Entrepreneurs and professionals are coming world wide to TAMPA Innsbrook resort for CEO SPACE Family Valued – Accelerator – ranked # 1 in the world by third party press. Our best in ten years – and our largest richest – and our last option to reduce our client/member taxes. An ALL GRAD member reunion is upwelling enormous participation to our new resort home in Tampa Bay Florida. I”m speaking non stop city by city till the event. In Silicon Valley at the moment than Sacramento and back to San Francisco – than Colorado and Chicago and other cities in Florida with teams out all over the world as well.

News: Is like time STOPPED. As the Office of the Special Prosecutor issued indictments to arrest and pick up “targets” in the highly charged TRUMP and Russia drama – everyone waits to see – are they arresting Trump law firms – are they arresting Trumps son in law – WHO are they first arresting on MONDAY?

Will this effect markets?

Folks this was timed to effect EVERYTHING.

Keep in mind there is no slam dunk in these cases against terribly well enabled to DEFEND THEMSELVES in a nation where you are presumed INNOCENT until in a jury and with evidence you are proved beyond any REASONABLE DOUBT to be actually guilty. In political indicting no one is taking this too seriously on a crime basis outside those who hate Trump

President promised the nation under his Presidency would see 3% growth in 2017. The Fed said no way. All of them. The leadership of the democrats said no way – all of them. Hillary said NO WAY. The experts said NO WAY. We said WAY.

This weekend the news reports America IS at a 3% adjusted growth just as the President promised.

Today we have the lowest ratings of a first year President – EVER. Trumps lowest ratings yet – depending on whose poll you wish to believe as there are biased polls out there as well.

So getting the truth on that item is dicey out there and variable.

What is true is America is growing at 3% already and:

  1. Stock wealth is at an all time high ever recorded.
  2. Bond market wealth is at an all time high ever recorded.
  3. Real Estate Wealth is at an all time high ever recorded.
  4. Consumer Confidence is highest entering Holiday buying season.
  5. Business Confidence is highest entering year end buying.


America is already growing at 3%.

We predict with Tax Reform the markets can boom recovering from INDICTMENT DIPS which may spell a good time to buy actually depending on WHO is handcuffed and marched off to jail in political theater. Normally indicated ladies and gentlemen are invited to self surrender as a courtesy, and the party is released on bond thereafter. This will play out in high press drama as the lead center of the effort to impeach or derail President Trump as if Russia had any voters swing because of Communist Russia in our election- humbug.

Still the process goes into its gyrations. As DNA evidence free’s those wrongly imprisoned by prosecutions who failed to do their jobs and put innocent men and women in jail for decades – the justice department trust we once held is totally shattered until REAL JUSTICE REFORM is enacted. Today America is the KGB yo once most feared.

If I ran for President of the United States I would run on one message – which is – ARE YOU MORE OR ARE YOU LESS AFRAID OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN 2018 THAN YOU WERE IN 1980?

If you answer MORE AFRAID Vote for ME and I will ROLL BACK FREEDOM IN AMERICA namely YOURS.

If you answer LESS than vote for any of the existing players and enjoy what you see for the unborn generation.

America we CAN DO BETTER THAN “THIS”….on all sides.

And I believe you know what – we will. We WILL. It just takes longer than we thought. Is all.

But we together – we WILL. I believe in AMERICA.

So this – all of this – too shall pass.

Today I could report on various news items – form last week – the shocking performance of AMAZON the equally amazing performance of INTEL or Microsoft.

This week all eyes are on APPLE to see what is really going on out there.

The TIME MACHIE STOP COMMAND has been thrown by the Attorney General and everyone is now waiting for the spin of the dice – who will be arrested on Monday and HOW. That will tell us a lot about justice or politics in and of itself.

Your all smart.

You can read between the lines and the timing.

Power – you are about to witness power in America.

Berny Dohrmann – Monday is the Big Day – We’ll keep you posted from Silicon Valley CEO SPACE this week.