America loss with Sanctions. For over 70 years sanctions have not achieved the goal desired. So why does America continue sanctions as a failed model that in 2018 leads to global DISRESPECT. It as if America is politically impotent. Always backing losers versus winners.

North Korea is a Winner – they have a hydrogen bomb factory. Are we not clear on that?

Iran is a winner. They have missiles that can hit us with pin point accuracy. They are selling those missiles to North Korea and North Korea is selling Iran Hydrogen Bombs. Now what? Keep pounding our USA Chest and screaming on tweets?

Iran is a winner. Globally and is by far the superior influence in the GULF with RUSSIA. America the nation with all the sanctions is MARGINALIZED ON POLICY. Saudi thinking their one visit to Moscow paid – as Saudi invested billions in Russia all dollars not the other way around. Russia has the longest standing alliance with Hacking North Korea that hacked all of our war plans from South Korea – so all our secrets are fully known today – North Korea KNOWS we have zero options against them – zero – yes we could win a war but millions upon millions would die in the “victory” and South Korea and Samsung would be off the table from that war – largely destroyed as a nation.

Russia is a winner with an economic expansion almost 3% with Sanctions and the year is not over. Most recently RUSSIA is making ambassadors from the USA – register as FOREIGN AGENTS meaning all their financials must be disclosed in laborious paper work and scrutiny in nation – nightmare – just like the USA IS DOING to Russian Diplomates. Which doesn’t matter too much with the Trump Administration as now the majority of Ambassadors are not appointed and their positions remain dark and vacation in America – as the lights of diplomacy nation by nation go OUT TO DARK I the Trump Administration. No Presidential Administration as fun a government with its agencies with this level of vacancies in American History. Another new record for Donald Trump but another one no President will envy as an administration effective.

Your FIRED is often heard in the White House. YOUR “HIRED” well not so much.

Russia is now moving to have CHINA support its debt and bond refinancing moving away from American support, financial markets and dependancy. Already crashing defense buying from America sources from all this Russia is now moving billions in financing from America. But that is not all in the WORLD WAR III of the Economic wars between nations. Today Russia is asking China to refinance its bond market outside the US dollar and re-finance all those dollar based investments in YUAN the Chinese currency.

As Russia does this successfully other nations will move away from US dollars in Bond and Energy financing and the financial war heats up all around President Donald Trump as the entire world moves off US dollars and into China Yuan. That move will take the USA OUT as the final economic step as the lead policy influence in the world. Russia and China will WIN and the USA will lose but this time the economic war not the battle.

The USA will have to move to full on TRADE WAR with China if they alliance with Russia to move off the US dollar Reserve Standard for the re-finance of Russia Debt. A direct escalation of TRADE WAR between nations and the final card – taking national trade off the USA DOLLAR.

Earlier China told Saudi it wished to pay for its forward oil in YUAN not US dollars. This would move 3/4’s of a trillion dollars of US dollar trade out of the dollar. The Russia Debt Trade is another trade trying to move out of the US dollar.

If such ECONOMIC WARS against the USA are successful than the value of the US dollar slips away from the FED and central bankers and into new market conditions not seen since World War II. The economic agreements, the global BOX TOP RULES, established following WORLD WAR II are beginning to break down.

If the USA fails to win the economic wars, which began with THE SECRET DIGITAL WEAPON – in 2008 fired at Western Nation Markets – and almost destroying the World War II Global Order in 2008 and 2009 – worse weapons are ready to fire at the USA and its allies next.

We either COOPERATE and we prosper.

OR we compete – as we ARE DOING – and we all perish into world war.

Trade WAR is how it all starts.

The the world war ii trade protocols break down finally into oceans of debt bombs in nations globally, the defaults create CASCADE AND GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKET LIQUIDITY LOCK DOWN, and the old systems die. New systems will have to rise up to replace them.

NO one can predict the when.

Predicting the WHAT is not so challenging as it is repeating economic history since Greece and 10,000 years  repeating human history. Why we fail to learn is beyond mean. The financial tea leaves are so easy to read. With eduction. Without education you can be stuck without the 11th commandment – which is Thy Shalt not Believe anything Thy Governments tell unto you. Armed with this commandment you are enabled to read economic news and tea leaves with new glasses and fresh IN SIGHT.

So the world is IN trade wars.  Oil suppliers are in Market Share Wars. In this one area the USA is winning. Now passing 10 million barrels of oil we produce a day with exports soaring to millions of barrels a day – illegal only pre Obama to export even one barrel.

In Trade Wars with 350 billion dollars a year  ( rising in a spiral ) with China in RED INK selling them 350 billion dollars LESS Than we BUY from China the USA is going bankrupt and China is gaining the largest dollar reserves on earth. This trade model is not sustainable – is BAD BUSINESS for decades with the USA building up a nation and financing its military against ourselves and financing its financial system to destroy ours, and securing its ability to hack and steal all our inventions and data bases in an economic war China is winning and the USA is badly losing.

The USA is losing trade wars with South America, with the EU, with Asia and with other nations like Canada and Australia and they are friends of ours. In Trade wars you have no real friends. Once 1% own more wealth than 99% as is the case in all Western Nations and in all Communist nations today – and you have 90% of the 1% own more wealth than the 90% combined – you have the seeds of world war economically – as the ambulances must rebalance and war is the only way to date we all chose.

So we have MELT DOWN this time with a digital market ( all new globally ) and a digital attack on financial markets – creating TRADE WARS from 2008 forward. Every nation for themselves period. Britt Exit and more as cooperation breaks down and computational paranoia takes over. We have THAT Today do we not? Is that not what YOU SEE every day in the news?

So Japan wants to ramp up military with North Korea Threats and go Nuclear itself in its economic wars. Spending oceans on military should ramp up inflation for Poor ABE trying in nation for 20 years and still no INFLATION Really – the deflation has destroyed their capacity and now again is destroying their internal buying escalator to re-grow economics.

China is hitting a demographic wall. To over come the elderly wall China must as Russia must expand outward and immigrate youth inward. Not so easy when your China and Russia but doable with Policy and rising military spending for out reach military missions. When your at your ropes end invade and take some one else’s ropes. War.

So Saudi says they are AT WAR with IRAN this week.

North Korea is AT WAR with the USA and says so.

Wars from the Gulf to North Africa are open shooting wars. New fronts from Pakistan to India can break out without warning. The economics are sinking and nations will rise to those occasions.

The Policy Loser – The United States of America from Cuba and our new policy to that nation to Asia and Russia. We are the loser no one respects any more.

Russia economics now just booming in economic war as the Chairman of the AXIS OF EVIL alliance – an economic war with the west – asymmetrical war fare – which the are winning and the USA is behind in failed policy and losing – and the world knows this and really WE KNOW IT – but we keep following smarty pants policy from the beltway – failed for 70 years. Failing now. While PUTIN and RUSSIA are Times Man of the Year – winning all the respect and stature, and everyone want to make deals with Russia now versus the USA.

We are the money bags to be sure while the Dollar World Reserve Status last. When the Box Top Rules for The World War II economic system break down and fail – and there is no new box top rules to replace them – watch Russia and China fill that void as we step closer and closer to real world war – which is always economic war first. As the USA is losing this war and if we don’t move into new strategy and policy we will lose the entire war – our smarty pants are doing us in actually.

The rest of the world fills not pride or hope they feel hopeless and they fill PITY for America. If you take time ask them. They feel PITY and shake their heads. They can’t understand why we are so stupid is their man issue. Why don’t we DO the common sense things that would lead the world back from the brink? Why don’t we meet with the head of North Korea and Iran and makes deals? Why don’t we make nice versus making threats? Why do we sanction versus talk it all out?

So we continue the policies of the proven LOSER and watch PUTIN wining from Iran to Syria to the Gulf to China. Russia is winning and rising up economically in spite of sanctions. Putin has the stature and world’s respect and we have well sit com jokes into the night world wide.

The truth is not always easy.

IF we keep doing our policy and Russia keeps doing their policy the world will unite against the USA as it is now aligning and doing. If we see false reality and fake news that we are winning and we think we are winners we are being counted out bloody and bruised in the ring – and evidentiary our side cheering like we are winning. I find that a bit disturbing. Ridiculous for the leading economic nation at the moment.

No one is doing us in.

WE are doing OURSELVES in.

WE know this but we can’t get our leaders to shift around enough yet. Perhaps this mid year election will get America awake enough to DO SOMETHING at the polls.

It is possible we could still win.

It will require new an different political vision policy and will.

Personally I don’t see it.

Right now the damage remains the political dysfunction I reported all year. If Congress the less than  550 in that circle are not competent to pass a required versus desired tax reform package – the economy will move into a recession and downward spiral. If they pass the tax reform act the economics can boom for three to five more years. With out the tax reform package …..not so much.

We warned you on this. We stated CONGRESS WILL NOT PASS The Tax reform act – if the move to dysfunction as they have been engaged in all year long – we suspect the lack of governance will become economically fatal for the USA as AMERICA does not exist in a vacuum. WE have very powerful enemies stepping into to our failure and poking a stick at our wounds.

Self inflicted wounds.

One after the other. No end in site.

Cutting and spearing ourselves. Economically Weird behavior actually. Lets move all our good jobs off shore? Lets move all our inventions off shore. Lets to be able to make an IPHONE at home any longer. Good plan? Good policy? Good direction? For our people?

There are 1100 more examples.

Self inflicted economic wounding.

If this continues much longer America the patient will bleed out.

Yes we can and we will bleed out.

Because of what we have done to ourselves.

The 550 smarty pants bought and paid for in the beltway.

While the world PITY’s us today.

WE can not punish some one else. WE can with the world ‘s help remove ISIS and madness from the earth. WE can deprive with the world helping resources from reaching insane brains – ISIS brains.

Insanity speeds up world war.

Causes world wars.

Those brains are in DC and everywhere. Listening to insanity is a bad deal. Having discernment is a good deal but precious and rare.

So I suggest to you – that – you watch to see if our policy remains unchanged and moves us all toward world war. I would watch for the dollar based economic system to be attacked and undermined as a consequence of failed US policy – an item we reap what we sew. As you see this prepare to invest and manage business differently for different forward markets Will the current boom spiral up to year end and super Crash into the spring. We think that remains possible.

Will Congress do the impossible and function and pass tax reform to save our people and economy? They could. They might. IT seems so remote though versus existing failed policy continuing.

So failed POLICY AMERICA is committing economic suicide as a nation and many nations are poking our self inflicted financial wounds in world trade. Do we heal or bleed out?

Saudi and the Gulf are lining up in a Regional CIVIL WAR long tribal and religious and for which the WEST can offer no solutions. The dye is caste.

Pakistan and India are closer to war than anyone thinks.

Russia is on top of it all.

Russia is playing China and they USA in a ballet of successful policy against our failed policy. Russia wins.

We lose.

Worse we think we are winning.

Delusion is not a great way to begin a real war.

So the year end unfolds in record wealth and buying.

We are needing to make different choices and see with new glasses.

Will we?

Can we?

I remain unconvinced as I follow the money.

Berny Dohrmann – Pre thanksgiving report to the world stay awake