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News: Is like time STOPPED. As the Office of the Special Prosecutor issued indictments to arrest and pick up “targets” in the highly charged TRUMP and Russia drama – everyone waits to see – are they arresting Trump law firms – are they arresting Trumps son in law – WHO are they first arresting on MONDAY?

Will this effect markets?

Folks this was timed to effect EVERYTHING.

Keep in mind there is no slam dunk in these cases against terribly well enabled to DEFEND THEMSELVES in a nation where you are presumed INNOCENT until in a jury and with evidence you are proved beyond any REASONABLE DOUBT to be actually guilty. In political indicting no one is taking this too seriously on a crime basis outside those who hate Trump

President promised the nation under his Presidency would see 3% growth in 2017. The Fed said no way. All of them. The leadership of the democrats said no way – all of them. Hillary said NO WAY. The experts said NO WAY. We said WAY.

This weekend the news reports America IS at a 3% adjusted growth just as the President promised.

Today we have the lowest ratings of a first year President – EVER. Trumps lowest ratings yet – depending on whose poll you wish to believe as there are biased polls out there as well.

So getting the truth on that item is dicey out there and variable.

What is true is America is growing at 3% already and:

  1. Stock wealth is at an all time high ever recorded.
  2. Bond market wealth is at an all time high ever recorded.
  3. Real Estate Wealth is at an all time high ever recorded.
  4. Consumer Confidence is highest entering Holiday buying season.
  5. Business Confidence is highest entering year end buying.


America is already growing at 3%.

We predict with Tax Reform the markets can boom recovering from INDICTMENT DIPS which may spell a good time to buy actually depending on WHO is handcuffed and marched off to jail in political theater. Normally indicated ladies and gentlemen are invited to self surrender as a courtesy, and the party is released on bond thereafter. This will play out in high press drama as the lead center of the effort to impeach or derail President Trump as if Russia had any voters swing because of Communist Russia in our election- humbug.

Still the process goes into its gyrations. As DNA evidence free’s those wrongly imprisoned by prosecutions who failed to do their jobs and put innocent men and women in jail for decades – the justice department trust we once held is totally shattered until REAL JUSTICE REFORM is enacted. Today America is the KGB yo once most feared.

If I ran for President of the United States I would run on one message – which is – ARE YOU MORE OR ARE YOU LESS AFRAID OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN 2018 THAN YOU WERE IN 1980?

If you answer MORE AFRAID Vote for ME and I will ROLL BACK FREEDOM IN AMERICA namely YOURS.

If you answer LESS than vote for any of the existing players and enjoy what you see for the unborn generation.

America we CAN DO BETTER THAN “THIS”….on all sides.

And I believe you know what – we will. We WILL. It just takes longer than we thought. Is all.

But we together – we WILL. I believe in AMERICA.

So this – all of this – too shall pass.

Today I could report on various news items – form last week – the shocking performance of AMAZON the equally amazing performance of INTEL or Microsoft.

This week all eyes are on APPLE to see what is really going on out there.

The TIME MACHIE STOP COMMAND has been thrown by the Attorney General and everyone is now waiting for the spin of the dice – who will be arrested on Monday and HOW. That will tell us a lot about justice or politics in and of itself.

Your all smart.

You can read between the lines and the timing.

Power – you are about to witness power in America.

Berny Dohrmann – Monday is the Big Day – We’ll keep you posted from Silicon Valley CEO SPACE this week.




Super Money pools spend untold billions in the new capital arms race – which is AI and Software in the casino capitalism market. Human’s are not involved.

Today the market dropped 150 points. In the short time it takes to click.

Last week it dropped 200 points.

And recovered.

The year end portfolio’s are now software reviewing their final December reporting. Where profits are needing a ramp the software takes profits from the market at the high points.

The ocean of side bar cash in the trillions than roars in from its software to buy in the dips.

The market roars back to ever new highs.

The experts and smarty pants have trouble telling you what is going on.

The Fed says the lack of inflation is a MYSTERY and trillions of spending has not re-inflated the world economic – yet.

The smarty pants don’t get that todays volatility is unlike any prior market.

We have told you and told you.


IT IS THE WILD Wild West _ WORLD WIDE and we all need Adam West.

To save us.

Today Software – evolving – being upgraded and replaced quarterly – new AI taking over yearly – is pitted against all other software and market choices – each watching the other and moving with a speed faster than human’s can click to propel capital into our out of positions at velocities and volumes never seen before. Capital is also AI pushed into nations or out of nations at whim of the program not the human making a review. Overriding the software is becoming impossible. The % of the market controlled by humanity making choices is shrinking to have only influence of the most minor significance. The human shrinkage of market share to ETF and AI and SOFTWARE in the digital casino – all out any nations regulatory frame work – is something new. No one knows the outcome. The human shrinkage no longer triggers AI reaction and is further dwindling by billions as we read together. Capital is flowing from human managed decision making moderating risk and capital flow dynamics – to AI and SOFTWARE CASINO CAPITALISM which is now the new FORUM OF GLOBAL BOX TOP RULES FOR ALL OF US – COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM ARE ALL ONE INSIDE THE NEW CASINO CAPITALISM.

The trend to consolidate capital into the DIGITAL CASINO is accelerating.

The passing energy of price dips is not a correction or the start of one. It is a passing energy. The Software AI manipulates markets prices. Predicts the future and makes it true via capital manipulations. The AI SOFTWARE already has plans for a 30,000 DOW. The Software will react to geo political events but the software has no program core to moderate CASCADE.

Cascade is the new condition that occurs when the entire market space is switched just like a switch ( due to geo political events ) to sell and there are no buy orders – so that liquidity evaporates. This “given” is not programed into the smarty pants AI nor into their software modeling. So when contagion occurs it takes time. Today it takes minutes – and that is a FIRST TIME in economic history. Contagion leads to CASCADE and there is no recovery from CASCADE.

What would cause CASCADE?

A hydrogen bomb over Guam would do it or something close to that. A gulf war would do it. Italy and Span going bankrupt – Venezuela defaulting on 2 billion in Debt ON Friday may begin a process bed for BOND CASCADE.

There are a lot of events.

Generally the largest risk is CONGRESS WILL FAIL TO PASS TAX REFORM as this one item gives us TIME to resolve the issues facing DIGITAL CASINO CAPITALISM within a RE-REGULATON FRAME WORK the G 100 needs to consider – map out a game plan for – and cooperate to deliver. Without THAT Cascade is inevitable as the potential break down of the post World War II economic system globally.

AN EMP Pulse from Space would do it.

A weaponized hack as outlined in the book GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman would do it.

There is a lot of RISK for CASCADE and Bank of America wrote yesterday …IT IS AS IF THE MARKET HAS FORGOTTEN THAT THERE IS RISK OF ANY KIND …..and today we see some profit taking. A passing AI energy.

It is just software.

WE share holders are not triggering these market conditions.

Still we do have only one warning of a pending correction for real. VOLATILITY INCREASES. Remember that last month news of the huge volatility side bet that VOLATILITY WOULD INCREASE? Those chaps are making the big bucks today.

We predicted VOLATILITY would increase as the market sets new records into next SPRING. We predicted IF CONGRESS gets this Tax Reform passed they will preserve the world order for a time. If they don’t they won’t. In our opinion it is that SIMPLE in economics 101.

Given the risk there should be NO DELAY in these realities:

  1. Congress pass the tax reform legislation and save the entire system.
  2. Congress pass a long term budget with long term debt ceiling authority to treasury. Get our credit rating back.
  3. Congress take off requesting for military and elevate modernization and budget as the General IN CHARGE and our BEST stated to you all – THE USA CAN ALWAYS AFFORD SURVIVAL.

Do this and we have time to fix the problem and avoid near term CASCADE driven by first generation hardly really artificial intelligence and software that as always – fails to take in the OLD BOY for sure expertise in the math modeling – so that the risk they operate on is false and the ramifications as in 2007 when no model had down turns long term in real estate pricing – failed utterly – and the world markets crashed from the first digital software manipulation of core real estate commercial and residential. The recovery is still under way from that software glitch.

The new GLITCHES are worse and as an award winning programer with 1,000,000 lines of code Patented in China to the USA – I know a bit about this. Having developed my own software on main frames with 127 internal programers working under ( ME ) in my own public global brokerage firm. So I speak from the Headwaters.

Finally today as an item – the two CO CEO’s of Carlyle the worlds second largest money pool approaching the rare air of Blackrock as they pass 5 trillion US dollars under global management – more than CHINA has in Cash by almost triple – as a comparison – resigned giving notice today for January. Now that tends to bring in uncertainty in their software forward planning. THEY BOTH QUIT. Everyone wishes to know why. What do they KNOW they are not saying? What scandles and earnings issues do they KNOW they are not telling us? The problem with the DIGITAL CASINO is it is built on insiders and secrets. The lack of integrity transparency regulatory oversight and common damn sense, is mind boggling. Of course it is a CASINO versus a real market in which all prices are false and bid up by manipulations of software.

Ultimately my blogs paint out the math issues so all readers can understand the core economics of the world system. We are out of control. No one is in charge. There is no plan to save us. You have to get your own plan. The RISK that Bank of America is talking about is higher than any market – higher than 1907 depression the first Fed created – the one that followed the Fed created – 1929 – greater than 1973 oil Embargo – greater than 1987 Super Crash – greater than DOT.BOMB crash and recession the FED CREATED – greater than the 2007 MINI DEPRESSION AND WORST SUPER CRASH IN 70 YEARS the FED CREATED and the FED “IS” the source of the next massive system failure.

Which is WHY those of us who have the data just ask 530 law makers to emergency act the FED be merged back into the US Treasury and its franchise 80 page act of 1907 be vacated by a paragraph from Congress. President TRUMP would SIGN THAT BILL.

But as all the money for all the lobby packs flows from the FED shareholders – banks and investment banks – the crooks are too big to jail and they control those votes until the voters take hold massively. Then they no longer control anything.

Waking up those voters is hard as the FRAUD – FED FRAUD – the they are:

  1. Part of the US government – they are not
  2. That they are accountable to review – they are NOT
  3. They have American interest at core – they do NOT
  4. That they are not a private shareholder firm – they actually ARE
  5. That they operate in secret accountable to no one – TRUE

Why again would any of our 300 million tax payers wish for that ?


I am just saying.

So grab your glass of bubble and march ever closer to the cliff because until then it is straight on up. from Mount Everest base camp to the SUMMIT the final summit.

Then the Digital Casino will finally IMPLODE in a debt bomb explosion we call CASCADE.

Trust me – Cascade is coming. It is only a case of when. Until then make a lot of money I encourage you to do just that.





We reported the the Hurricane effects skewed housing numbers and energy numbers. But only temporarily. To see September Housing soar to the highest levels since 1987 is a milestone. New records are being set in wealth effect equity markets. New records are being set in wealth effect bond markets. New records in minimum wage and wage growth are unfolding as you grow this global expansion world wide. Consumer confidence is October polled at an all time record high level.  Business Confidence is also at an all time high level.

The almost 700,000 annualized home sales defined in September create a a pace of home growth that is accelerating. In a growing number of markets any sale offer has multiple offers the week the opportunity hits the market. In some markets it is crazy – insane. And the good news is it is a ramp. With the employment and economy still PRE TAX REFORM the sling shot effect of tax reform legislation will be gynormous acceleration for YEARS and YEARS.

if congress also removes sequestering and advances modernizing upgrading and expanding US Military as it must for the many fronts we protect and operate in all collectively and globally the job spending and industrial back bone will be again gynormous.

The great news is still ahead here. The pace of JUST POST HURRICANE SEPTEMBER home building – reduces available inventory to only five months. A healthy price buyer home market is considered a six month inventory range. Less than six months and we are looking at upward price pressures, inflation across the building supply and job space, which is trillions of dollars and growth for AMERICA that does not yet include the commercial space.

My folks report they see cranes like they have never seen from Phoenix to Cleveland. That construction growth in major cities is bubble up again hitting jobs supply lines and manufacturing in huge sustainable ways.

Also everyone is planning on booking 2017 loans before the interest rates go up. We have told you we disagree with the FED profit making greed machine to up interest too fast and to reduce market liquidity way too soon. But they are proceeding with their shareholder ( bank and investment bank ) profit maximization.

If you read my report on OPEC you see news with new glasses.

Now see the FED as OPEC. The oil suppliers are the users of money – the banks and investment banks. Congress gave an 80 page exclusive legal right to the Fed to use the FED name even though they were in the 80 page act – autonomous from the nation as a private stock firm – whose shareholders are the people they are supposed to regulate. So the FED is controlled by the money USERS. The money USERS make more profit if they can get money from you ( deposits ) that cost little – 1% a year or nothing – and then lend those deposits out at 11 to 1 in the USA and 50 to 1 outside the USA in the new Digital casino.

Thats right folks. World Wide your grandmothers deposits are not in the bank. No no. Those deposits are immediately leveraged ( borrowed against ) at very low bank and investment bank cost – and then positioned in side bets in the casino as to which way any asset may go – EU’s – Dollars – Sugar – Milk – Oil – Concrete – Steal – Commodities – insurance prices – think of like betting on race horses only the race horse finish is manipulated in the market by the money side bets.

Can all this Debt Super Bubble ever crash. The smarty pants making new digital AI think no – no way – we have finally developed risk less risk. As a very old dog who owned Smith Barney like public global Investment banking institutions – as an investment banker economist at the tippy top of advice and mentorship – I state – fools and their money are soon parting. There is NO RISK LESS RISK. There never will be. There never can be.

So the FED is a private firm owned by the oil producers – banks and investment banks that make all the profit on money. The FED under a terrible bad totally obsolete and horrible 80 page 1907 act of congress that needs to be emergency REVOKED to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY for transparency and oversight of the nations money supply at costs that remove the red ink from the nation – but due to this bad law the FED a private stock firm is the only NGO non government organization that can print money without any accountability. Reporting to Congress or the President does not mean they can veto or do anything to the FED policy – on any basis. NO POWER SUPERSEDES CONGRESS DEFACTO ABSOLUTE POWER TO THE FED without the check and balances the founding fathers demanding of exclusive money creation – to the US TREASURY the people’s bank – and no third party like a FED. The Founding Fathers would tar and feather the fed – which leaves third degree burns I you survive at all.

THE FED IS DEAD like OPEC it marches on without knowing the ILLUMINATION Of the TRUTH has killed its capacity for criminal manipulation fraud and legal theft for its members. How many Fed Shareholder Banks have paid criminal fines of billions to remain out of prison – the majority of the financial institutions are criminals and are crooks. Wells Fargo makes billions by creating millions of fraud accounts phony accounts to manipulate their share price which is a fraud. Today a run on Wells Fargo is unfolding. It takes time but CEO SPACE and other accounts over 30 years plus are leaving Wells Fargo. We are pulling our money and running as Wells Fargo PROFITS plunge and plunge. We are voting as our nation will not put the criminals into prison – they are too big to JAIL – and the FED protects the heads.

The cause IS the FED. The Fed is a Mafia BANK a group of the greatest criminals to ever have committed fraud upon a nation.

Proof on the FED being formed and run by criminals from the start – a fraud on every nation is the central banks you need to merge back into treasury. There is no fiscal more urgent need to protect global property. WAKE UP OUT THERE get FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Did you see the video that sets it all out for you I asked you to social – wall – twitter and share with the world:

It takes all of us to get 530 in say the USA Beltway to move from the SUPER MONEY POOLS to what is RIGHT FOR AMERICA. Write your law maker to take two actions:

  1. Merge the Federal Reserve Board into the US Treasury
  2. Pass Tax reform and increase military spending

For American’s that is the keynote.

If you wait for the other American to do it- you lose.

If we all do it ( simple right ) the unborn generation win.

It is not hard to make a difference we all just have to take action together.

Today you have the largest HOUSING BOOM in the history of the world. That boom is accelerating.

Does that make Stock Prices not cheap but not too expensive yet? You bet.

This is more GOOD NEWS and it just keeps on coming as the records will grow till year end.

Here comes the water fall of prosperity don’t miss yours.

Berny Dohrmann – Hosting CEO SPACE DEC 11th so you get YOURS



So today oil inches up a bit due to the geo politics of the Kurds. But Iraq regaining the KURD OIL field is ramping up production that over comes such speculator driven pricing. It is a passing item.

Saudi today jaw bones their fake news that:

  1. America is a temporary shale item.
  2. America is drilling all its ideal wells.
  3. All remaining shale will cost so much more.

These sound bytes from a PANIC in OPEC is just what it is – a panic in OPEC. SO read with better glasses.

America in fact:

  1. Has unlimited new oil to discover offshore and on shore with the largest reserves on earth larger than SAUDI ever thought of having in its sand lot.
  2. America has unlimited – that is unlimited shale.
  3. Technology is making wells once too costly now the new ideal.
  4. Oceans of shale rising to 20 million barrels a day are coming on line.
  5. Almost that sum is DUC or capped wells – drilled out and waiting for ideal pricing to just uncork them.

America is taking MARKET SHARE FROM SAUDI and OPEC one customer at a time. Forever.

Meanwhile Oil demand is going to drop.

Supply is not the issue.

Supply has never been the issue.

The earth farts and craps oil and gas. The earth is a fossil fuel factory. The notion that oil is a premium commodity – that oil is in any scare – that oil is costly is a fiction created by OPEC itself to manipulate the price of cheap abundance replenishing oil. Wells 200 years ago are full now as the earth replenishes oil. Oil is being made all the time by the earth. There is 3/4 of our planet under water. Saudi is a drop of oil next to the Atlantic Ocean of oil still to discover on land and under waters – and endless cheap abundant supply.

That is the truth of the oil market.

The oil market can deliver endless energy at low cost to all nations if market forces where not MANIPULATED by elite criminal robbers who seek to rob the world of full partnership and development which requires low cost energy.

To get this energy technology now brings all nations endless cheap energy. No war no politics no supply issues ever vary the price. The price of low cost HEAT ENERGY never varies – and never pollutes. Endless electricity that tears the market channel of high polluting fossil fuels to shreds – that is the future.

Faster than OPEC would ever want you to know or appreciate.

Trillions are being invested in HEAT ENERGY as technology wins and OPEC an industrial revolution antique energy idea is ending its run forever. OPEC is out of options. Opec is desperate. It can not balance its own budgets are lower than 60 dollar oil and it really needs a manipulated price from its own debt and cost to grow.

OPEC has 45% young unemployment while the elite have no re-investment to build an entrepreneur class in their own nations via education and real economics. They seek to preserve their antique broken obsolete economic monopoly CARTEL DRIVEN to create false pricing for energy that benefits the few against the many.

Do nations really desire full partnership for all humans with low cost energy that is not polluting.

So the fake news flows out of desperate OPEC as if when they get it into print it is real. It is as real as Michelle Obama being a transvestite. It is that sick and ill as a fake desperate attempt to incidence as always – as that is ALL OPEC DOES – is seek to MANIPULATE ENERGY COST higher than it ever should truly BE in the market.

Does anyone resent the elite manipulation? Yet?

Oil firms who profit from this fiction also do not wish to see the truth – oil is plentiful – renewing and low cost – and over priced – by manipulation to reach the masses of voters. Nations need energy and want to not rock supplier producer waves so they can get energy but they resent the price – they all resent the price.

So what is the best price for oil for the world?

$ 10.00 bucks.

A tsunami of ALTERNATIVE non POLLUTING energy that is not variable, is low cost, is not polluting is taking over OIL at a speed that is more disruptive than steam engines were to the horse. As disruptive as the WHEEL to the future.

SPEED – the speed is going to wash over OPEC on price like the distortion and market revolution that is taking place. OPEC can’t stop technology. Their own production is so old and would be lower cost if they just modernized but they never thought about LOWER PRICES not ever. They never thought about humanity and 7 billion of US and the development prosperity and abundance that would uncork if energy were market priced rather than CARTEL PRICE MANIPULATED.

So the last dying gasps of the most desperate brains on earth – driven by endless mindless selfish internals and greed – systemically and in thought perpetuate competitive capitalistic outcome through sheer manipulation and CARTEL desired market influence.

Ten years ago their entire plan was de-railed and they died.

They still walk around like economic WALKING DEAD.

Are they investing in HEAT ENERGY and dominating the new energy? Are they investing in clean burning oil and refinery modernization break through next generation technology in nano and related. NOT SO MUCH. They are keeping every freakin dollar and trying to get YOU and I to pay the MOST POSSIBLE every time you pump into your car so their elite can continue in their POWER and economics.

They are WALKING DEAD economically.

So the tsunami is about to wash over opec and the Gulf. What is left will be one of the great sea changes to every hit economics in a generational lifetime.

The Cross Bow was thought to be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and changed everything. As did the catapult.

Chariots changed warfare forever.

NEW ENERGY is replacing the 100 year old model and tree burning and fire and ( coal burning ) before that in homes and business. Endless low cost non polluting technology evolving to ever lower costs energy. Oil is a joke economically.

For a blip in time Oil has a waver point to move up and down.

Then oil moves DOWN and DOWN and DOWN like Alice in the OPEC Rabbit Hole.

By 2020 when Opec fraud suggests demand will be 100 million barrels a day. Well energy use will be up but not oil. Oil will be falling off a cliff by 2020 and that is three years away. The fall by 2030 is so great so vast Saudi seeks to exit OPEC it founded with the ARAMCO offering just as OIL values as an asset class plunge forever. The market is not amused and OPEC seeing a run on investment – untold 100’s of billions just not coming in not coming through delays – loans canceled – and interest for everything – their bonds their debts – their refinancing – all soaring now as FREE MONEY GOES AWAY.

Chat OPEC debt curve now to 2020 with rising interest soaring up.

See oil dropping.

How do they pay the bills?

I state – war.

There is no way to survive economically if they fail to play the war card. Unless they invest in the future of energy now without delay. Saudi’s future is in HEAT ENERGY not oil.

So today children – you read endless weekly feeding to press to secure fake news that would INFLUENCE PRICE OF OIL up for OPEC few against the many. OPEC has the worlds largest budget to spin fake news in all nations endlessly. Every machine is working. Social. Media. PR. Ads. All of it. They secretly plan quarter to quarter how to manipulate that price back up and get investors running to short oil by the trillions to stop and go long. Remember Alice in wonderland and the long fall down the rabbit hole. What is one of the most famous lines?

…all the kings men and all the kings horses could NOT put Humpty Dumpty ( economically ) back together again……OPEC’s egg is shattering. Hold that picture market makers and bet into the future.

So today in Oct 2017 – social investing is rising to dominate markets world wide. The great work PENDELUM by Michael Drew defines the shift but OPEC never read our CEO SPACE leading faculty’s work. Fortune investors and money pools all have though.

Concentric ME investing versus WE investing is out. Drying up. OPEC operates as if they existed in the box top rules of 1972 before the market went digital in real time. Today OPEC is an empty tank and their tools are the subject increasingly of Sat NIGHT live and related comedy routines. Yet day after day OPEC sends out a river of fake news to MANIPULATE THE PRICE WE ALL PAY FOR OIL which is not social or rebalancing from the GLUT they created to end SHALE OIL in America and they lost that war of phony market economic warfare. America won. OPEC is not a good loser either. As you can see from today’s fake news we are running out of sweet spot oil. WE have a trillion acres of shale to drill and OPEC is lie-ing. AGAIN.

Does that anger you?

It is ten times worse for 7 billion of us than fake news about TRUMP.

Eventually the press will get this story right. 60 Minutes. Big brands. OPEC IN FATAL CRISES. When the truth gets out oil will rebalance.

Not the glut of supply over demand that is forever.

The PRICE – the PRICE will rebalance down to market rates from criminal manipulation.

The FEW AGAINST THE MANY when you follow the money always watch for that my readers. Always follow the MONEY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping Opec inside the double lines of the truth.




As Saudi brings their IPO on their ARAMCO consortium for state oil auditors are seeing if the 260 billion barrels of oil, that costs six dollars to bring to port, is real or not. Global buyers are not likely to buy into the high oil IPO price that Saudi seeks to get a trillion dollars to re-tool their economy from oil to something else. Further SAUDI jaw bones they have supply under wraps – and world glut is now reducing. All of this falls under a dishonesty that my readers across the world need to appreciate.

So how does this dishonesty work. Really.

First the CARTEL – OPEC – is a group of producers with different agenda’s and politics. The SAUDI construction was to create a MONOPOLY on OIL so that they could artificially control market price at HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVELS for producers as they force nations and buyers to pay MORE than they ever should for energy – the cost of everything.

Second this phony pricing which worked for years created a horrible social hidden tax from fair market price so that billions of developing nation poor could not rise up or enjoy full partnership. SAUDI has held back the entire world economically over any other influence creating recessions boom bust cycles and horror world wide to secure ungodly profits consolidating to the few oil producers against the billions of all of us. Cartels are evil and distort core economic market forces to present advantage to elites who legally are permitted to manipulate prices to their advantage and where energy is the manipulation the evil is absolute to generations of poor who lack resources forward mobility and medicines that depend on lower prices for the cost of everything.


Third the glut is Saudi caused in their cartel economic weapon of mass destruction where they dumped oil as American Oil Shale and new discoveries out paced Saudi market share. Said another way more market share of customer base has moved away from OPEC with more costly to refine oil products to America and non Opec Suppliers like Brazil with lower cost oil and lower cost to refine oil in ten years than in the past 50 years combined. OPEC has dropped prices from 120 plus dollars for each barrel ( their cost to lift is six dollars ) to 37 dollars or 80% plus drop since 2014 – seeking to totally CRUSH America Shale production.

America invented technology that made Shale profitable at 37.00 dollars and rose to 10 million barrels a day during this time taking even more MARKET SHARE from OPEC members. Opec Members ( not dumb ) are giving lip service to Saudi but are leaving OPEC in fact if not by contract by pumping more. They are now preserving their market share in an on going market share war Saudi has lost utterly. They have invested untold billions in lost revenue, gone into the RED INK as nations with Opec due to lost revenues while their core customers are pissed off and leaving as Cartels continue to try to manipulate their energy cost to ungodly high levels all over again. Any talk about humanity – fair market balance – restoring market balance – is fraud and seeks to stimulate speculative buyers to go long on oil and artificially move the price up on each Saudi PR move versus real market reality.

The oil market is not fooled.

OPEC is now irrelevant and largely in each new move seen as a joke.

In the past weeks OPEC visited Russia and stated “that we have no concerns about American Shale production”. The following week record shale growth was reported. OPEC then solicited AMERICA to be RESPONSIBLE and join the cartel to cut production ( lose their market share advantage and momentum clobbering OPEC ) and to join the Cartel – itself unAmerican and frankly in America illegal . Price manipulation like OPEC is a CRIME under American laws.

American needs to remain friends with producers all over the world as our allies. This should include Iran who is not our enemy Iran is Saudi’s enemy. We go along for that ride. They pay us billions in trade to keep the faith. I think that policy is flawed. We can be friends with neighbors who disagree religiously and politically as we do world wide today. That IS in our own best interest.

So OPEC says today we are keeping out options open and we are ready to extend cuts into 2019.

Now what?

Opec is facing a set of data that is a lie. The real data is that the world is moving away from oil to power transportation ( 70% of all oil use ) faster than OPEC models allow for. They go bankrupt if they allow for those real numbers. Every manufacturer of cars trust and planes has electric cars coming. Electricity is moving from fossil fuel at speeds that are total disruption to oil out put and demand. Natural gas, new clean burning coal, wind, tidal, and solar are producing % of electricity in trends that off load oil demand so dramatically that super money pools are reporting ( this week ) that they are not going to buy into ARAMCO . Seeing yet another failed SAUDI ECONOMIC PLAN AND POLICY ( they have all failed over a decade since the crash all of them ) Saudi is selling % of Aramco in advance to investors like their largest buyer China – we assume in China smart guarantees on both supply velocity over 30 years at prices that reflect real market lows to their advantage for their ownership of AMACO. We assume these deals will continue as the full IPO can not be sold in today’s climate.

Enter the game changer. HEAT from the earth core is a never varied energy source that never fluctuates in value and no cartel can control it. New technology leaders the champ in the USA in the MID WEST has 80 patents that allow heat to be delivered to your home – your office – your city your state or your nation – at a cost per kilowatt that makes OIL obsolete. The fastest growing new energy source to create electricity is EARTH HEAT using new safe non polluting cheap and available under your feet everywhere – energy. This technology is by far the most energy disruptive technology since whale oil – kerosene and oil itself 100 years ago.

The speed this technology is coming on line is disruptive. We predict in ten years the tipping point of moving transportation ( 70 % of oil use ) to non polluting transportation in sea planes trucks and cars will be dominate. Oil transportation is dying out and dying off. While Open against demand being SHATTERED and its phony numbers being crazy – like 100 million barrel use by 2020 – please. China is moving to HEAT ENERGY faster than any other source and OPEC’s largest customer is dying off. They have to die out oil to reclaim air to breath and they are ahead in doing so. OPEC gets its numbers internally to support markets that are too smart to buy in. OPEC is losing its most important market share – not oil – but investment. The reason is criminal behavior and the largest longest energy fraud in humanity history.

Nations are no longer amused. They are gaining energy independence from the GULF. Saudi needs a new policy. WE brought them one last year – hand carried to the crown prince by insiders – but derailing the insiders this early was not possible. Now the policy has failed we will see if our Forty Years of Gulf expertise can help them reconstitute a success from a tragedy economically.

A revolution in low cost forever heat energy from the earth – that has no radiation – can’t spill – has zero environmental impact – no CO 2 – only helps the earth and powers say America for 30,000 years with the most fantastic growth use of energy models can define all without any oil at all. We lead in this space. A revolution in low cost energy the cost of everything.

This fuel revolution makes the US DOLLAR KING in the world plus the growing experts of millions of barrels every day 300 million barrels each month growing to one billion barrels month of lower cost lower to refine oil taking OPEC member customers away forever.

Economically Saudi and Opec are susicide packs for oil producers. The sun rose on OPEC and has long ago SET ON OPEC.

It is 2017 TWILIGHT for Opec as they kiss the sun good bye. Forever.

The investors of the world are well aware of the REAL NUMBERS. We predict:

  1. Aramco audits will come in lower than Saudi representations.
  2. Oil demand math will show we are right.

The Oil surplus will rise into 2018 and the market will drop.

The oil drop will go up and down for a short time then go down and stay down to 35 as a range and eventually to 10 dollars where oil will still make profits for producers. We submit new technology for oil shale will make oil shale profitable at lower and lower prices year after year.

OPEC has lost criminal cartel control of their desire to artificially MANIPULATE energy cost to the people of the world at a premium tax that benefits their elite few against the billions of us all. This is not morally defensible.

So when you read their words and statements it is not about rebalancing it is about trying to restore MANIPULATION ON PRICE.

Do you want THAT?

Investors seeing all this data are now RUNNING OUT OF OPEC. There is a run of investment capital out of OPEC producer models as a risk reward that makes no economic sense today.

There is a wild car when OPEC hemorrhaging money worse than all nations on the earth – desperate – can move to WAR. WAR disrupts supply and creates OPEC upward price artificially – but at what human cost. The cost of death and destruction for the greedy few against the many? The cost of greed for the greedy few against billions of us?

No one can predict tomorrow in the short term. Long term and not that long at all OPEC is dead on arrival war or no war. And you know why.