Congress passing TAX REFORM replaces stimulus removed by the failed Fed policy on economics and timing.

The boom and expansion can proceed with this stimulus for many years globally. Their may well be corrections and recession but we doubt a SUPER CRASH sans war and a disruptive unforeseen 9-11 type event. With normal markets and tax reform growth is assured into the next five years.

Without the Tax Reform the risk of a SPRING SUPER CRASH is quite high actually.

The Super Crash would be unlike any seen in history due to:

  1. The move to digital globalized trading in the cloud
  2. The move to software trading versus human trading
  3. The liquidity crash that will create the super crash and sustain it
  4. The massive bad debt accounts that must work out of the system
  5. The lack of global regulation on digital trading world wide

The risk is so high that the risk must also be viewed as what are America and the West’s enemies doing to take advantage of a potential to sink the WEST. Nothing? Something? What?

That risk is intangible but real as the 2007 crash was created by a digital market weapon fired at the West. Read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON. You’ll grow smarter.

So what NEXT. Nothing? Something?

WWRD. What will Russia DO?

Do they want to rule the world? IS the best practice to keep winning as they are? Bleed the West as they are? Or is the best practice sink the system and rise up the new system as savior?

Also in financial wars there are two sides and Russia has great risk if they underestimate the United States of America – great risk perhaps the greatest risk.

So Mutually Assured Destruction by weapons or financial software is a deterrent by itself. On that front w have not lost the war. Yet.

So what do YOU THINK? Comment?

Do you think the future will be free of third party attack events?

Or do you think it likely such events to breed a global SUPER CRASH are more likely?

What do you think? Just comment and tell us your thoughts ?

We want to hear them.

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