The Fed is in crises. The Fed has invested 10 trillion dollars to stimulate inflation. There is no inflation without the phony math of oil manipulated price versus real market prices without cartel manipulations. Janet reports that the economy is doing fine. It is not. Ten Trillion has indebted out nation because of the failed FED POLICY and Janet today spins their own member profit making as a private profit making shareholder stock firm – thats right – the Fed is a 1907 first Non Government private corporation owned by banks and investment banks all in secret without influence or audit by anyone including Congress. Congress hearings are a joke as Congress has no power to do anything to control direct audit or check balance and counter any FED final decision on money management for the nation. The 80 page congressional 1907 act that fire walled the fed from all third party review is a flawed law and the Fed needs to be seen as it is. A flawed source of all economic crises while they enrich their shareholders at tax payer expense. THE FED NEEDS TO BE MERGED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY as sanity over insanity. Why would the wolves regulate and guard the chickens? The Fed can’t regulate the banks unless its powers are brought back Into the US TREASURY versus a third party beyond audit – private stock firm of criminals. It is my opinion as an investment banker economist the biggest crooks in the nation are the unregulated financial institutions led by the FED The Godfather of state crime. Until the public is educated and demands the FED be merged back into US treasury the nations of this earth are enslaved by CENTRAL BANKERS who are legally empowered thieves creating legal theft from national wealth and treasuries. The system is greed based – flawed – and insane.

Education on the facts is how you become aware of your own crises in debt. Today Jane who created the national debt at 20 million with her criminal tribe -said to congress as a oxymoron coming from the WORST FED CHAIR PERSON in 100 years – that – WE SHOULD ALL REMAIN AWAKE AT NIGHT IN RESPONSE TO THE 20 TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT. The Fed is the lender. Getting the profits from the loans for its shareholder ( banks and investment banking criminal tribe ) all beyond regulations – as they are exempt from the regulations that apply to smaller firms – all insane. WAKE UP voters. Google FED FRAUD FED CRISES FED LIES FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD HISTORY – educate yourself. See this film:

The film provides facts – education – so you know WHY all central banks in all nations should merge back into their treasury – where paying interest to print money in a fully transparent real time digital world – Fed fee’s to manage money are not required and the treasury accountable to check and balance and reviews – audits – is the appropriate master mind to administrate national money policy. The Fed is a failed experiment that bankrupts nations – created world depressions at its own profits and world war where it alone with its inside criminals profit from all the death. WAKE UP.

  1. Form committee’s to merge CENTRAL BANKS back into national treasuries.
  2. Get backers sponsors and donors in masses to educated and wake up and join the MERGE SURGE. Start yours this week.
  3. Affiliate with all others in a SUPER PACK to influence in America 500 law makers voters insist the FED be MERGED back into US Treasury.
  4. Pay off all debt say our 20 trillion in five annual SUPER BOND 100 year bonds – sliding interest with inflation cap – write me for SUPER BOND THEORY box top rules – write Roel Campos at Hughes and Hubbard to execute your nation’s SUPER SOVEREIGN NATION BONDS to market. Your nation is in the black versus the red with plenty of money to grow again.
  5. The FED is dead if you just read the truth. We the people have all the power. Only ignorance keeps you impotent and bound NOT TO ACT. The FED MOST FEARS you learn the truth – and ACT. ACTION by VOTERS is what they fear to their monopoly to print and control money for nations as a crime in 2018. MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS IN YOUR NATION TO YOUR OWN TREASURY AND YOUR NATION RISES – if we don’t – world war and global depression are coming. Again. Due to failed Fed greed for its stock holders sucking the life blood out of LIQUIDITY in world markets.

Economic systems that permit by failed box top rules that need revision – globally – consolidation of wealth – where 1% own more than 99% of all national wealth of nations and 10% of the 1% own more than 90 % of the wealth ( via merger and acquisition ) represent a fatally flawed economic system. The box top rules for economics in ALL such models – competitive capitalism – socialism and communism – require REVISION to revolutionize modern economic theory such that COOPERATIVE INTEGRITY BASED CAPITALISM USING THE BEST OF ALL SYSTEMS EVOVLE TO RESOLVE THE FLAWS OF THE CURRENT INSANE SYSTEM MODEL – where COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM FEATURES:

  1. Fair trade rules and full partnership in global economics for all nations.
  2. Removal of speculation and manipulation ( non economic stake holder investing ) as crimes versus legally labeling such crimes as “hedging”.
  3. System is fully reporting in real time digital and globally.
  4. System is fully audited in real time.
  5. System is fully accountable globally.
  6. System is self correcting and integrity rule based fully check and balanced globally.
  7. System has zero secrets or insiders.

Do we not all wish to repair the failed competitive capitalism present model the failed communist model where both have brought us CASINO CAPITALISM today moving to Super CRASH and world war as a tool to re-balance distorted bad debts of nations and companies – re-setting economics – where FED shareholders and the Central Banks make ungodly fortunes from war by indenting nations Non of this is possible without keeping the voter’s ignorant – monitoring economic education to assure voters remain ignorant – and manipulating the hearts and minds of voters to reside in FEAR sufficient to move authorities into the insanity of war.

For example:

  1. Why does failed policy of historic proportions not self correct?
  2. Why does President Donald Trump and G 20 leaders not meet with North Korea and create a PEACE TREATY finally?
  3. Why does President Donald Trump and the G 20 not meet with IRAN and create a bi lateral trade treaty and welcome Iran fully into the family of nations?
  4. Why are we preparing for real war with North Korea?
  5. Why are we isolating CUBA IRAN and other nations as national policy? How are such insane out dated policies in OUR BEST INTEREST?

The USA has its streets awash in terror – blood baths – mass shootings from Vegas to Orlando – we put a pot smoker in prison for a decade – we eject under age immigrants born in the USA – our own law makers are gun down at noon playing hand ball – in DC – we have grown up attorney’s warning contour sheets marching like it is sanity – punishing diversity in all forms versus celebrating it- creating riots between Americans resulting in wounded and deaths – and we pontificate on Human rights to nations all over the world facing the most brutal rip tides on how they should handle these conditions in their own nations. WHO ARE WE TO BE THE MORAL POLICE OF OTHER CULTURES AND NATIONS? How is that role which disrespects everyone mind set that is not like us – as the FED heats up your news spin to assure we go to WAR. Why?

Because they have no way out of their economic mess. Only war.


This blog argues for economic sanity away from economic insanity given our on line information as the CENTRAL BANKS can no longer keep the TRUTH from WE THE PEOPLE.  A bloodless revolution occurs at CORE when you merge central banks back into national treasuries and pay off all your debts in nation with Sovereign Nation SUPER BONDS – 100 year bonds inserting TIME as the economic kill switch that makes debt today affordable where a penny pays off a dollar in 100 years. The stuff of NOBEL prizes – write them to read the blog.

So after MY BLOG was posted on the CRISES AND BRAND SLAUGHTER TIM has created at Apple the BBC presented news stories – that reported –

  1. Apple is in crises.
  2. Apple users now question APPLE has lost the system models to assure quality.
  3. Quality and trust are shattering at Apple today.
  4. The latest security flaw providing open access to your computer using GOD AWFUL buggy Apple Operating HIGH SIERRA – by anyone is not the CORE PROBLEM the core problem is TIM has diluted quality control to make bonus and profits and now Apple Brand is being SLAUGHTERED on Tim’s watch.
  5. Apple has apologized today and released yet another bug fix – BBC reported the IOS system for IPHONES and IPDAD remains flawed buggy and the worst ever. All on Tim’s leadership. Tim will be known for the BRAND SLAUGHTER and nothing else. Trust me. TIM as I wrote some Tim ago – HAS GOT TO GO ! Folks.

When asked who TIM is grooming to succeed him – as his entire team at the top is SO DAMN OLD TODAY – he wrote it is LEGION. Are we in the exorcist or what. WHO Tim, who is the worthy leader to reset Apple trust and Confidence from your APPLE CRISES AND BRAND SLAUGHTER in 2018. You have to GO TIM and let APPLE tilting in San Francisco Bay below the water line taking in more water by the hour than your Blige pumps can off load – Apple share price may sink in half or more – sending the market reeling – if YOU DO NOT CLARIFY a leadership upgrade to repair the damage YOU TIM no one else allowed as CEO on your own watch. it is YOU Tim.  Who else? You diluted Steve Jobs sacred rule – no release of buggy not ready hardware or software to our customer family – not ever.

You broke the rule Tim.

The media is cautious in reporting this story. They spin it. Why? Because Apple is a top ten billions in advertising and PR client that pays the bills for those reporting. This conflict of interest was firewalls in NEWS reporting decades back but the firewall is now dismantled and news exists today to make profits from advertisers not by bashing the hand that feeds them. SANITY versus insanity folks.

The crises again is INTEGRITY.

So Tim is lying like Janet Yellen and is way too late and too little to stop the growing story in media – APPLE IS “IN” FULL CRISES – and the CRISES Is not the crises – the CRISES is their inability to systemically fix the problems. The problems are now so core and systemic through their entire hardware and software line – due to relaxed quality control system failures – that APPLE IS NO LONGER THE COMPANY WE TRUSTED FOR DECADES.

Apple is something new. Something more common. Something driven by profits and greed now and depreciating its quality to its customer family as never in its history. The Apple team being led poorly has:

  1. Created the worst crises in hardware buggy release of hardware and software in Apple history.
  2. Demonstrated a horrific disregard for billion user base – by denying – and releasing buggy awful fixes – the quality control on fixes has broken down – drawing core attention to brand slaughter and stock devaluation ( coming ) due to – system flaws across all silo’s where quality is relaxed and systemic fixing of problems is now a shattered quality itself.
  3. Apple systems are in CRISES and not what they once where.
  4. Apple value is based on yesterday and tomorrow Apple value will re-balance to today’s reality.
  5. Lies occur by omission – Apple integrity is now shatter along with its Brand. Your incompetence in this area Tim has trashed the careers and futures of countless Apple developers because Tim quality IS JOB # 1 and you get F Tim – you get F as in the shortest time on your watch you made your bonus and retied wealthy while you kicked your mentor and mine Steve Jobs in the nuts on the way out the door.

Tim will resign soon or be forced out. The Board and shareholders understand what I’m writing. The billion apple users already understand it they just did not KNOW what the real issue is.

Know any apple users? Send them this blog URL. They deserve to know. What can you do?


TO THE BOARD OF APPLE ( Home office address new campus they are so proud of )


As an apple owner may we request you install new CEO and management to correct the fatal system failures on quality control for the Apple brand and shareholders.


Your name

PS: I have owned Apple products faithfully for x years – if you fail to put in fresh talent at the CEO and senior management level we will move to competitors to preclude the flawed Apple software and hardware products that are costing us all so much in productivity.


Write that. If you do – acceleration in talented better management will take place and Tim will twilight into wealth and disgrace where Steve would wish him to reside.






As an Apple shareholder and supporter I am pausing my support. Why?

This blog was the first to report hours after the Apple KEYNOTE the following:

  1. Apple X is just NOT that special an advance over the Apple 7 plus.
  2. Apple IOS 11 is the worst most buggy operating system ever released by Apple. It is Apple’s – Windows ME. It will slaughter their brand for years.
  3. Apple users get as loyal as we are that a big change has taken place under Tim. The change has to do with quality control system in hardware ( apple 8’s have batteries swelling that destroy the units ) and IOS is a horror story to productivity without flawless operations.
  4. IOS version 5 seeking to upgrade the damage of the buggy awful operating system, fails to fix the issues again. You delete voice mails and the deleted voice mail comes right back. Thats one. I have 100’s. From IM to internal and external bugs the system and I am a programer is in version 5 – not fixed and the CRISES AT APPLE is they release PURE CRAP and they take ZERO RESPONSIBILITY – zero – no apology – even – and they continue to demonstrate they are so internally CHANGE MANAGED they can now NOT FIND THE FLAWS AND FIX THEM they have become a management that is flawed themselves. The bug now is INSIDE APPLE and this is TIM’s legacy after Steve Jobs. Creating a John Skully Brand Slaughter for Apple taking decades from Apple in months – good will is being shattered.
  5. Today yet another SECURITY FLAW was disclosed – so serious Edward Snowden weighed in from MOSCOW stating Apple IOS was just BAD SOFTWARE. No kidding. The press finally reported but not front page – that – a billion apple users can have their phones iPads and computers fully accessed without any pass word by anyone let alone hackers. Just type in ROOT versus your pass word and your IN fully IN at administrator level. Apple in Crises now in full lack of competency – now in PANIC JUST FULL ON PANIC are trying to get IOS 6 out with a bug to the most serious security flaw since Steve Jobs released the IPHONE. Brand Slaughter is taking place not from IPHONE competition but from IPHONE MANAGEMENT where Tim has made bonus and profits at the expense of QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM modeling he has diluted to a. point his legacy at Apple is not stock price growth at ANY PRICE – hiring teen workers at 18 hour days in China – and so much more – that TIM SLAUGHTERED THE APPLE BRAND which will take a decade to repair. Market share is now being lost as loyal Apple Users have options and are moving for the first time out fo Apple in larger and larger numbers as each BUGGY AWFUL IOS is released without being able to fix their own terrible awful WINDOWS ME. The worst SOFTWARE IN APPLE HISTORY.

Why is media not reporting how billions upon billions in wealth is now at risk for an Apple STOCK PRICE CRASH. When the correction occurs as it will soon – Apple is going to be a bloodbath worse than BITCOIN coming up. BLOOD BATHING IS NO FUN.

Berny Dohrmann – Typing on the awful buggy Sierra Operating System – I think its now HIGH SIERA because you have to be totally high to use it.


PS: Yes you heard about the Apple crises – hours after the KEYNOTE and as always you heard it FIRST HERE – now months later the news is just starting to see their lead advertising revenue producer – is a NEWS STORY in stead of their core revenue – that conflict of interest is what is really going on out there – where Apple waves its lying fingers stating ….oh I did not have sex with that woman……like we believe the lies.





Since the 1980’s when I sold my public Investment Banking firm ( globally ) and founded CEO SPACE the world’s leading Entrepreneur CEO community I’ve made a lot of predictions. Almost 100 of them. I’ll be wrong. I’m sure. I predicted the crash of 1987 – the dot.Bomb crash of 2000 – the 9/11 recession – the 2007 melt down. Our tribe of CEO’s uses the information we provide as one source of data to effect safety and keeping their money from harms way. We always error on conservative economics.

We predicted the current boom as a FOOLS RALLY. We noted as you all make lots and lots of money – you can lose all of your nest egg and with margin trading so easily provided more than all of your money. Truly.

WE have stated the SPRING of 2018 is the danger period. WE have stated a third party global shock event would trigger the CASCADE into the correction. We suggest debt is the issue and the bond market is the problem.

We have provided chart and graphic information in this blog over more than a year now to support our continued caution on the 9th inning of the boom. Next August this boom if it lasts will be the longest highest boom since the 1929 depression super crash.

We have noted the Congress stimulus to world markets via a tax reform for the USA given the FED is tightening money ( we feel prematurely and with huge risk ) the boom could go forward for years. Without the stimulus of tax reform the correction is far more immediate.

Even with the stimulus will we get through the spring? We will find:

  1. Record year end profits
  2. Surprising retail up bubble
  3. Across the board year end good news

Then we feel 2018 – not so much.

As the first quarter results come in – a tax lag will occur – until the new congressional policy – what ever that potential may or may not become – takes some time to effect market result into.

During this time – an unknown time – as we are in entirely new financial modeling like no time in history – within a casino super bubble unlike other models – as all Asset classes are effected by price manipulation and unwanted system speculations. This current global model is not sustainable and is unhealthy economics.

IF we have time we may be able to moderate the downward effects of the Super Bubble.

Debt is the unknown.

If Venezuela defaults ( not in the world best interest ) or any debtor nations starts a BOND CASCADE of debt defaults given the record Mount Everest of bond debt ramped up in this boom – the correction can be ferocious. Digitally instant.

If we get through the Spring sans a third party shock event – we may propel a boom forward three to five more years with tax reform.

Without tax reform stimulous the vulnerability of the markets is truly off any prior chart.

We have North Korea instability and unknowns.

We have an Israel Iran war potential or a Pakistan India war potential or a China Sea war potential. All 2018 risks no one is factoring in at all.

We have Russia controlling oil policy world wide not OPEC and tomorrow we find out what that means near term.

Feel secure “They” will handle what ever comes up? Who is they? The US Navy has billions in repairs from ships navigating into crashes. Then they crash the ship trying to get it home for repairs. Again. That THEY is going to fix everything? They can to steer a billion dollar war ship in broad daylight.

Anyone go to jail for negligence costing US tax payers fortunes? Nope. We go to jail for life the third time we steal a snicker bar in California.

The system is out of whack.


Wells Fargo steals untold millions criminally to make bonus money. Anyone go to jail for this large theft? No. Corporations are increasingly criminal with fines factored I as a cost of criminal activity. The multi nations faced with a. crises not of leadership but a crises of integrity make the Mafia look like kindergarten for crime.

The world is at highest risk ever until the world gets its integrity culture back. We have to cooperate and trust each other or we go to Super Crash and world war.

Do you see anyone avoiding the march toward war?

I don’t.

Pounding weapons on your hairy chest is no longer a policy as a way forward. No that is stupid and immature leadership world wide.

So who protects us from risk of a SUPER CRASH?

Oh that is easy. No one. No one is IN CHARGE of THAT.

Should some one be in charge?

Yes but politicians run the economics and until the economics run the politics which typically occurs after a war – millions die because politicians do not understand economics. That is the cause. Ignorance. Not intention.

We all are hostage to world events.

The risk for a correction is economic and historic.

The time is now to the spring. If we make it we are globally so lucky. If not make a plan to protect your profits.

But low.

Sell high.

It is high now.

Action delivers.

Consideration condemns.




PS: Like musical chairs when the correction occurs so many will be out first. If your not one of them you lose.




President Trump has marginalized the USA further than Barak Obama failed policies have. As the USA is focused internally, on the next tweet, the next failed vote of the US congress – the next Supreme Court ruling for or against the President, the WORLD is focused on the leading SUPER POWER – Russia.

President Putin won the influence wars in the Gulf. His union with Iran defeated ISIS. ISIS now being mopped off the planet, as insane brains, has seen their short moment savagely taken from them. Their so called nation was less than 24 months in ruin and collapse. Not so much a nation really.

The insanity of ISIS is seen world wide by 7 billion souls as neither religious or political just a small gang of crazy brains acting out in insanity. Because the crazy brains acquired weapons and cash the world had to put resources into removing the crazies from both powers and weapons. Which has been done.

The gang is still out there but they are broke. A crazy broke gang.

Meanwhile the entire world hangs on WWPD. World Weapons Putin Deploys. Global torpedo’s that travel at over 100 miles an hour to destinations in ports anywhere with atomic war heads – no anti missile system can stop the Russia PORT DESTROYERS. As only one new non space based weapon system.

Putin is in control of oil markets as the world’s largest producer now passing Saudi in market share wars. If Putin pulls out of OPEC 2018 extension in cuts – he effectively divides OPEC into his friends and his not so much. He economically rises up his friends and punishes his not so much. He sling shot moves into the market share wars against America and against American interest and he raises up Russia Iran and his buddy interest in the world.

Putin won in Syria.

Putin has won in domestic terror.

Putin has won as statesman.

Putin has won in elevating Russian Power and prestige and marginalizing US power and prestige.

Putin does not regard America as relevant in the developing new world order.

In Asyemetric war fare the war is economic – hacking – stealing IP and intelligence – moving economically – attacking western values systems and money modeling – stealing 100’s of billions – using identity theft and digital theft to enrich the Russian economy at the expense of the sanction economic USA. The USA is bleeding from RUSSIAN strategy that is all World War III in asymmetrical war fare launched with the first economic digital weapon in 2007. They all made more than one trillion on the test firing of that weapon and the west – weakened from the attack – never fully recovered.

Russia is laughing as Russia and its alliances are winning and the USA is loosing.

The economic arms race is fully engaged.

Russia is on a count down to destroy the US dollar as the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY and to replace that currency with a basket of currencies from the EU, Russia, and China. That alliance will grow based on loyalty to PUTIN’s agenda and Russia trade partnerships. At the expense of a declining USA with limited options.

If the USA does not pass a tax reform package – which is highly likely in a congress that has failed to govern or function for 20 years – the outcome will be a SUPER CRASH and global depression. The Debt Bomb will explode and defaults will rule the market space as a fully unintended consequence of RUSSIA destabilizing policy in economic world war III now unfolding.

The weapons are digital and not traceable.

The weapons can sink our markets, profit our enemies, and turn off our infrastructure – power water and transportation and remove all data from all records in seconds. Digital attacks.

Technically dependent nations roll back to the Stone Age in digital dependancy. It is true. It is instant. it is unfolding now.

Russia is in a time race.


America is doing the following in the digital wars:

  1. Attacking digitally  with each attack against us
  2. We have weapons the world has never experienced – cloaks of invisibility we can be anywhere un-detected – nano spying – we can be anywhere see and hear everything – anytime. We have nano nukes and nano emp. We have weapons Russia can not survive in the end.
  3. Attacking economically – sanctions and trade restrictions for those attacking the west.
  4. Hacking our enemies and spying on them in their most secure meetings.
  5. New weapon creation digital and weapons of mass and total destruction not hacked or known.
  6. Raising interest costs so Russia and alliance borrowing cost given their staggering debts and negative balance sheets – failed nations economically – are now forced to bankruptcy by soaring refinancing costs to their existing and forward massive debts to keep their communist failed economics floating. Interest rising kills Russia financially.
  7. Economic Wars – the USA is cementing its alliances with cash and oil – and no one can replace America as the fastest new source of cheap energy conventional and new – in the world today. America leads innovation and AI and technology and even stealing from America Russia lacks the real brains to catch America or get in front of AMERICA where it counts – fiscally.

So Russia is winning battle after battle. However America is going to win the war.

Russia is leveraging power and prestige today. Putin is the one leading world figure. The world see’s Putin as the WINNER and Donald Trump as a cartoon leadership with a huge check book USA.

The world has lost respect for America as a nation of hope and promise. The world still respects the wealth of America and approaches America wiping their sarcasm and grin off their face with their hand out for each new check. America is not using its check book as a nation in WORLD WAR III but we should and we could.

America is catching up and so far behind still in the economic wars launched against us. The US Military is entrenched in traditions of war fare that fail inside the new digital war manuals of asymmetric warfare that China invented and Russia is executing against the USA.

What our enemies say means nothing.

What our enemies DO means all.

As we fail to integrate and understand the WORLD WAR III is an integrated strategy unfolding in victory against the West – a West who remains un-coordinated against the threat level – and indecisive on funding and policy.

The first policy in WORLD WAR III is MARS. Mutually assured reconstruction first for the USA and second for our allies. Kevin Freeman DOD contractor and author of THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN is the FATHER OF MARS POLICY for the USA. We nominate Kevin to head the new MARS AGENCY. Without MARS the US can be defeated. With MARS the USA can not be defeated. The US Military needs to give its great big head a huge shake and look with new glasses at the evolving war theater. It is like nothing ever faced by America before.

Putin has the com and we do not.

The first rule to win the new warfare is to keep your advisory confused on the nature of the war or even if there is a war in the first place. Nothing serves your higher purpose more than fake news.

As you dominate fake news the others only investigate in endless economic drains that lead no where at all and keep congress dysfunctional, you win by strategy. You are playing chess and America is playing checkers from old World War II rules saying KING ME. There are no Kings only check mates and Russia wrote the new warfare box top rules.

So IF Congress fails to pass tax reform – highly likely now – then what happens? We spiral up on year end sales and profits into the first quarter. A default event possibly now Venezuela cascades into bond markets world wide with failed Fed Policy of soaring interest costs to borrow – making global refinance from FREE MONEY less than gradual and prompting a wild sell off. As the CASCADE driven by Artificially Stupid Software – ASS – destroys market liquidity Russia will lead a trillion dollars of highly strategic leveraged super short selling. First shorting ETF markets themselves the next SUPER SHORT to earn trillions in profits.

The US and Allies may fall into depression. The World Reserve currency status of the US may be challenged than be lost by failed US Policy more than successful Russia policy. Russia didn’t win the war we lost the war. ASS helped I digital trading . America became an Artificially Stupid Software. No one saw the emperor had no clothes ( economically ) IN the USA while everyone in th world saw the naked emperor and ran out of AMERICA investing. But no where else was better in the coming financial storms.

Russia is creating the financial storms.

The Fed is acting like a Russia Employee – J Edgar Hoover would brand them communist for sure.

No one is understanding the new holistic digital warfare battlefield nor are we wining the financial fire fights. We are playing right into PUTIN’S LONG GAME – as the # 1 leader of the modern world – the success – driving his nation into forward opportunity to rule the entire world – while we hand the world over to him in ignorance of his CHECK MATE – the long game against our endless short game.

Markets will rise up in the longest most insane FOOLS rally based on borrowing – free money – and market manipulation in casino capitalism. They will rise until they don’t. Then they will SUPER CRASH given how high they have leveraged up. Deleveraging will be across all asset classes as economic accounts are rebalanced against debt abuse. The DEBT BOMB will explode and defaults will CASCADE through world markets at speeds no one every witnessed before. Putin and his allies are ready in WORLD WAR III weapons – all digital – to profit from this predictable shift they are themselves creating – preparing for – while the act to make the sinking gut feeling worse for the West and for America. Their goal is to replace America as the defect world leader and new world reserve currency and economic leader.

Russia IS winning and the entire world knows it.

The DOD and America is sadly loosing world war III.

The DOD lacks a cohesive war policy in the digital warfare space.

The DOD lacks MARS without which their entire core policy of MADD is simply a lost cause.

MARS is the future only no one will assume responsibility to birth MARS a policy.

MARS moves the USA into a WORLD WAR III winning policy which is entirely missing today. Today we lose each battle and lack a proper WAR PLAN.

So we are losing and Russia is winning as they wrote the rule book for the new war fare model with China.

Communists or Capitalism? Democracy or dictatorship and kings?

History may report democracy was too slow and too fatal in efficiency to survive as a ruling form of nations. Eight year dictators may be more efficient. Today in Democracies all bought and paid for the lack of ability to govern at all is now raised nationalism and populism to new levels. The democracies can not make a GAME PLAN to get ahead of digital World War III they are battle after battle – bank theft after bank theft – hack after hack – hemorrhaging from with no stopping the open arterial blood flow across the democratic nations.

Bankrupt nations like Russia and China have no hope or choice but war. A shooting war with America weapons they all lose and their way of life ceases. A digital war is asymmetrical and in this war they the bankrupt can win the wealth of those they conquer. In the end. They survive and prosper for their people and end up dominate as a power in the world. It is unfolding according to the PUTIN PLAN.

Putin is a policy winner.

America is a policy loser.

The world see’s the nations just this way.

The US has been marginalized since George Bush.

No policy period has more failure than this last 11 years.


The digital war attack and super crash of 2007 to 2010. We almost lost entirely then. It was a hair breadth Putin momentum slowed and died off – although he and his buddies made ten years of sanction wealth in ten months of digital warfare they won.

We lost.

We are still losing.

Russia and their digital warfare buddies have successfully hacked:

  1. All government agencies – NSA – CIA – White House – all of them.
  2. All major fortune firms IP including all weapon and arerospace defense most advanced weapon systems of tomorrow – all now in Russia hands.
  3. All data base all citizens they have us all – all the information.
  4. All power grids and critical information systems which can be erased now from the hacks.
  5. All strategic weapon systems – can we even laugh counter attacks if Russia pushes the right buttons? No one knows today for sure.

We have done diddle by comparison.

America is loosing the PUTIN WARS.

Now if TRUMP makes a deal with Putin to collectively rule the world in effect with China cooperation derails the competitive war effort. Ya think? You believe that is what Putin thinks?

Putin is a Jujitsu Grand Master.

This means Putin will use Trumps own weakness momentum and body weight to pin him to the floor. Putin likes it this way. Trump never see’s the fall coming.

Why would Putin winning WORLD WAR III digitally close to the death blow – pull back their punches? You think they will? You believe they will allow the US MILITARY to catch on – and to ever CATCH UP? I don’t think so following 45 years working with Diamonds a leading export next to oil out of Moscow. The Russian mind invented Chess and leads in playing the game and loves winning.

Russia has life or death demographics – economically:

  1. conquest or die as a nation
  2. Aging too old and not enough young to power economics
  3. Bankrupt communist economic system – in th red and dying due to failed policies for decades
  4. Borrowing only prop keeping Russia afloat – time to win is limited they are desperate so is China and their communist allies.
  5. Putin World WAR III gamble with China Iran North Korea and others is winning. The West is losing. America never gets the new WORLD WAR III has truly started and we are losing the war.

The war is economic.

The first world war that is DIGITAL versus a shooting war.

Russia is bleeding America to death with multi front regional wars.

Russia makes profits in wars.

America loses its ass in wars.

Who is winning?

Putin was times man of the year.

Putin was Nobel nominated.

Putin is the leader of our century.

Since Ronald Reagan America has failed to off set our enemy war plan with a war plan of our own that works. We are reactive. Russia is pro active setting the world agenda.

Our consultant advisers are wrong for decades and our policy is a failed necklace of failed policies. Eventually this catches up to nations.

If we fail to change our minds we perish.

Folks this is the PUTIN lull before the enormous PUTIN STORMS back to back reach the shores of the western world. Follow the money folks follow the money.


Mbs Assisinated ? Well not yet…….

WILL Mbs be assassinated? 


Will Mbs the new King in Saudi Arabia be assassinated? Lets do the math.

So Mbs arrests the leading Princes and Elites who have all the cash in Saudi land. Then he tells them they are going to trial and death or they are going to give HIM 70% of all their wealth. 70% folks.

So these immune protected billionaires are no hostage – not free – their bank accounts are frozen and they are the “guest of the new king” at the Ritz. 100’s of them. Thousands nation wide. More being arrested like this every single day.

Some have fled the Kingdom.

Everyone with the big bucks is marshaling their law team and their escape team and their counter attack team? Do you think they all feel roses and warm and fuzzy about giving the 32 year arresting King 100 Billion Dollars of their wealth and money?

How many of them will wish to kill the king?



How many?

How many are working on that right now?

How many in Iran wish to kill the King? How many are working on that item right now?

How safe is the new 32 year old King making all these in nation changes to:

  1. To 70 years of tradition
  2. To 70 years of culture
  3. To 70 years of religious traditions
  4. To 70 years of law in the past
  5. To preserving the past or revolutionizing the future


How many COUNTER REVOLUTIONARIES ARE THERE IN Saudi Arabia WHO WISH TO PRESERVE THE TRADITION CULTURE RELIGION LAW AND STATUS QUO LIFE? Some? Millions? Enough? How many in the military and secret police? How many loyal to SUPER MONEY Powers now arrested? Their powers are not just gone?

How many HATE Mbs versus love the man who arrested them and tarnished their royal standing status and immunity? Hate might be too weak a word in the Gulf.

Have you thought this through?

The Oil Patch is now engaged in:

  1. A Saudi Arabia CIVIL WAR and internal revolution.
  2. A regional Saudi Iran War that is in a spiral to a real shooting war.

As SAUDI Can not WIN this war with Iran, even with our help and support, not on the ground, the suicide watch for Saudi with Iran is on high alert.

The GULF is in political nightmare today in a pre war footing between the leading oil producers for money power and political domination. Noting new over 3000 years. Same oh.

Only the weapons have changed.

Today will Iran buy a few Nukes from North Korea or Pakistan? We think by George Yes they already have. Why not? It gives them security and victory over their mortal declared enemy King Mbs and Saudi Arabia. Saudi throws sand in our eyes, stating Iran is the leader of terror in the Gulf when in fact Saudi is the TERROR LEADER in the Gulf, having engineered financed and advanced the terror – where Bin Laden son of the largest Builder and Super Wealth Family Bin Laden – from Saudi created the Taliban and 9/11. Saudi boys. All.

Saudi exported terror to deal with Shite Iran and all Shite’s in the Gulf so their sunni belief would become the MASTER FAITH.

They have now lost the terror wars.

They are losing the branding to tarnish Iran who defeated Saudi financed ISIS. Killing Shites for Saudi. Good job ISIS though you lost the terror wars as well.

Saudi is heating it up from Egypt to Lebanon and the Gulf Leaders are taking sides and many against Saudi.

The war is lining up. Are you not following all this?

So oil.

Oil is supply excessive to demand which is falling in China and the USA and peaking everywhere. Oil is way too much supply and declining demand adjusting user charts in models the world has never seen an has no experience in. Electricity is moving away from oil based production into alternatives and heat from the core generation as lower kilowatt lower polluting energy never to return to oil. 70% of oil is burned up to power our silly asses around the loops city to city. This use is a run out of the energy bank into electricity – produced increasingly by clean burning natural gas – alternatives and the rising market share – heat energy from the core of the earth all with USA Patents driving that energy revolution.

Oil is as this occurs faster than projected – faster than experts ever suspected – sea changing – paradigm changing core economics of the petro economy – as China plunges factory orders and so does the US in October and no one is noting OIL is going down in core demand. The anticipation oil use demand is rising is fake news put out by liar Saudi to manipulate prices if only temporarily higher.

WAR is the only answer for higher oil prices. Saudi seeing they can afford Kingdom Survival has taken everyone’s eyes off what matters – plunging oil prices and a revision of petroleum economics for the entire world – this economic moderation is the only policy issue that is commanding events world wide. Energy is the cost of everything. Up or down.

Up 7 billion poor world wide lack full partnership to economic revival and full partnership.

Down energy costs provide stimulus and full partnership to development nation’s where billions of poor require low cost energy to join the world humanity.

Exploit the poor.

Annoint the poor.

Our generation will be known for our outcome in this critical area.

Today Super Money pools argue for the outcome.

The King in Saudi has accelerated a revolution no one knows if the young 32 year old can finish what he started. He has started a lot of things he has not finished – no where near finished. He has executed the most failed economic policies of the Kingdom in generations:

  1. Internal reforms
  2. War with Yeman
  3. War with Qada.
  4. Aligning Regional nations for Saudi or Iran.
  5. War with Lebanon losing influence and united the ally against the King.
  6. Failed oil policy since 2014 price from 140 dollars a barrel to 37.00 dollars a barrel of 85% price collapse.
  7. Failed market share war – customers in critical % are leaving SAUDI with a run out SAUDI OIL forever – as they lose 100’s of billions in customer base and market share through failed oil policy the young King is now held personally responsibility for.

How does this spiral into serious civil and regional war in the Oil Patch play out?

Do you think arresting 1000’s of the most wealthy influential power brokers and family leaders in Saudi – stealing 70% of their cash and holdings – is making the REGION more secure?

Do you think those arrested lack influence? Lack contacts to Iran and other hostile to the King alliance partners they trade with by the BILLIONS of dollars.

It is entering week # 3.

It is only 3 weeks old.

The legal theft of over 100 BILLION US dollars a pure political revolution and power grab disguised and weakly as a corruption clean up spin or fake news.

The enemies of the new King are being stripped of wealth or life.

Nothing new here.

Not in historic kingdom track record and ageless in region history lessons. Nothing new at all.

Modern Media consumes the King’s PR as it is released in real time. PR that is released to vilify the arrested families, secure a rally in nation, where Religious leaders are not so much behind a reform of religious tradition the King is revolutionizing – Woman having equal rights to men for one. 2500 years or 25 days?

We’ll see.

Young versus a majority less young formerly in leadership now out?

So the victims of arrest fall into:

  1. I’m not dealing with the King and I wish to go to court.
  2. I’m dealing with the King and want out of this at any cost.
  3. I’m stalling and planning to flee Saudi.

In the 1-2-3 there are % of all catagories that wish to KILL the King. They each have the connections and the money to effect that desired outcome. They live in a. suicide nation that invented suicide bombs. Killing the King is one sacrifice to effect a nation and a class of people now labeled as criminals and not amuse with that abuse of their tradition of royal absolute immunity – now at the new King’s whim – vacated as if that immunity did not exist at all. How do you think arrogant wealthy rich royals may be THINKING in all this today as more of their tribe is arrested daily.

If you oppose the new King your out in the new purge.

Stalin did it.

Hitler did it.

Musolini did it?

The Emperor in Japan did it.

The Cszar’s did it and Kings did it for generations.

This is different?

How are YOU SEEING oil patch instability?

We see as a scale of 1 to 10 the oil patch was 4 on stability highly unstable for all the reasons you know today and when Mbs arrested several weeks back 100’s of ROYALS the civil war internally to Saudi started and has no early end today – and the Regional War – Saudi or Iran spiraled up toward a real shooting conflict now ratcheting toward war and instability we feel is now 80% versus 40% from three weeks ago.

Big shift.

We see the most destabilizing event in the world today the OIL PATCH instability being engineered and advanced by 32 year old King Mbs. We believe the Kings intentions are pure  We believe he wishes to consolidate power before his father transfers over the Kingdom in weeks or days or months from today.

We believe young in experienced 32 year old Mbs lacks perspective of economic outcomes to action politically taken or what all political decision makers miss – the UN-INTENDED CONSEQUENCE to the ripples you create by dropping the meteor into the sea.

The waves are rising to 1000 feet as they approach the Saudi shores. As MBS is looking inland to his own land – he many not see the danger to his team and himself.

That is the revolutionary risk factor.

A lot of money and a lot of energy is whirling around MBS right now. As MBS is insular to advice from his trusted inner circle he may miss crucial data and information for decision making – a common cause of failed policy within the best intentions.

Mbs must develop a more broad style of leadership that is inclusive of data outside his insular filters or risk failure to his common vision through death therapy. Traditional to the Gulf miscalculation on policies.

Historic really.

So the dice are in the air.

No one knows how the dice will land in the oil patch.

The entire world is leaning over the table and watching the play.  Events will unfold as they will. A risk to the world order financially is present if real war interrupts oil delivery dynamically as a consequence of real war in Region or nation – with oil moving to 250 dollars to 500 dollars a barrel and $ 10.00 pus at the pump – a global depression occurs and a world war can unfold all due to failed Saudi vision policy and planning.

That then is the risk we are seeing that Young MBS is not pondering upon as the end of that vision as an option is the end of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That risk is enormous today and everyone watching the table and dice know THAT but the players on the table waiting for the dice to hit the back wall.

We’ll see what those final numbers look like….will we not?

Berny Dohrmann – Rooting for MBS and Regional Reforms ….today