Today over 300 million American’s pause celebrate and reflect as we teach our young – the principle of what it means to BE – American. Here it means with all that is wrong with America there is also a Mount Everest of what is RIGHT with America. That includes:

  1. Threaten the USA and we are all one  – INDIVISIBLE truly.
  2. WE have enough food for all 300 million and are blessed.
  3. WE have enough jobs and not enough people to fill them.
  4. We have the best economy on earth.
  5. We have the most wealth and minerals.
  6. We are the most productive people on output on earth.
  7. We have the most variety of nature and beauty on the planet.
  8. We have more free time and play time and stuff than anywhere.
  9. Cab drives and bus drivers live like KINGS homeless do ok too.
  10. Poverty in the USA is relative and better than any place else.
  11. We have more freedom and can travel anywhere without papers.
  12. We have more upward mobility if we can dream it we CAN do it.
  13. We have more highways damns and infrastructure than anywhere.
  14. We have more hope more promise more ahead of us than. behind.
  15. We lead the free world and are the peace keepers in the world.
  16. We are able all 300 million to take off and have a feast today.
  17. We install into our young what it means to be grateful truly.
  18. We have more luxury more free time more digital opportunities
  19. More films more movies more games more everything on line
  20. We have bandwidth 300 gigs up and down at our home & iPhone X’s on Thanksgiving day what ‘s not to love

Today we pause and thank GOD for AMERICA.

We pause and thank GOD for one another.

Today we thank GOD all of us looking beyond ourselves.

Today we celebrate the progress the present and the future.

Today we all 300 million of US are not republicans or democrats or independents.

WE are not Catholic or Mormon or Buddhist or Sunni and Shite nor Jewish or Hindu. Today we are ALL OF US – American and we are GRATEFUL For ONE ANOTHER.

Today we celebrate our American diversity.

Today we all pledge allegiance and no one is on bended knee save to pray in gratitude.

Today is a unique AMERICAN HOLIDAY.

A single day to give thanks to thanks GIVING. Giving the thanks.

We celebrate US the USA and all of US in the USA.

WE celebrate what – the WHAT – it actually MEANS to “BE” American.

A day of that.

Far more than the food and good family friends and company and the pause from work and toils and worries.

Today is the day we all 300 million of US take a pure vacation from our stress and our problems in life.

Today the focus is upon – America and all of our treasures and wealth and security and joys.

Dreams happen everywhere in this world.

But dreams as Walt Disney my mentor pointed out in the 1950’s happen FASTER in the United States of America. They happen for anyone and everyone for less cost in less time with less friction than anywhere else in the world. He told us this on Thanksgiving when my famous father was still Alive Alan G Dohrmann. Alan made it a tradition to have his nine children understand what it means to BE American and what that responsibility of gratitude truly is.

All of US held and hold a gratitude in our heart of hearts that we are AMERICAN together sharing this land and its future together.


Thanksgiving day.

WE give thanksgiving for all our world community and we treasure our play time to learn from all of you.

WE celebrate our abundance in this unique nation in gratitude.

All day.


Thanksgiving Day.

Once each year.

We celebrate together.


It is unique.

It is precious.

It is part of the tapestry of the culture that makes us what we are.


To one another.

To all of you.

To the world.


We are giving our thanks in gratitude for the total ALL of America.


Berny Dohrmann with children and family giving thanks in Florida today