So today oil inches up a bit due to the geo politics of the Kurds. But Iraq regaining the KURD OIL field is ramping up production that over comes such speculator driven pricing. It is a passing item.

Saudi today jaw bones their fake news that:

  1. America is a temporary shale item.
  2. America is drilling all its ideal wells.
  3. All remaining shale will cost so much more.

These sound bytes from a PANIC in OPEC is just what it is – a panic in OPEC. SO read with better glasses.

America in fact:

  1. Has unlimited new oil to discover offshore and on shore with the largest reserves on earth larger than SAUDI ever thought of having in its sand lot.
  2. America has unlimited – that is unlimited shale.
  3. Technology is making wells once too costly now the new ideal.
  4. Oceans of shale rising to 20 million barrels a day are coming on line.
  5. Almost that sum is DUC or capped wells – drilled out and waiting for ideal pricing to just uncork them.

America is taking MARKET SHARE FROM SAUDI and OPEC one customer at a time. Forever.

Meanwhile Oil demand is going to drop.

Supply is not the issue.

Supply has never been the issue.

The earth farts and craps oil and gas. The earth is a fossil fuel factory. The notion that oil is a premium commodity – that oil is in any scare – that oil is costly is a fiction created by OPEC itself to manipulate the price of cheap abundance replenishing oil. Wells 200 years ago are full now as the earth replenishes oil. Oil is being made all the time by the earth. There is 3/4 of our planet under water. Saudi is a drop of oil next to the Atlantic Ocean of oil still to discover on land and under waters – and endless cheap abundant supply.

That is the truth of the oil market.

The oil market can deliver endless energy at low cost to all nations if market forces where not MANIPULATED by elite criminal robbers who seek to rob the world of full partnership and development which requires low cost energy.

To get this energy technology now brings all nations endless cheap energy. No war no politics no supply issues ever vary the price. The price of low cost HEAT ENERGY never varies – and never pollutes. Endless electricity that tears the market channel of high polluting fossil fuels to shreds – that is the future.

Faster than OPEC would ever want you to know or appreciate.

Trillions are being invested in HEAT ENERGY as technology wins and OPEC an industrial revolution antique energy idea is ending its run forever. OPEC is out of options. Opec is desperate. It can not balance its own budgets are lower than 60 dollar oil and it really needs a manipulated price from its own debt and cost to grow.

OPEC has 45% young unemployment while the elite have no re-investment to build an entrepreneur class in their own nations via education and real economics. They seek to preserve their antique broken obsolete economic monopoly CARTEL DRIVEN to create false pricing for energy that benefits the few against the many.

Do nations really desire full partnership for all humans with low cost energy that is not polluting.

So the fake news flows out of desperate OPEC as if when they get it into print it is real. It is as real as Michelle Obama being a transvestite. It is that sick and ill as a fake desperate attempt to incidence as always – as that is ALL OPEC DOES – is seek to MANIPULATE ENERGY COST higher than it ever should truly BE in the market.

Does anyone resent the elite manipulation? Yet?

Oil firms who profit from this fiction also do not wish to see the truth – oil is plentiful – renewing and low cost – and over priced – by manipulation to reach the masses of voters. Nations need energy and want to not rock supplier producer waves so they can get energy but they resent the price – they all resent the price.

So what is the best price for oil for the world?

$ 10.00 bucks.

A tsunami of ALTERNATIVE non POLLUTING energy that is not variable, is low cost, is not polluting is taking over OIL at a speed that is more disruptive than steam engines were to the horse. As disruptive as the WHEEL to the future.

SPEED – the speed is going to wash over OPEC on price like the distortion and market revolution that is taking place. OPEC can’t stop technology. Their own production is so old and would be lower cost if they just modernized but they never thought about LOWER PRICES not ever. They never thought about humanity and 7 billion of US and the development prosperity and abundance that would uncork if energy were market priced rather than CARTEL PRICE MANIPULATED.

So the last dying gasps of the most desperate brains on earth – driven by endless mindless selfish internals and greed – systemically and in thought perpetuate competitive capitalistic outcome through sheer manipulation and CARTEL desired market influence.

Ten years ago their entire plan was de-railed and they died.

They still walk around like economic WALKING DEAD.

Are they investing in HEAT ENERGY and dominating the new energy? Are they investing in clean burning oil and refinery modernization break through next generation technology in nano and related. NOT SO MUCH. They are keeping every freakin dollar and trying to get YOU and I to pay the MOST POSSIBLE every time you pump into your car so their elite can continue in their POWER and economics.

They are WALKING DEAD economically.

So the tsunami is about to wash over opec and the Gulf. What is left will be one of the great sea changes to every hit economics in a generational lifetime.

The Cross Bow was thought to be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and changed everything. As did the catapult.

Chariots changed warfare forever.

NEW ENERGY is replacing the 100 year old model and tree burning and fire and ( coal burning ) before that in homes and business. Endless low cost non polluting technology evolving to ever lower costs energy. Oil is a joke economically.

For a blip in time Oil has a waver point to move up and down.

Then oil moves DOWN and DOWN and DOWN like Alice in the OPEC Rabbit Hole.

By 2020 when Opec fraud suggests demand will be 100 million barrels a day. Well energy use will be up but not oil. Oil will be falling off a cliff by 2020 and that is three years away. The fall by 2030 is so great so vast Saudi seeks to exit OPEC it founded with the ARAMCO offering just as OIL values as an asset class plunge forever. The market is not amused and OPEC seeing a run on investment – untold 100’s of billions just not coming in not coming through delays – loans canceled – and interest for everything – their bonds their debts – their refinancing – all soaring now as FREE MONEY GOES AWAY.

Chat OPEC debt curve now to 2020 with rising interest soaring up.

See oil dropping.

How do they pay the bills?

I state – war.

There is no way to survive economically if they fail to play the war card. Unless they invest in the future of energy now without delay. Saudi’s future is in HEAT ENERGY not oil.

So today children – you read endless weekly feeding to press to secure fake news that would INFLUENCE PRICE OF OIL up for OPEC few against the many. OPEC has the worlds largest budget to spin fake news in all nations endlessly. Every machine is working. Social. Media. PR. Ads. All of it. They secretly plan quarter to quarter how to manipulate that price back up and get investors running to short oil by the trillions to stop and go long. Remember Alice in wonderland and the long fall down the rabbit hole. What is one of the most famous lines?

…all the kings men and all the kings horses could NOT put Humpty Dumpty ( economically ) back together again……OPEC’s egg is shattering. Hold that picture market makers and bet into the future.

So today in Oct 2017 – social investing is rising to dominate markets world wide. The great work PENDELUM by Michael Drew defines the shift but OPEC never read our CEO SPACE leading faculty’s work. Fortune investors and money pools all have though.

Concentric ME investing versus WE investing is out. Drying up. OPEC operates as if they existed in the box top rules of 1972 before the market went digital in real time. Today OPEC is an empty tank and their tools are the subject increasingly of Sat NIGHT live and related comedy routines. Yet day after day OPEC sends out a river of fake news to MANIPULATE THE PRICE WE ALL PAY FOR OIL which is not social or rebalancing from the GLUT they created to end SHALE OIL in America and they lost that war of phony market economic warfare. America won. OPEC is not a good loser either. As you can see from today’s fake news we are running out of sweet spot oil. WE have a trillion acres of shale to drill and OPEC is lie-ing. AGAIN.

Does that anger you?

It is ten times worse for 7 billion of us than fake news about TRUMP.

Eventually the press will get this story right. 60 Minutes. Big brands. OPEC IN FATAL CRISES. When the truth gets out oil will rebalance.

Not the glut of supply over demand that is forever.

The PRICE – the PRICE will rebalance down to market rates from criminal manipulation.

The FEW AGAINST THE MANY when you follow the money always watch for that my readers. Always follow the MONEY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping Opec inside the double lines of the truth.