As you read this last weekend Saudi’s King and his son the heir – following the major shake up in the ruling family in 2015, arrested a bunch of leading Royals and the wealth tribe of the nation.

With 45 years working the Gulf let me try and sort this out for you. I’ll not be using a lot of Arab names as that tends to confuse westerners.

First lets look at George Washington And Thomas Jefferson. Today the Arab ruling and wealth authorities tied to George Washington – the SAUDI King who united all the tribes and created what is now the KINGDOM of Saudi Arabia have been diminished and purged out. The tribes of Thomas Jefferson have been routing out Georges belief and blood lines – and Thomas Jefferson’s blood line and tribes are now rolling.

MBS is what you need to KNOW – as Mbs as he is known is the 32 year old Western Educated Son of the King who is in his 80’s old and in ill health. What is going on in Saudi is a civil war. The tribes lining up are engaged in warfare as it relates to:

  1. Continuity rule of the Royal Family
  2. Reform or old ways

Mbs the son and heir to be KING is consolidating his total powers.

In 2015 the civil war got serious. The KING ( always by royal decree ) proclaimed Mbs and not his long groomed heir would next become King a break with all tradition – in age – in decades of preparation and traditions – broke and spoke. The Defense minister a blood line to George Washington was removed from office and heir status and the son of the present King Mbs ( there are lots of sons ) was made heir to the throne.

This weekend a missile large enough to destroy the Palace was found not far from the Palace by Mbs and his team. The missile folks rated out the chain of command ( with some help from torture as you can’t imagine it ) and it led back to the Palace and money.

Anti-reformers and George Washington Tribe lines that want Saudi to remain as it was – no rights for women no driving for women and a whole bunch more ( not selling state assets ) etc and so forth.

Meanwhile Saudi who once controlled oil markets no longer does. The lower cost of Oil which Saudi knows will plunge, has placed the Kingdom trying to diversify industry, remove 45% youth unemployment they failed to invest in during the go go oil years – and reform their nation globally economically requires cash. Saudi is in the red. It has to borrow now to keep its building and forward plans going. It never had to borrow before. Their credit rating is beginning to slip down.

Their cost of borrowing is rising.

They lack the money to pay entitlements and subsidies ( like lower gasoline than any place on earth ) and as prices rise and subsidies go away the masses want to topple the Kingdom. Radicalism which is not a nation but more an IDEA is spreading all over Saudi. This is catastrophic as Saudi financed and created radicalism and exported radicalism to win its ageless war with IRAN. The Arabian authority versus the Persian Kingdom. So historic and never ending.

Iran with its shite majority of Muslims throughout the Gulf is trying to heal rifts and unite the Region albeit with shite influence. Iran has all faiths getting along well in Iran and its influence areas. Saudi does not welcome all faiths and is exporting its more radical islam which is now returning with a vengeance to topple the Kingdom. Think of this as REGIONAL WAR a CIVIL WAR of the Muslim FAITH and Iran IS winning and Saudi IS loosing. America is backing the loser. Which we so often do.

So the KINGDOM internally is in a CIVIL WAR. The ruling family which is large with 1000’s of players in the court are engaged in the peak power struggle of 200 years.

This weekend Mbs moved with the missile intel to take out opposition to his daddy and his side of the family. He boldly did the following:

  1. Created a new anti corruption Royal AGENCY which he heads.
  2. Sacked the head of internal defense and national Guard ( George Washington Tribe line and another rival heir to the throne in the Saudi CIVIL WAR ) and appointed HIMSELF head of THAT.
  3. Mbs Now controls all the weapons intel and military and police. Though there are Washington divisions in all those ranks.
  4. Mbs then took the heads of the anti reformers and the money of the anti reform funding – out. He arrested them all. If you can call being detailed at the Riyad RITZ Charlton “arrested”.
  5. He will now make deals to steal like the Arabs have always done. Having not enough MONEY the Kingdom under consolidating power Mbs – will steal by making freedom deals untold billions those arrested will pay in fines and new loyalty to Thomas Jefferson reformers.

Mbs at age 32 does not see reforms taking place fast enough.

Mbs see’s anti reform as a threat to his life and his father’s life.

Mbs has moved like great leaders will to remove the opposition to their POWERS.

in the process two things are really going on out there:

  1. MBS short term has vastly consolidated power prior to his daddy the King’s death. The power is largely MBS running the entire nation today. He is buddies with President Trump.
  2. MBS is now an enormous target of the anti reformers and radical muslims in Saudi who want the King and royal family put to death. MBS is in danger great danger.

The CIVIL war is in its early stages. The first battles have been won by MBS. He arrested the most powerful business leadership and political influencers including the Senior BIN LADEN the largest builders in the entire Gulf. He will find out who financed that missile and opposition to his daddy for sure.

No one has moved against these powerful leaders in modern times.

Doing so has a consequence.

No one can predict outcome in the SAUDI CIVIL WAR.

As MBS has threatened outright war with Iran with a 32 year old mid set – get er done – as he views Iran as his mortal enemy. Also MBS using hatred of Iran in faith politics and economics to rally his majority support for the KINGDOM – anti Iran rallies and inflames the SAUDI people who feel threatened by Iran leading in the Gulf which they are. America is backing the LOSER. Again.

Syria won.

North Korea won – they have hydrogen bombs.

Iran won and is winning – the ground – the hearts and minds – and America is backing the liars of the century. For example.

The NSA and the CIA and the FBI know for sure, Saudi was behind 911. It was a bunch of boys who got lucky once. It was funded for ten years and planned by inspired generals and executed in stealth. The majority of the airplane boys were SAUDI. We know it was SAUDI.

We made a deal to avoid war that would have at that time set the world on fire with oil at over 100.00 dollars a gallon at your pump for years till that war settled down. We kept oil flowing. They agreed to cut it out. But they never did cut it out. They are backing those who would destroy us.

MBS is not one of them. He is opposing those powerful forces and powers. He has stepped into the abyss. He has declared OPEN CIVIL WAR in Saudi Arabia with the anti reformers. Yet he retains his hatred of all things IRAN. His vision is for SAUDI to be the dominant influence in the Gulf. Iran will not let this happen. So everything you hear from both is like a divorcing couple who are too bitter for words.

The Golden Rule – divorce talk means nothing as non of it is true on either side. They are both wonderful. They need celebrate their differences not punish them which is spiritual truth. Insanity is to punish the differences. DIVORCE TALK MEANS NOTHING.

MBS made moves against Iran this weekend in a Gulf Regional War.

What WILL IRAN DO as consequence. THAT is the trillion dollar question. Folks.

MBS made a CIVIL WAR begin between reformers and MBS’s Vision of the future for the largest oil lake on earth – against the traditions and anti reformer wealth and powers.


Today MBS is making deals to get intel on the reform food chain with more arrests and some outright stealth killings in the Stalin like Purge which is JUST OW BEGINNING IN SAUDI.

The SAUDI CIVIL WAR IS JUST NOW BEGINNING. It has not really started.

Two of the most powerful wealthy leaders in the entire GULF and in Saudi for sure are now being detained by Mbs at the Ritz. For now. The news of the world is reporting these leaders including the BinLaden family have been ARRESTED by MBS for corruption. You can appreciate how pissed off these leaders ARE right now. The stock of one was down 10% in the first HOUR of trading US Sunday – in EU markets. This loss of billions just on press is what? OK with him?

BinLaden fans are running for the hills. Are they next?

Power has consolidated away from the ill aging 80 something KING o his way to his own graduation. Power and wealth have consolidated in the 32 year old son – MBS – now arresting more and more after the enormous missile found in their capitol – ready to kill off MBS and his father neither of whom are amused.

You might to pick up on all these important facts from the news media who are blocked out of what is really going on over there. Media and the internet are not free and all information is controlled and revised by the Saudi NSA intelligence service – and under strict and absolute control. This blog would probably not reach a Saudi national.

You can email them to read it to your own contacts when they travel out of nation.

The majority of Saudi citizens are receiving information filtered by MBS and his growing team now in absolute control of the power and the wealth of Saudi Arabia. The King today passed the baton of powers to secure his family nation and forward control.

The PURGE that began on Saturday ( Friday USA time ) is just beginning. 1000’s of arrests are under way. Massive intel is being developed in data bases. High Tech and low tech ( torture ) are moving information related to ANTI REFORMERS and ANTI REFORMER funding sources at the top – and IRAN sympathizers and funding at the top – OUT.

Saudi is in a tornado of power consolidation behind full on reformation to advance Saudi into something new. The majority who oppose that unity of commitment are being purged, reformed themselves, or killed.

That IS what is going on out there in the Oil Patch. We anticipate oil will go UP when in fact Saudi will pump out more oil as frankly MBS needs the cash. Their cost of defense spending is rising so fast now with these MBS moves that borrowing will not fix it. MBS KNOWS that Saudi is losing the market share wars.

MBS KNOWS Saudi can to lose more customers to higher prices or reduced supply to the customer of need. So like all market places and suppliers who NEED CASH DESPERATELY Saudi will lie to Opec members, cut them back and move in secret to pump cash Into the defense starved national budget – assuring they keep their customers and that they take customers away from their other members knowing OPEC will not survive into the future but SAUDI WILL survive.


  1. Will Mbs be assassinated by the Super Money opposing him?
  2. Will a revolution and nation wide civil war break out in Saudi?
  3. Will Iran attack and take over Saudi – they could do it. Iraq too.
  5. What will anti reformers do NEXT?

Every action has a reaction.

Every war plan has unintended consequences.

For every step in one direction there is a consequence that is unknown at the time the step is taken.

Given the central oil markets of the world are now in reaction to a SAUDI CIVIL war and the entire Gulf is going to line up and take sides and the lies will supersede the truth what is the best POLICY for America? We better get that right because it is not President Trump making a phone call to his buddy the geriatric KING and saying – hey pal we really need that Armco Public Offering in our own New York market space – can you do that for me pretty please – pretty pretty please Friday as all this breaks into Civil War.

President TRUMP says pounding his hairless gorilla chest – A AM THE ONLY ONE – MY TEAM MEANS NOTHING – IT IS ALL JUST ME ON POLICY.

Well President Trump your backing the loser and making America a Saudi puppet in their war with Iran which is frankly not a smart or a good POLICY.

Tillerson is not good – Tillerson is GREAT – why not be mentored by great in foreign policy and allow your GREAT TEAM to DO THEIR JOB? Like Great versus good Presidents DO. Do your best sir and delegate the rest.

IF IT IS NOT YOUR GENUIS “IT” IS NOT YOUR JOB Mr. President. America needs a NEW GULF POLICY and yesterday is already too late.

Now you have the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth you will not read or get anywhere first – not first – but right here. My Press readers go for it and expand the story for the world and your welcome.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Cost of Everything – Energy REAL


PS: I remind men readers the only way Saudi can save itself is to move the core price of oil up artificially to the market space – and they only have one remaining card to play before oil plunges for decades. WAR. You recall I wrote that in this blog say ten times since January?