Now keep in mind our team hand carried a proposal to Mbs for economic master plans for Saudi that is say – way better than Mbs and teams plan as they do not appreciate economic core bed rock. Thier advisers taking 100’s of millions are frankly in region – idiots.

Now all the Kings men and all the Kings horses can not put failing Opec and Saudi back together again. Nothing has lost more credit rating and ranking for Saudi than Mbs the last two weeks- speaking economically. Only economically.

So today the banks – four huge global banks – declined the first of growth loans to Kingdom resources – owned by now arrested Prince at the Ritz. So the banks stated the 1.3 billion dollar loan could NOT BE MADE UNTIL THE “SITUATION” WITH THE PRINCE is defined finally by the new King Mbs.

So today Saudi doesn’t get the 1.3 billion dollar loan for growth construction and vision.

Further that is one loan. Can you imagine in Saudi in two weeks as we stated:

  1. Credit rating agencies will be down grading Saudi Credit next. Wait for it. This will create billions upon billions in added borrowing cost because a 32 year old did not anticipate UNANTICIPATED CONSEQUENCES we – yes our group at the tippy top – wanted to advise and protect his team FROM but they chose the smarty pants and now have pay outs from such bad and wrong advice that fixing it is always worse than doing it right the first time. So there are OTHER WAYS to outcome and the process chosen by Mbs from his advice is NOT THE BEST PROCESS as we are going to see now.
  2. Loans are being cancer canceled economic cancer like body wide at tens of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
  3. There is a run on capital. Hedge Funds Private equity Sovereign nation funds are RUNNING OUT of Saudi Arabia. Deposits are explosively shrinking. Saudi a debt driven nation today is now in massive coronary economics due to MBS two week explosive moves to reform a nation 70 years locked in TRADITION. It is never that easy.
  4. There is a civil war in the most violent, suicide bomber cradle nation – terror nation – on earth. The potential of Mbs being harmed or killed by enemies is rising like a prediction. Mbs is not secure. Mbs is not safe. The Civil war is just starting and the entire Gulf is not FAR FAR MORE UNSTABLE than it was economically two weeks ago. FAR MORE UNSTABLE.
  5. War could break out with Iran and Saudi anytime. Iran now friendly with Shite Iraq could roll across Iraq who is not so friendly with Saudi and secure into Saudi in two months of war and own in effect Iraq by influence and alliance with Shite government and now Sunni Saudi is Shite controlled. Is Iran waiting for its own sucker punch or is it going to throw the first punch. NO ONE KNOWS but the tension given the history in these nations over 2000 years is predictable. We vote IRAN will act to the best advantage of the SHITE Gulf and its own agenda for God and nation. Saudi is provoking Iran to ACT and lobbying with money it is seeing DRYING UP COMPLETELY hence it is trying to steal the money from its own elite right NOW – creating the internal civil war and the dysfunction and weakness Iran may take advantage of as their time is also NOW. Think about it all.

Meanwhile the American Markets go up and go on with little regard to Germany being a mess today and the Gulf spiraling up to war and the economics of Saudi crashing in a way that is beyond anything the news is reporting today. SAUDI IS CRASHING ECONOMICALLY and the pressures on the King and Kingdom are about to become astronomical. Opec members who got kicked in the financial balls by failed Saudi Policy on Oil – tossing a trillion dollars of MARKET SHARE to OPEC MEMBERS are now – seeing SAUDI leadership weakness and conflict – and economic decline in influence, moving to distant themselves from the economic harm to their nation by being IN OPEC. Opec is falling apart from:

  1. Cheating
  2. Pumping
  3. Drilling
  4. Preserving Market Share
  5. Ending failed Opec affiliations that have net cost of billions

OPEC is no longer good business. OPEC is economic suicide. If I had to define OPEC since 2014 I would define OPEC as frauds – liars and a distributer of OIL PROPAGANDA that has proven to be pure lies and utter fraud over time. So OPEC amazes me because the world PRESS fails to report on OPEC FRAUDS and just document the 2014 lies. The conspiracy to utterly destroy American Shale Output which is the most failed oil policy in history. Mbs who directed this policy has cost OPEC members on his watch a trillion dollars. OPEC members understand these facts and meetings are going on to form new alliances – I think Russia may form its own OIL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATED CARTEL or OPAC. I think OPAC would be much more effective and smaller guilds of oil aligned producers uniting for MARKET SHARE at maximum pumping not minimum – OPAC is the market fair pricing cartel versus the failed Gulf fraud cartel. That weakness in SAUDI now opens a new market RUN out of OPEC by OPAC and PUTIN may well seize on this as Iran may well seize on its option – the first of which is to join Russian in OPAC against OPEC and consider beefing up with Russia sales of military gear for the WAR with Saudi MBS evidently is begging for.

So it is all failed economics.

Saudi has gotten and taken bad advice.

The outcomes they desired and required are NOT taking place.

Options they never saw are now sinking SAUDI ECONOMICS in the largest reversal in history.

Germany stable and under solid leadership is now without leadership an as the largest EU economic in just months crashed into a political economic MESS for their people and for the EU. Their leadership so diminished can no longer influence the EU BRIT EXIT discussions they once dominated. They are OUT and France is UP and IN and Brussels is exploiting German Weakness and declining influence. The German economy is crashing after the Holiday buying last binge from the momentum the old model put in place.

World instability in China is enormous worse than SAUDI and Germany. Why? Debt. China needs debt repackaging that our team has the model for. China is engage in policy that is failing worse than in Germany and Saudi. A run of capital out of China has been taking place by TRILLIONS for years. A run on manufacturing out of China has been going on for years. China rips off the IP of its value based partners. There is no rule of law. China is a nation of hackers and criminals stealing IP at the State level and at the Province level and individual wealth level. China military works with North Korea and Iran in proxy wars with the WEST directing IP theft – financial theft and asymmetrical war fare. The outcome is an economy that now can not sustain itself due to enormous debt burdens. Left without a solution China will SUPER CRASH and enjoy 30 years of stagflation and deflation as has Japan without recourse or remedy due to decades of failed communist economics. Bad advice and bad data that has proven to lead to terrible outcomes beyond planners ability right now to resolve. We have a solution but gaining traction to provide it is never easy.

Plus we don’t try. Nations who come to us we help. We don’t solicit nations.

We are nation rebuilders. We repair failed plans.

Because we understand the economics of how they got to where they are. It is all sad and unnecessary.

So the world is rolling toward massive instability.

While the US bets on Foot Ball Games and shops at Wal Mart for Christmas.

Enjoy the party – it is coming to an end one day.

Berny Dohrmann – What IS really GOING on OUT THERE ????