The markets the uncertainty. Janet Yellen is taking 50 billion of liquidity out of the year end market per month. Selling Fed crap bonds back into the market – while they stop buying – spending – and raise money cost by raising interest. UNCERTAINTY in how all that will work out. The tenure of the worst Fed Chairman since 1907 is about to end. The economy is going where no man has taken us before. Why? Because a woman took us there.

We have massive free money speculation bidding casino capitalism prices to every single asset class via manipulation of prices using new AI and software. The Fed has lost control of world markets on Janet Yellen’s watch. Every economist knows this. What they do not know is how Janet’s failed policy to end DEFLATION and deleveraging and to restore INFLATION is going to turn out as so far that policy is as all things Yellen ill timed and failed as a policy. No replacement policy is in sight.

So volatility. Uncertainty as all the rules change and no one KNOWS where we will get off this new bullet train to the global casino capitalism. No one knows and around we go.

The Gulf is now in open Iran and Saudi wars and less proxy than before times. Now it is open savagery between the two nations. The West can do nothing really till this all sorts itself out.

Volatility. Uncertainty.

North Korea and Iran issues and Russia. Volatility.

More uncertainty.

Congress and the Tax Reform and mid year elections.

h uncertainty and volatility.

It is impossible to see the casino expanding without stimulus in one form or another. I suggest tax reform to give more time to those who might wish to fix the problem versus the economic symptom but those leaders are few and far between.

Lack of leadership in the fiscal growth plan area globally. More uncertainty and higher volatility than we knew all year in 2017.

Year end with balance sheet pairing and more we see a spiral up through the best retail and Holiday year end buying season ever. We anticipate record apple and Rake stocks – we see nothing but UP for the market as a whole – unless we have a destabilizing event and we could anywhere in the world – or congress fails to pass tax reform a recession consequence is likely.


Saudi bowed to unblock the ports in Yehman. The UN stated the worst humanitarian disaster with millions dying would follow if aide could not reach the poorest nation in the world – now besieged in HOUTI warfare with tribal Saudi. Saudi has failed recently in:

  1. Gulf oil rebalancing and market share wars – Opec is losing badly
  2. Unity Politics in region now destabilizing into Saudi Iran wars
  3. Economic policy up to failed Aramco underwriting yet to come
  4. Purge of all enemies – internal Saudi CIVIL WAR underway now
  5. Yehman and Qatar policies failed – Iran rises Saudi sinks in region

Volatility as old world orders are dying and new world alliances and orders are being formed.


2018 is not 2017.

There are so many volatile events ahead this Holiday. No one can predict.

If we see Congress pass a budget and tax reform then the world could breath a collective sigh fo relief and the boom globally should continue for YEARS into the future.

If Congress fails and its business as usual – American Dysfunctional government – than – The Spring is a time of potential SUPER CRASH and Recession is our best guess today. We made this prediction first in 2015. We have stuck with it all year for all the right reasons.


So if it were me – I’d forget year end profit maximizers save for gambling money. I’d move into all cash by year end. I’d wait for congress. There will be a NEW YEAR DIP. Buy into the dip.

Then it should be up bubble all through 2018 with more volatility.

These can be the very good times if the Congress of the largest economy acts and functions. If the Congress dysfunctions well not so much then.

Looking at year end markets – we see it sans outside event effects – spiraling up to record closes by year end.

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Consider that item as volatility returns.

The better option is always NO ACCIDENT at all. Plus you’ll meet me.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman Founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL