We reported the the Hurricane effects skewed housing numbers and energy numbers. But only temporarily. To see September Housing soar to the highest levels since 1987 is a milestone. New records are being set in wealth effect equity markets. New records are being set in wealth effect bond markets. New records in minimum wage and wage growth are unfolding as you grow this global expansion world wide. Consumer confidence is October polled at an all time record high level.  Business Confidence is also at an all time high level.

The almost 700,000 annualized home sales defined in September create a a pace of home growth that is accelerating. In a growing number of markets any sale offer has multiple offers the week the opportunity hits the market. In some markets it is crazy – insane. And the good news is it is a ramp. With the employment and economy still PRE TAX REFORM the sling shot effect of tax reform legislation will be gynormous acceleration for YEARS and YEARS.

if congress also removes sequestering and advances modernizing upgrading and expanding US Military as it must for the many fronts we protect and operate in all collectively and globally the job spending and industrial back bone will be again gynormous.

The great news is still ahead here. The pace of JUST POST HURRICANE SEPTEMBER home building – reduces available inventory to only five months. A healthy price buyer home market is considered a six month inventory range. Less than six months and we are looking at upward price pressures, inflation across the building supply and job space, which is trillions of dollars and growth for AMERICA that does not yet include the commercial space.

My folks report they see cranes like they have never seen from Phoenix to Cleveland. That construction growth in major cities is bubble up again hitting jobs supply lines and manufacturing in huge sustainable ways.

Also everyone is planning on booking 2017 loans before the interest rates go up. We have told you we disagree with the FED profit making greed machine to up interest too fast and to reduce market liquidity way too soon. But they are proceeding with their shareholder ( bank and investment bank ) profit maximization.

If you read my report on OPEC you see news with new glasses.

Now see the FED as OPEC. The oil suppliers are the users of money – the banks and investment banks. Congress gave an 80 page exclusive legal right to the Fed to use the FED name even though they were in the 80 page act – autonomous from the nation as a private stock firm – whose shareholders are the people they are supposed to regulate. So the FED is controlled by the money USERS. The money USERS make more profit if they can get money from you ( deposits ) that cost little – 1% a year or nothing – and then lend those deposits out at 11 to 1 in the USA and 50 to 1 outside the USA in the new Digital casino.

Thats right folks. World Wide your grandmothers deposits are not in the bank. No no. Those deposits are immediately leveraged ( borrowed against ) at very low bank and investment bank cost – and then positioned in side bets in the casino as to which way any asset may go – EU’s – Dollars – Sugar – Milk – Oil – Concrete – Steal – Commodities – insurance prices – think of like betting on race horses only the race horse finish is manipulated in the market by the money side bets.

Can all this Debt Super Bubble ever crash. The smarty pants making new digital AI think no – no way – we have finally developed risk less risk. As a very old dog who owned Smith Barney like public global Investment banking institutions – as an investment banker economist at the tippy top of advice and mentorship – I state – fools and their money are soon parting. There is NO RISK LESS RISK. There never will be. There never can be.

So the FED is a private firm owned by the oil producers – banks and investment banks that make all the profit on money. The FED under a terrible bad totally obsolete and horrible 80 page 1907 act of congress that needs to be emergency REVOKED to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY for transparency and oversight of the nations money supply at costs that remove the red ink from the nation – but due to this bad law the FED a private stock firm is the only NGO non government organization that can print money without any accountability. Reporting to Congress or the President does not mean they can veto or do anything to the FED policy – on any basis. NO POWER SUPERSEDES CONGRESS DEFACTO ABSOLUTE POWER TO THE FED without the check and balances the founding fathers demanding of exclusive money creation – to the US TREASURY the people’s bank – and no third party like a FED. The Founding Fathers would tar and feather the fed – which leaves third degree burns I you survive at all.

THE FED IS DEAD like OPEC it marches on without knowing the ILLUMINATION Of the TRUTH has killed its capacity for criminal manipulation fraud and legal theft for its members. How many Fed Shareholder Banks have paid criminal fines of billions to remain out of prison – the majority of the financial institutions are criminals and are crooks. Wells Fargo makes billions by creating millions of fraud accounts phony accounts to manipulate their share price which is a fraud. Today a run on Wells Fargo is unfolding. It takes time but CEO SPACE and other accounts over 30 years plus are leaving Wells Fargo. We are pulling our money and running as Wells Fargo PROFITS plunge and plunge. We are voting as our nation will not put the criminals into prison – they are too big to JAIL – and the FED protects the heads.

The cause IS the FED. The Fed is a Mafia BANK a group of the greatest criminals to ever have committed fraud upon a nation.

Proof on the FED being formed and run by criminals from the start – a fraud on every nation is the central banks you need to merge back into treasury. There is no fiscal more urgent need to protect global property. WAKE UP OUT THERE get FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Did you see the video that sets it all out for you I asked you to social – wall – twitter and share with the world:



It takes all of us to get 530 in say the USA Beltway to move from the SUPER MONEY POOLS to what is RIGHT FOR AMERICA. Write your law maker to take two actions:

  1. Merge the Federal Reserve Board into the US Treasury
  2. Pass Tax reform and increase military spending

For American’s that is the keynote.

If you wait for the other American to do it- you lose.

If we all do it ( simple right ) the unborn generation win.

It is not hard to make a difference we all just have to take action together.

Today you have the largest HOUSING BOOM in the history of the world. That boom is accelerating.

Does that make Stock Prices not cheap but not too expensive yet? You bet.

This is more GOOD NEWS and it just keeps on coming as the records will grow till year end.

Here comes the water fall of prosperity don’t miss yours.

Berny Dohrmann – Hosting CEO SPACE DEC 11th so you get YOURS