President Putin intends to win that  AI war. As his hackers are better than ours and Putin has hacked all our AI inventions he runs ahead at the moment. Make no mistake about that.  He said that NATION THAT WINS THE AI WARS WILL RULE THE WORLD.

MARS intends for that AI that wins the AI WARS to exist in Yuka Mountain such that the USA wins the AI wars we invented ourselves –  and America is un-defeatable for 1000 years. But it now  requires in 2018 ( as time is running out )  the new MARS AGENCY to create that victory over asymmetrical warfare in 2018.

No Mars – no America and the old world order dies. I make prophecy here. We fiddle while Rome burns to the ground – or we act and put out the fires before an American asymmetrical fire storm destroys our systems and way of life in 90 minutes.

With Mars the America experiment is on going and self correcting for ever newels of real hope and promise and a power for real good upon the earth. Far from perfect but always improving from mistakes and its own shames unlike so many nations. Moving to be better is AMERICA and nothing else can be asked of any people. Our dirty laundry is all out in the public and unlike other nations where such public knowing is incarcerated for blogs like mine. I treasure I won’t go to prison for writing my truth to the world in AMERICA. Keep that holy grail in your mind as one core truth.

America is the hope and promise of the entire world.

With the economy surpassing Donald Trumps Jan promise – you will see GNP – gross national productivity rise to over 3% in 2017 – where every economist and Fed expert said “no way” it is just not possible from the 1% Obama inherited GNP in Jan 2017 – than  in bashing like no President has ever seen from all media for all year long. The USA is in FACT despite all they bashing – actually rising up from 3%  and HIGHER and now following the best retail season EVER IN HISTORY and with tax reform GNP  is rising higher and higher – Just like President Trump promised upon assuming office – along with booming energy from oil exports as we – AMERICA becomes the largest producer of energy in the entire world. Which makes the USA DOLLAR the strongest currency on the earth globally compared to anything else there is no comparison. Economically.

At this point in our prosperity we can afford MARS and we must install MARST as a new DOD Federal Agency. The most urgent matter for America is survival. MARS producers absolute survival in times of asymmetrical warfare. MARS can be effective in 12 months with resource allocations. And Grow in deterrence and strength from there. The SUPER FEMA for the nation itself.

MARS the only item missing in our defense strategy today.

Far more important than man flight to the moon or mars – is MARS to insure everything else is protected. But if YOU and you alone fail to DO SOMETHING – the risk rises as the clock is nearing doomsday bell ringing. I may be wrong but I believe we have less than sixty months.

Its a race really. I think you all can see that. You can feel that. Our enemies will read this blog having done everything they can to derail MARS for five years. Now we do bypass surgery to get a leadership consensus because you TAKE ACTION. YOU my readers.I am calling upon YOU to DO SOMETHING. Read on.

No other priority is more urgent. For the survival of AMERICA.

No other action gives more benefit for less cost. For the USA and its unborn generations.

The issue revolves around YOU. What will YOU do now. Will you copy this item? Will you spend a little time to snail mail and make a illumination from geographies all over the nation as YOU lead a revolution in solutions for our country.

Patriotism is more than standing and pledging allegiance to one another as a community that is at core never divided at core – ( so misunderstood by other countries and peoples about US the USA ) . One nation. Under God. Indivisible.

America requires much of us. Its citizens.

We are the seeds of the future of our nation.


Jack Kenney pitched my first little league game. Its in my book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD. He gave us all…ask not what your country can do for YOU rather ask ..what can YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

We count. We matter. What we DO and what we fail to do matters. In the click age YOU matter if you take action.

Mars – repost this on your blogs – make it viral on your walls with links to it – across the world this is important for everyone.

The MARS AGENCY is the survival and prosperity and like MADD is the ultimate DETERRENT TO THOSE WHO WOULD USE ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE AGAINST US.

The SOLUTION IS ON LINE taking our half decade of work to YOU.

If you read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN you will see such a compelling case for MARS and the URGENCY of this new Federal Agency.

Nothing is MORE urgent or important for the survival of America and folks the clock IS TICKING as our enemies know our moment of maximum vulnerability.





  1. Copy this blog to blogs everywhere and viral the link to as many social platforms as you can.
  2. Copy in hard print copy to your law makers in Congress with your own cover letter advocating Mars.
  3. Copy General Mathis at DOD with your cover letter advocating MARS.
  4. Copy President Donald Trump and advocate for MARS.
  5. Copy Steve Bannon to elect 2018 leaders advocating MARS.

Democrates we need you to do this with your leadership. MARS is bipartisan and has no party. Mars is the sons and daughters of America. Republicans – democrats – independents.

I ask you to  embrace something you truly can do and invest a POWER HOUR – print this page -post it in your work space – and DO 1 to 5.


Berny Dohrmann – Father of the MARS STRATEGY FOR AMERICA 2018






The ever tolerant Apple fan consumer base – is at the breaking point of experience failing to meet expectation. The crises grid is exploding over:

  1. UnAmerican job and quality manufacturing removing any made in America from its ever now premium diversity to secure profits and demonstrate predatory practices once not part of the proud Apple leadership culture.
  2. Changes in systemic quality control so that the most GOD AWFUL buggy – five upgrades in 90 days – have not fixed the issues – and for example I still can’t buy from the App Store due to bugs in clicks to do so – that prevent iPhone X on some Verizon servers from access – buggy – and the first version was a REBOOT nightmare of a software – all on TIM and all on his profit over quality modeling. Apple can not get its software version to work without so many flaws user complaints are now at an all time record high in Apple history of complaint records. Thats a crises growing at Apple folks.
  3. Today Apple is CLASS ACTION SUED for secrecy Jobs culture never fostered where users had their phones slowed down SECRETLY without telling them – without options for them – all hidden in an update as older phone batteries were shutting phones down due drains on power from cpu’s – and old old batteries in iPhone 6 and earlier models. They SNUCK IT IN over an update failing to tell the truth ( again ) and only admitted THE TRUTH over the Holidays when the news was more or less buried –  when the suit was being developed and filed last week –  to hold Apple accounting for FRAUD LIES and deceit to its customer base as if the user has no discerning consumer rights. The courts will sort all that out. The suit is BIG and is buy class action of Millions and millions of Apple CUSTOMERS who are FURIOUS.
  4. Hardware has been so dicey phones have bent in half and cases broken as batteries swelled. Apple lack of transparency or apology is a culture change – no longer to do they honor their customers as Jobs culture once did – now they hide and spin and under the carpet in the TIM failed model for Apple. I have a new MAC BOOK. Almost ten grand. I’m on my third screen. Glue leaks through the screen and ruins it. They have no fix. They now tell us anything but water will cause it and not to use apple screen cleaner we were told to us but now know triggers the clue release from the manufacturer DEFECT – TIM – Jobs whom I mentored would never not ever allow this and you did Tim and you fucked us. I’m not amused Tim and there are so many bugs in software and hardware now your brand is being SLAUGHTERED and the PRESS IS ABOUT TO LAND ON YOUR HOME DOOR MAT sonny. You got to know when to fold them as the song goes…..The Apple quality control model following Jobs death has been sacrificed for profits first not quality first which is a huge change since Jobs and that is all on reforming systems for profits undertaken by the competency limitation – Tim Cook.
  5. Tim has failed to work to get hundreds of billions – more than most nations have in cash reserves for their sovereign nations -as off shore pay not taxes reserves from decades of profit making –  globally – back into the USA with investments in the nation that built Apple to the world. Nothing but token pennies on dollars – no real investment commitment to AMERICA. American jobs. American innovation. The new innovation capitol for Apple is CHINA. No new plants. No strategy to repatriate 100’s of billions of tax free money – to AMERICA to create futures that benefit AMERICA FIRST. Under TIM  A growing customer base is not amused at the UnAmerican tax avoidance and the effort to earn, and spurn the home country. Tim speaks like a politician. The problem is Tim acts like one as well. Politics run Apple today and economics are focused on greed and profit versus obsession to make sure the customers never experience what they have experienced from brand slaughtering TIM in 2017. Worst I’ve seen post Scully and to Apple employee and team leaders – we LOVE YOU and know YOU CAN FIX IT with an upgrade in leadership to drive home the those solutions from the present management crises at APPLE. I can sum up the crises in three words. Tim. Tim Tim. Send this to a board member or two. Hope they checked in on customer complaints to see the Mount Everest of Pain taking place in the neighborhood of APPLE BRAND SLAUGHTER.

Denial isn’t cutting it Tim boy.

Oh Tim is great with words. But really – what Tim does is the issue. What he has DONE is create a crises at Apple. One man. Doing his best when his best is lacking completely what is NEEDED.

If Tim comes out with his big new ISCROLL in future periods – as the first big innovation since Jobs graduated – make a  note that IP  came from me ….not from Apple. It was a gift to the Ivy team from a Jobs mentor who loves the people culture and products of Apple. We’ll see how that plays out – as the gratitude and inclusion of IP innovation ( worth untold billions ) was protected and acknowledged under Jobs. See WOZ for a reference. Under Tim ….ah ….not so much. As its all about TIM.

But as an investment banker economist I judge a book by its cover. Tim is the cover. Its a bad cover for a great Apple future story.

Tim – you are over your head with all  your  best intentions. In my opinion son. Your legacy is simple Tim boy. You fucked Apple and its brand quality while producing we suspect record all time earnings – you know while children work in  forced over time in your factories in Asia,  at age 11 to 13. Yeah your the bomb alright Timmy – one secret discovered after another as to HOW YOU deliver those earnings. It is slaughter for culture and brand. As you exploit babies to deliver your output for the high margins you demand for bonus revenue as your shares blossom with earnings from that exploitation. Your spin and PR fail to tell us the whole truth and the whole truth is not pretty TIM. The Truth does COME OUT and it is coming out now Tim. Your once sexual allocation from your own crises. Another area your button down the hatches in the Apple work space. Fear never was in Apple Work Space after Scully. It is now. Though. Isn’t it Tim?

Bezos and Amazon do the earnings dance within a culture prance that works. They set THE EXAMPLE of what MAKES AMERICA GREAT ALL OVER AGAIN – as Apple once did but that leadership crown is now set on a hall way table under you CASEAR Tim. You Fiddle while Rome Burns.

Tim your legacy unlike John Scully and his economic lack of core competence to source the future of a firm like Apple – is simple. Your Legacy is to select the competent replacement for Steve not YOU who CAN and who WILL SOURCE APPLE into the future.

That IS your LEGACY Tim.

Your last card.

Fired or retired.

Scandals or Legacy?

Either way your day in the sun is done Tim and you of all people know that. The issue is scandal or legacy moving into your own graceful release. The time has come. The time is now. Ask now in a tale of twin Apples for whom the bell tolls Tim as in 2018 the board and shareholders well know this bell TOLLS FOR THEE Tim – the bell tolls for thee.  How can you least negatively effect Apple shareholders – and I say this being ONE OF THEM….as you replace Jobs with a competency that truly re-sources Apple to be full of the SOURCE. That is your final card Tim out the door. How you will be remembered if you are competent enough do do THAT. if not…we’ll memories die hard Tim.

So Tim, it is as Al Gore sung from stages everywhere….

..it is in 2018….time for you to gooooo……

AND OF COURSE – everyone slaving away at Apple knows THAT TIM. They all know THAT. Your team saves you but the jig is up. Your core competency – is too low at the  water line to source  to run Apple. You have done your best Tim. And your best…. fell way the FUCK SHORT in 2017 and leading up to 2017 TIM, and the firm is in legal and other crises that will supersede your time at the helm. Tim do the right thing.

Legacy. Find a JOBS.

As that may well be totally  beyond your core  competency – or you would have done it already – get a team and define the leader of tomorrow. When asked who replaces you this quarter your saying they are “legion” requires an exorcist not a board resolution.  Apple can pull its rails from under the sea that the JOBS replacement  listing is now creating a dark hole at APPLE created by YOU TIM  – with shareholder drag certain  to follow after the 2018 first half earnings – not to be duplicated in 2019 as the death spiral begins to share price  – so Steve NOW “IS” THE TIME….to end the unfolding Apple in Crises – and the crises is going to focus soon in the press Tim. Brand Slaughter takes forever to recover from.

The growing crises belongs to whose chair Tim?

ON YOU TIM…the CEO …its all upon….YOU. Only you.

Brand slaughter is the sin the Board can not continue to just watch. 2018 is a NEW YEAR and for Apple….it had better be one without Tim as CEO. Or…predictions made on this blog will shake economics in technology around the world….you can trust me on that as you protect your own positions.

If you buy low and sell high? I’d get those year end earnings and stock bumps on Apple and SELL OUT COMPLETELY. Why? Because Tim as your leader has his head pulled out of his butt and stuck in the hole between his feet economically is why. Strategically Apple is one China change in world tension with say the USA away from total implosion of its model. Tim failed to diversify supply line chains to overcome utter dependance on one nation. Not the USA. China. If one suspects China is about to SUPER CRASH as I suspect – Tim is in for a whale amount of pain his successor will be forced to resolve over enormous time and loss lines for apple long term.

Why? Failed weak plans, wrong teams, and resources misallocations or no allocations.Tim has taken the easy fast way up. The long way down takes 72 minutes.

Berny Dohrmann – The Truth About Apple in spin and crises in 2018


PS: Media bought and paid for? Where is the front page story sequels CRISES AT APPLE? Where is the 60 MINUTE SPECIAL – APPLE ROT – you can count on one thing…..its all coming. Trust me on that one.




A high % of oil -some experts calculate 50% of all barrels sold, are refined into 1100 products of which we have no replacements. Say plastique from bags to containers to your syringe for insulin. Manufacturing parts, automotive, technology and more. Modern life stops without the oil basis for it all.

The other % we burn up to move ourselves or goods around. The Stanley steamer’s setting speed records at the turn of the century, defined we can move ourselves and goods around without oil, without pollution, and cheap. But we elected to abandon that technology save at the last stop the Stanley Brothers made in Colorado where the Stanley Hotel ( our team saved and preserved for all time with Frank Normali ) and Stanley Steamers still transport guests all round in 2018. No oil.

In 2018 the issue is price, as Gulf Producers require 60 dollar plus price, without volatility to finance their forward budgets. They have been in the RED INK borrowing like drunken sailors which is not sustainable.

China the largest user of oil next to the USA, is borrowing like a drunken sailor as oil prices rise and not so much with oil prices lower. China is moving away from OIL in electricity production and transporting shifting to all electric sources made from natural gas – cleaner burning coal – atomic power, wind, tidal and related solar that they lead in, as oil demand is about to globally plunge off a cliff.

Oil Fake News is put out by the GULF spin doctors spending billions to incidence price. They can’t control price any longer as supply is swung by the USA.

The OPEC policy sought to manipulate prices as they did since the 1950’s due to their dominance in supply, even though their dominance is now lost forever. OPEC is actually unwinding and falling apart. Why? Saudi failed economics. Seriously fatal economic policy. Saudi’s plan has paid untold billions of cash from cash starved members like Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Iraq, and others, who are not aligned with Saudi’s agenda in the world. They lost and are loosing so many 100’s of billions you can’ count it today, to transfer their wealth and their market share to their non OPEC market producers.


Because OPEC customers to not wish to pay PREMIUM for a cheap abundant and naturally replenishing supply of a resource the earth remakes. The EARTH is shitting and farting oil and gas. The Fake News the supply is rare and not renewable is a LIE. Is a FRAUD. 200 year old wells are all full again. The Earth is restocking. There is ZERO SHORTAGE.

Gasoline should be 25 cents and everyone would still make money at the pump. The difference is a tax upon the peoples of the earth and the core reason 7 billion are impoverished with a billion starving to death in 2018 which is not sane, it is insane. Politics running economics.

The Truth is always what is missing.

So in 2014 OPEC sought to DESTROY utterly once and for all American technology to produce cheap endless oil supplies from its shale. America has more reserves than all of OPEC including Russia combined. It is not opening these reserves to market.

The FAILED OPEC policy has said to the customers locked into OPEC for half a century:

  1. Pay us premium prices a tax on you all – to get oil from us.
  2. Our oil is dirtier oil and requires more money to process.
  3. Don’t buy cheaper oil from non OPEC.
  4. Don’t buy lower cost oil from non OPEC.
  5. Stay with us and we’ll what – invest some of your dumb and dumber money – your money – back into your nation. Spend a dollar with us and we’ll invest ten cents back.

So this plan – given China and others are educated at HARVARD has not worked.

The Buyers have chosen to buy cheaper oil, lower cost process oil, while they cut back on over all demand.

The OPEC numbers on demand and demand growth have proven to be fake news. Oil demand is falling off a cliff. At a speed the OPEC also educated at CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD are scrambling to revise – and spin, and advocate the true lower demand numbers are FAKE NEWS when in fact the FAKE NEWS is from OPEC on demand.

It is complicated. IT is the biggest economic war of our age and time. Technology theft is the second. Which is effecting oil as cost to refine produce and distribute plunges.

Oil is cheap.

Oil is not rising in price it is dropping.

The only reason oil prices have risen is SPECULATOR MANIPULATIONS to a market without laws and regulation as it once knew.

So 1000’s of millions are invested in OIL velocity in various markets side betting on FUTURE PRICES which effect today’s real prices. Ultimately the over supply which is rising and the falling demand which is modeling growth to markets, will impact OPEC to destruction. OPEC is a dead cartel walking.

The market share wars are lost.

America will pass Saudi OPEC and Russia as the largest producer of oil and remain the largest Producer of the COST OF EVERYTHING forever. The old oil model is shattered. The new oil market is forging alliances. Customers and suppliers.

The wealth of the market is shifting.


Make the wrong bets and you cause a world depression. Oil is the cost under everything.

Make the right bets and you can prosper forever.

The bets are seeking to preserve the old SAUDI economic model. That model as dead as the Saudi Monarchy which has a limited shelf life as new box top rules for Gulf Law are also emerging. 40% youth unemployment in Saudi can not be over come by debt and family pay outs which are too small too late and co dependance is not a real economic model. For a nation.

Failed economics versus politics is the real enemy.

Competition versus cooperation is always sanity versus insanity.

Economics versus speculator price influence.

In 2018 the supply of oil will be greater than the demand. We predict that in the first quarter of the New Year the following will occur:

  1. The UK pipeline will fully restore supply from the North Sea to markets.
  2. The over supply and rising reserves will soar and ships will store oil at seas and harbors miles out of the ports like San Francisco is today and as New Orleans is today.
  3. The over priced stock market will rebalance and correct after a period of peaking to new highs from the new signed TAX REFORM LAWS in the USA.
  4. The cost of oil will remain volatile and beyond OPEC to control and Russia will be the first to say one thing and do another – buy back its own market share and abandon Saudi failed economics which have been harming the RUSSIAN PEOPLES.
  5. Others will follow and OPEC will shatter in forward years.

There is no future for PRICE MANIPULATION CARTELS in free markets.

Price manipulation is legal theft of all 7 billion of us. Price manipulation is fraud and should put criminals who foster such price manipulations into long jail sentences as they do more harm than any thief does robbing a bank branch.

Too big to JAIL?

That is part of justice reform if ever justice reform takes hold.

Rule of LAW or criminals just pay fines to make crimes go away why those who lack those resources populate the prisons. of the world with no victims no violence for 80% of the crime and simply harsh terrible sentences to lock up more % of populations – in say America per 100,000 than China Russia or North Korea. AMERICA has the faster growing city on earth PRISON Populated largely by folks who should not be in those prisons at all. If you have never been you have no clue and what you think is justice is a FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM TO INNOVATE AND KEEP UP WITH SUPER CHANGE in society.

Justice reform is one answer. The first folks who need to go to jail are price fixers and manipulators and cartels seeking market control.


Laws and regulations moderate greed.

Or laws and regulations support greed and legal theft as they do now.

If the crooks control law making – society is in decline.

If society wakes up and integrity controls law making – society is in ascendency.

Where do YOU think the world’s societies are today?

If societies compete they are insane and in decline.

If societies cooperate they are in ascendency and sane.

Where do you. think Global societies are this Christmas?

Ascending or declining?

DO you think there is a crises in leadership?

Or a crises in INTEGRITY?

Do you think political secrets running economics creates decline?

Do you think economics inside integrity with zero secrets is in ascendency?

Which system do you think is sane or insane?

Do you think the poor are getting more impoverished?

Do you think the 1% who own more wealth world wide than 99% are getting even richer?

Do you think the box top ( political ) rules that keep such elite’s safe is sane or insane?

If you seek to remove human suffering globally ask yourself while you sit on side lines and fail to become active politically and work to change the system at core….to those who suffer the most….how long will YOU make THEM ….wait……?

Sanity or insanity?

At Christmas time.

I just watched the Christmas story of NICHOLAS the real Santa Clause. Who devoured his life giving to others such that no one knew who he was.

Sane or insane is the spirit of Christmas?

Or my guy who gave his life for your sins so you could answer the question …I don’t have to wait.

Do we owe the unborn our best?




What will you DO then?

Oil is the cost of everything. Almost everything you know about oil is a lie. You should never pay 1.00 for a gallon of Gasoline let alone 3.00 dollars. The legal theft goes to fund terror world wide. Did you know that.

90% of terror funding is from excess oil cost to criminal price manipulators.

The world allows it all to continue.

The truth can set the world free.

Should their be oil company price gauging congressional hearings? This is far more important than Russia on Face Book as all nations do that – and the worst is the USA. How hypocritical to make such issues consume billions in resources no matter who is in power. Fake news.

The real crime is hidden by the fake news.

What no one want out in the open.

OPEC are criminal price gauging cartels. Oil companies all support the cartel pricing because their profits and shareholders benefit from the crimes against humanity. More suffering and death is created by the elevated price of energy, than all other wars and cost to humanity combined together. The impoverishment of billions to starvation and death lay at the doorstep of OPEC.

Supplying energy at the lowest cost to the world is the mission.

Cartel and manipulation of the cost of everything for elite greed and wealth and power is a crime against the peoples of the world.

As you approach New year get ready for a wild ride as my guy born at Christmas – suggested in his own words – all that is whispered in a closet will be shouted from the roof tops and be fully known globally.

The crimes of the oil cartels are rising to open universal understanding and the fake news and spin is no longer working. We all see OPEC news as lies and the internet provides the truth. If I were in the oil industry I would think in terms of:

  1. Super Crash.
  2. Historic sea changes.
  3. Massive unemployment.
  4. Robotic replacement of humans.
  5. Low cost suppliers replacing forever premium cartel suppliers.

Folks AI will set you free in energy.


Berny Dohrmann – The cost of everything in the New year is game on.




Random Acts of Kindness

The simple things in life matter the most. Providing clean water, food, and aid, to those in need, to name a view.

Collaborating with like-minded businesses, individuals, churches, and organizations, one person at a time to make a difference – has a rippling effect.  How we pass along those attributes of giving to the next generation, is a secondary gift.

 Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your modus operandi & change your world. ~Annie Lennon

Random acts of kindness help to “feed your soul”. It is in the doing of kindness that you find contentment in your own soul. Who doesn’t want to feel content?

Simple Random acts of kindness mean

(1) being kind to others: supporting your local communities, animal shelters, and helping out neighbors to name a few.

(2) being kind to yourself: helping where you can, and knowing your own limitations.

(3) being kind to the planet: Leave it the way you found it, or make it better.

There is a lot of research out there; regarding how and why we need to be kind, beginning in infancy.

Can Kindness be taught?

1. We are born with a certain amount of bias or preferences. Babies learn things very rapidly and they tend to focus on verbal communication, numbers, and causality.

2. Babies are born schemers! They have their own will, they enjoy creativity, and they are always looking to develop their learning. Babies think about thinking. They come with a set of natural knowledge cues.


3. Children, as they grow, have multiple intelligences. Meaning, that children will play around with theories they create in their own minds; exploring and packing away chunks of information for a rainy day. They are seeking to understand the world around them, and learning how to best adapt to that world. Many researchers believe that children all learn differently, at different times, and at different levels – with multiple intelligences. If we work with a child’s weaknesses and we build on their strengths, we can help a child create and use play to understand the world around them. We can also apply these same principles to adults and their ability to show kindness, and teach it!

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

Practice a fair amount of random acts of kindness, daily. There is so much to be gained on a personal level when you do. When you practice kindness, make sure your children see you doing it as well. You are their best role model. Kindness is year round – It does not end after one day. Kindness needs to be practiced 365 days a year, and it begins with you. It could be as simple as a smile, a hug, or a phone call.

“You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.” -Publilius Syrus