Our privacy policy is – we never use your data for anything. We don’t email we don’t allow any third party use we keep you private like you were in Church in a tabernacle.

Last year the FBI dropped by to alert us to what we knew. Our old Blog Site was hacked by ISIS. They did not get our data which is military grade firewall protected. So everyone was safe. We have almost one million followers world wide and soaring. No advertising or promotions.

The Government informed us how to rebuild our web site to specifications we did on line with Apple actually. Google notified us we had a sovereign nation hack.

I took the matter with Great Pride that the insanity that is ISIS – a leadership of damaged brains – crazy brains on the planet – now being deleted for what they are – the sane deleting the insane – removing insanity – teaching people stop asking why they do IT as ISIS is NOT:

  1. A nation of anything
  2. A political of anything
  3. A religion of anything
  4. ISIS is a gang like crips and bloods of crazy brains
  5. ISIS is insanity upon the earth

Why do they do it? They do it because they are NUTS stop asking that question.

So ISIS doesn’t like me because I illuminate there is no cause or purpose other than money and power that hitler and insane brains all wish for. Sanity must deny them money and powers. Which we are doing.

So my blog was effecting recruitment.

So they put their flag up and brought my site down with massive click attacking to stop anyone else from getting IN.

I took it off line for a while in 2016. Moved to new hosting and did the things three letter folks suggested.

Today I started in 2018 with no emails – no advertising – no promotion – no anything. No social. Nothing.

As we pass 30,000 subscribers ( because your sharing this blog resource ) and we include PRESS – Social Media – Private Equity – Hedge Funds – Banks – Investment Banks – world wide leadership of Fortune firms and nations – all reading this blog with almost 500,000 clicking to read and yet to register – we are growing back to my million in less than 9 months with no promotion of any kind. I’m kind of amazed as I work hard to bring you WHAT “IS” GOING ON OUT THERE but you are so loyal and you check back and you share.

Those that comment I just treasure YOU as you are my reward for all this work effort truly.

I read everyone one even if I comment as I have time which is never.

Dec 11th we have Forbes and Inc and other institutions that Rank CEO SPACE on site. We are delivering our best knock their socks off program Dec 11th which saves 3000 to 5000 US dollars on taxes while those acquiring a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ASSET get a profit on money that is impossible to match even if you just bought Apple. It is historic and proven and checking out our family everyone comes together with children and our teen program is # 1 as well – so the Christmas CEO SPACE is our BIG ONE our BEST ONE and it is lots of work at year end.

I wanted you to know I am speaking on stages till it starts and then I have lots more time into 2018. Still I wanted you to know my PLATINUM circle in lobby work – economic work – investment bankers – via Conf call Skype and emails keep me as if I was STEVE BANNON in Politics up to speed on the core economics of the world – as we advise business OWNERS in 140 nations and they expect the TRUTH.

We give them our best shot right here.

So your sharing and caring is so appreciated.

If you are click reading we appreciate your registration so we have our count as we rise back to 1,000,000 and beyond globally. Our goal is to be a source of the TRUTH for our readers to sort through news that is no longer news but agenda’s and to determine what is TRUE and what is NOT so they can run their small businesses – 1.9 billion of them world wide – better – with more information and better information as either the DATA is in control of YOU or better and far better YOU are IN CONTROL of your DATA. Which is what this blog is – a tool for you.

A free tool and tactic to do better in your world by having more and better information.

I want to thank you as our own American Holiday of Thanksgiving approaches and all the Holiday music is playing in the stores. I want you to have a WONDERFUL PROFIT INSIDE:

  1. The largest stock wealth of your lifetime
  2. The largest bond wealth of your lifetime
  3. The largest real estate wealth of your lifetime
  4. The highest consumer confidence index into Holiday’s ever
  5. The highest business confidence index into Holidays ever

In 2023 they will all ask you – did you go for it in 2017 and 2018 the last of the really greatest opportunity options for this entire generation.

When you wonder – when are the GOOD TIMES??????



Acting to accelerate is your primary choice today.

Do what you do best….and delegate the rest.

Go for IT.

So my gratitude is for your sharing with your lists walls and emails as you will and do – that this blog may be useful to your circle as to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT “THERE”.

To those who registered this year all 30,000 of you ( almost ) and rising daily – world wide – thank YOU so much.

For those reading who will register for me by year end you’ll set a record for us.

So we protect the data ( never breached ) and your privacy ( never violated ) in absolute terms for 30 years.

Thank you for your trust and becoming a subscriber and making a favorite to check back a few times a week.

I promise to do my best not to let you down.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment Banker Economist – Best Selling Author – Movie Producer – Founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL AND CHAIRMAN – Mentor to Nations and Fortune Institutions – and Father of Nine and husband to September in our home in Florida serving you today. You have my gratitude – thank you so much for reading.