In the slow news day of this Holiday the Fed stepped out to define that the Federal Board Board, states it now  see’s a SERIOUS RISK the market is over priced across asset classes and a CORRECTION may shake the financial system globally. We see this cover your ass out put by the fed this weekend in Thanksgiving knowing it will be likely next Spring before we experience a SUPER CRASH  – as projected here in your bog alert since the summer of 2016 – where the Fed is now  covering ALL BASES on its own exposure and liablity. Why? The FED has caused the next SUPER CRASH. Your fed is your cause.

How? How have the Fed failed policies created the last global SUPER CRASH as CAUSE versus “distraction and lies” – the SOURCE CAUSE – always the Fed, who always blame games us out of seeing the FED IS THE CAUSATION. How? Why? Here is the answer:


  1. Build a Super Real Estate bubble making over 1 trillion dollars for fed controlling shareholders who control the Fed, the US investment banks and banks. No power may check balance or audit fed financial statements, or shareholder owners as to who or what % – never audited or held accountable since 1907. Never.
  2. Super crash the market to pass emergency legislation to collapse the remaining depression laws and to assure the banks could buy investment banks allowing investment banks to borrow free money at the FED WINDOW for ungodly speculations in real estate and all asset classes to follow.
  3. Build up the worlds largest super bubble in every asset class – globally, creating a free money leverage or debt super bubble mount Everest to fuel wild speculation to manipulate and control market prices in all asset classes, using speculative investment in short selling and future market side bets on which way an asset will go – where trillions are invested but none of it in economics or growth. The trillions are side bets placed by software in casino capitalism – where the casino capitalism today has more concentrated wealth globally engaged in borrowed wealth invested in casino capitalism side bets having zero financial basis or value. A software without human control. In 2017 half a trillion dollars in this year alone moved from human managed investment to software AI managed capital movements globally without human involvement. The % of the casino now software controlled has moved to a risk level the world has never known at leverage the world has never seen where a system failure risk is higher than anytime in history.
  4. Ten years of central bank global FREE MONEY that can be borrowed against with investments that are crap the basis for loan security – with those pools of investment running up more leverage to triple and sinctinc oh leverage where one dollar is leveraged 50 to 1 in the casino side bets the world cause investment and which we call criminal gambling away grandmother’s life savings and deposits – as for the first time since the depression FED NEW LAW allows their shareholders to access free fed money – for ten years – and leverage that dollar and deposits – to secure fantastic borrowing the world has never seen or known before to invest in pure side casino bets being held like it was gold on balance sheets of the world. When SUPER CRASH unwinds the ratio’s of price to earnings – highest ever even higher than 1926 1927 1928. All Fed failed policy.
  5. Central Banks have created the worst sovereign nation borrowing in history. China leverage has increased by trillions and the pace of the debt growth is soaring. All attempts to curtail borrowed economic growth in China has not stopped 300 % debt spending over real economics that is over ten years spending 300% we think over 500% with real borrowing stimulation to the fake China economic communist failed model – a year – 3000% PLUS over GNP income in ten years.


Now China did a double whammy last 7 days. Did you miss it? Did you not read all about the DOUBLE COMMUNIST ECONOMIC WHAMMY? Your NOT an economist and we all are plus we are CEO Chairman of public prior investement banking firms that were global. That expertise creates different priority to reading economics. Now following 25 years of utter failed economics and policies, China leaps from one failed disaster to another ever rolling the ball down the table. What does this look like?

Well it looks like 2017. The would’s second largest economy ( which we feel is a statistical lie – we believe measured with new matrix’s Japan and India are tied for # 2 economically and China is about 11 if adjusted to its real asset GNP mix.


The largest boom has not reached China. Did you get that new flash this year?

China has had a terrible run on investment out of nation. The run includes:


  1. Flight of capital. Met with state capital controls tightening as we type.
  2. Flight of brains business and investment in stocks and in bonds. Met with ever spiraling up financial regulatory restraint on free markets or movements. Kicking the re-balancing bucket ever down the road.
  3. Flight of business – manufacturing or trading in other ASIA nations as China is marginalized in less than 60 months. Millions of jobs are out flowing away from China cost time lines and regulations. Business given endless better options – see’s China in 2018 as – Too Costly – Too Long – Too Unfriendly – Too Theft of IP – Too Un-protective versus protective – Too hard in human adaption – unfair in reciprocity trading – buying – Quality dropping cost rising – it just takes too long is way too costly and way too conflicked that never ever ends in soaring real costs fully adjusted. The backbone industry of China is collapsing.
  4. Age – the work force is un-balanced. The great majority are elderly and reaching elderly. The one Child rule has created unsustainable negative population due to demographics. The work force is increasingly too old and the young can’t fill a small % of the need to maintain China today let alone grow China tomorrow. You can not borrow your way out of the human math. The economics of China demographics are only solved in fact by war and conquest to rebalance its own population as core wealth is shrinking now in China. Young money in China flee’s. They invest abroad and they plan to leave China in record numbers. The internet has made new China money flee regulatory communist rule as they explore endless better options for their futures. The idea of communism has failed and the population are slowly aside from state media control, through the internet, discovering how deeply failed the Communist model is.
  5. The China leverage is a risk to the entire world system. The Chinese to stimulate their own economy have developed via the most fantastic borrowing of any nation ever – established a global ASSET SUPER BUBBLE in all and every asset class. When the China speculation SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IMPLODES UPON ITSELF AS ECONOMICS MUST RE-BALANCE ABUSE – THE SPIRAL INTO DEFLATION AND SUPER CRASH WILL ROCK US ALL.


Now this news is important if your tracking the forward events in China. So this last week a run out of Chinese debt ( bond ) markets took place. Redemptions were so fantastic at such a 100 of billion dollar level the interest China pays on debt soared to over 4% in hours. China then flooded the market with bond buying and stimulation of 100’s of billions in cash. This is just last week folks. So to prevent a BOND CRASH into CASCADE AND SUPER CRASH. China Debt Cost will soar now. The trillions of debt piled up will see cost rise and rise to China. The 2.4 billion in dollar reserves – ( down from over 3 billion just 72 months ago ). At the present burn rate China can run out of dollar reserves in 72 months forward or less as the rate is accelerating as borrowing costs soar. China’s market manipulation spiral has reached it’s own fail safe. The effects not only fail but the consequences begin to mushroom. Economic consequences.


The IMF and OUR FEAR is a DOMINOE EFFECT on DEBT DEFAULTS that begin in one nation, China Venzuela, Greece ( still ) and many more. If the debt default CASCADES the Contagion is digital such that a decline from 30,000 DOW to 6400 DOW ( the new potential low point in deflation we calculate ) in a time space the world has never believed was possible. Non Human software trading creates CATASTROPHIE faster than a human can fix the digital outcome of the first fully global economic event we call CASCADE. The NEW DANGER to the world system holding a mount Everest of SUPER DEBT – Debt – Debt Pools – Debt Super Pools – Global Debt SUPER DUPER POOLS. No historic economy is leveraged into this SUPER DEBT level to assets and income – and the outcome of such super high debt ratio levels – personal – corporate – institutional – sovereign nation – bank and investment banking – develops super risks that no system has ever known before.


The outcome of tracking debt bond pressures, such as the RUN ON CHINA that is half a decade old and picking up enormous momentum today. Keeping in mind no one wants a SUPER CRASH in China. The predictable Super Crash is a fact of spirals in economic abuse that must rebalance. A trigger event is being deflected at enormous borrowing costs to manipulate markets. The combination of endless money printing in China, and over borrowing, has created a FAKE NEWS economy. The economy in China became unstable over a decade ago. Massive debt spending has created FAKE NEWS economic reporting for years in China. Adjusted economic reporting is not so kind.


China is a risk to itself and to the world.


A new plan for China is required.


The G 20 should unite to work with China on a NEW PLAN.


If a NEW PROCESS to create a bold powerful NEW PLAN for China economics fails to materialize …..then the G 20 watch only to be destroyed by the economic tsunami they allowed to occur in the first place …..the earth quake creating the tsunami is DOING NOTHING AT ALL…………..


All the information we report to you the leaders of the world well understand. Everyone is so economically tied together today the stability outcome is to cooperate and avoid competition. If competition is seen as a form of collective human insanity, with cooperation being improved software for humans erasing any virus of insanity – competitive thought – from collective interactions of nations and humanity. Sanity vs insanity. Solution versus Catastrophe?


The spiral is rising into higher and higher leverage – borrowing and speculation to manipulate prices using software to make profits ( having destructive versus constructive economic value ) .  The higher we go the longer and at far greater velocity do we all fall……..economics is unforgiving for error.


Ignorance is no excuse of the consequence of economic re-balancing.


So the value of assets is soaring to a price to buy a stock by a multiple of the income the company produces quarter to quarter – to ratio’s only seen against the greatest’s super crashes that always followed. Except that it is worth noting today’s 2018 stock to earning ratio in the stock market place is HIGHER than any prior ratio EVER RECORDED IN ANY GLOBAL ECONOMY EVER. When you see that math charted you pause. You think. The 100% outcome of such an economic froth, is a serious adjustment and re-balancing.


Although the issues are complex the underlying economic principles I know readers world wide are appreciating as making sense. China over Thanksgiving jerked more regulations into flight of capital and new regulations to keep real estate prices low and to force prices with price controls China communist style to remain low and to rise. This effort to stop shadow lending in China ( now out of control lending ) and to cap top tier real estate prices defines how panic China leaders are desperately trying price controls which are last gasp and never work. just before the correction in China finally crashes out the economic boom made possible by government buying and borrowing comes to SUPER CRASH the end is going to be fire works itself.


As we chart for you all, we are seeking in a new economic no history prepares us for to best guess outcome. Our fed is tightening money following ten years of open spigot EASING. The FED tightening is a new economic experiment with enormous risks across the entire system. TRUST US WHEN WE TELL YOU A FIRST TIME FED EXPERIMENT HAS NO PREDICTABLE OUTCOME.

A Super CRASH in 2018  making 2007 look like a child’s wading pool to the deep end of the pool IS coming. Could be 2023. When is not known.  The fix to avoid SUPER CRASH is time sensitive and time is running out now, and that fix  requires a cooperation the world is not yet in display of. If we compete we perish. If we cooperate we thrive.


Insanity? Sanity?


Can you see it?

On your Thanksgiving weekend from Egypt losing 230 50 250 in a ISIS bombing of a place of workshop, their MOSK with their responses – ISIS is still insane and still dangerous always slaughtering woman and children as if Allah wishes them to take insane actions with their free will? Simply the sane deleting the insane as we all kill them off. Damaged brains that can not exist with the sane today.

Thanksgiving weekend is filled with news shaping the year end stock rally by super money manipulations. The US had record drop in durable factory good orders an so did China. Think about that for a second while the market spins up under crashing output and manufacturing following the Holiday weekend. Terrible financial news no one is paying any attention to but we are charting oil record two year high as Keystone pipe line is out of business for a week more – and Gulf instability due to Mbs failed policy is highest ever. Saudi calls Iran a Hitler they tell the 32 year old he is a little dictator boy mature and unworthy to lead.

All unfolding on Thanksgiving. if you were paying any attention at all.







Today over 300 million American’s pause celebrate and reflect as we teach our young – the principle of what it means to BE – American. Here it means with all that is wrong with America there is also a Mount Everest of what is RIGHT with America. That includes:

  1. Threaten the USA and we are all one  – INDIVISIBLE truly.
  2. WE have enough food for all 300 million and are blessed.
  3. WE have enough jobs and not enough people to fill them.
  4. We have the best economy on earth.
  5. We have the most wealth and minerals.
  6. We are the most productive people on output on earth.
  7. We have the most variety of nature and beauty on the planet.
  8. We have more free time and play time and stuff than anywhere.
  9. Cab drives and bus drivers live like KINGS homeless do ok too.
  10. Poverty in the USA is relative and better than any place else.
  11. We have more freedom and can travel anywhere without papers.
  12. We have more upward mobility if we can dream it we CAN do it.
  13. We have more highways damns and infrastructure than anywhere.
  14. We have more hope more promise more ahead of us than. behind.
  15. We lead the free world and are the peace keepers in the world.
  16. We are able all 300 million to take off and have a feast today.
  17. We install into our young what it means to be grateful truly.
  18. We have more luxury more free time more digital opportunities
  19. More films more movies more games more everything on line
  20. We have bandwidth 300 gigs up and down at our home & iPhone X’s on Thanksgiving day what ‘s not to love

Today we pause and thank GOD for AMERICA.

We pause and thank GOD for one another.

Today we thank GOD all of us looking beyond ourselves.

Today we celebrate the progress the present and the future.

Today we all 300 million of US are not republicans or democrats or independents.

WE are not Catholic or Mormon or Buddhist or Sunni and Shite nor Jewish or Hindu. Today we are ALL OF US – American and we are GRATEFUL For ONE ANOTHER.

Today we celebrate our American diversity.

Today we all pledge allegiance and no one is on bended knee save to pray in gratitude.

Today is a unique AMERICAN HOLIDAY.

A single day to give thanks to thanks GIVING. Giving the thanks.

We celebrate US the USA and all of US in the USA.

WE celebrate what – the WHAT – it actually MEANS to “BE” American.

A day of that.

Far more than the food and good family friends and company and the pause from work and toils and worries.

Today is the day we all 300 million of US take a pure vacation from our stress and our problems in life.

Today the focus is upon – America and all of our treasures and wealth and security and joys.

Dreams happen everywhere in this world.

But dreams as Walt Disney my mentor pointed out in the 1950’s happen FASTER in the United States of America. They happen for anyone and everyone for less cost in less time with less friction than anywhere else in the world. He told us this on Thanksgiving when my famous father was still Alive Alan G Dohrmann. Alan made it a tradition to have his nine children understand what it means to BE American and what that responsibility of gratitude truly is.

All of US held and hold a gratitude in our heart of hearts that we are AMERICAN together sharing this land and its future together.


Thanksgiving day.

WE give thanksgiving for all our world community and we treasure our play time to learn from all of you.

WE celebrate our abundance in this unique nation in gratitude.

All day.


Thanksgiving Day.

Once each year.

We celebrate together.


It is unique.

It is precious.

It is part of the tapestry of the culture that makes us what we are.


To one another.

To all of you.

To the world.


We are giving our thanks in gratitude for the total ALL of America.


Berny Dohrmann with children and family giving thanks in Florida today




Lets look at the failed Fed Policy of FREE money and how their lack of appreciation for economic un-intended consequence – will now create an event worse than letting Morgan fail in 2008.

Today NON FINANCIAL and NON GOVERNMENT DEBT is approaching 50% of the Gross National Product of the USA – far worse than in 2007 when the crash hit us all with mortgage debt.

So lets look at the USA. The USA is the strongest economy and the best debt to asset ratio. Still having in the non financial or corporate debt sector private corporate debt fueled by FED FREE MONEY over more than ten years now, has developed a soaring debt.

The Debt unlike prior economic recoveries was not used to expand economics. Such as investment in plant jobs and equipment. No. Rather a large sector of the DEBT has been used to buy back corporate stock and manipulate through speculations with low cost debt stock price.

This all works as long as borrowing costs are low and the economy is growing. If the economy corrects and shrinks, and the cost of borrowing rises, the debt load becomes insolvent in ratio that creates a deflationary spiral into serious global recession or even depression and world wars. Keep in your mind the FED is the CAUSE and is why as they are always the cause with 70 years of failed policy and multiple wars they created – that we – advocate the Fed be merged back into the US Treasury by a simple emergency act of congress to vacate their 1907 bad 80 page law to create the failed FED in the first place.

Moving forward the debt in non corporate sector picked up to soaring in 2017 and is now residing at 8.7 trillion in corporate debt in America or 45% of our entire GNP. If you add in financial sector debt and government state federal and local debt HOUSTON economically WE have a problem. As WE are the best debt ratio to assets in the world – the rest of the world is totally fucked. Economically speaking. Their debt to GNP ratio is like China with over 300% annual new borrowing to GNP. Also that debt creates a phony GNP number. Finally there is over 100 trillion dollars of BAD never to be paid Loans in Asia all being booked as solid assets and performing assets on financial balance sheets when economically these financial statements must one day RE-BALANCE and when they do countless nations and banks are in fact bankrupt. The Debt Bomb will explode we just do not know when.

So the pace of debt in the USA is soaring. Trying to beat what?

The Fed raising interest rates in December and three times in 2018. These interest rates will move many marginal borrowers into catastrophic when their loans at almost ZERO INTEREST refinance at market rates as the borrower lacks cash flow to pay the re-financing loans. This includes most shopping malls – many retailers – and massive small business loan space as well as Fortune institutions. The default Debt Bomb contagion of spreading bond and related defaults can be seen by the last week of 6 billion running out of junk bond funds and the RUN ON THE BOND BANK if other than a one week run a one week correction has bond players in panic and stock players defending as the bond collapse does instantly spill over to equities.

When will the debt BOMB contagion of nations ignite and inflame the entire economic system of the world? The World War II world system will finally die and a new system will be required. Can this be done without world war? In the past never. World War was required to rebalance economic accounts as the only way really. Can it be reset without world war? It would require cooperation between nations versus competition – integrity between nations versus the lack of integrity – and trust which flows from both. Can those assets be installed to assure world war is avoided? How? When? By Who?

What are YOU doing to make a difference if anything?

If you join CEO SPACE you join a world movement to make a difference. Armies of CEO’s from small to mid to enormous business all coming together five times a year in the ultimate planet wide master mind. Every individual business grows faster and the collective changes the world. It just takes all of us if you become interested check out  See a film. Check out the third party press and endorsements world wide. Put on the testimonials while you do emails and you’ll say… I didn’t know that CEO SPACE did this – or that – or the other thing. You’ll get very smart very fast.

Divine Appointments are never accidents. Our next is Dec 11th Tampa Bay.You register your family to join us – CEO’s bring everyone at home – to our space – unique in the world – as a year end tax transfer to a lifetime CEO SPACE asset – you make a profit on the 1988 membership price never raised in 30 years. We subsidize children teens and spouses.

Self development is always the first priority. Participating in real global change is the second.

Debt. Is soaring.

Debt in many nations is not sustainable – Puerta Rico – Venezuela – China – Spain – Italy – Greece – Russia – Saudi Arabia – Africa in general.

The DEBT BOMB must re-balance in economics without any possibility it will not. The only issue is when?

With Tax Reform by the US Congress as a global stimulus to world trade – replacing the withdrawal of stimulus ( ill timed by the Fed as always in their failed policies on economics – always ) – a three to five year growth period may spiral on until borrowing costs soar past growth profit ability to pay those costs back. Then the explosion begins. If China has a hard landing in its manipulated phony communist economy – across all asset classes – that melt down will hydrogen bomb bond markets world wide in DEFAULT CONTAGION on China Debt that will topple domino’s world wide in Debt Bomb Space. The IMF and this blog have warned on this disaster waiting to occur all year. It is economics 101.

Eventually if you borrow more than you make by 100% each year the debt will bankrupt your system – in this case Communist systems. The Communist system of economics is the most proven FAILED ECONOMIC SYSTEM the world has ever experienced – creating untold miscarry and hardship for the most number of peoples over the most extended time spans. Socialism and Communism are utter failures as organizing models for politics or economics.

Cooperative Capitalism is the replacement for what we have today. Failed competitive capitalism and failed competitive socialism. In both 1% own more wealth ( and borrow most ) than 99% and 90% of that 1% wealth is owned by only 10% of the 1%. Said another way 10,000 super wealth family money pools are the power of this planet globally and 1000 of those control 90% of all global wealth. This consolidation is not economically sustainable as circulation is impacted as it is today to preclude stability required as first priority of economic system modeling.

Frankly in digital space I think a democratic election of a six year KING would be a better model to make choice and move things forward. The congress model was Ok before it was globally bought and paid for and it is all theory when there was no pony express or telegraph. In digital real time and super change every 90 days – leadership teams – need to execute flawlessly – and congress is too slow and too bought and paid for the operate with national need and priority. A new system model like Rome and Caesar is required for a republic improving the laws of Rome for real time digital instant execution by leadership teams without the delays and money waste of the current system which is now past all its prime. Save the best an retire the rest.

New laws no one can contribute more than 100 dollars to any candidate. End of election bias and super packs.

The Supreme Court needs a CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF LAST RESORT to assure no law violates the upgraded COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM SYSTEM MODEL uniting nations versus dividing nations.


Debt bombs in nations.

Debt bombs hide in the bond market space.

In the end the BOND MARKET is the mechanism of the depression of 1907 the depression of 1929 the recession of 1987 and stock market crash – the crash of 2000, the super crash of 2007 and 2008.

But keep in mind Sub Prime is debt. The mortgage banks and investment banks thought up structured assets. All investments are just AGREEMENTS. Money is just an agreement. More money better agreements.

Economics 101.

The mortgage banks and banks thought up musical chairs for risk. IT works like this:

  1. Instead of keeping and booking the profits of a mortgage loan which can be 100% of the mortgage property value- as if you borrow 375,000 and you repay 800,000 total with interest – the bank takes less of that profit on a discount by selling the mortgage contract within weeks of closing booking some lower profit now and instantly and having all their loan money back to loan again. This maximizes their reserve ratio to borrow free money at the FED window which is open ended legal theft.
  2. The buyer of that mortgage places the mortgage in an East Coast Pool of Mortgages or a West Coast or Regional Mid West Pool of mortgages with all that stats on pay backs and defaults and sells the pool as a security through brokerage firms who make enormous fee’s placing the pool to pension funds sovereign nation funds who invest in mortgage pools as a predictable return source they view as safe.
  3. The sellers make their money in front and pool manager has most of the mortgage profit over decades executing mortgage pool collections on cash flow.
  4. But they don’t keep the pool profit they sell the pool to national pools to moderate risk across all 50 states in SUPER MORTGAGE POOLs each a structured asset – a risk-less risk – well until interest kills the math and the defaults kill the profits. So the Super National Pools are a huge investment banking security market expressed in 100’s of billions of dollars.
  5. These pools also do not execute their profits. They sell the declining fractional profit to SUPER DUPER GLOBAL POOLS blending mortgage contracts like scramble eggs, in complex global mortgage pools that hold as much pure crap as they do pure diamonds all rated by credit agencies paid by the banks and investment banks ( Fed Stock controlling share holders in this global fraud without any regulatory oversight ) where – the SUPER DUPER POOLS like the one this year in France sold off shore in 72 minutes a TRILLION DOLLARS in one SUPER DUPER POOL of riskless risk to sovereign nation funds and institutional investors who have no idea of the enormous risk they are truly taking.

We fixed nothing after 2008.

We passed FRAUD LAWS. Laws like Frank Dodd. The largest economic problem with Frank Dodd is both Frank and Dodd. The loop holes have the Fed exempt their shareholders such that FRANK DODD does not APPLY TO THEM globally. They are exempt. As if the regulation was never passed. The Volcker rule – to common sense preclude banks trading these in house assets for their own account – manipulating prices and accumulating fantastic internal system risk – is now NOT APPLYING to the largest banks and investment banks as the idea of regulation was diluted or precluded. The Public thinks the safety net laws were passed and are working. In fact the FED saw profits to its members was not interrupted and their bank and investment bank shareholders profit by MORE THAN 2008 and the new SUPER CRASH will be far WORSE because the problem is far far worse.

Today the Fed largest shareholders are introducing ( predictably ) zero cash down mortgages – setting enormous costs to the end of the mortgage – and creating mortgages like variable interest mortgages many borrowers will never be able to fully retire – mortgaged to debt slavery for life.

The trend in the USA is a rapid rush up spiral into ever greater debt – a death spiral in economics over time – world wide nations are explosively ramping up debt to Death Star levels that eventually kill the World War II agreements for world economics – due to debt cancer – which makes economics sick and ill – as the flesh of the economics turns to sick and ill puss and rot – eventually you can’t digest. The economic system must re-balance from the 100’s of trillions of bad non paying non performing debt in nations everywhere that are booked by banks investment banks and nations under laws that do not apply to the rest of us – as good assets.

Banks investment banks and nations are not required to report accounting using what they put us in prison for if we cheat – called FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING. The Fed the source of money like OPEC is for OIL – made sure its own largest clients who pay the Fed the most money in interest – are exempt from FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING. As these customers are too big to fail and way to large to jail the Fed system allows the crooks and criminals to profit and encourage themselves in every tighter financial spirals of consolidation of wealth – like the TIME WARNER AT&T MERGER making communication institutions provide less choice to consumers by the 100’s of millions as SUPER PROVIDERS control price in all asset classes without government regulations – because the GOVERNMENT is bought and paid for by the FED banks and investment banks or the largest lobby in any nation the Wall Street LOBBY than Pharms and Chemicals by lobby pack contributions.

So even when the mortgage SUPER POOLS of pure CRAP go bust – and are worth – less – the banks and investment banks hold their value consistent on their books ( fraud accounting ) exempt fully from FAIR MARKET VALUATION that we go to prison for if we follow their example. Think about THAT. PRISON for us a small fine of 10 to 100 million for crimes to cheat all of us out of 100 billion – say Wells Fargo the pure criminal bank – in fact we have been with Wells Fargo since 1988 before their merger and culture shift to crime. We are moving now for CEO SPACE to a business bank with integrity and leaving as are millions leaving CRIMINAL BANKS and investment banks. The nation may be bought and paid for but WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT. WE vote with our WALLETS. We can and we must:

  1. Run on Wells Fargo and send a message all of us.
  2. Run on VW and its brands for crimes frauds and harm to humanity.
  3. Run on institutions who commit crimes but no one goes to jail.

As we do social capital takes over. Cooperative capitalism rises up. Repairing the regulatory divide of bought and paid for competitive capitalism and competitive failed socialism has left 7 billion of us. We CAN do better with system models in failed economics. We can save our planet and ourselves. We have to move the ungodly unholy existing WEALTH CONSOLIDATION systems – skewed to super money elites – to new laws that circulate capital and self correct from consolidation of wealth that is unwanted in society after a base line.

WE can create COOPERATIVE CAPITALISTIC GOVERNMENTS with transparency – fully reporting and accountability – and really no secrets. We have no rises of management in our nations. We have a crises of INTEGRITY. If we install cultures of INTEGRITY into our national tippy top leadership we will restore the future.


YES WE CAN DEFEAT the enemy – “thats the way we have always done it! ”

Yes YOU and I can DO BETTER for the unborn generation.

First we have to KNOW what is wrong with our system. To fix out system.

Second we have to focus on one item at a time.

Never elect an incumbent. Term limit law makers. We the voters do that. World wide.


Never give money to parties who support incumbents.


Elect law makers who will merge your nations central bank frauds and criminals back into your state TREASURY with oversight and supervision of money supply not possible with private ownerships of a central bank – where the regulator of the banks and investment banks is now owned and controlled by the shareholders who ARE the regulatED banks and investment banks. Which one of us as voters would hire the wolves to guard the chicken coop? Not me. Not you. But all nations have done just exactly that. Which is of course insane.

If the policy of money and its issue and circulation is controlled by the ELITE WEALTH CLASS for legal theft of nations – to their incestuous profits which can never been audited or reported as national debts become the largest burden of any and every nation – why is the insanity allowed to continue? Because of course the criminals will kill YOU if you challenge their profit account. While the recent release of the Kennedy top secret files has tabloids reporting J EDGAR HOOVER whom I personally “knew’ ordered Kennedy’s killing – I can assure YOU that is not the case. Did the FED Kill both Kennedy’s following their commitment to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY? You will never prove or know the answer. My opinion is locked on that item having studied it all including the 1000’s of new papers. Nothing new frankly the real case is buried so deep you can never find that classified never to be released evidence. It remains as a chilling freezer to future moves to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY a model for all nations and they would follow it once done. Sanity would return from insanity.

WE THE VOTERS can effect that outcome.

FIFTH we lobby for a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS a three year economist from all G 100 nations conclave to design the new regulatory frame work for global digital economics between nations. Fair – full partnership for all nations – a rule of law that removes the 440 trillion in side bar speculations from 2018 global  CASINO CAPITALISM where WHICH WAY a future asset class may go – all of them – up or down. When 440 trillion chases price influence and manipulations using software and fantastically evolving AI software without any human interaction markets are totally manipulated. In this new GOING WHERE NO ECONOMIC MODEL SINCE ROME OR GREECE has ever gone – unfolds with the false buggy software idea of RISK LESS RISK it reminds me of the 5th generation of IOS 11 from Apple released this week.

They released the most god awful operating system of Apple history. Costing a billion of their customers untold agony and lost performance and rebooting constantly. Quality with the Apple brand has been slaughtered. For the first time in Apple history. Customers make jokes with each other about it. Running the worlds largest Entrepreneur institution serving 140 nations consider how our 100,000’s of CEO’s using Apple with millions of their employee base, all engaged in APPLE BRAND SLAUGHTER DUE TO TIM alone allowing all five releases. My COO phoned today with version update # 5 and said laughing – she may hang up as Version 5 hangs up over and over. I said version 5 won’t let me get voice mail which I could get in version 4. She said as an advanced programer – YEAH – they fix some bugs and then other bugs open up that are worse than what they fixed. She said APPLE Is IN CRISES just like you said.

I bring this up because the FED does this in the economic system. Never have we had trillions in free money that is not being invested back in economic growth. The economic growth today is a statistical lie in all nations. In the USA they changed all reporting criteria to create fraud some years back. Today:

  1. The participation index is not being regarded where the number of base investors supporting the market overall is lower than 1929 after the SUPER CRASH and depression. Super Money Pools less than 15,000 are creating the volume and velocity with AI software trading against one another to manipulate all prices on all investments of all natures. Never has software controlled circulation to this level of consolidation of wealth globally all counter party agreements that entwine the entire system into dependency for the entire system no regulatory frame work has ever known, experienced, or had to deal with. Today the digital divide evolved so fast it outpaced all regulations which are local when all trades are inside the unregulated global cloud. The result is CASINO CAPITALISM which is entirely NEW and nations are passing laws as if they are dealing with the markets of yesterday which they understand and in fact they have no regulations to moderate the crimes abuse frauds and greed of evolving global CASINO CAPITALISM. As the elite money pools represent 99% of all wealth in the world and they are all making ungodly profits who will change the system if not the voters?
  2. The circulation index is the lowest ever reported. This means that circulation into economic back bone strength of nations is no longer occurring in CASINO CAPITALISM. Acceleration of WEALTH CONSOLIDATION is occurring inside a class war where the super rich are winning and the poor and middle class are loosing globally.
  3. Unemployment is a lie. Good high paying jobs have declined in the USA as one nation in 20 years by 61%. The middle class has declined in 20 years by 34 % and the decline IS accelerating. 34 million are long term un-employed counted in unemployment numbers in 2007 but after the massive lay offs in the SUPER CRASH removed by law from the count. If they were counted USA unemployment would  be 15% as these larger income earners do not wish to engage at minimum wage or below labor jobs.
  4. 60% of America is experiencing struggle – a lower life style and 30 Million in the wealthiest nation on earth are on food stamps and 72,000 are HOMELESS in LA the Wealthiest city on earth tonight. This economic position had FRONT PAGE NEWS TODAY that forward of 2018 suicide bankrupt and chronic depression will rise along with crime and murders 60% in America with its failed and declining FED destruction of our economy. FAILED FED POLICY IS THE CAUSE and failed Congress 550 person votes to advance FAILED FED POLICY has insulated reforms to restore AMERICA. That IS the battle going on right now. Super Money Pools on Trump side wishing these level of economic reforms against the status quo and SUPER MONEY POOLS wishing to protect their UNSUSTAINABLE Profit franchise. America without reform is in a fatal decline our enemies know about and are advancing us to accelerate into system failure so they can rise up as the new economic leadership of the world.
  5. The wars are no longer – defense – technology – economic – or weapon spiral. Nope. There is only one economic war. ARTIIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Our enemies have invested in digital weapons to destroy our western way of life. They are investing the most money in AI while we invest the most money in military hardware. THE NATION THAT WINS THE AI RACE will control the world in the future. That may not be America. Our enemies sent two decades winning the hacking digital wars. They can hack anything. They have hacked all our defense contractors – the NSA – the CIA and the White House. Why? To get AI designs and software. This gets stolen from the entire world and turned into their WAR MACHINES developing massive AI. WE are not ahead in this AI war nor are we winning. Until CONGRESS adopts the Chief of Staff General Mathis most important DEFENSE SOUND BITE in 100 years – My FELLOW AMERICANS THE ONE COST CONGRESS AND AMERICA CAN ALWAYS AFFORD IS THE COST OF SURVIVAL.

Today with one Digital strike or one EMP strike all digital chips fail – all data is erased and can not be recovered – and America has no electricity no water no distribution or transportation – we are back to the prairie days with no recovery of any kind possible over decades. Even the IP to recover er along with the tools of recovery are forever lost to us. You can’t rebuild that loss in a single generation. We are for the first time vulnerable to FIRST STRIKE.

If we had invested in MARS our lobby plan to DOD, and Congress – an new agency we suggest be headed by Kevin Freeman DOD CONTRACTOR and the FATHER OF MARS – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION so those who would strike us – know – that in 90 days we are back. It is not expensive. It is not time concentrate. MARS an  be operational in 12 months and makes MADD work as MARS is the digital world key to American survival.

WE the people can elect law makers – for one single term – to pass laws to:

  1. Merge the Fed into Treasury.
  2. Reform Global Box Top digital economic regulatory rules that reset the world for 1000 years. Self correction and evolving.
  3. Foster economic reforms in each nation to replace failed competitive capitalism and socialism with COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM replacing insanity economics with sane economics.
  4. Reform the cooperation between nations celebrating diversity of all human identities and systems versus punishing diversity as we do today.
  5. installing MARS which protects all nations from roque nations acquiring the weapons of Rome like North Korea possessing hydrogen bombs they can now sell to other roque non cooperating ( insane ) nations.

We the voters to the extent we are INFORMED can change the entire world.

This Thanksgiving I Celebrate the HOPE AND THE PROMISE stored in the population of voters world wide to whom their government must be accountable. We just saw that power in Zimbabwe. Peaceful without a blood bath millions in the street parties today. VOTERS did all that .

WE the PEOPLE can reset the world.

If we run out time the world will reset after WORLD WAR.

The end of the current WORLD WAR II order is approaching and the future is what the new system will be and who will dominate that new system as we do not know nor an we predict those events yet. They are all economic not political. Debt Bombs are the key and the bond market over extended 1000’s of % with oceans of bad non performing loans sitting on balance sheets as good assets ( the elephant in the room non one wishes to even discuss in open politics given the FED protection laws in all nations advancing legal theft of national treasuries and futures for 7 billion of all of us ).

Financial ill-literacy is the cornerstone of keeping the voters away from informed consent. INFORMED CONSENT is the foundation of all real democracy’s. Teaching FED FRAUD in school is easy for all of us – here is one example on video if you have time this holiday to GET SMART FAST:


Safe file to click and make a favorite. Comment on this item in our comment section to other readers for my Thanks GIVING Holiday will you all?

So WE THE 7 BILLION of the world can and we should become educated and bring our INFORMED CONSENT. This growing revolution is summarized in my book a Holiday Gift for those you love entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – it has been so back ordered with enormous global readership – we have holiday assured Amazon can keep up – which within ten days all the back log should be now instant prime delivery. If you want more education on joining an active global community cooperating for world change. Economic improvement to the core system for the unborn generation which is the mission work of CEO SPACE business leaders coming together and my own lifetime work with nations to reform their economics.

We are always lookin for leaders in the Hedge Fund Private Equity and Foundation space along with sovereign nation wealth fund leadership to become CEO SPACE members for a safer higher profit journey into the future without the risks rising in todays market place. Our next event is Dec 11th in Tampa Bay ( sunny warm ) Florida at the beach.

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Entering our third decade our commitment is to serve you.

Happy Holidays America – Berny Dohrmann on DEBT RISKS RISING




Now keep in mind our team hand carried a proposal to Mbs for economic master plans for Saudi that is say – way better than Mbs and teams plan as they do not appreciate economic core bed rock. Thier advisers taking 100’s of millions are frankly in region – idiots.

Now all the Kings men and all the Kings horses can not put failing Opec and Saudi back together again. Nothing has lost more credit rating and ranking for Saudi than Mbs the last two weeks- speaking economically. Only economically.

So today the banks – four huge global banks – declined the first of growth loans to Kingdom resources – owned by now arrested Prince at the Ritz. So the banks stated the 1.3 billion dollar loan could NOT BE MADE UNTIL THE “SITUATION” WITH THE PRINCE is defined finally by the new King Mbs.

So today Saudi doesn’t get the 1.3 billion dollar loan for growth construction and vision.

Further that is one loan. Can you imagine in Saudi in two weeks as we stated:

  1. Credit rating agencies will be down grading Saudi Credit next. Wait for it. This will create billions upon billions in added borrowing cost because a 32 year old did not anticipate UNANTICIPATED CONSEQUENCES we – yes our group at the tippy top – wanted to advise and protect his team FROM but they chose the smarty pants and now have pay outs from such bad and wrong advice that fixing it is always worse than doing it right the first time. So there are OTHER WAYS to outcome and the process chosen by Mbs from his advice is NOT THE BEST PROCESS as we are going to see now.
  2. Loans are being cancer canceled economic cancer like body wide at tens of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
  3. There is a run on capital. Hedge Funds Private equity Sovereign nation funds are RUNNING OUT of Saudi Arabia. Deposits are explosively shrinking. Saudi a debt driven nation today is now in massive coronary economics due to MBS two week explosive moves to reform a nation 70 years locked in TRADITION. It is never that easy.
  4. There is a civil war in the most violent, suicide bomber cradle nation – terror nation – on earth. The potential of Mbs being harmed or killed by enemies is rising like a prediction. Mbs is not secure. Mbs is not safe. The Civil war is just starting and the entire Gulf is not FAR FAR MORE UNSTABLE than it was economically two weeks ago. FAR MORE UNSTABLE.
  5. War could break out with Iran and Saudi anytime. Iran now friendly with Shite Iraq could roll across Iraq who is not so friendly with Saudi and secure into Saudi in two months of war and own in effect Iraq by influence and alliance with Shite government and now Sunni Saudi is Shite controlled. Is Iran waiting for its own sucker punch or is it going to throw the first punch. NO ONE KNOWS but the tension given the history in these nations over 2000 years is predictable. We vote IRAN will act to the best advantage of the SHITE Gulf and its own agenda for God and nation. Saudi is provoking Iran to ACT and lobbying with money it is seeing DRYING UP COMPLETELY hence it is trying to steal the money from its own elite right NOW – creating the internal civil war and the dysfunction and weakness Iran may take advantage of as their time is also NOW. Think about it all.

Meanwhile the American Markets go up and go on with little regard to Germany being a mess today and the Gulf spiraling up to war and the economics of Saudi crashing in a way that is beyond anything the news is reporting today. SAUDI IS CRASHING ECONOMICALLY and the pressures on the King and Kingdom are about to become astronomical. Opec members who got kicked in the financial balls by failed Saudi Policy on Oil – tossing a trillion dollars of MARKET SHARE to OPEC MEMBERS are now – seeing SAUDI leadership weakness and conflict – and economic decline in influence, moving to distant themselves from the economic harm to their nation by being IN OPEC. Opec is falling apart from:

  1. Cheating
  2. Pumping
  3. Drilling
  4. Preserving Market Share
  5. Ending failed Opec affiliations that have net cost of billions

OPEC is no longer good business. OPEC is economic suicide. If I had to define OPEC since 2014 I would define OPEC as frauds – liars and a distributer of OIL PROPAGANDA that has proven to be pure lies and utter fraud over time. So OPEC amazes me because the world PRESS fails to report on OPEC FRAUDS and just document the 2014 lies. The conspiracy to utterly destroy American Shale Output which is the most failed oil policy in history. Mbs who directed this policy has cost OPEC members on his watch a trillion dollars. OPEC members understand these facts and meetings are going on to form new alliances – I think Russia may form its own OIL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATED CARTEL or OPAC. I think OPAC would be much more effective and smaller guilds of oil aligned producers uniting for MARKET SHARE at maximum pumping not minimum – OPAC is the market fair pricing cartel versus the failed Gulf fraud cartel. That weakness in SAUDI now opens a new market RUN out of OPEC by OPAC and PUTIN may well seize on this as Iran may well seize on its option – the first of which is to join Russian in OPAC against OPEC and consider beefing up with Russia sales of military gear for the WAR with Saudi MBS evidently is begging for.

So it is all failed economics.

Saudi has gotten and taken bad advice.

The outcomes they desired and required are NOT taking place.

Options they never saw are now sinking SAUDI ECONOMICS in the largest reversal in history.

Germany stable and under solid leadership is now without leadership an as the largest EU economic in just months crashed into a political economic MESS for their people and for the EU. Their leadership so diminished can no longer influence the EU BRIT EXIT discussions they once dominated. They are OUT and France is UP and IN and Brussels is exploiting German Weakness and declining influence. The German economy is crashing after the Holiday buying last binge from the momentum the old model put in place.

World instability in China is enormous worse than SAUDI and Germany. Why? Debt. China needs debt repackaging that our team has the model for. China is engage in policy that is failing worse than in Germany and Saudi. A run of capital out of China has been taking place by TRILLIONS for years. A run on manufacturing out of China has been going on for years. China rips off the IP of its value based partners. There is no rule of law. China is a nation of hackers and criminals stealing IP at the State level and at the Province level and individual wealth level. China military works with North Korea and Iran in proxy wars with the WEST directing IP theft – financial theft and asymmetrical war fare. The outcome is an economy that now can not sustain itself due to enormous debt burdens. Left without a solution China will SUPER CRASH and enjoy 30 years of stagflation and deflation as has Japan without recourse or remedy due to decades of failed communist economics. Bad advice and bad data that has proven to lead to terrible outcomes beyond planners ability right now to resolve. We have a solution but gaining traction to provide it is never easy.

Plus we don’t try. Nations who come to us we help. We don’t solicit nations.

We are nation rebuilders. We repair failed plans.

Because we understand the economics of how they got to where they are. It is all sad and unnecessary.

So the world is rolling toward massive instability.

While the US bets on Foot Ball Games and shops at Wal Mart for Christmas.

Enjoy the party – it is coming to an end one day.

Berny Dohrmann – What IS really GOING on OUT THERE ????




The market is turning out record high’s. Today. The market is turning out record lows today. Across the board. In various asset classes. Then we have third party factors reaching a market tipping point. These factors include:

  1. Plunging Oil and Deflation as OPEC falls completely apart. I know I know – but it IS falling apart with Russia defecting trust me.
  2. Venezuela is about to massively default as its imports to dilute its heavy crude have dropped to zero meaning what oil is it going to export it is plunging to zero defaulting now across the board. Trust me. This will shake what? Yes the BOND MARKETS.
  3. Germany the stronger economy in the EU falling for 18 months is now a mess. Maerkle could not get her government formed and now the President may call or NEW ELECTIONS which would possibly defeat Maerkle all together. Germany is economically sinking and a mess no longer able to lead. So what now?
  4. Saudi is in civil war internally while the Gulf is spiraling up for a shooting war with Iran and Saudi at Saudi’s invitation given their 32 year hormone flying new King. Saudi can’t win that war.
  5. China output in Christmas season is 2015 down from 2014 down from 2016 down from 2017. Down. The economy is cooling even while lending is rising to stimulate the falling jobs and economics for the failure of communism. Nothing short of war will re-ignite China economics – Abe knows this as he went through crash and deflation in Japan for 30 years and China is about to move down that slippy slope.

Now we have massive instability and unknowns in Germany economics right when the EU is besieged by Italy voting and perhaps leaving next year – Spain maybe splitting up and unable to pay its debts – leaving France to pay all the bad debts by itself. The Debts of the EU during the coming correction may  wipe out the EU entirely. Nation after nation wants out of Brussel control. The EU as an experiment is a flawed economic model as we have reported here and why and is a building economically burning to the ground where the designers now dead failed to put in economic fire escapes. The blood bath this creates is going to be for a time awful.

Meanwhile Russia wants to make money and turning oil OFF is not the way for the world’s largest oil producer to make money. Also Russia MUST stop loosing market share and customers. The failed Saudi oil plan since 2014 is that OPEC members pay billions in reduced output and lost revenue to send their best clients to America and other suppliers to never come back. The MARKET SHARE WARS. OPEC Lost those wars and America and non OPEC Producers won those wars due to failed Saudi planners and policy.

With all this uncertainty we have ISIS still with us and growing along with other terror organizations. We have Saudi moving to destabilize Lebanon by kidnapping their Prime Minister – making him read their statement of resignation and keeping him in Saudi. Again we have Sunni Saudi against Shite Lebanon making deals with Sunni in nation. Saudi wants no deals. War with Iran and Shite sects.

Now return to the split personality of the software against software casino markets of the world. Cascade is when all switches all signals move to sell, and its day after day sell sell sell, and there are no buyers like none by %. This market SWITCH creates Software CASCADE where every day prices dive but no one can GET OUT AT ALL. Liquidity has stopped until the system fails utterly.

That is the RISK ON item we worry about not IF that reality will play out and the smarty pant programers will be caught dead in their binary code – but WHEN IT WILL PLAY OUT. CASCADE IS COMING. The Trigger event we have said is a rippling bond domino of defaults or the Debt Bomb exploding globally. In Digital space it takes now minutes to do what would take months in older space and times.

Minutes. BAM.


Our best models suggest we will spiral up in prices and wealth values through year end with the best buying for Holiday Season ever. Retail will surprise us. Apple will surprise us. All into March. If Congress passes the Tax Reform Act the expansion could proceed for years and years in our expert opinion.

If congress is unable to pass TAX REFORM as the required global stimulus needed next – I believe as winter ends and spring begins we have RISK ON dangers for a SUPER CRASH versus a correction. I think the entire world could sink into war and chaos.

Its that big. Economically for the risk factors I’ve set forth here reaching that well discussed TIPPING POINT.

What IS the tipping point for this split personality digitally software controlled market space. Is it before SPRING – SPRING – or after? Is it years from now with Tax Reform.

I’m starting you week telling you that the CEO SPACE UNCERTAINTY INDEX for the layers of new events unfolding we have listed here are soaring. The WEIGHT OF UNCERTAINTY continues to alarm our data folks and me as the UNCERTAINTY SPIRAL is rising like smoke in a tee pee chimney. I”m worried about the continued spiral of events taking place reaching a global TIPPING POINT.

China down bubble in economics is huge and lightly reported.

Germany’s Sunday lack of leadership is huge and lightly reported.

The Economics are moving into 2018 with massive rising unknowns.

That is never secure for a bull market in its 9th inning.

So you know WHAT TO DO.

I’ve told you.

You know HOW to protect YOURSELF.

If you read and scan and DO NOTHING.

When you lose a lot of nest egg remember – I tried to save that $$ for you and I worked really hard to help you preserve every single dollar. I just can not ACT for my readers.

So stay tuned and we’ll keep the best we know in front of you.