So the KING of Saudi Arabia land where the Hariri Family has made a fortune and keeps mansions – calls and says – hey come over to Saudi we want to talk to you. So obedient to his pending investors to retool Lebanon military budgets Harri packs up and goes. Setting meetings for Monday on his Friday departure.

Only old HARIRI is not met at the gate with ministers and pomp national visitors seeing the KING always get and which he always had. No sir reee bobby. Nope the Mbs New 32 year old gun in town does not like that Hariri includes the Hezbollah in Lebanon comprise government. Saudi want SUNNI leadership and SHITE POWER ( Iran power ) OUT.

So Saudi has Hariri’s brother who was passed over in town. They are flying in key Lebonese to sware allegiance to the brother as the new Prime Minister.

Harri arrived and was taken to the King and then Mbs where he was forced to read his resignation speech ( they took his cell phone before he left the plane ) and they – have him under a house arrest. Like the 208 others they arrested this weekend. So they took over Lebanon.

Now the Lebanon government is not happy. They DEMAND the return of their Prime Minister and they are NOT ACCEPTING his resignation. We assume Saudi has made it clear ” we will kill you if you don’t follow our agenda. They want his brother in. He follows their directions to make Regional War with Hezbollah as proxy for the Saudi real war spiraling up from PROXY fighting to real fighting. Saudi is trying to rope the USA and NATO into destroying IRAN for their own agenda. Which is a sick agenda. If Saudi could control IRAN oil they could swing prices again and assure the poor of the world paid a artificially high price for energy – so the elite few in Saudi could live large.

Really the SAUDI AGENDA fails:


  1. Politically
  2. Economically ( they are going broke slowly )
  3. Religiously
  4. Humanly
  5. And Globally

Saudi planning has been decades of failure. The economics can’t lie. Saudi is just not well economically. Or politically. Now in the throws of a full on internal CIVIL WAR of the traditions of Saudi or a new revolutionary model for future SAUDI with tribes and money caught on either side. Both are extreme in views and have no gray. It is black or it is white.

I may seem to be anti Saudi. I’m not. I”m anti failed policy for any nation.

So I think Iran tar painted black by billions in Saudi spin doctoring – and not spinning back as well – IS NOT the Terror exporter that SAUDI actually IS. Iran did not do 9-11. Saudi did. Bin Laden who is Saudi born and raised did. Saudi tribal wealth helped. Saudi has exported Terror without being able to control it any longer. Now their own terror is coming back for the KING and the KINGDOM.

The region is in spiraling war.

Between SUNNI’s and Shite tribes and culture and faith – IRAN and SAUDI – where if they celebrated what was difference in cooperation which IS ALLAH from my own readings and studies and avoids the PUNISHMENT of what is diversity of politics or faith – which is not Allah – we see the result. WE are getting the demon of competition from the wrong side of the force – rather than going to the light of cooperation. As competition is contagious and like ebola a form of viral insanity for brains – the one virus on human consciousness – the source of all our illness in all context IS competitive thought forms versus cooperative brain virus removal tools.

So the Gulf is engaged in a virus. A competition of the MASTER FAITH and the MASTER CREED AND POLITICAL system. This tribal common vision has only been brought into box top rules that worked – a long time ago and for 1000 years using FORCE. A single ruler for all the nations and tribes. In modern times the divided Gulf has been at a slow burn war for 100’s of years.

This war is heating up again into.a potential major event. Why?

  1. Iran has pin point missile technology. They can trade and sell to their buddies in North Korea as a major trading partner not to mention oil around our sanctions.
  2. North Korea can sell or trade hydrogen bombs to Iran which kind of does in Saudi and the USA Gulf Policy but not Putin and his policy.
  3. Saudi faced with Nuked up Iran can bid any sum for nukes from Pakistan or India or North Korea someone would sell them a nuke or two. Say Russia to speed up the Gulf Reformation from the USA policy era to the Russia China policy age and era.
  4. The USA sides with its ally Saudi and follows their script as if we wrote it ourselves. I find the smarty pants making our Policy might be better working for Putin. We lose every single time. We lost with Saddam ( no weapons of mass destruction and we created ISIS ) good job team USA. Predictable too.
  5. The Gulf is rapidly spiraling up for a SAUDI IRAN WAR and who will strike first is going to be a big item. Iran has no fear and everything to gain by just doing what it is SUCCESSFULLY doing and let Saudi do what it has been UNSUCCESFULLY DOING losing its corner stone prestige in OPEC itself. Do not think the OPEC members paying out billions to lose market share customers forever are amused with Saudi failed policy. Only the recent spike in OIL made possible as we predicted here by SAUDI moving to higher war footing to sew uncertainty in the Gulf over all raised the price. Saudi failed to rebalance oil as America alone is about to pass Saudi total production and become the # 1 oil producer in the world. Read the stats. In 24 months folks.

Do not count America out because we are slow and following failed policies. It is hard to admit our policies in the world – in Cuba – in Iran – in North Korea are failed policies and have cost us respect friendship and leadership while Putin’s is the leader winning on our losses. While so many pity America today Russians’ just can’t believe how stupid America is on the world stage.

Looking historically one would think the smarty pants in the beltway could change their planning. As Gulf Planning is largely fed with Saudi input which we have relied upon as accurate more or less – we need to become a bit more discerning. Why can’t we be friends with both Saudi and Iran even if they are fighting.

Why can’t we stay out of their damn fight and remain truly neutral. Respecting both nations and peoples.

Oh you believe all the IRAN tar and feathering.

Iran is a great nation with great people. Why are we enemies with Iran and its people? Because their revolution took over our embassies – lets see how many decades ago was that?

So you believe the hype? With offices over in the Gulf for too many years to share here – let me tell you from EXPERIENCE – that I do not believe the hype.

The USA is losing the real war….digital warfare ….and we may lose AI and then we lose it all. The final score is not in yet. But folks we need to adopt BETTER SUCCESSFUL POLICIES to win in the world. Hell if congress doesn’t t [ass tax reform we will SUPER CRASH Into recession and a further removal of our own middle class. Why? We did it to ourselves with 550 congress people working against America and hundreds of millions who need our folks to WIN not LOSE for us all.

So it is pity-full to see what could be the HOPE AND PROMISE OF AMERICA and to see what is really happening in America? Say letters of understanding from nations on the Presidents trip which are all NON BINDING – and reading that like we made a deal to dent the trillion dollars in the red America is every three years with just CHINA not counting all the other nations we are in the RED with. Why? Not because they are so smart. But because we are such idiots. Collectively including us all.

So what COULD AMERICA do is so different than what WILL America do. If we are predictable we are doomed. We need to come out so innovative we RE-INVENT AMERICA and Foreign Policy is job one.

Scrap old failed policies. Say I”m sorry.

Adopt new successful policies and be grateful.

How hard can it be?

Why it is mission impossible folks – I”m telling you as I lobby for just that.

Meanwhile I am so sorry for Lebanon – as no one is listening to the SAUDI kidnap of a sovereign leader and forcing him to resign at their command is well PATHETIC in 2017 Mbs. You ARE pathetic in that failed policy. As this is failed policy. Watch has history marks it all down as such.

So Saudi is in CIVIL WAR just started and the Gulf is spiraling into IRAN and SAUDI Wars Regionally – and everyone has to pick their side for money and power – and as it ratchets up the rest of the world is hostage economically to the GULF new policy moves unfolding by the day.

Pay attention it is important but read between the lines folks way between the lines.

Berny Dohrmann – Selling Glasses just for you to read this stuff