60% PLUS and -40% AND FALLING 


This week saw the largest run out of Junk Bonds the third largest in history. This is only important because it ties directly to stock and equity. markets. Experts ( the smarty pants ) say that the peak market will continue to go up through year end. The charts say the bond run if it continues will start to impact LIQUIDITY we have been warning you all about for 18 months – economics 101 – and at some point in time the OTHER SHOE WILL FALL. When no one can call.

Congress passed Tax Reform in the House easily too. The Senate Finance committee in one day turned the bill to the Senate for a full vote. My Buddy Senator Orin Hatch was optimistic the bill will pass.

IF the Bill DOES PASS we think the boom and expansion will continue for three to give more years. The up bubble for the entire world.

If the bill does not pass – the run on high return junk bonds is going to become prophetic in our opinion.

So the third largest run out of these high yield bonds took place as a RISK OFF bet – third highest in history – THIS WEEK. Which is why a trend sucking liquidity out of bond markets and corporate growth markets is not a small window to watch out for.

Signals are important. The correlation of this market to equities is high.

Hence our alerting you to its occurrence this last week.

Over 60% of American’s are caught in declining incomes, declining purchasing power, and lower and lower lifestyles. They are not participating in the recovery. Less than 40% of American’s are and even their majority is struggling to do so. Two life partners working long long hours just to stay even with the lifestyle issues. The middle class in America dropped by 34 million since 2007 and is still dropping. The majority of America have a trail of sorrows in their declining lifestyle and their downsizing and their two job life styles. The press is enormous.

So the Tax reform helps to reset middle class mobility and remove the class warfare disadvantages taking place in the present model. The present model has assured 1% of America owns more wealth than 99% own collectively which is not stable or possible to continue as an economic floor. Worse 90% of the wealth of the 1% is owned by less than 10%. 10,000 super money pools and families control 99% of the entire wealth of the world because the system models are broken. In these systems of economic imbalance, unless reformed, the consolidations create a breach of liquidity in which the entire system fails. Wealth disappears for all as rebalancing to economics occurs typically through global economic depression and world war to secure the rebalancing. There just has to be a better way.

We propose options in my Book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a great holiday read for gift givers. We propose solutions on this blog and to nations what are open to listen. As time goes by traction to action is taking hold and perhaps we can fix the system before it vibrates apart. The time to watch though is now and this blog is a lighthouse for the ships we love and support in the dark night as the financial waves pound upon the rocks and shore lines. Without a lighthouse your ship can crash on the shore. We’ll keep the light on for you. Count on it. And now this:



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Berny Dohrmann – With your Weekend Report as Congress goes home for a week of Holiday