Saudi has declared war on two fronts with its neighbors and is now opening a third with Iran. The Gulf Community is clear that Saudi’s message IS you are either with US or you are against US and with Iran. No playing it two ways.

The Gulf has been friendly with Iran for 70 years.

The Gulf nations just saw IRAN lose a lot of leaders in the way in Syria and Iraq which IRAN helped the NATO alliance to win. Winning may have NOT BEEN POSSIBLE without Iran spending billions into the way and sending more troops than anyone but Nato.

Who was absent in the war was SAUDI. Well not absent they were financing those who were killing NATO Troops or our enemy. They where fighting IRAN.

Saudi has been on the wrong side of all this:

  1. Saudi started radical Islam from the heart of their own sect
  2. Saudi financed radical Islam and still does in their war against Iran
  3. Saudi was 80% of our 9-11 bombers came from Saudi
  4. Bin Laden is Saudi ( his family is now arrested for corruption )
  5. Saudi has exported radical Isalm to destabilize the Gulf

We back Saudi? Why? Exclusively? We have to label and tar and feather Iran the way Saudi tell us to? Not only THAT but we just DO IT as a Saudi puppet? Why again? Why back the gulf loser ( again ).

Saudi has had failed policies:

  1. Opec is a criminal group of producers trying to keep oil prices the price of the cost of everything artificially high for their own profit.
  2. Opec has failed to rebalance oil. Saudi is sinking to # 3 producer.
  3. Opec is falling apart – literally – as members leave having lost the Market Share Wars Saudi started and now has lost badly over.
  4. Saudi has failed policy for the Gulf Vision and unity of nations.
  5. Saudi is a failed leadership agency in the Gulf community

Saudi now led by 32 year old Mbs is up-ending its very own policy for 70 years on religion on economics on policy in nation. The outcome is far from clear. Those who oppose the new King and there are many powerful leaders – are setting up their response to the recent arrests.

Saudi is in CIVIL war where the outcome of who will lead the oil rich nation’s kingdom is far from clear as the CIVIL WAR just started in the past ten days.

The GULF NATIONS are lining up to take sides.

Some behind the new King.

Some not so much.

Some say they are neutral but there is no real neutral in this GULF REGIONAL WAR caused by Saudi now going after IRAN with both barrels in a war it can not hope to win. Meanwhile WHAT WILL IRAN DO in this Regional War is far from clear as well. So far they have showed great restraint against Saudi’s leadership speeches and calls for union against Iran.

The entire Gulf is in flux over the SAUDI new policies which appear to be an internal CIVIL WAR in Saudi. For the first time immunity of 70 years for just being ROYAL in the ROYAL FAMILIES has been breached as 100’s of Royals are now arrested and over 1000 are expected by Thanksgiving. Thats a lot of Royals to upset folks and they are billionaires.

As you steal from the thieves 100 billion back to the Kings treasurer – which is what Mbs is doing – its about 100 billion US dollars – folks – not about corruption. The most corrupt on earth the KINGDOM itself are not whacking back money from their own family groups who have it or they will and may kill the family member who declines as an example..

The CIVIL WAR has just started. Do you know how long it takes to questions 100’s of very angry pissed off billionaires with attorney’s? Do you know how long it takes to read reports of what was said during those multi day interviews? As they arrest 800 more and maybe 1000’s more in. purge against any opposition to the new King Mbs.

In the tradition of tribes and money in Saudi this will not all occur without the spill over of CIVIL WAR and its de-stablizing event wave.

Economically the Gulf is going to be more volatile more unstable and every nation will seize on its own perceived advantages giving lip service to the highest bidder for their loyalty. We’ll see how it all plays out.

The GULF is in the start of REGIONAL WAR due to Saudi’s failed policy.

Saudi is in the start of internal CIVIL WAR due to Saudi failed policy.

We all have to wait to see how this plays out as the WEST is not really part of it.

Unless the west is sucker punched into it all BY SAUDI.

WE all have to wait and see.

It is every nation for itself.

Not a happy time economically for the oil patch.

Russia is the World’ s Number ONE Producer of oil in 2017.

Saudi is second by a whisper.

The USA is tied for third and will pass Saudi and become number ONE in a little more time. IN the world.

Perhaps WE not Saudi should make future oil policy.

Win versus lose?

What a concept.

Berny Dohrmann on what is REALLY going ON out there economically