As I fly all day to Florida arriving 1 AM from West Coast did you all notice anything this weekend?

Say the Tax Reform Bill ran against lobby brick walls to include:

  1. Removal of interest on all mortgages about 500,000 hitting higher end homes the largest sector so hard shares in building stocks just plunged. Globally.
  2. Removal of health care deductions.
  3. Removal of tax prep deductions.
  4. Hey there is lots more being taken out to give you an income tax deduction.
  5. One hands giveth the other hand taketh away no one knows the NET effect really.

Trump says to his team – ITS ALL ABOUT ME and MY HIGHWAY or your FIRED. So the Apprentice SIT come continues we just call it the White House. The Staff that run the USA have FIRED TRUMP and are running their agencies with out any regard for him. President Bush ( both ) said today that Trump is a NARCISITIC BLOW HARD WHO HAS NO CLUE WHAT THE JOB OF PRESIDENT IS OR REQUIRES.

China said PRE ARRIVAL of TRUMP to the world – that CHINA not the USA is the new standard for morals and direction and leadership. Diminishing the USA before the President steps foot into the communist economic disaster. What liars.

While all this goes on the NEW FED CHAIRMAN is getting ready to send Janet Yellen the WORST FED CHAIR PERSON in 100 years packing. She’s fired.

The bond market sent a message by flattening yield curves. I know I know that is jargon for my peeps. It means long term and short term cost to borrow USA Debt notes – have come together and the cost and spread are more narrow than anytime since 2007. This is impart as a CHART item if you use CHARTS to map out likely future history. Why?

Because a yield BOND MARKET FLAT GRAPH means historically 100% of the time it occurs – that a serious recession down turn is coming. So THAT has some bell ringing to the old chair person who’s failed policies caused all that – by raising interest when there IS NOT INFLATION and the economy is not strong enough across any board to warrant that profit taking by the shareholders of the FED – banks and investment banks who profit at each and every interest raise as does the FED itself.

The New Fed Chairperson if they raise interest with zero inflation are likely to trigger- taking 50 billion of core LIQUIDITY from a highly fragile global market space – CASCADE AND CONTAGION AND MASSIVE DEBT DEFAULTING pushing the world into SUPER CRASH. Who would do that – why the FED.

The Bond Market is screaming – don’t do it – don’t you do it.

In financial ease of course.

The problem I fear is only a few of us remain who speak financial ease. Most of the kids today listen to geriatric CRAMMER who is actually an entertainer as if he was an investment banker economist which he has never been. So move and invest to CRAMMER the ENTERTAINER or think perhaps I should learn a bit of financial ease.

We teach that language to ya all right here.

Stay tuned and turn your clocks back. Have to go catch a flight.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL

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